DC Origin Story Presents: Raven

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Gotham City

10:26 p.m.

A woman with tan skin and black, long hair is hiding in an alley. This is where the woman is trying to drug herself because she is carrying something. This something is within her and it is not a regular human at all. It's a demon. The woman, Angela Roth, starts to cry as she sees her stomach glowing a purplish color.

"I shouldn't have run away." She said as tears drip from her face.

"Maybe this can all end with a pill."

As Angela opens the drug container and picks up the white, circular, pill, a bright, yellow portal opens. A man with a white hooded outfit on and a glowing, white, aura appears in front of Angela.

"Are you...an angel?" Angela asked in desperation to get out of this plane of existence.

"No, young woman. I'm just a messenger." The man said, lending out his hand.

Azarath, a peaceful dimension with melody and harmony.

10 years later

A ten-year-old Rachel Roth, the daughter of Angela, is in a luxurious room full of gold and silver, reading a book about the different types of emotions. This is practice for her due to her having the ability to manipulate emotions or empathy. But, the problem is, she can feel emotions.

The Queen of Azarath and Rachel's teacher, Azar, walks in to see Rachel.

"Greetings Rachel, what are you reading?"

"A book about emotions," Rachel answered.

"Interesting. Especially for a girl who's able to manipulate it," Azar said with a smile on her face.

Rachel looks at her teacher and asked, "Ms. Azar, why can't I feel emotions?"

"Why do you asked that?"

"Because, Ms. Azar, I always see people expressing their feelings and I can sense it all around me. But when I try to feel emotions, it doesn't work. Why is that?"

Ms. Azar then explains, "You were born a different way. We, as in the Azarathian Court, had to block you from expressing feelings because it will cause danger to all of us and the universe. You understand now?"

"Yes, Ms. Azar."

The Queen of Azarath then leaves the room. Rachel looks down at herself as she knows she can never feel emotions.

Rachel puts the book back on the shelf and looks at the other books. As she looks and looks, she sees a book that caught her eye. The book is red and it has golden edges. On the front page, it has a symbol. This symbol was the same one that was used in the ritual of Trigon. She opens the first pages of the book and starts reading.

An hour later

Outside of the city of Azarath, Rachel is running around the pacify place to find her mother. Note this, Rachel is carrying the book, but why? Well, you find out.

As she runs, Rachel sees her mother talking with Azar. She goes towards them because she wants answers. Once she got to her 0.1-mile destination, she looks at the both of them with the eyes.

"Mother," Rachel said very deeply, "...why is there a picture of me in this book?"

"What book?" Angela asked.

"This book." Rachel then shows both Angela and Azar the book with the symbol on it.

The eyes on both Angela and Azar start to grow wider as they see that book on Rachel's hand.

"Where did you get that book from?" Angela asked.

"I got from the bookshelf," Rachel answered.

"There shouldn't be any book like that," Azar said.

Out of nowhere, the sky began to turn black.

"Mother, Azar, what's happening?" Rachel asked.

Azar then explained, "Rachel, when you touch that book, it sends a signal to your father...Trigon."

As the sky turns fully black and the citizens start crying in fear, Rachel's eyes widened as Azar, her teacher, tells her that her father is the interdimensional demon, Trigon.

Rachel looks directly at her mother and asked, "Why haven't you tell me who my father was, mother?"

As Angela was about to explain, a large, glowing, red sphere appears in the sky, signaling the citizens that there isn't any hope for their future.

Azar then tells the two to "GO!"

Before anyone could do anything, the red sphere hits the ground, causing destruction.

A few minutes later

Rachel opens her eyes and what she sees is unforgettable. She see's nothing but debris under her feet. She tries to look for her mother and her teacher but they vanished in dust. This is the first time Rachel felt emotion. The emotion of depression.

Rachel looks up to see a red giant, with two horns, and six eyes. This giant also has eccentric clothing.

She then asked the giant, "Who are you?'

"I'm Trigon, your father," The giant answered. "And you, girl, will be my vessel."

Trigon then telekinetically grabs Rachel and brings her closer to him.

"You'll be my "Raven," Trigon said.

As Rachel looks into the eyes of Trigon, she felt another emotion. She felt the emotion of the Sinestro Corps. She felt fear. With this, Rachel activates something that can destroy the universe. She activates something that Trigon fears. Rachel activates her Soul-Self.

Rachel's Soul-Self is in a shape of a purple bird or a raven.

Trigon steps back which let Rachel's Soul-Self teleport to a dimension away from Azarath.

Trigon then breathes out smoke, knowing that he needs his daughter.

In the Justice League Watchtower

As the JL discuss the new addition to the roster, Rachel appears out of nowhere

The Justice League looks at her funny.

The Flash then said, "I can bring her to the CCPD?"

Age 11

At this age, she met the Phantom Stranger. You know, the same guy who try to fight the Spectre, then my father, the Presence had to stop him. This is where the Phantom Stranger took Rachel to her father because that was her destiny. This is when Rachel start her training with her father.

Age 12 and 13

When Rachel, now known as Raven, was twelve years of age, she met the first Teen Titans. This where she became friends with all of the members and was freed from her father's control. This led her to felt emotions without going out of control. Also, when she turned 13, she assisted her friends and find out who she really is.

Age 14

Once the Teen Titans disbanded and her friend, Tim Drake was kidnapped by Mr. Oz, she moves in with her aunt and started high school. She was also invited to a "new" Teen Titans created by Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne. From this day, she will always be "Raven."

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Raven, the daughter of Trigon

Heaven, the home of the angels

Micahel Demiurgos is seen holding a book of infinite pages which carries all the origins of everyone. He's reading the book in front of child angels.

One of the young angels raises their hands and asked, "What is Raven doing now?"

Micahel then answered, "Well, as I know, she and Garfield Logan are at the Dangerous Woman Tour. And since they have backstage passes, they're going to actually meet the Dangerous Woman."

"Mr. Demiurgos, did you go?" A young female angel asked.

"Of course, I even have some selfies."

"Which is your favorite song?" The same young angel asked.

"Definitely "One Last Time," Michael answered.

The End


I basically combine the two-part series to one to make it more coherent.