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A man sits in a small dark room humming to himself with a frown across his face .

the door that lays before him opens and a man step out .

the man lets out a light smile before he sits on the other side of the 1st man .

" well well Mr Merkel " the man says with a grin " my name is Jim Corrigan and it so nice to meet you in the flesh " .

" i know who you are" Merkel says " your that tec with the rich bitch for a girl " he giggles.

Corrigan ignores the insult " so you have quite the job don't you , i didn't think that you would ever be took down but here you are " he says.

" yeah and i wouldn't have been if it weren't for that fucker in the gas-mask " Merkel says .

Corrigan bursts in to laughter " haha you mean you expect me to believe that the sandman came for you "

" oh i wouldn't be saying that if i were you " Merkel says " hes very real and he has eyes as black as the night sky " .

" yeah right " Corrigan says dusting down his short black hair " oh yeah and next you will be telling me that a guy will dress up as a bat 25 years from now"

" oh fu-" Merkel is cut off as two men drag him to his cell " you and Swift should start a club " Corrigan yells .

Corrigan smiles and picks up his phone and dills the number of his best friend and childhood crush Dinah Drake.

" hello ? " Dinah asks " is this Jim ?" she asks nicely with a slight Irish hint to her voice .

" yup that's me " Corrigan says " i was going to ask if you would like to come with me and the wife to the boxing match tonight "

" sure i would love to " , " we could ask Wesley to come too " she says.

" that would be nice " Corrigan says " the three of us were so close in high school ".

" yup i allways found it cute that both of you had a thing for me" she giggles.

" anyway i got to go bye " Corrigan says kindly with a blush on his face .

" bye " Dinah says then she makes a kissing sound and hangs up.

meanwhile ...

a thug runs down into the dark city with sweat running down his face .

but he looks up to see a man in a gasmask and hat stares down at him from the roof top above .

" oh go-" he says as a gas ball hits the floor and blows up .

the man in the mask picks up the body and ties it up for the cops .

" happy dreaming " he says to the body .

he runs home and unmasks .

He puts on his casual cloves and runs to the boxing match that he was invited to .

[ At the boxing match ]

The three long time friends standout out side the boxing ring as they look out for Wesley Dodds .

Once Wesley gets to them they all sit down and watch as the main event steps on the ring .

" Ted's is the master at this " one man says .

" Yeah he could kick anyones ass " a woman says .

As the four watch Ted grant fight his way to the top Dinah moves her head in to Wesley 's chest and smiles.


In a dark room a man looks at the screen that lays before him and smiles .

" When the sky turns purple " he says to himself " when the sky turns purple"

He says as the screen shows four men that have been chosen for his plans.

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Nice chapter. Very good at setting the scene for what's to come.

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@Lvenger: thanks

would you like to start a pm about whats to come?

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@Lvenger said:

Nice chapter. Very good at setting the scene for what's to come.


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Really good work here. Love the time period. Way to be original. Couple hiccups (Like capitals) that i will go over with you soon. All in all though you are really getting good boy.

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The start is nice, reminds me of something I wrote not too long ago. Keep the good work up :)

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@andrewtheking: Ok. firstly, censor the curses since you're pretty cool and I don't want to see you banned.

Nice story, even though I'm not entirely sure what's happening, though that could be to the amount I've drunk rather than the actual story.

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@andrewtheking: I liked it :) especially the Ted cameo and the last lines had me intrigued enough to make want to read the next one to find out what purple sky means.

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Nice indeed. I like the mixed modern age and golden age feel.