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This is the official timeline for the DC Mayhem continuity. This is made to keep our continuity rock solid, and so people (especially the authors!) have an exact idea of what important events have happened to the various characters in use, and when they happened, so we can prevent continuity conflicts. This will be updated periodically as more and more characters and stories are written.

~30,000 B.C.

  • Vandal Savage is born.


  • July 2: Jason Blood is born.


  • December 14: Etrigan the demon binds with Jason Blood.


  • August 5: Scandal Savage is born.


  • April 13: Peter Merkel is born.


  • May 5: Slade Wilson is born.


  • February 18: Bruce Wayne is born.


  • February 4: Edward Nigma is born
  • October 9: Crystal Frost is born.


  • March 3: Slade Wilson lies about his age to join the Army, training to be one of their very best soldiers.


  • June 4: Thomas Blake is born.
  • June 19: Sandra Wu-San is born.


  • March 3: Harleen Quinzel is born.
  • December 25: Superman's rocket lands on Earth, where he is discovered by the Kents.


  • September 23: Barbara Gordon is born.


  • October 27: Peter Merkel, Jr. is born.


  • July 30: Sandra Wu-San is forced by her village to take the title of "Shiva", and begins her training.
  • November 13: Dick Grayson is born.


  • May 13: Donna Troy is born.
  • June 16: Donna Troy's parents are killed in a house fire. She is then taken in and cared for by Wonder Woman.
  • August 19: Ravan is born.


  • January 18: Slade Wilson suffers an accident during the Gulf War, robbing him of his right eye and the use of his legs.
  • April 23: Slade Wilson undergoes an experimental procedure to restore his body, but it was thought to have failed.
  • August 5: Alex Merkel is born.


  • April 7: Jason Todd is born.


  • August 2: The effects of Slade Wilson's experimental procedure finally kick in, fully restoring his body and enhancing him to metahuman levels.
  • September 5: Slade Wilson attempts to rejoin the Army at Fort Benning, but is denied. That same day, he meets Adeline Kane.
  • December 2: Stephanie Brown is born.


  • July 29: Thomas Blake murders both his parents.
  • October 19: Slade Wilson and Adeline Kane marry.
  • December 5: Grant Wilson is born.


  • February 20: Tim Drake is born.
  • April 17: Slade Wilson first creates the Deathstroke persona, as a way to push and challenge his enhanced body.
  • December 11: Deathstroke takes a contract in Cambodia, where he is hired to protect Lillian Worth. The two become very close.


  • January 19: Deathstroke takes on another job that brings him to Cambodia, where he begins an affair with Lillian.
  • October 20: Joseph Wilson is born.
  • November 27: Deathstroke ends things with Lillian.


  • June 4: Atlee is born.
  • August 17: Rose Worth is born.
  • September 4: Lady Shiva learns of the mercenary/assassin Deathstroke and begins following his career, aiming to surpass him.
  • December 12: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe is born.


  • January 12: Ravan begins training in the art of boxing under Darwin Cook.
  • August 4: In Greece, Ravan begins an apprenticeship under the assassin Constantine Drakon.
  • September 12: Cassandra Cain is born.


  • April 2: Ravan trains under the assassin Bamboo Monkey in Thailand.
  • September 11: Lady Shiva breaks her village's tradition and flees with her daughter.
  • November 23: David Cain tracks down Lady Shiva and critically wounds her with a surprise attack. Leaving her for dead, he abducts their daughter, Cassandra.


  • January 13: Clark Kent begins manifesting his super powers, which he cannot yet control, leading to several unfortunate accidents.
  • January 14: Clark Kent goes missing.
  • March 18: Lady Shiva completes her first official contract as an assassin, using the money to help aid her search for her daughter.
  • December 24: Cluemaster is arrested.


  • November 19: The Jackal is hired by the wife of one of Deathstroke's former victims for revenge.
  • December 25: The Jackal takes Slade Wilson's family hostage, in the process murdering his sons.


  • January 8: Adeline Kane divorces Slade Wilson.
  • January 24: Batman makes his first appearance..


  • March 3: Slade Wilson meets Lillian Worth in New York City, as well as her daughter, Rose Worth. He discovers that he is the father.
  • March 7: Slade abandons his Deathstroke persona and begins living with Lillian and Rose.
  • March 27: Donna Troy becomes Wonder Girl.
  • June 8: Dick Grayson's parents are murdered during a live performance at Haley's Circus.
  • June 18: Dick Grayson is taken in by Bruce Wayne.
  • August 3: An unknown man wearing a tuxedo and red mask has an accident at Ace Chemicals, and is never seen or heard of again.
  • August 21: The Joker makes his first appearance
  • September 17: Slade Wilson and Lillian Worth marry. Rose Worth becomes Rose Wilson and begins learning martial arts from her father.
  • October 5: Dick Grayons learns that Bruce Wayne is Batman and begins his training as Robin


  • January 20: Edward Nigma takes on the alias of the Riddler


  • February 4: Barbara Gordon first dons a "Batgirl" costume.
  • July 11: Barbara Gordon officially becomes Batgirl.


  • January 5: The Jackal, now working for a criminal organization known as The Syndicate, is once again hired to mess with the former Deathstroke. He kills Lillian, beats and rapes Rose, but is eventually stopped by Slade. An explosion allows Jackal to escape, while Rose loses her left eye.
  • February 10: Slade Wilson begins training Rose harder than he ever has before so they can take revenge together.
  • August 12: Clark Kent moves to Metropolis.
  • August 19: Ravan destroys a Kobra cocaine processing center in Columbia. Meanwhile, Ravan's mother is killed at home.
  • September 5: Slade Wilson breaks into his old Army base and steals remnants of the serum used to enhance him. He treats Rose with multiple doses.
  • October 8: Killer Frost sells her soul to Neron
  • November 5: Dick Grayson quits being Robin after a dispute with Batman, and goes on to create the Nightwing identity.


  • March 9: Barbara Gordon is shot and paralyzed by the Joker.
  • June 29: Bizarro is "born".
  • September 11: Barbara Gordon first creates the Oracle persona.
  • September 27: Batman meets Jason Todd, a young homeless boy, and takes him in to be the new Robin.
  • October 12: Lady Shiva, Killer Frost, and Psimon are recruited by The Syndicate.


  • February 18: Donna Troy moves to Washington D.C. and begins fighting crime on her own.
  • May 7: Ravan returns home to find his mother long dead.
  • June 21: Oracle first contacts Black Canary to work for her. Dr. Harleen Quinzel begins therapy on Patient #1037, The Joker.
  • July 12: Lady Shiva finally tracks down her daughter, taking Cassandra away from David Cain and his brutal training.
  • August 11: The current Robin, Jason Todd, is murdered by the Joker.
  • October 11: Huntress joins Oracle and Black Canary, officially forming the Birds of Prey.


  • February 27: Harley Quinn drowns herself at Ace Chemicals in a desperate attempt to get Joker to accept her.
  • May 11: Rose Wilson completes her training under her father, and the duo begins tracking down Jackal, she as Ravager and he once again as Deathstroke.
  • June 2: Power Girl arrives on Earth-1.
  • November 6: After contacting Calculator for information on Kobra, Ravan is imprisoned in Iron Heights Penitentiary.
  • November 19: Deathstroke and Ravager infiltrate a Syndicate stronghold in Tibet, where they attempt to assassinate The Jackal. The stronghold, led by Lady Shiva, is ready for them and they fail in their task. Ravager is taken prisoner, while Deathstroke is led to believe his daughter is dead. Deathstroke vows to exterminate the entire Syndicate.
  • November 21: While prisoner at the Syndicate stronghold, Rose begins training under Lady Shiva.


  • January 21: Tim Drake discovers that Bruce Wayne is Batman and meets him to become the new Robin.
  • May 26: Atlee meets Power Girl.
  • September 8: While in prison, Ravan joins Kobra.
  • December 15: Ravan escapes Iron Heights Penitentiary.
  • December 21: Ravan first witnesses Lady Shiva, and is instantly smitten with her.
  • December 23: Ravan arrives in Metropolis.


  • November 3: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe's home is destroyed, along with her family.
  • December 4: Ravager escapes from her stronghold prison, taking Cassandra Cain with her at the request of Lady Shiva.
  • December 25: Black Alice drains Killer Frost's power, breaking the contract and restoring a portion of her soul but leaving Killer Frost nearly crippled.


  • March 15: Misfit "joins" the Birds of Prey.
  • April 22: The Red Hood is taken to Arkham Asylum, and Harley Quinn finds a mysterious letter in the mail.
  • May 13: Edward Nigma gets a job as an analyst and designer at Starrware Labs.
  • May 26: Karen Starr discovers Nigma's identity as the Riddler, and realizes his uses on a team.
  • May 29: Edward Nigma and John Henry Irons start building a green power suit.
  • June 16: Misfit leaves the Birds of Prey to set out on her own.
  • June 23: Power Girl and the JSA leave for Mars. Atlee meets Misfit.
  • June 25: The JSA divides. The remaining team moves in with Jason Blood in Gotham
  • June 26: Riddler vanishes. Raven joins the JSA.
  • June 28: Jack Ryder, Victor Sage, and Bleez join the JSA.
  • June 29: Bizarro finds a small square planet, and makes his home there.
  • August 3: Killer Frost is brought to Belle Reve by the JSA. Terra and Misfit continue living together in Manhattan.
  • August 27: Power Girl finds Edward Nigma in a warehouse, addicted to heroin.
  • September 10: Barbara Gordon is selected to join to Green Lantern Corps.
  • September 11: Barbara Gordon leaves for Oa.
  • October 25: Mario Falcone is killed by Kitrina Falcone.
  • November 27: The new Secret Six is formed.
  • November 29: Joker is killed.
  • December 4: Ravager (Rose Wilson) joins the Secret Six.


  • January 9: Edward Nigma gets a P.I.'s license to work in the city of Gotham.
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