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This is part of the DC Mayhem (though only very short this time). It is rated MA, all characters are owned by DC though the story is mine. Continued from:

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3.00am 8 January 2011

“So what exactly can you do?” asked Ravan as he pulled on a balaclava; he and Dhaman stood in an alley across First Metro Security bank in New Carthage.

“What do you mean? And why are you putting on a mask?” Dhaman flexed “We’re super villain’s man!”

Ravan looked at the big man, dumbfounded by his stupidity “Do as you wish, but what can you do? Do you have any useful super powers asides from idiocy?”


“What can you do?”

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“I’m strong, bulletproof…”

“Then you are going to pull that ATM out of the wall” directed Ravan.

“Why the nickel and dime stuff?”

“You hit the vault and we get more trouble,” said Ravan “We hit three ATM’s in rapid succession, we get the money I require and we leave like shadows”

“Why not just hit this one and take everything?” asked Dhaman

“Kali preserve me” muttered Ravan “Would you just do as I ask?”

“You’re not the boss of me!” scoffed Dhaman. Ravan glared at him, exhaled and launched an attack. He kicked Dhaman in the back of the knee as he grabbed his beard and reefed it, sending Dhaman flat onto his back. Ravan pounced, driving his knee across Dhaman’s throat before unsheathing his kirpan at lightning speed and placing the point in the corner of Dhaman’s left eye.

“You may be strong and bulletproof but I bet you really enjoy SEEING!” said Ravan as he applied pressure to the point, watching Dhaman quiver like a frightened child “Now you will do as I have instructed, or I will blind you! I can easily pop your eyeball out of it's socket despite your durability. Then I will sacrifice you to my god in a ceremony that will last a week, as I flay your overly dense skin from your bones. Do you understand me?”

“Y-yes” cried Dhaman, the kirpan point digging slightly beside his eyeball.

“I am tired of having to converse with you!” said Ravan “If we ever have to have a chat like this again, you will die! Using an American sporting analogy, you are on your second strike. Now get up and DO AS I TELL YOU!”

Ravan stood up and watched as the big man stifled tears. He slowly stood, scared and completely whipped like a beaten dog. Ravan pointed at the ATM.


Ravan watched as the big man ran, yelling at the bank and ploughed straight through the glass. Dhaman smashed up the bank in a rage before ripping the money canisters out of the back of the ATM and trudging back towards Ravan.

“I hate you!” stated Dhaman

“Do what I tell, when I tell, and you can hate me to your hearts content”


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Haha! This is pretty fun, feels like a short episode or something like that. Cool to see you're still trying to plug out the occasional story.

Poor Dhaman. D:

Added to library. ^_^

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@Joygirl: Thought I'd get up what I can before my baby comes home from the hospital tomorrow, so possibly another chapter then a period of silence...well writing silence, she'll probably scream and keep me very awake! :) Now onto reading some other Mayhem stuff

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@batkevin74: Awwww it's a gurl! <3 *tickles Batkevin's baby girl*

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@Joygirl said:

@batkevin74: Awwww it's a gurl! <3 *tickles Batkevin's baby girl*

Thanks :) 11hrs and she's home....AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! :)

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I like the satire between Dahman and Ravan.  They're kind of like a more villainous version of the three stooges.

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<sigh> Another stalled project? Something else that you're frustratingly good at. <taps fingers on desk> Was really looking forward to the payoff of this story.

Late congrats on the girl. ;)

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