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Here's issue #1 of my Etrigan The Demon storyline i'm doing. Kinda rebooting the Jason Blood character, hope it turned out well

Issue #1

(Inside an old Victorian home. The house seemingly deserted a long time ago, due to gathering dust on numerous white sheets draped over old furniture. A middle-aged balding man is seen; he is hunched over with a blank expression on his face. He has a pen in his right hand, which he slowly stabs into the palm of his left hand. Blood gushes from the open wound as the pen goes deeper and deeper. The man makes no sound, merely watches with that blank expression upon his face. A voice is heard from behind the man, saying: “Mark, where are you?” The man ignores it. A hand grabs onto his shoulder and spins him)

Don: (another middle age man wearing glasses) come on man, we’re waiting for you. (Looks down at the wound on Mark’s palm) how did that happen?

Mark: (seeming to awake form a trance looks down at his palm) I don’t know…

Don: Well wrap it up and get your camera, Ralph is waiting, and Jason has arrived

(Don moves away from Mark and into another room in the house. There is film equipment scattered throughout the room. There is also three others, a woman, in her twenties, named Amy, also Ralph, a slender pale man, and Jason Blood, a messy brown haired man with dark eyes)

Ralph: Did you find him?

Don: Yeah he’s coming

Ralph: good, Amy, get ready. Jason, you ready?

Jason: haven’t been on TV before, but, yeah, I’m ready

Ralph: Just follow my lead, and if you mess-up, we reshoot, no big deal

(Mark comes into the room, a bandage wrapped around his palm and a camera held in his right hand)

(Ralph holds a microphone. Amy holds up her boom. Mark aims his camera. Don is at his editing station across the room. )

Mark: three…two…one...go

Ralph: Welcome back to the “Poltergeist Hunters” last time we left you we had just entered this apparently haunted house, which was the home of the deceased Shoeman family. Who, around thirty-years ago were murdered by their apparently demon possessed daughter. We are now joined by world-renowned demonologists and good friend of the team…Mr. Jason Blood (Jason walks in front of the camera) so Jason, what were your first thoughts upon entering this house?

Jason: Well, Ralph, I’ve been fascinated with demons my whole life, and I’ve known the story of this house for a while now and was always interested in investigating it. The house seems to have a dark presence about it, which I immediately noticed (the camera starts to lower cutting the heads of Jason and Ralph from view)

Ralph: What the hells are you doing Mark? Sorry Jason. Mark, get that camera up.

(A chill settles on the room. Hearts start to beat faster. Mark’s face twitches and contorts)

(Don moves over to Mark, who seems to now be hunched over in pain. Mark screams and slams the camera against Don’s face, again, and again. Blood flies across the room. Mark has the look of an insane person.)

(Jason tries to move over to stop Mark, but is grabbed by Ralph, who has a look of terror on his face, the temperature drops further, Jason’s thoughts become tangled, there is someone screaming in his ears, wait, is there, maybe, no)

Ralph: He is possessed! Run, hurry! Amy, come on!

(Jason and Ralph move away, though as Amy tries to follow the now bloodied Mark sees her and grabs her by the ankle, tripping her)

(Jason and Ralph run, as they run Jason turns back to see Mark, yet he also seems to see a huge scaled beast covered in shadows. The beast stands behind Mark, an incredible fear takes over Jason causing him to turn back and run as fast as he possibly can. They run through a nearby door, which turns out to be a walk-in closet with no window, Jason first, then Ralph, who slams the door behind him)

Jason: Wait, Amy is still out there, we have to help her.

Ralph: No, wait (a slam on the door) he’s out there, we will die, please don’t open the door

Jason: calm down, Ralph, we can take him, open the door

Ralph: No, I will not die (he stoves Jason to the ground) you will not open the door!

(Jason looks at Ralph, there seems to be an almost all consuming terror taking a hold of him, shadows start to block the horizons Jason’s vision)

Jason: I’m cold, why am I so cold (clutching himself)

Ralph: I’ll call the police (taking out his cell phone)(You can see his breath)

(From beyond the door, Amy is heard screaming for help, though to Jason it seems so far away. The darkness finally consumes him)

(The police outside the house, guns drawn, taking cover behind squad cars. One of them is shouting to “come out with your hands up.” Another says, “there he is, and he’s armed, take him down.” A gun firing)

(Jason is walking home later, his hands in his pockets, rain falls from the night sky)

Jason: (Narration): How does one combat evil, what’s evil? There’s superheroes out there that combat evil, they hide in shadows and strike fear into the hearts of other. They wear tights and fly around taking down villains with super strength. Yet even they cannot stop the evil within us all. They cannot stop a person from becoming evil; only stop the evil once it is born…there is evil that lurks within all of us, demons that take refuge within our souls…

(Jason’s cell phone rings)

Ralph: (On the other end) Hello Jason, um, crazy stuff there tonight, like with what happened…

Jason: Yeah

Ralph: Yeah well, it turns out the cops found out the reason for Mark’s…well you know…

Jason: What was it?

Ralph: It turns out he was a paranoid schizophrenic, and he wasn’t taking his medication, that’s why he went…well crazy

Jason: I have to go Ralph…

Ralph: Okay, yeah, I’ll be talking to you…well later...we did the only thing we could do, right Jason, like if we had…we would have died too, right?

Jason: Maybe, bye Ralph

Ralph: Wait! Jason…do you remember the cold?

Jason: I don’t know anymore, Ralph

Ralph: Well, yeah, okay bye

(Jason hangs up the phone)

Jason: (Narration) A schizophrenic, that changes a lot of things, can we merely blame our evils upon these uncontrollable factors. Or does this merely enhance the power of the demon inside, the uncontrollable demon. The demons of are body and soul…and maybe we place fantastical demons upon real factors, maybe what I saw, with the thing behind Mark, maybe my mind was working in the same way as Mark’s, it was twisting reality…but I still know what I saw, and it seemed real enough, does that not count for something...

(Jason’s phone rings once more)

Nurse: (At a hospital, the nurse stands by a sickly looking woman who lies in bed staring out a nearby window. The nurse talks to Jason) Mr. Blood, it is Rebecca Fasot, from Delta City General, it’s about your mother, Mr. Blood, she’s not doing well. I suggest you take a trip up here to meet her sometime during the next week

Jason: Okay, thanks for the notice Rebecca, I’ll try to make it up in the next few days or so (Jason closes his phone and sighs)

Jason: (Narration) How does one destroy evil, when it’s within us all?

(Jason makes it to his apartment building. He walks inside, comes to his apartment, turns the key, and opens the door. He is surprised to see the lights on as he walks in. He is even more surprised to see who is sitting in his living room’s lazyboy. It is an elderly man with long grey beard and matching messy hair hidden underneath a black fedora. The man also has a nice black suit and tie, and black dress shoes. The man clutches a pipe in his right hand, which he is smoking, and pulls down his crescent moon glasses. Jason immediately thinks of Dumbledore as he looks upon the man, well if Dumbledore dressed like he was a 1960’s gangster. The man seems to smile at Jason’s thoughts)

Old Man: Hello, Jason Blood

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I like the noir influenced horror presented here. The dialogue feels really sharp for the most part, well written for sure haha. Also, lol Poltergeist Hunters, sick.