DC Genesis: Superman part six

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The gleaming skyscraper towered over Metropolis. It’s magnificent “L” was recently polished, giving it the look of a brand new building. So high was the tower that it eclipsed the view of the sun for some areas of Metropolis. The tower was known to all of Metropolis as the offices of one of the world’s richest men. His name was Lex Luthor; founder of LuthorCorp.

Inside the building, however, was a feeling of contempt and anger. Two men carrying rifles guarded Luthor’s office. One of them turned to the other and tried to strike up small talk.

“What do you think Luthor thinks of this “Superman” guy?” he asked.

The second guard, a middle aged man turned and shot him a dirty look. “Don’t bring it up!” he whispered. “Luthor finally has some competition. He hears this conversation we’re both screwed!”

Inside Luthor’s office, Luthor sat at his desk. He leaned back in his chair as he read the paper. He went to take a sip of his coffee and spat it back into the cup immediately. It was cold. He made a mental note to fire whoever made him the cup of coffee.

As he began to scan across the front page of the paper his brow furrowed. A scowl crept across his face. In a fit of rage he let out a cry of anger. “DAMN HIM!”

He shot up from his chair. “This ‘Superman’ put my weapons breakthrough to page thirteen!”

Luthor noticed that his fist had balled up and had turned white from his own grip. ‘Who is he?’ Luthor pondered.

He had the greatest minds money could buy working on the case. Men scanned over the footage of Superman flying over the Daily Planet. What is it? Luthor thought? How does he fly like that? He paused the footage and scanned the cape, trying in vain to find some sort of jetpack or flying device.

More footage. He scanned his suit for something that would boost his strength. He had heard about something called “Venom” that had been invented in South America but the effects were nothing like this.

He came to one conclusion.

He’s a threat. He pretends to be a savior. He wants us all to think he’s on our side….when we all trust him…he will turn on us.

Who is Superman?