DC Future Shock: Doomhound #1

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Rated M for Mature~For strong, bloody violence

Doomhound sat above the streets as the noises of sirens were heard all around. He had been one of the few meta humans who wasn't aligned with the Legion of the League during the clash against Akropolis. Needless to say, both had been breathing down his neck since the war was over. It seemed every day, some emissary was asking for his services. He only had a few people he could trust anymore. He flipped open his cell phone which was absorbed into his symbiotic costume, reverted his face to human form and called one of the few people he could trust.

"Isley...Got a ton of cops on my back...Think you could help me out here?"

Indeed, there were a lot of policemen below the rooftops in which Doomhound was jumping. Truth be told, he could have killed them if he wanted to, but he wouldn't allow himself to commit such acts.

"Let me guess...Need me to come in and get my chemicals going?"

"Bingo...Just a little bit of pheromones, just...Blast the area."

"Sorry Sean...Kind've dealing with Harley right now...You heard the news right?"

"Heard the news? I was heading to your hideout to witness it till my dad's dirty cops started tailing me..."

Yes, it was true. Harley was pregnant. As one of her personal friends, Doomhound made it his mission to witness the baby...And do anything in his power to keep Joker away from her.

"...Wieters is gonna be there isn't he?"

Ivy sighed. Her friendship with Wieters and Sean Luthor made things complicated. Luthor made it quite clear that he didn't approve of Bryant "selling out" to the Legion of Doom, particularly Lex Luthor.

"I'll be there..."

Doomhound's sentence was interrupted by a distant laughter in the darkness. Doomhound stopped in his tracks. He reverted his face back to Doomhound form as he snarled. His reptilian tongue licked his sharp, monstrous teeth. "Joker...I skipped lunch today, I'm glad to see you!" The maniacal clown prince of crime emerged from the shadows. "Oh Doomy! I see your out for a little stroll in the night! Mind filling me in on where you're headed?" Doomhound growled, igniting his Sinestro Corps ring. "I will enjoy watching you squirm clown!"

Doomhound shrieked as he pounced on Joker. Joker swung a crowbar from his suit at Doomhound's necks. Doomhound shrugged off the attack, digging his claws into the Joker's stomach, causing him to scream in pain, a horrific noise that was haugh deranged laugh and half pained grunt. Doomhound smiled as he held Joker above the rooftop. "You know you were lucky I was too busy all these years to finish you off...Wonder if all that makeup will effect your taste!" As he was about to bite down, he heard a commotion in the alley. Two voices, one a full grown adult male and the other a 10 year old girl.

"Don't you ever try and run from me again! I'll slash you up so badly I'll be able to send your pieces back to your damn parents!"

"No..Please I'll be good!"

Several punching sounds were heard as well as the young girl's cries for help. Joker began to laugh as he looked down at Doomhound. "Time for our million dollar question...The Clown or the Girl!" Doomhound growled in anger as he threw Joker aside, slowly crawling down the wall into the alley where the little girl was being mugged. It seemed that there were several enforcers and a pimp beating down on the defenseless girl. Doomhound hissed in the darkness in order to intimidate the thugs.

"What the hell was that?"

Doomhound emerged from the darkness to reveal himself. The pimp and his enforcers shook in fear. Doomhound leaped on one of the enforcers, grabbing him with one hand and slamming him against the wall, blood staining the brick. As another pulled out his weapon Doomhound dug his claws into his arm, ripping out of it's socket. He screamed in pain as Doomhound smacked the other enforcer with the severed arm. That left the little girl and the pimp. As Doomhound turned to the pimp, he saw that he held a gun to the girl's head.

"One more step and I paint my hands with her brains!"

There was a great pause. Doomhound wouldn't risk this girl's life simply for putting scum like this in their place. Quickly, the girl delivered a punch to the pimp's nether regions, causing him to moan in pain. Doomhound unsheathed his flaming machete, throwing it at the pimp's stomach. He fell against the wall, as he began to fall to the ground, screaming out in pain. Doomhound walked up to the pimp, a look of anger and fury in his bug-like eyes. The pimp screamed as Doomhound ripped his throat out. Doomhound looked at the girl, nodded, and began to walk away.

"Wait" the girl shouted out, before Doomhound escaped. "Who are you?" Doomhound smiled, what a charming question. You'd think Superman or Batman would recieve a question like that, not someone like him. "Doomhound...It's nice to have a fan." Doomhound jumped up onto the rooftops, escaping into the night.

To be continued...

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Really great job! Too bad the group's dead...