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(Continued from DC: 5th World Order - Justice Society - Part 1)
Hawkins' Pyramid

The whole cave shakes as the something big impacts the surface. Dust falls from the ceiling but the pink stone ceiling seems to hold despite the incredibly loud "boom".

"I think we should get inside because that did not sound good." Taylor says.

Luckily Ben has found a door on the far side of the pyramid. It's a huge golden door with pictures carved into it. The weird thing is the whole thing looks brand new, the whole pyramid looks like it was just built yesterday.

"Any ideas on how to open it?" Ben makes it to the door first but sees there are no levers or any other controls.

"This seems familiar." Eden says as she approaches the door.

The door features a pair of figures, a man and a woman armed and armored with ancient weapons. The most striking elements of the figures though are the large wings they both possess. Surrounding them are other icons that they don't recognize but look like a scarab and a scepter with a glowing orb on it's end. Above the two figures though is something all three of them have seen, the helmet the glowing person wore in their shared dream.

"Chay-Ara." Eden touches the female figure on the door. The door then opens.

Ben looks at his older sister. "How did you do that?

"How did you know the pyramid was here? I don't know. Let's check out the inside." She responds.

She says as she steps past him. Within the pyramid like the outside there is no light source but everything seems to be well lit. Once they've stepped inside the door closes behind them. The entrance only goes forward for about 20 feet before they reach a 'T' junction with paths heading to both the left and right.

"How about we split up?" Taylor suggests sarcastically.

Both Eden and Ben look at him like he's an idiot.

"That was clearly sarcasm. Which way do you think we should go?" Taylor asks.

Eden who opened the door wants to go left so the boys decide that they should just follow her.


The Surface

The crash wasn't bad, the extra work they put into the inertial dampeners and kinetic force field was more than enough. The ship is mostly intact, and it might even fly again with a little maintenance.

"#$@%! $%^# the @#!% and $#%^!"

"Are you okay Det?" Bran asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just realized we're in a crashed ship, in the middle of a sandstorm, on a hostile planet ruled by evil Overlords. How are you?" She responds.

"Well we seem to be in the calm center of the storm, so I say we have a look outside." Bran heads to the outer hatch and opens it.

"Yeah you're welcome about that." Det says.

"What do you...."

Bran's question is cut off as he steps onto the sand and immediately begins to sink. Det leaps after him just barely grasping his hand and getting drawn in with him. They emerge together in a cavern with a pink stone ceiling and a glowing pyramid.

"It's just like my dream." Bran says.

"Not that I'm validating the insane dreams that got us into this mess or anything but now what?" Det asks.

"Now we try the door or course."

Bran leads the way to the golden door with the two winged figures. He feels drawn to the male figure and it stirs some memories within him.

"Khufu." He touches the door and it opens for him.

"Magic word?" Det looks at her companion skeptically.

Sure she thought, fun and adventure breaking past an alien blockade but the fact that his dreams were real is starting to freak her out. Bran just shrugs and enters the pyramid. Det follows just before the door closes behind her. When they reach a 'T' they decide to head right.


The Addams siblings and their friend Taylor find their way to a room that you wouldn't expect to find in a buried pyramid; a room full of advanced technology. There are banks of computers, monitors, and other items that seem old but miraculously are still functioning.

"Look at some of this stuff. It's got to date back a thousand years at least. How's it all still working?" Ben says ecstatically.

"These monitors are showing other areas of the pyramid. There, that's the helmet from our dreams." Eden points at one of the monitors after scanning them for a minute.

The two boys join her and see the golden helmet hovering above an obelisk inside a huge chamber square chamber with a tapered roof. On each of the chambers four walls there appears to be some kind of shrine. On the next screen over though there are two other people within the pyramid and they're wearing some kind of flight suits.

"Who is that?" Eden asks to nobody in particular.

"I don't know but I say we try to make it to that chamber with the helmet before they do." Taylor suggests.

Taylor leads them through another door and down several hallways ignoring smaller doorways, he seems to know where to go. Soon they've reached the threshold of the chamber.


"I remember reading that ancient Thanagar and ancient Earth had some kind of connection but this is ridiculous." Det says as she glances around at the iconography of the pyramid.

"You have no idea how connected Thanagar and Earth are. You could even say they're spiritually connected." Bran responds.

She hates it when he gets all weirdly philosophical. It's been getting worse the past few years. But still she's his friend and he would have gotten himself killed trying to get to Earth if it weren't for her technological expertise.

She's just following his lead when they come across a giant chamber with an obelisk in the center. Hovering a few feet above the obelisk is a shining golden helmet.

"Oh shiny!"

Det says and pulls a device from her belt and points it at the helmet from the doorway. It's a firing grapple with a cord she uses while doing work on starships. You never know when you're going to be on top of a ship and drop a tool to the floor. It takes too long to have to get down to retrieve it. Just then on the opposite side of the room a human rushes into the room by another door.

"No!" Taylor yells just as the grapple fires. An instant before the grapple touches the helmet Det is knocked backwards, and all the lights in the pyramid go out.

Eden and Ben find their way to the room behind Taylor while Bran checks on Det who is unconscious. Taylor fumbles around while he tries to see something, anything in the complete darkness. In one of the shrines they saw on the camera he thinks he can see a faint glow so he heads towards it.

"I think there's a light here. Maybe I can turn it up and we can see what is going on."

Taylor reaches out to the faint light and feels cold metal in his hands. It's a scepter with a glowing ball on the end. As he holds the scepter the light coming off it increases so that there is a faint glow within the chamber. Taylor holds up the scepter to see what became of the helmet but it is gone, there is nothing hovering over the obelisk anymore. Ben wanders over to one of the shrines on the sides of the room while Eden heads over to see what happened to the woman with the grapple.

"Is she okay? Taylor bring the light!"

Bran looks up from his unconscious friend and sees the woman approaching. Memories flash before his eyes, random events scattered over countless lifetimes they all involve this girl coming towards him. The name that comes to mind is Chay-Ara.

When Eden looks into the eyes of the stranger cradling the unconscious woman something similar happens to her. Almost everything else is forgotten as she recognizes him, how could she recognize him?


Just then Det wakes up and hears the word Bran used when the door opened coming from this human girl.

"What is that? An Earth greeting or something? Where's the helmet?" She asks getting up.

"You were in my dream. You were one of the figures with me when we found the pyramid. So was Taylor and so was my brother."

She looks across the barely lit chamber for her brother. He's at one of the shrines holding a scarab amulet. How come she can only think of the figures faces from her dream now that they've already found the pyramid. And in her dream there were only four of them, this woman with the grapple wasn't part of the dream.

Ben takes the scarab over to Taylor who's holding their only light source. That is until Det the only prepared one pulls a small device from her belt and tosses it into the air where it generates light for the whole room.

"Hey guys, what's SHAZAM?"

Lightning from the ceiling strikes Ben knocking everyone else in the room to the ground and destroys the Thanagarian light globe that Det threw into the air. The glow from Taylor's scepter is again the only light though there is almost a glow coming from the large man now standing where Ben was a moment ago.

"What happened? Where is my brother?!" Eden steps up to the new man with the lightning bolt symbol on his chest.

"I am your brother. I am Benjamin Addams but I am also now Black Adam."

Godlike stamina, swiftness, strength, power and courage course through his new form. With it all though comes godlike wisdom to hopefully temper the other powers. He touches her hand, it is odd to be much taller than her.

"And you, my dear sister, are the reincarnation of Chay-Ara of Egypt. Consort to Prince Khufu whose reincarnated form stands there." Pointing to the Thanagarian who cautiously approaches.

Neither Eden or Bran can deny it, as they are told they know every word of it is true. They also know that they will find weapons and armor crafted for them in the shrines. Instinctively they will know how to use them as if they've spent countless hours training, since in one form or another they have.

Taylor stands there almost forgotten. Did the man who is and isn't Ben say Consort? It feels like there is a bottomless pit where his stomach once was. Bran and Eden are now holding hands as if they were old friends who haven't seen each other in ages finally reunited. Det is just standing there with her mouth open. The crazy dreams her friend Bran had, they were real, they were right, he's some kind of ancient human prince reincarnated.

"What have I gotten myself in to?" She asks to nobody in particular.

The pit in Taylor's stomach turns into a warmth while his limbs start to feel cold. Sure he had feelings for Eden but he hasn't ever felt like this even when his heart was broken. There is something wrong.

"Uh guys....I hate to draw the attention away from the reincarnations and the transformations but....I don't feel so well."

Taylor falls to his knees but still holds on to the scepter. His legs are turning to sand, his arm holding the scepter has turned to gold, the other arm seems to be made of wood and his head has turned chalk white.

"What's happening to me?" He asks just as his whole body seems to spontaneously ignite.

(To be continued.)

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@PrinceIMC: Is he turning into Metamorpho? Nice chapter full of mystery and nice collating of Thanagarian/Egyptian mythology. Very impressive

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@batkevin74: Yup, the scepter is the Orb of Ra.
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@PrinceIMC: NICE! Orbs, helmets, lightning bolts, Nth metal...it's like a tarot deck but not as silly! Good job, I always liked Metamorpho

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