DC Evolution: Superman #2 - Red Sun (1of4)

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 Sorry this took so long, hope that you like it. Rated T. Oh and if you haven't check out #1


 The planet Krypton. It was a vast world full of life. Like most habitable planets, there were great lakes and oceans, trees and plant life creating large jungles close to the warm equator and all sorts of insects, reptiles, birds, fish and mammals. But the dominant species had evolved from primates. Humanoid life forms with great intelligence.

They built large cities like Kandor and Kryptonopolis that contrasted the natural beauty of that world. A mix of metal, stone and crystal made up the skyline of these cities. Museums housed relics of the ancient past, such as the spear of Raz-El, first leader of the Science Council, as well as prehistoric artefacts like the remains of countless dragon lizards.

Universities were full of hopeful young students with ambitions of becoming prominent figures in society. The smell of gourmet food teased the senses as the latest holofilm wowed audiences with its inventive story and design.

It was a utopia, except for one thing…Krypton was at war. They had tried to live normal lives, they had tried to carry on, but as the seismic tremors steadily worsened and more families lost their loved ones to the war, the people of Krypton were becoming more and more afraid.

General Zod had been driven back, his army almost wiped out…victory for the Science Council seemed near. But the more battles Zod lost, the more desperate he became. At first he struck only military targets. But when he began a bombing campaign against civilians he began to lose support. It was on the festival of Rao, a day that was supposed to celebrate the coming together of the four tribes, that Zod prepared for his last gasp attack against the people of Krypton.


They called it the crystal city. Structures that reflected the rays of the red sun like prisms, gave a glow to the landscape. But today, the only lights were those coming from laser fire.

Zod's forces marched through the city, gunning down any opposition as they made their way to the old imperial palace. At the head of the army, Zod walked, wearing a long black, sleeved battle cloak, made from a material that was virtually indestructible. Energy blasts bounced off the cloak as he led his army straight through the front door of the palace.

Law enforcers and defence guards set up barriers inside the main hall as they tried to hold back the invading army. Zod stood, holding a datapad. As he activated a code, the pad lit up, revealing a holographic schematic of the palace.

"Sar-On, Traxen, go down the left corridor and deactivate the security around the planet control room. Ryal, go to the living quarters and bring me our insurance policy…"

Zod's soldiers saluted their general as they went to complete their missions. From the crystal ceiling a pulse weapon fired downwards, the non-lethal beam knocking a dozen of the invading soldiers unconscious but more kept coming. Zod walked, holding a pistol in each hand, firing and killing all opposition in his path as he made his way to the central doors leading to the council gathering room.

Finding the door locked, Zod reached into his pocket, revealing a small electro-explosive, which he attached to door seals. Standing back, Zod watched as surges of electricity spread across the metal doors, unlocking and opening them.

Inside, he stood for a moment, surveying the central monument to the old tribes of Krypton before making his way across the room and out through a door in the back. Lasers fired at him as he walked casually down a narrow corridor, being absorbed by his cloak, leaving him unharmed. Suddenly the lasers stopped, just as Zod received a message on his communicator.

"…Sir, we've disabled the security systems…"

"Well done Sar-On, make your way back to the main hall and support our troops."

"...As you command…out!"

On the other side of the palace, Councillor Jor-El looked around a corner, holding a weapon in his hands. He aimed and fired, his blast pistol emitting a stun beam, disabling the opposing soldiers. With the area clear, he moved forward, being followed by a squad of defence guards. Jor-El wasn't a soldier, he was a scientist. But after the colonial war and now during Zod's rebellion, he knew that picking up a weapon was the only way to defend his family.

Jor-El knew exactly where Zod was going. The palace housed the control centre for the old planetary defence systems, left over from the war with the colonies. Some were powerful energy cannons and missiles launched from silos across the surface of Krypton, others, the ones that Zod was after, were weapons housed in satellites orbiting the planet.

More laser fire, more casualties as the opposing forces battled throughout the palace. Outside, hovertanks were used to try to overwhelm Zod's army. As Jor-El approached the defence control centre, he knew something was wrong. The doors opened and Jor-El stepped inside.

Zod was there, his back turned to the famed scientist. Jor-El noticed that his one-time friend was holding something. Suddenly the room was lit up as energy beams obliterated the guards accompanying Jor-El as the doors sealed themselves behind him. As Zod turned to face him, Jor-El felt numb. In the rebel's arms was an infant, Jor-El's own son, Kal-El.

"Welcome my friend…oh don't worry about your son, he'll be fine…as long as you don't interfere. Kal-El is going to grow up in a world so different than what you and I know."

"A world ruled by you? I don't think so Zod. Give me back my son."

Zod laughed as he turned away from Jor-El, inputting a code into the control panel. High above, a defence satellite began to open up, the energy cannon it housed coming to life as it readied itself to fire a blast of energy.

On the planet below, the city of Kandor was unaware. The people of the city were busy rebuilding after driving Zod's army out four months earlier. They were unprepared as the cannon fired a blast of intense energy through the atmosphere, striking the heart of the city, obliterating it.


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