DC Evolution: Superman #1

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Yes I am also writing good ol' Superman enjoy. Rated T. 


It was a silent world once….

The planet orbiting a red sun wasn't the most likely place for a civilisation to grow. The planet was dead in space. However, a seismic event that almost obliterated the planet served to shift the axis, sending the barren world spinning closer to the red star.

Lightning struck, elements came together and despite all logic, life was formed. Like most worlds it took millions of years for this planet to flourish. As trees rose from the ground, dragon lizards ruled the land. As they adapted and evolved, the harsh gravity of that world gradually served to make the beasts stronger.

But the world of the dragons was to end. Another seismic event. The planet shifted again, away from the sun this time, covering it in a world-wide ice age. The cold-blooded lizards died out. As the planet healed and warmed, another species would come to dominate. They were humanoid. Their intelligence was greater than the beasts of the past.

They called it Krypton. The race developed quickly. From stone to iron and steel, great structures dedicated to their ancient gods stretched upwards towards the red sun above their heads.

Like on most civilised worlds, there were many religions, many cultures and there were many wars. Technology advanced…not because of the need for new medicines or to gain further knowledge of the universe, but to create new, more powerful weapons to destroy each other.

They were to become known as the tribal wars. The four tribes of Krypton, each ruling vast continents, fought for total control of the planet in the name of the gods they worshipped. For 300 years, the seas were stained red with blood as the conflict continued. It seemed it would never end.

Then something happened. Astronomers discovered another world, teeming with sentient life. Then another, and another. More and more worlds were found. The fighting stopped. There was a new goal for the people. Theologians devised the Raoist concept. A compromise of sorts, stating that all religions were in fact variations of a single truth. Rao was acknowledged as the true force behind creation, the ancient gods were entities serving the one.

It was with this new truth that technology advanced further. Not to fight wars but to explore the realms of space. It was in these explorations, that the greatest revelation was revealed. The secret of the yellow sun.

They visited a world far away in the vacuum of space. The sentient beings there called it Earth. Humanoid life forms whose physical appearance seemed identical to that of the people of Krypton. That revelation was kept secret, along with the astonishing discovery that a yellow sun gave god-like abilities to even the weakest of men.

It was the most guarded of secrets. Few people knew and the public was never told of Earth's existence. The use of secrecy was decided upon at the meeting of the four tribes. It was at this gathering that a planet-wide government was formed, made up of the greatest scientific minds from across the globe. The old Imperial Palace, left over from the days of the tribal wars, would house this council of scientists.

Peace reigned on Krypton. As technology advanced, the once war-torn planet became a utopia. Space exploration resulted in colonies being formed across the galaxy. Then it happened. The colonial wars. The space colony Karos, far from the laws and morals lived by on the home world, declared war on Krypton. They were joined by several other colonies, with only Argo and Selar remaining loyal to the planet of their origin.

It was in this time that a soldier rose through the ranks to become commander of Krypton's armies. His name was Zod. Using his keen military mind and extensive knowledge of weapon technology, he led Krypton to victory over the colonies.

For seven years he had complete control over Krypton's defence network, answering only to the Science Council. It was then that the scientist, Jax-Ur made a colossal error during wormhole experiments on Krypton's first moon. Everyone on the lunar base was killed as the moon was split in two.

Following this, all space travel was prohibited, with the exception of transports to and from the colonies, but even they were limited to just two journeys a year. All space and weapons technology research was suspended indefinitely, the army disbanded and tougher enforcement laws introduced.

In secret, the scientist Jor-El, a leading member of the Science Council, his wife Lara and the former general, Zod, worked on wormhole technology. Jor-El was a genius and well respected across the globe and when he discovered a means to open a portal to the phased dimension, which he called the Phantom Zone, the Science Council, in spite of the ban on new research, praised him openly. They saw the discovery as a means to combat the rising crime rate on Krypton. But despite the success, the ban remained.

Zod, believing that the Science Council were afraid of the future, disappeared. He would return with an army that would threaten to overthrow the ruling scientists and bring a new order of control to Krypton.

Meanwhile, Jor-El had other concerns. Following the catastrophe caused by Jax-Ur, the planet was becoming unstable once again. If the planet was going to shift it's axis once again, Jor-El knew that the current technology made it possible to stop it. However Jor-El's findings had far more devastating implications than he had ever imagined.

Despite his best efforts, he failed to convince the council to act on his findings and his claims of destruction were laughed at. In a climate of growing fear, Jor-El's claims were forgotten by all but himself as a more current and real threat arose. Zod had returned with an army. Once again, Krypton was at war.

For three years, the war raged. For three years, Jor-El pleaded with the Science Council to act and for three years they refused to listen. Across the planet, earthquakes accompanied the war in destroying homes. Dormant volcanoes came to life and General Zod, close to final defeat, prepared for one last battle.

In this turmoil, Lara, wife of Jor-El, gave birth to a son. His name was Kal-El though few would know him by that name. As an infant, he would witness the end…through the depths of space he would find a new beginning…as a man, he would save the world.


All characters belong to DC and therefore are not mine.

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