DC Converso: Teth-Adam #2

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*This is a California State News emergency alert. Another wildfire has sprouted up, this time in the San Jose area. It has been maintained to a one mile radius but news has come in that witnesses at the scene are reporting a man starting the fires with a make shift flame thrower, authorities are investigating. That's all for now, more at 9.*

At the Rock of Eternity

"Now Adam, I can feel your anger. It boils inside of you, it almost fuels you, and yet you still brood over it. You wonder if you can ever make it go away, if you can ever become the hero you once were all those years ago. Well the answer is no, you cannot. You're anger is a weakness, and you will never be as great as you were in Egypt, you will never be *Khem-Adam again." The old withering wizard's words boomed through the hall with a voice that would shock any unsuspecting being.

Adam stared at the man aged man in disgust and hatred. These feelings were only amplified when he gazed down and saw that the young boy had awoken and was lifting himself to his feet. Though Adam burned with rage and fury his curiosity got the best of him.

"If I am as weak as you say...why not strip me of my powers and leave me to a mortal's death?"

Billy Batson turned his body and faced the wizard that towered over him in his throne. He obviously had the same question in his mind but dared not ask in fear of his powers being taken.

"Don't think I haven't tried Adam, but the gods who give you my power every time you utter my name have bigger plans for you...and even I have no power of them." Suddenly a dark smoke began to form within the air in the chamber. "Speaking of, it is time for you to answer to them Adam. " Most of the chamber could not be seen anymore, Billy Batson was completely out of Adam's sight, and only the wizards glowing eyes could be seen. "But be warned Adam, if you interfere with my champion's affairs...He will kill you."

As the final word left the wizards mouth the room was completely covered in the dark smoke and all at once Adam was standing in complete Darkness. After standing in the darkness for a moment, a sudden loud, booming and overwhelming voice snapped into existence.

"Great powers threaten Earth Adam. You are no longer a champion of the Wizard's will, you are the champion of Earth's people. The demonic powers of lady Blaze are at work, now more than ever. You must stop her at all costs, only then can you be forgiven of your past." For once Adam was not speechless on purpose, but out of sheer awe. "You are no longer Khem-Adam, you are *Teth-Adam."

California, A motel 6 south of San Jose

George Tweedle slumped on the used brown couch of room 206 snickering at the news broadcast. He loved to watch the news after starting a new fire. Though he was slightly annoyed that the police now knew the fires were not natural, the man almost got off on the fact that he could now burn whatever he wanted in the next city.

"Maybe I should burn something in Cosmos, Colorado" The idea entered the mans head but quickly fleeted when he realized he's never heard of that place.

While the dark haired middle aged arsonist scratched his privates freely he heard an alarming knock on the door of his motel room. He zipped up his pants and grabbed his hand held flamethrower to hold behind his back. As he walked up to the door he spoke as threateningly as possible.

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"Wh.....who is it?" A moment of silence went by and suddenly the door burst open with a gust of wind. George covered his eyes from the dust.

George uncovered his eyes and gazed at a Demonic feminine warrior with large horns. The outside world behind her was dark and void.

"I am Blaze, George Teedle, and I am here to offer you a true outlet for your burning passion."

*Khem means black and Teth means Mighty

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