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The God of Steel

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A doomed planet on the fringes of space died in a microsecond, exploding with force and energy to vaporize even the mightiest of beings, in a microsecond the 5 Billion inhabitants of the planet Krypton died... the only remenants of the once great, shining civilisation were sent hurtling into the outer reaches of space, leaving behind the ashes of their home in the dark, radiation of space.

Billions of light years away, a small, young blue orb hovered in the blackness, after almost an eternity of travel, the last remenant of Krypton finally burst its way through the orb's atmosphere before crashing violently into a field of dark, green grass.

It was only a few moments later when a bright red jeep pulled up on the side of road closest to the landing zone, where a somewhat elderly couple practically ran from the vehicle and rushed to the scene of the impact.

"What is it?" Jonathan Kent frowned slightly as he stared at the strange, metal object half buried in the crater in the center of the field. The farmerlooked to his wife, Martha who was standing just behind him, concern etched on her face.

"Some kind of meteor." Jonathan muttered, before looking back to the shining object. "Strangest thing I've ever-" Suddenly the bright blue, metallic pillars that Jonathan had thought resembled doors burst up into the night sky, before landing several feet away, sending dirt and grass flying everywhere. "I..." Jonathan walked over to the opening... and almost had a heart attack. "Good lord, Martha! There's a baby in he-"

Before the farmer could even finish his sentence a bright green blast of shimmering, crackling energy shot from the opening in the meteor, carving a clean hole directly through his chest. Jonathan stepped back in shock and pain before clutching quickly at his chest and collapsing to the ground. Dead.


Martha Kent let out a scream of horror as a tall, lean (but naked) figure emerged from the meteorite, she could do nothing but close her eyes as a similar blast of green energy shot towards her.

It was a shame really... they'd simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps... in some kind of alternate universe, this turn of events could have ended differently... and ended in humanity's triumph.

But that wasn't the case.

The Kent family's killer tossed her steaming laser weapon to the ground before attending to her passenger. Carefully the woman puller her child from the wreckage, wrapping him in his favourite bright red blanket.

Kal-El wriggled slightly in his mother's arms as he went back to sleep, Lara of the house of El planted a kiss on her son's forehead before looking up into the night sky. Quickly she grabbed the bag of supplies had gifted her before triggering her ship's self destruct sequence and silently soaring up into the sky, leaving all evidence of her arrival behind to be destroyed.


His name... or what the mortals called him anyway, was Superman. Personally, the God of Steel preferred to be called by his natural name, Kal-El, after all... he may be Super... but he was no man.

Kal's red cape fluttered behind him in the ice cold winds, the noise it generated was the only sound for hundreds of miles. The God of Steel stood from his perch upon the highest point of Mount Everest as he silently pondered the meaning of his existence.

He was a God amonst men... more powerful then the combined might of the entire planet's Military... yet they REFUSED to worship him.

Actually that wasn't true, there was a small percentage of humanity that saw their 'Superman' for what he truly was... a God. Messiah. The Ambassador between two worlds... and the most important event in the history of the planet.

It was time to remind the world EXACTLY who he was.

Kal shot forward from the peek of the mountain, the force of his take off shattering the rock into a thousand pieces, his black and red Kryptonian battle armour standing out in the white of the clouds he was tearing through. After a few minutes of super sonic flight, Superman tore through the sky and appeared in the skies above America's greatest City, Metropolis.

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The God of Steel halted his flight in mid air before quickly monitoring the City with a combination of his x-ray and telescopic vision. Interestingly Senator Pete Ross was stood on the steps of City Hall, trying to rally the citizens of Metropolis to stand up to their opressor and fight for their freedom. Kal almost laughed out loud.

A quick blast of concentrated heat vision put a stop to any rebellious thoughts.


Several minutes passed of Superman quickly spreading chaos throughout his City, he flew down to the streets just outside the Daily Planet building and flipped a gas truck on its side, before igniting it with his heat vision, sending an orange explosion through the air, enveloping the block below.

It was fun for awhile, the screams of terror filled Kal's ears as he hovered back up to his vantage point in the skies. Honestly though it was all getting a bit tireseome, mindless chaos was exactly that. Mindless. Kal's mind needed something. Something more! Something more... destructive.

Almost on cue an America Skylines plane soared above Kal's head, sending a loud screeching sound through Kal's ears, causing him to grit his teeth.

It was completely perfect... and furthermore it was guaranteed to send the City of Tomorrow back to the stone ages.

Kal darted up into the air and quickly flew by the plane, doing a quick recon of the passengers within. 127 humans in total, not including the crew. As the God of Steel few by the window a small boy caught a glimpse of the flying man and in excitement waved at the omnipotent being.

The Kryptonian smiled and waved back before flying by the plane's right engine and (with a small amount of effort) tore it from the transport with his bare hands, casting it aside and letting it drop. In silence, Superman watched as the plane began to spiral out of control and plunge towards the City below, the cries of the passengers were like music to his ears.

"Up, up and away..." He muttered to himself before bursting off into the distance, shockwaves rippling around him as he tore through the sound barrier.

The cold air of the arctic filled Kal's senses as he landed before the entrance leading into his fortress. A door crafted with silver crystals slowly whirred open as Kal inserted a key weighing several thousand tons into a small, almost unnoticable key hole.

"I'm home." Kal said while floating into the fortress' main living area, scattered across the room were several large trophies that the Kryptonian had collected over the past few years through several... escapades. Most noticable among them was the metal chasis that the US Marine John Corban had piloted in an attempt to fight the Kryptonian during his assault on Area 51.

It hadn't ended well.

"Did you have a nice day?" Lara Lor-Van, Kal's mother spun around in the chair seated before the fortress' command center. Kal detached his cerimonial cape and cast it to the floor behind him.

"I spread my influence along the populace." Kal said before slumping down on a soft, plush setee he'd stolen from the planet Colu a few years ago. "Oh... and I spread a bit of Kryptonian justice as well." He flicked a button on the Fortress' control remote, casting an image of the local news on the wall. "So yes. I had a very... productive day, mother."

"What did you do?"

Kal took a sip out of a bottle of Thanagarian brandy, the sweet taste of alcohol filling his mouth as his eyes locked on the screen.

"I sent an aircraft crashing down into-"

The video on the wall showed photos taken at the event. From the streets below a figure clad in green, metal armour was shown holding up the plane with his bare hands, before it could crash into the streets below.

"-Metropolis..." The bottle shattered in Kal's grip, splattering his armour and chair with foul smelling alcohol.

"-what would have ended in disaster resulted in triumph today, as Billionaire Lex Luthor prevent an airplane landing that may have resulted in the deaths of thousands."

The screen shifted, showing a clip of Lex Luthor stood before a crowd of reporters. The CEO of Lexcorp's face was on view for the whole world to see.

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"I'm just here to help." Luthor's voice echoed throughout the fortressas Kal stared at the screen, completely transfixed as his body slowly began to shake. "I just did what anyone else would have done."

Kal glared at the face of the man who had thwarted his attempt at chaos. In dumbfound silence he stood from his seat and reconnected his cape to the back of his armour, the blood red S upon his chest standing prominent as he slowly hovered into the air.

"This..." Kal said as his Fortress of Supremacy's doors whirred open before him. "Looks like a job for Superman."

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