DC-5th World Order: Justice Guild of America-Chapter One

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Justice Guild of America-Introduction

Seven people stand in front of three Overlords. They are the most powerful of all the Overlords, and these seven are the first and only humans to ever see them.

The silence seems to last for a decade. Until finally, one of the Overlords raises his voice.

"You have done well."

"You have carried out our missions with loyalty."

"You will by rewarded.

The first Overlord steps down from his throne. He has a golden, cracked appearance and resembles the 4th World New God Darkseid.

"Thomas Knight....your ability to "persuade" our enemies through violence is...uncanny." He hands him a belt. "Take this." he says. It will give you flight, as well as the ability to summon energy from your hands." He glares at Thomas you have been renamed "TOM TURBINE"

He then strode forward to the next one. A woman. "Diana Laurence, you have never spoken out against us." She let out a shriek as he touched her throat. "I give you the abilities of Black Canary." His hand glowed, and her shriek changed into a sonic boom! "Good." He noted. "You have been renamed Black Siren."

The New God then makes his way over to another man. "Scott Free ...despite your ancestors being against the New Gods in the past, you used your remarkable fighting skills for us." He hands him a suit. "This suit will grant you the abilities of the ancient enemy of the Batman: Catman. You have been renamed as him."

He walks over to a fourth man. "Jim Robinson, your willpower surpasses anything we have seen in a human. Hold out your hand." The New God drops a emerald ring into it. "Take Alan Scott's ring. You have been renamed The Green Guardsman."

He turns to another. "Fred Gates, you have done remarkably well in covert missions." With a brilliant flash of light, Fred was transformed into a man in a scarlet uniform with a lightning bolt with a white circle on his chest. His white cape flowed behind him. "I grant you the powers of Captain Marvel. You have been renamed the Magician."

"And lastly...." He strode over to the last man. "You have led your team well." In a bolt of lightning, Jay West found himself with a racing helmet on, and lightning bolts on his chest and arms. "Jay West...you have been given the powers of The Flash. You have been renamed the Streak" The New God sat back down on his throne, and another spoke up.

"You are dismissed.

As they left, Black Siren spoke to The Streak.

"How long before they figure it out?"

"That we've been double agents? They never will, Diana."

"But what if they do?" She whispered.

"Then God have mercy...."

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very cool

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@primepower53: Hmmmm this is kinda cool

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Stop stealing names from the DCAU.