DC: 5th World Order: JSA Part One

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JSA: Part One:

I watch the Justifiers moving in on a family. The house is in the middle of nowhere....nobody can hear them scream. Their crime?

They worshiped a God....The Overlords don't take kindly to people worshiping Gods other than them.

"We have to help them!" Jai Garrick whispers at me. "People are in trouble! We have to help."

"I know, I know." I tell him. "But who has the wisdom of Solomon here?"

I've changed a lot in the past couple thousand years.

"Okay, Flash," I tell them. "It's your first test. I want to see how powerful their energy guns are....as they fire you go in and take the family to safety. The rest of us attack from there...can you do that, Jai?"

He thinks for a second. Literally. He thinks at super speed. He knows he doesn't have much time. After one second he answers: "Yeah....I suppose I can."


I met Jai Garrick in his home in Keystone City. Justifiers tend to stay away from there...nothing ever happens. Ever since the Flash retired, nothing happens.

I knocked on his door, and he answered immediately.

"What can I do for you, sir?"

"Jai Garrick, the world needs The Flash again."

"I'm sorry?"

"Let me make this crystal clear: I need the Flash for the JSA...I know who you are, and I need you."

"I'm sorry, I'm retired."

"I wasn't asking."

"What is this?"

"I'm forming a team."


"It came to me in a dream."


The second the sound of the energy leaving the gun is heard, Flash makes a run for it. He has to be three times faster than sound to save all of them....I know he can do it.

"GOOOOOO!" I shout, flying in with the rest of the team. I fly straight through the wall, slamming into a Justifier, and sending him flying through the other end of the wall. Another goes to shoot me, but I easily dodge it, and throw both arms up, hitting him.

I turn around to see Wildcat kicking a Justifier in the back, then swinging his arm around his neck. He knows how to fight. He's good....but he's not as good as he thinks.


I rush over to him, using myself as a shield.

"Take better care of yourself, deal?"


When the blasting end, I fly out of the way and he lunges at his target.


I met Max Roswell when he was just getting too old to fight in the ring anymore. Younger people were coming. Fresher. Looking for blood. He couldn't last unless he adapted. I knew he would be vital to my team.

I visited him after one of his fights. "Max Roswell?"

"I SAID NO REPORTERS!" He shouted.

"Don't worry, I'm not a reporter. I'm not even here for you."

"What do you want ***hole?"

"Watch the language....and I'm here for Wildcat."

His jaw dropped. "What are you talking about."

"You know damn well what I'm talking about....In your early days, you were the Wildcat of this era...until the New God's Justifiers beat some sense into you....how would you like to beat on them? I need Wildcat for the JSA."

"What's this about?"

"It all came to me in a dream...."


Doctor Mid Nite throws a knife at a nearby light. He's smart. He can see better that way, and take out the Justifiers ability to see. I watch as he kicks one in the chest, following with an uppercut. He spins around, smacking another with a right cross.

"Piece of filth!" He says. He never really liked the Justifiers. He always held a grudge against them. Even with the wisdom of Solomon, I don't know why.


I met Dr. Mid Nite for the first time when we were both in costume. We knew each other. But we hadn't really talked.

I flew in as he was on a stakeout.

"Harry Cross?" I said. "I need you for the JSA.

"I beg your pardon?"

"You heard...I know who you are...I've been waiting for this moment for thousands of years.

"And people say I'M crazy...."

"Listen, the JSA needs you. I'm forming a new team, and I need your help."

"Why should I help you?"

"It all came to me in a dream...."


Power Girl strikes two Justifiers with her heat vision, taking them out. She clap her hands, generating a sonic boom. They don't stand a chance against her. She freezes some of them. Then tosses the rest around like rag dolls. She's been bottling up this anger for a while...it's good to see her let it out.


I arrived at Dana Salvador's suburban home. She lived there with her abusive husband. Both were Kryptonians, so I was sure to drop by when her husband wasn't around.

When I knocked, she opened the door a crack.

"Dana Salvador?"

"That's me."

"I need you for the JSA."


"I know about your ancestors. This entire town is inhabited by Kryptonians. The last remnants of New Krypton...I know about your abusive husband, and I know how badly you want to leave. I can take you away."

"I'll do it...but how do you know all this?"

"It all came to me in a dream...."


Green Lantern blast a wide beam at three of the Justifiers. He then directs their attacks back at them. He creates hands through his ring, disarming them, He then fire their own guns at him. He's truly worthy of the Starheart ring.


I met Scott Mason when he was using his own homemade ring to be Green Lantern. It could only let him fly and blast energy, so it couldn't do much. I let him join me on a flight.

"Scott Mason."


"I know who you are, and years ago, I was instructed to give this to you." I handed him the ring. "It was formed out of the Starheart when the original Green Lantern died. I told to give it to someone truly worthy, that person is you...I need the Green Lantern for the JSA."

"I'm not complaining or anything...but...why me?"

"It all came to me in a dream...."


I finish the last of the Justifiers with a final "Shazam." Flash arrives and brings the family back.

"You'll be fine." Power Girl says, putting her hand on the daughter's shoulder.

We rebuild the place at super speed with the final warning "Don't worry, you're under the protection of the JSA now."

My name is Billy Batson. Call me Captain Marvel...The JSA has had it's first successful mission in nearly two thousand years.