Darkchild:The Begining

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Cordero was a troubled teen who was never the big guy but rather the little nerdy guy in the corner. One day he finally realized if he was ever going to make everyone believe that he isnt week he needed to join the army.

One morning he went to the recruiting station. He walked up to the commanding officer and soluted him.

Sir i would like to fight and die for my country.

THe officer looks Cordero over. You wont and cant no one like you would do anything for us other than get your self killed no leave my site before i throw you out my self.

Cordero was devestated by the mans words. "How could i not be worth dying for my country, i'm as good as any of these half wit jocks."

Ill show them ill show them that I can be army worthy.

Next Day

The next day he arrives on the base early in the morning and sneaks into the base. He finds a part of the base that most people shouldnt see he found the nuclear weapons. But when he goes into the silo the doors slam shut #BANG#.

What the hell is going on?

You wanted to serve your country well, you are now you will be the first to be tested on with nuclear energy. Now son be careful we wouldnt want you to die.

And right after the officer stopped talking all the nuclear weapons were opened all at once and Cordero was consumed by all the energy in the silo. AHHHH What is happening to me, Cordero's body began to change. His face would turn to a more sadistic look and his body would shift and turn into a mishapended mass. AHHHHHH

You cant do THIS!!

And at that instance something unexpected happen Cordero began to control what was happening to his body. He turned it back into its original shape but more toned. And he relized that he he was now a walking bomb.

Officer:Looks like it worked a little too much


What was that corpral go see what it is.

Its the mutants who came to attack here last week they have made it bast the barricade.

Ah SH!T go and subdue them keep this one contained understand.

Umm sir where did he go.

They both look to see a gaping hole in the silos wall.


Cordero finds the mutants and runs to them. Please help me look what they did to them.

But all at once the mutants began to glow. Their energies and powers were now flowing into Corder.

Whats happening i cant control it AHHHHHHHHHHHH

The mutnats fell to the floor dead and shriviled.

I cant do this i need to get away. And some how Cordero flew out of the base away from all the death.


Cordero finally looses his grip on his powers and falls the the earth.


He hits the ground which is more like pavement and smashes through landing in a system of tunnels.

Loosing consiousnes he sees a person looking down at him.

"We cant leave him here he will die from his wounds master we cant"

Yes we can and we will now come.

"Please dont leave me here i dont want people to see me like this im ugly, please dont"

The person turns around

Hmf. Take him into the tunnels we will bring him to the rest of the colony, he will be nursed to health then we will leave him in a ally understand LEECH!

Yes master i thank you.

The one called Leech looks down at Cordero.

"Master Caliban will not leave you he isnt like most people he is caring now your safe"

Next Morning

Cordero wakes from his slumber in a scream


SHUT UP, you moron the children are sleeping.

Compose yourself and come with me, My name is Sunder ill take you to the master.

Cordero puts on the cloths set out for him.

You should thank the child Which one the little green one Leech, I dont know why but he has taken a liking to ya.

Maybe because when he spoke to you, you didnt know who you were. He even gave u a name, he named you Darkchild maybe because he sees that you are a child like him. How old are you son?

Im 20 sir but i already have a name. Its Cordero.

Sunder turns around in anger.

You want to be called by the name those people gave you, who also threw you out into a world that doesn't think your worth a second glance, THATS BULL$H!T. If i were you id go by the name the child gave you since he was the one that kept you from dying in the cold water you landed in.

Hmm Darkchild, you know why he named me that.

May be the fact that half your body is completely black and that your closer to his age than the rest of us therefore Darkchild.

So who is this master.

His name is Caliban and dont look at him directly because he isnt very fond of how he looks.

Alright this is where i stop, I hope you come back into the tunnels being that Caliban doesn't kill you.

Good luck Darkchild

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#2  Edited By The WeatherMan

You have some grammatical mistakes that should have been cleared out. The writing is kind of disjointed. Otherwise it's okay.


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i dont know how to correct the grammatical mistakes other than spell check lol thanks for the advice ad im enjoying the story ur doing in comic vine world

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#4  Edited By Walkingstone

Darkchild says:

"i dont know how to correct the grammatical mistakes other than spell check lol thanks for the advice ad im enjoying the story ur doing in comic vine world"

There are a lot of really good sites for grammar and punctuation on the net. I once heard Terry Pratchett interviewed and he said that the first thing all budding writers should learn are the absolute rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation. After all, you can only break the rules once you know them.

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very true never been to good with grammar lol so i should probebly send it throgh my word program

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#6  Edited By Walkingstone

Possibly though Word isn't always all that good with grammar. Personally, I'd recommend buying a really good book on the subject.

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Walking to Caliban Cordero thinks of his new name.

Hmm i like the new name i mean Cordero will always be my real name but DArkchild is who i am now. I wonder what these powers i have do. Lets see them. Darkchild stops to study his powers.

I feel a raging heat begining to swell in my hands it BURNS SO MUCH!!!! AHHH and in that instance his right arm was engulfed in flames. Wow it doesnt hurt at all wait what is this, and his left arm became darkness just like the left side of his body was. What else to i have he looks at his once weak body to see a toned chest which looked almost metallic wow i cant believe this. When i focus my attention on my powers they come out.


Something inside burned inside his head.


What was that. Darkchild just let the voice in his head go away. Well i did hit my head pretty hard when i fell maybe im just hearing things.

Darkchild starts back down the path towards Caliban

He finally finds a throne with a big white man sitting in it. Looking straight through him as if Darkchild wasnt their.

Caliban: You show no fear for me, the only fear i feel is the fear of what your becoming, hmm i cant use that to my advantage. So do you enjoy your home for the time being little one.

Yes i do but i am not little Caliban i am grown why do you call me child?

I call you child because you are as defenseless baby?

Defenceless how can you say that cant you sense my power

Yes but you have no way of controling it at all.

But i see something inside you something evil, a thing that if you are not prepared to fight you will loose everything you see and everything you love.

But i have none of that.

No you don't but you will, and like me it will be destroyed. I once had a family it was the morlocks,but their were many more than we have now. One day it was all taken from me in one fell swoop by a group of killers and only a fraction of us survive the only ones around then that are here today are me and Leech. He may look young but he is old in mind. But the power i see inside you will destroy you if you are not prepared. Do you want that.


Then we will train.

Why would you do that for me?

Because i see that you have the potental for greatness and i also see the evil inside you. That will one day become you but you will be a new kind of evil, One that has heart and one that will be faithfully loyal to a leader. And to become that we must train.

Alright what shall you have me to.

Get ready!

For What?

Caliban swoops down and hits Darkchild in the face

For that!

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3 years later

Alright master you really need to stop moving so fast

DC follows Caliban around the room


And Darkchild lets loose both his fire and darkness powers in one blast knocking Caliban off his path.

Caliban hits the floor.

Good work Darkchild you have improved greatly since we began. Now you may take a break go see leech he loves to be around you.

Alright master

Darkchild leaves the training area.

senses something

Hmm must be me again cause i swear i sense someone unfamiliar in the tunnels...almost human but no human ever comes down here

and man in shadows picks his radio

We have found the deserter repeat found target.

Radio:Wait for the signal then attack.

Darkchild comes into the main room of the tunnels

Darkchild yay its you

leech comes running and almost tackles DC

Ah little guy your almost getting as strong as me.

Cant let that happen then who will be your big brother when your stronger right?

Haha your always funny.

Hey leech i need to go into the tunnels your the boss now alright, Big bro needs to go get some water for the group alright ill be back as soon as i can alright. Protect our master alright , haha wow runt your the leader now ok.

Darkchild leaves the tunnels in search of water and food.

senses the person again

Man i must be right undersomeone on the surface because it feels like their right here. Wow the training is really working.

As Darkchild leaves the soliders get their signal.

Destroy all the mutants in the area no one survives, and if the target should return if needed destroy him also.

Alright men we begin.

One of the soliders sneaks up on a morlock.

* grabs morlock*

Time for you ugly mistakes to be taken care of.

Oh we are mistakes thought we were mutants DICK. The morlock throws the solider over his shoulder. NAh im just a very moody mutant with one eye

Blasts solider with his optic blast

Gotta warn Caliban and Darkchild

the mutant comes to Caliban

Sire were being attacked



And Erg is shot in the head from behind.

No Caliban runs to Erg's help but realizes he needs to warn the others..


And then the entire tunnels are over run by the soliders


The soliders start their slaughter firing into the group of mutants.


Sunder jumps from the middle of the group and starts beating the soliders who are attacking the children.

Sunder looks over to his left to see that Artie has been shot.


And Sunder runs right into the group of soliders killing and tearing them apart.

Caliban is cornered by a group.

You are of no use mutant you have no power.

No power huh i think not

AHHH and Caliban grows in sizes and swats the group away from him.

No but i do have what you would call the power over fear.

Well then you know i fear nothing mutie.

One lone solider stands behind Caliban, but before he can react Caliban is shot with a tazer and knocked out.

The soliders pin the last remaining morlocks except Caliban and Sunder and shoot into the group killing all of them.

In the Tunnels


What was that wait oh no they have found me.

And Darkchild races back to the tunnels. Only to find his family all but gone. The last remaining one is sunder.

BANG well that was a quick death for you mutie much kinder than what i would have wanted.

YOU MONSTER, and DC runs with blinding speed picking the solider up from the ground by the throat. You want to see what true pain is. And with an unknown power he rips the solider in two. AHHHH. group of soldiers enter the room


And with a ferousity not seen by morlocks Darkchild hunts all of the soliders down and tear them limb from limb, leaving one beging for life.


What did you do to the children?

the soldier looks to his left.

DC sees the group of children laying slouched over, and in the middle he finds his little brother. LEECH!!!

He runs over to the child.

I tried to protect the others brother but they didnt have any powers so i couldnt stop the bad men im s-s-sorr......

the childs last bit of life fades from his body

DC turns around to the man who killed his brother.

You insignifacnt scumbag you would kill defencesless children.

DC grabs the man by the head, well i will show you all of their pain and suffering

DC reaches deep in his soul and finds the inner darkness

He begins to turn all black nothing left of what was once a man.


and using his darkness powers he fills the man with the pain and suffering the children felt as they were slowly dying


Forgiveness is for god i have none for you. And DC grabs the mans head and with a full blast of fire burns the mans head right off his shoulders.

Wait i sense someone alive.

In that instance the darkness that controlled him leaves him turning him back to his half dark half light self.


Darkchild picks his master up realizeing he has very little life yet. He brings him to the almost forgotten morlock Healer.

Child what happen. Nothing that concerns you please i need you to heal him while i find survivors.

When Darkchild returns to see his masters condition he returns with five morlocks alive. Sunder who survived his gunshot wouldn, Erg who also survived, 2 children, and Skids.

Alright you are the last of the morlocks and since Caliban is industposed i am leader but i will give someone else the role of leader. Erg step forward.

Erg you are the only one here next to sunder who has been here since the begining and i believe you are the one who will help master and the rest of us. I cant stay here anymore because if i remain they will keep coming so i need to leave and start over. I only require one thing.

Erg: What is that i need you powers only part of them.

I can feel myself becoming evil and like master said my powers are what will control it i sense that inside me their is another who will find away out, and for me to be able to defeat him i need all the powers i need. Ive realized that i can absorb a portion of someones powers and use them at anytime , and i would be honored if you bestowed your powers on me willingly. Erg agreed.

And i ask one more thing make a tombstone for Leech he was one of the originals and he should be treated as one.

the next day he leaves but not before seeing Leechs grave

Hey bro im sorry i wasnt their for you but i will find who did this and kill him no matter what it costs, even if it costs me what i was trained to not become understand i will find him goodbye. Darkchild inscribes a quote on his tombstone.

Child of madness, but one not of madness.