Dark Genesis part 3: The Hadean Age

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(This segment touches on how the sea was made, and also on a moment in Earth's history where there truly was Hell on Earth. Look up on Google "The Hadean Age". Then you'll know what I'm talking about.)

The planets where complete and peace was restored.

Earth, the newly fused planet, stood in the center of its siblings, ever watchful and thus being watched. The Moon in turn watched its parent planet, for one could not function without the other in perfect balance.

The Light stood in the center, ever vigilant, yet lax. There was no evident danger, so its vigilance became loose, without fear of ever present danger.

But for once, The Light miscalculated its own actions and consequences.

The Darkness had been defeated eons prior by The Light, its minions The Birthless vanquished and slaughtered as they had done to themselves. But they were not yet dead.

True evil such as the Birthless could never die. They were neither made nor born, and could neither be destroyed or killed. But they wanted a return to the power they held before the rise of The Light.

And so The Darkness waited, ever vigilant. Ever watchful.

Ever waiting.

The Darkness saw The Light dim, and they knew their chance at an attack was close.

So they gathered the energy they had stored from The Eternal Wars, and rushed into the newly born planets. This time The Darkness struck, not with monsters and immortals, but with something far more sinister.

The Darkness struck with fire.

Fire rained down from the heavens, molten as the Light, but far more sinister. Far more…sharp.

Encased in liquid rock, the fire crashed into the young planets right before the Light.

The young planets screamed, their delicate flesh set alight in the fire of The Birthless. Their innocence was scorched, their peace shattered.

The Light screamed along with its children, and, in a sudden rage, illuminated the expanse of the galaxy. The Birthless caught off guard where incinerated, and only a few managed to escape.

But the Birthless knew they had won this round. Escaping back into their dark hovel, they regrouped. Weak, but somehow nourished. The deathly screams of The Light’s children invigorated their evil nature. They were no longer a fading memory. For now they showed the Light what it was like to ignore a threat. Gritting claws and gnashing teeth, they slavered as they watched their destruction upon the innocent planets.

The Light watched as one by one, its children succumbed to the fire. It felt loss as each orb dimmed, the light they reflected lost.

Each planet fell quiet, and The Light shuddered, a pain it never knew before ripping into it like the many spikes of the Birthless horde.

Only one planet remained living. Earth was badly hurt and fading, but the urge to live was strongest in it. For the sake of itself and its child the moon, it tried to keep alive.

The Light held its last offspring in its warmth embrace, and it cried.

Cool drops of liquid fell onto the Earth, cooling its scorched surface. The holes in its side where closed up, the running blood lapped away. Deep craters from the fires where bathed in the tears, and the planet became whole. A glowing blue resonated as the liquid rejuvenated it.

The Light knew that it paid a terrible price for its ignorance. The only child left to it was Earth, as it was with Earth that it would make a promise. To never abandon its children again. And to prove its intent, it decided to give Earth the most sacred gift known in the expanse of time.

It gave Earth life.

And The Light saw how good it was.