Curious and Classic Crossovers part 1

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It had been five weeks. Five weeks since my sources have last heard, seen, smelled, tasted, or touched my brother. I have known my brother since we were babies and no matter how childish he gets, he never escapes my notice for this long. Even if he wanted to disappear, I wouldn’t allow it. After all, he’s far too valuable to the country.

I went to his house myself after too many of my agents had failed to bring back anything positive. But his house had been untouched by everyone except for his landlady. After his disappearance I made sure to keep the police out of this. I went through his records and found his two most recent cases. The first was labeled “SOLVED”, so I assumed it was first.

I had already known about this one. Apparently, there had been a sweep of grave robbing and my brother had been called on by Switzerland’s Government to oversee the investigation. He had ended up discovering that a graduate of the University of Ingolstadt in Germany had been secretly trying to resurrect the dead. Many of the remains remained undiscovered, but there was enough evidence to point him to the crime. Not to mention he had also been discovered to have murdered several of his Lab Assistants, though Dr. Frankenstein remains adamant that he did not commit the murders.

But here is where my brother’s adventures got confusing. After returning to London, my brother took on this second case file. Apparently Scotland Yard had asked my brother to look into the unfortunate case of mass kidnappings that had been occurring over the past few years. But he seem to have disappeared since then and the no one has heard of what his fate could be.

I decided to head down to Switzerland to meet with Victor Frankenstein, hoping that he may know any information about their last visit. I hope that my leave will not be of too much consequence to Her Majesty's court, but our home may be in even worse trouble without my Brother.