crocodile tears part 2

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2- Birth of a Killer Croc

I fallowed her to her locker after . She didn't see me but she saw my shadow and I watched as she cringed and dropped her books. "Oh…Croc….I…I mean Waylon." Riley said nervously flipping back her bangs. I handed her the book she dropped.

"What did you call me?" I asked slightly stunned. She stared at me my hideous face reflecting in her emerald eyes. "I'm sorry….It's just that you startled me." She said taking back the book. "Thank you." She said tucking it into her backpack. "I was wondering if you would go to the dance with me." I said before she could say anything more. She hesitated then said. "I…..I'm sorry Waylon, but I've already got a date, with Pierce, from Biology." She said tugging the strap of her bag nervously. She didn't want to be near me, she was ready to leave, I could tell.

"Well what if he wasn't able to go? Would you go with me then?" I asked putting a big hand over my head I could feel small bumps forming under the skin. "I….suppose I could." Riley said shutting her locker door and turning to leave. "I've got to go, See you later Waylon." She said and started walking down the hall at a fast pace.

I started out onto the grounds of Gotham High, stared up at the gray, polluted sky and took a deep breath. I was heading home now. A place I didn't all too well look forward to going. I started down the street passing the cop who had arrested me two weeks ago. His name was Aaron Cash, a young thin, black man with shaved black hair. Our eyes locked.

"Staying out of trouble Jones?" He asked his hand near his belt, more particularly his holster.

"For the most part officer Cash" I said passing by and walking down the street turning into a few allies.


I turned around and came face to face with a kid with blond hair and blue eyes; he wore a Gotham high jacket and a cocky smile. "You're Croc, right? I heard you were trying to make a move on my date." The kid said moving toward me, two other kids fallowing behind him. "You Pierce?" I asked a malevolent though popping into my head. People had been calling me Croc for a long duration of my life, what if I started acting like one?

"Yeah" Pierce said appalled. "Then yeah, I was hitting on your date." I said cockily "Got a problem with it? Then step inside my office." I said gesturing to the ally.

"I'm going to rip you a new one kid." Pierce said pushing me into the ally he backed me into a wall and punched me in the stomach. All my life I'd been doing petty crimes of theft; something inside me was breaking through, an urge, to do something inhuman. "Not before I do." I snarled feeling adrenaline rush through my veins. I picked Pierce up and pulled him apart seeing blood.

The color was mesmerizing, like millions of gleaming red rubies. I tossed him aside and made for his two friends before they could leave. When it was over I was alone in the ally, I had done it, lived up to the name they all had given me. But I became something more, I became the Killer Croc, and something inside me hungered for more. But first I had a dance to attend