Criminal Minds Vs Joker:The Final Laugh

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The night was cold, and a chill was in the air. A young woman looks up at the sky to see the moon and stars, they seemed so beautiful.

Glancing back down something further down the alley catches her eye. Upon curiosity she heads down to investagate. Getting closer , she see's a toy mouth dancing around on the floor. Kinda freaked , and feeling unsafe she starts running back the way she came.

About half way She gets tripped by some guy hiding in the cut. As she falls , a maniacal laughter filled the area around them.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Stumbling to her feet , she greets the face from where the laughter came from.The Lady begins opening her mouth to scream but is instantly stopped by the man.

And with one line her life was ended, her life was created, and her soul was reborn.

"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight ?"


"Understood, well be there in 3 hours." J.J gets off the phone with files in her hand , and heads straight to the case room.

Greeting the team as she walks in , she sets up and has Garcia take over.

"So my darlings, today you are going to the city that never sleeps?"

"Las Vegas ?" Reid asks kinda puzzled.

"No the other city that never sleeps." Garcia asks kinds bummed it wasn't answered already.

"Reid , she's talking about new york, ain't that right baby girl." Morgan adds cockily.

"Correct as usual chocalte thunder." She gives him a Garcia look.

"Garcia!" , hitch interrupts sternily.

"Sorry sir. At approximaetly 9:04 pm last night , a Jane doe was found murdered in alley."

"What makes this a Federal case Garcia ?" Rossi asks confused.

"If you stayed tune you would've known , in any case, what makes this intresting is the cause of death of the Jane doe was by N2O, and she also had her cheeks slit open on each side as to appear to be smiling. Which I might add is completely uncalled for and quite rude.!"

"N20 is laughing gas basiclly. And the slit's in the cheeks." Reid continues thinking,"we're dealing with either a physcotic man having a break down, or a copy cat."

"Who are they copying Reid ?"Morgan asks intrested.

"The Joker. He is the main antagonist of the batman , in the DC comics sersis, which is actually quite intresting..."

"Garcia , I want every piece of information on this joker by the time we land." Hotch asks demandingly. "Yes sir." She responds.

J.J looks up from her phone. "Hotch we got a problem..."

End of chapter 1!

What did you guys think. Leave you're opinons and comments below . If it gets enought comments at least 5 or 6, I'll put chapter 2 up.

Thanks guys , let me know what you think.