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Crime War-Gotham #1:Kingpin moves to Gotham-Prologue

Unknow location-17:30

It was a rainy evening in New York,a truck stopped in front of a inhabited factory,well at least it looked inhabited.Suddenly Kingpin appears in one of the windows,he ordered for his goons to open the door.He was moving out.As the carriers put his stuff in the truck,he was talking with the goons for a last time:

"Thanks to everyone,for being such a good team and to work hard every single day,I know it's hard to admit but you accomplished great things,but an idiot spider always f*** it up,this is the last time you're seeing me in NY,so move on,find another job,you can do it.I'm leaving today,but I will take my elite troop and especial agents as well.So they'll be here in a moment,if you want to say something,do it fast,we're ready to go"-said Kingpin.

The goons were quiet,you could hear the wind blowing and the water falling on the ground.It stayed that way for half an hour,whent the special agents and the elite goons appeared,apparently Kingpin had built a superpowered team and a top marksman guard.He was taking with him an entire guard of war veterans that were genetically changed to shoot every target with precision,mostly like Deadshot but had slower reactions and a bigger chance of miss a shot,and a crazy people team,composed by Hobgoblin,Deadpool,Scorpion and Bullseye.Kingpin entered the truck with Hobgoblin and turned it on.Deadpool and Bullseye entered a car together wit 2 of the 10 marksmans.The other 8 were divided 4 in each car.Scorpion hid in the back of the truck,they were ready to go.

The trip was long and boring,they had to hear Deadpool talking all the way to Gotham,after some hours in the road they finally reached the city,a new crime boss would appear and he is not going down.

Tomorrow(or not):What will happen to them in Gotham?