CRANK: Dr. October's Halloween Special #4

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Quantum Mansion

The Indomitable Few got home after a brutal battle with Rhino Reichstag; nearly four hundred, german, rhinoceros, cyborg killing machines.

San Francisco Samurai set his sword down at the table, his katana dirty with oil and blood.

"That was a long ordeal." he said.

The Bengal, Milk Girl and Hourglass sat at the table. Red Cap snuck off to his room, while Miss Adventure went into the kitchen to grab some snacks.

Dr. October teleported into the kitchen and kissed Miss Adventure.

"Go sit at the table. I'll bring the snacks. It's October. You know what that means."

Miss Adventure smiled. "Story time?"


The Indomitable Few sat at the table as Dr. October brought out the food. Chocolate milk with pumpkin pie cookies and stuffed candy corn cake.

"I'm not eating this." S.F. Samurai said as Miss Adventure cut into the candy corn cake.

Red Cap came running back into the kitchen. "Is that pumpkin pie cookies? And candy corn cake? Oh, man, Dr. October you make the best treats."

The lights went out.

Dr. October's jack-o-lantern mask lit up as he addressed his team mates in a dark voice.

"Halloween is near. Story time is here.

This story was written to me in a letter by a man whose friend fell in love.

Unfortunately, his friend fell upon something far more sinister than love.

I call this story.."

A Nice Pair of Red Shoes

I had a friend once. His name was Nathan. He was always an outsider. He told me about the love of his life. Her name was Amy, she was a bit on the heavy side, wore ‘Clark Kent’ glasses and had a pink streak in her hair.

They had, of course, met on the internet. He had read her fanfiction on a fansite of a popular manga series called Red Shoes, based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Nathan had commented on her fanfiction, telling her that she wrote the main character, Karen, better than the the author of the manga himself, Hiro Takenawa. She replied to him and told him that she felt like she felt connected to the character. She also felt connected to Nathan. Soon they were talking every night.

He called me one night and told me she was flying up to Santa Rosa from Baton Rouge to meet him.

“I’m happy for you, bud.” I told him.

“She’s an amazing person, Josh. I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

Sadly, Amy never made it to Santa Rosa. On her way to the airport she was in a fatal car accident.

I felt terrible for Nathan when he told me.

“I’m sorry, bud.. Things will..” I stuttered to tell him. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not great with words.

Nathan barely listened to me.

“You don’t understand, Josh. It was the shoes. The red shoes killed her.”

“Um.. what?”

“It’s how we met. Remember? We were obsessed with that damn manga. Did you know what happened to the creator of Red Shoes?”

“Hans Andersen?”

“No. He died falling out of bed.”

“Is that true?”

“I’m talking about Hiro. Hiro Takenawa. He died in Aokigahara. The Suicide Forest. He was wearing red shoes when they found him hanging from a tree.”

“What does that have to do with Amy?”

“She bought those same red shoes. She was wearing them when the car crashed. The police found those shoes twenty yards from her car. They were in perfect condition. Her feet were still in them. HER FEET WERE STILL IN THEM.”

“Stop yelling, bro.” (I’m a terrible person, I know.)

“Dude, okay. So, she died wearing these shoes. Frak it. Just let it go.”

“No Josh. I will never let it go. I found out where she got those shoes. The dark web, bro. The. Dark. Web. Bro.”

(Okay, so maybe this wasn’t exactly how he said it. I’m just writing from memory here.)

Nathan continued. “I know how to get them. She told me which site to go to. I’ve already found them. I ordered them.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m going to destroy them.”


That was two weeks ago.

I just found out Nathan’s body was discovered at the beach. He had drowned.

I went to the police station this morning. Talked to a cop, Officer King.

“Was Nathan wearing red shoes?” I asked.

“Nathan Dunne? The drunk idiot who danced his way into the ocean two nights ago? He wasn’t wearing any shoes. His feet were eaten by sharks. Count yourself lucky we even found your friend.”

“He danced into the ocean? What?”

“I have several eye witnesses that told me they saw him on the beach, screaming at the top of his lungs while he danced his way into the ocean.”

“Who are these witnesses? Did they say anything about his shoes?” I asked.

“Why the heck are you so obsessed with your friends shoes? I’m starting to think you’re not really his friend. What, did he have your favorite pair of tennis shoes on when he died? Get out of here. You make me sick.”

I drove home after that. I guess I should just forget about it. I do miss my friend Nathan though.

The good news is that when I got home this afternoon I found a package in the mail. It was from Nathan.

I couldn’t help crying a little when I opened the package. He sent me something to remember him by before he died.

I opened the package.

Two red shoes.

I’m wearing them right now as I type this.

To anyone reading this:

Please, let me know.

If I die?

Would you like a nice pair of red shoes?


Dr. October dropped the letter from Josh.

Red Cap jumped down from the table. "That was a terrible story." he said as he marched back to his room.

Miss Adventure gasped. "Red Cap. Look at your feet."

Red Cap looked down to see he was wearing red shoes. "The heck Dr. October?"

His feet began dancing.

"Stop this, October. Now." he yelled.

"I'm not doing it." Dr. October said.

S.F. Samurai and the Bengal both got up. "What's going on here?"

The red shoes disappeared. Then reappeared in front of Hourglass's beautiful face.

They began dancing in the air. The Indomitable Few tried in vain to catch the shoes, which began dancing further and further into the air.

Finally, a cat appeared in the shoes.

"Quantum Cat! Where have you been?" Milk Girl squealed as she drank some quantum milk and grew to giant size, excited to see her long lost super pet.

"Just a little trick or treating, Stacy."


Happy Halloween!