Corrupted: The Brain #11

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T-Sphere Production Facility, 2 Hours after Operation Purple Smile...

"Tell me Knightguard. Is there any reason why you're investigating here when you should be out there helping Superman?"

Knightguard glanced up from the crippled body of the unconscious Hawkman.

"Sir. With all due respect... I'm not one for saving lives." He said coldly.

Batman frowned as Knightguard stood up.

"I'm more of a detective sir. I'm not really up for the whole fighting crime thing." Knightguard muttered.

"Then let's put your skills to the test..." Batman said slowly. "Tell me what happened here."

Knightguard glanced around. His helmet's goggles turned red as he started to scan the environment.

"Someone broke in. Someone powerful. They were able to disable the already active T-Sphere's and fight off the guards... but didn't kill them for whatever reason."

"They're dead anyway. Without any purple rays it's madness." Batman muttered.

"There's another thing sir... not only have the T-Sphere's been destroyed..." Knightguard muttered. "But Prometheus' helmet is missing as well."


Metropolis, 1 Day after Operation Purple Smile...

"This is Jim Lane from Daily Planet News! A recent attack by the terrorist group known only as "The Rebels" has left the city of Metropolis in disarray! While also leaving the White House in ruin! While it's not been confirmed. It's believed the man known only as the Deranger cau-"

"Quiet!" The Brain yelled at the TV screen. Waving his hand towards it causing it to explode.

The Brain felt ridiculous as he walked down the street. Not only was he wearing a massive raincoat over his head to hide the helmet he had taken to wearing... but he was now responsible for every one on the street staring at him!

"T-Sphere detecting Metahuman signatures! Scan-"

The Brain waved his hand slowly at the T-Sphere causing electrical sparks to fly off it's round, orb like body.

"Metahuman presence ignored. Continuing patrol."

The T-Sphere turned and flew away into the skyline.

"Time to talk to a maniac..." The Brain muttered as he walked down the street.


Undisclosed Location...

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Escrima yelled as The Brain walked in through the door.

"I'm sorry. I don't believe we've met." The Brain said calmly.

"No. Not personally. However I HAVE seen you. You're the one who let that homicidal SHADE agent into the base!"

The Brain's eyes lit up red for a second as he remembered the incident on Stryker's Island a few days ago. The bullet wound to his shoulder still hadn't healed.

"That. Was an accident. I'm here to speak to that psychopath you call a leader."

"He's in the middle of a meeting."

"Well then... I'll have to crash it."


"I DIDN'T SIGN UP TO KIDNAP CHILDREN!" Captain Marvel yelled.

"That "Child" is the son of Superman and Wonder Woman!" The Deranger said. His hand was calmly placed on his pistol.

"Here's another thing! Why did we have to take down the purple rays?" Hawkman asked. "Why bring in normal people?"

"We needed a distraction! And it worked! We've got Superman's child! We can do what we want with him and Supes won't be able to risk it!"

"But how many people have we lost because of it?! Dozens of our foot soldiers have been killed or captured! Captain Cold was killed! Deadshot is in critical condition! Was it really worth it?!"

"NO! It wasn't!" The Brain yelled as he walked in followed by Escrima.

"You!" The Deranger yelled as he gritted his teeth. "What are YOU doing here?!"

"I want to talk."

"What the hell are you wearing?! And how did you find us?!"

"Simple. You're an idiot. As for the helmet. You may have heard of it. It's owner was named Prometheus. It was supplying the T-Sphere's with their data. Now I have it."

"What do you want?!"

"Your army. I can handle them better then you can. With fewer casualties. I wouldn't have endangered so many innocent people. Simply put. I'm better then you... and I don't destroy hospitals."

"I wouldn't have if there had been ANY other choice!"

"Really? I find that hard to believe. Especially since I've found out who you're related too."

"That's right..." Captain Marvel muttered. "Who ARE you related too?"

"That." Deranger said. "Is none of your business."

"Wrong. If they're going to die for you they have a right to know. Your fearless leader is related to the Joker and Deathstroke. Two of the 21st Century's greatest killers. You're real name is Jericho. Last name unknown. Your father was raised by Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. I'd say crazy runs in your family."

Captain Marvel and Hawkman both stared in disbelief.

"That's it." Marvel said. "I'm done."

"Agreed." Hawkman said as he turned to go. "I think quite a few of the men will agree."

"You little sh!t..." Deranger muttered as the Brain turned to walk away. "I should kill you right now."

"No." The Brain muttered as he glanced back towards him. "You shouldn't."

Deranger gripped his pistol tightly.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you." The Brain said with a cocky smile. You think I came here without a backup? At this moment in time I have an inside man with a shotgun aimed at your... pregnant fiance's head. The trigger is designed to pull if my heartbeat stops. So... I wouldn't recommend it."

"Kid." Deranger said as he put his pistols in their holster. "You just made this personal."

"The thing about you Deranger is... you may be able to beat me in a normal fight... but in the field?"

The Brain shoved past Escrima and walked into the hallway with Captain Marvel and Hawkman.

"In the field. I'm always 5 steps ahead."