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My eyes opened to see myself in a purplish black void. I felt like I was in a state of Limbo, if only I were so lucky. As I floated along I collided into a rocky looking man. I looked up to see his flame red eyes. Just by looking at him I knew who he was, Darkseid the former ruler of Apokolips.

"William it is such a pleasure to finally meet you." He said with his fake smile.

"Where am I?" I asked as I looked around to see other shadowy figures around us.

"Don't mind them they won't do anything, you are in the phantom zone or at least your spirit is in the phantom zone." He said as we all continued to float.

"So I’m dead?" I asked looking at my arm and leg being perfectly fine. He laughed at me.

"Child, you are not that lucky." he said placing his giant hand on the top of my head as his eyes turned an even brighter red. Beams shot out of his eyes and into mine. It felt like the inside of my head had a sun appear inside it.

"You will be thanking me later for what I have done." he said as I started to fall. As I looked down I saw planets and other cosmic objects whizzing past me as I fell to Earth. As my speed increased I fell into a warehouse and landed into what looked like my body. It only just then occurred to me that I was dreaming.

Abandon Warehouse

I woke up in a bed with a bright light above me. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a tube in my left arm attached to a pouch with blood in it. I looked around to see my right arm in a cast and one on my left leg as well. I tried to get up but pain surged through my body so I was forced to lie back down. I heard a door open as a man in a purple and black mask walked into the room stopping at the beds end.

"You took quite a beating there, amazing you're still alive after fighting Wonder Woman." he said looking down at me.

"The names Deranger, what's yours?" he said. Deranger, which is an odd name but in the world we live in anything is possible.

"William West." I said re-positioning myself in the bed. I remembered that Mongul took me here and Red was also here.

"Where is Mongul?" I said finally getting the strength to sit up.

"The big yellow guy is with my fiancé Code Red, she said you two met while you were imprisoned by some Hawkmen and a Bettleman." he said. I looked at him and laughed a little.

"Yeah, not one of my better moments...you're the leader of the resistance aren't you?" I asked holding onto the side of the bed and getting out of it.

"Shouldn't you be probing me for questions?" I said.

"Under normal circumstances, we already scanned you for any trackers or microphones you had none, Code Red already told where you are from and that you are a speedster so there are no real questions left to ask except for one." He said helping me walk towards the door.

"The resistance could always use another speedster, we would like you to join us." He said as he opened the door. I thought about it for a moment before realizing that there is no one else who could even hope to stand up against the government.

"Yeah I'll work with you all." I said as we kept walking.

"Great, that will get things moving along quicker than it would have normally." He said as we reached another door. He opened this one as well to see Code Red and Mongul in there.

"Good to see you up and moving William." Mongul said.

"Nice to be moving, without you I'd probably be in DC right now." I said smiling at him

I clicked my ring to see my costume come out. I speed into it taking longer than usual with my casts on.

"I put the suit back into your ring along with the Astro Harness." Code Red said.

"Thanks." I replied as I clicked the ring again with the Harness coming out but also a square box as well. Deranger picked it up and looked at it.

"This...is a mother box! Where did you get it?" He asked me.

"I don't know, I did not even now I had it." I said with him still looking at it.

"It's pretty banged up, but any knowledge from New Genesis and Apokolips would be a great help." he said as he kept observing it. I walked over to it in looking at it.

"Let me see if I can do anything to it." I said as I reached my hand out to touch it. Before I did it shot out some sort of beam to my eyes similar to what happened in my dream. I fell to the ground but Mongul helped me up my mind filled with letters and numbers.

"You ok?" Deranger asked as he clicked my ring putting the Mother Box back into it.

“Yeah I’m fine...” I said as my casts on the arm and leg vibrated until they broke.

“Damn.” the girl who pointed the rods at Mongul before said as she came in.

“Ah, Escrima this is William the man who took on Wonder Woman and who you could have killed as well as his friend.” He said looking at her.

“Sorry about that, you did better than I thought you would against her.” Escrima said shaking my now fixed hand.

“So did Mongul tell you about the fight because if so there are a few details...” I was cut off mid sentence.

“I was able to watch the fight from a local television station, I would have helped but it could have jeopardized the rest of the resistance.” Code Red said. I nodded in agreement before looking at Deranger.

“So you have Superman's son...” I said staring at him dead in the eye. Before he could respond I asked, “I want to see him.” He stared at me for a moment before walking into another door. I followed him into a room with a crib. It had a bullet proof glass case with air holes holding Superman’s son Jonathan inside it.

“So what’s the plan now?” I asked him

“You have no problems with kidnapping children?” he asked.

“I have no problems with kidnapping their child.” I replied. He smiled.

“Then the resistance shall be able to go into Phase Two faster than expected.” he said sticking out his hand. I shook it realizing now that I am a part of something bigger than just running around the planet trying to find people and fight them. Now I can actually accomplish something. I can bring Wonder Woman to justice for what she did to my family.

The White House

“I know that we have attempted to contact you before but given the circumstances I am asking you again, we may not have the best history but your help with the resistance…yes I did fight him…no he was able to get away…I’m not sure if he is alive but I would hope so…” Wonder Woman said to a man on the phone.

“I’m offering you what I offered him a full pardon from Superman in exchange for your help…thank you it will be a pleasure working with you.” Wonder Woman said as she hung up the phone.

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@bronze_surfer:I just finished reading, and let me just say that I think you did very well. It's very well written, and you have good characterization (though Deranger doesn't feel as insane as he normally does). Just overall very well done.

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Awesome! Flash is officially in the rebels!