Corrupted: Captain Marvel Jr (one shot)

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To say Freddy Freeman was not afraid would be a lie. He was plenty afraid of what Superman would do to him. Torture for information, using him as bait to get to Christopher or perhaps something worse. To confuse fear for cowardice would be a mistake though. Freddy Freeman had never been a coward, and even here, in his weakened physical and mental state, he still had the spirit of a warrior, even if his mental facilities came and went more these days.

"Wuzzat?" He asked a little too loudly, jerked from a light dose by someone speaking softly in his ear. "Billy?" He asked softly.

"I said, you always were a stubborn one." J'onn J'onnz deadpanned as he entered the holding cell, his muscular arms crossed at his green chest. "It doesn't have to be this way Freddy. Just tell me how Christopher got the powers of Shazam. Superman can be very rewarding for his more helpful citizens." He paused. "Besides, having powers is so dangerous. You don't want the boy to get hurt, or worse." He stepped forward, leaning close to the old mans lost expression. "If I go after him I will personally pull his heart from his ch--" The martian was shocked into silence when Freddy grabbed a fistful of cape and pulled him closer.

"If you think you are a match for the power of gods, and the brave spirit of my grandson, then you are more then welcome to try." He grinned and shoved the sneering alien away.

"Have it your own way." J'onn replied coldly. Freddy suddenly groaned and grabbed his head as he felt it being invaded by a foreign presence, his memories and thoughts pushed around and examined, the ultimate humiliation and invasion of privacy.

"Noooo..." He groaned, clutching his head in both hands desperately, feeling like he was holding his head together as a bright whiteness slowly overtook his vision, swallowing up the room he was being held in.


"Greetings champion of righteousness." A familiar voice said warmly, calming the churning turmoil twisting through his mind. A voice Freddy had not heard in many years, except in his dreams. Seated before him was the wizened old form of the wizard Shazam. "You were a hero once." He continued "You proved your mettle and worthiness many times over. A champion of your like this world has not seen in many days." He heaved a weary sigh. "The world is falling into chaos, and I fear for order and justice ever being restored in my lifetime. But you have earned a better death then the masters of your world would grant you. This is my last gift to you Freddy. You must but speak the name, and you will know the power of a champion once more."

"Is there hope for Christopher?" Freddy asked, tears of gratitude welling in his eyes. "Will my grandson be okay?"

"His life is in the hands of the Fates." Shazam replied slowly. "But--" he smiled, "I believe he will be a hero for the ages. He will make you, and Billy, and Mary proud. This I truly believe."

"Billy... Mary..." Freddy wondered aloud, trying to understand.

"Soon." The wizard replied soothingly. "Just remember the name of power. The name of---"


"Captain Marvel!" As the old man shouted, a thunderbolt of magic energy stuck the watchtower, setting off a series of alarms throughout. This was mostly unnoticed by J'onn as his prisoner was replaced with one of Earth's mightiest mortals. His aged body was replaced by a strong back and muscular arms. His cloths mirrored Captain Marvel's, only blue instead of red. "Perhaps we can talk like gentlemen, now that we're on more even footing." Freddy said as he cracked his knuckles.

"How?" The Martian narrowed his crimson eyes. "Zatara detected no magic in you. Our scans picked up no meta signature. How could you keep this secret from my mental probing?"

"What's wrong? Afraid to pick on someone my size?" CM Jr asked, advancing on the green alien. Alarms continued to sound throughout the watchtower.

[Attention. Attention. This is a level four evacuation. All personnel should make their way calmly to the nearest teleportation station. Attention. Attention. This is a--] The automated message began again.

"Surrender and you may--" J'onn started to say.

"This is for Mary!" CM Jr sped forward, cutting him off and delivering a freight train hay maker, sending the alien slamming through the reinforced steel wall. "This is for messing with my mind!" He flew at J'onn again, this time driving both fist into the green stomach of his tormentor, slamming him through another wall, causing new alarms to sound about 'structural integrity.' He punched J'onn in the face repeatedly, hard enough to make the wall shiver from the force "And that was for my grandson!" He roared, clenching J'onn by the throat and prepared to continue raining blows, righteous fury in his eyes. Suddenly a security Amazo droid tackled him from behind, pushing him into J'onn and causing the wall to give out, the room decompressed explosively, launching them both across the lunar surface.

The Amazo 3.0 security droid grabbed CM Jr from behind, and half spun, launching the hero back against the Watch tower, the structure seeming to shudder from the impact. Before the bolt of blue could recover Amazo began twirling his arms, creating mini wind tunnels that pinned CM Jr to the wall, pelting him with curtains of lunar sand. J'onn flew above, ready to beam the Captain with his Martian Vision. Suddenly Amazo is swept off his feet by CM Jr who, under the cover of swirling sand, had hammered his way through the wall, then through the floor and the lunar ground, tunneling up under the machine. Spinning three times he tossed Amazo at the Martian Manhunter like a missile, the alien barely evading the attack.

CM Jr flew up at J'onn, throwing another massive punch that was stopped with one hand. Scowling, J'onn delivered a left hook that sent the blue hero reeling. He then felt a boot on his back as the Martian drove him face down onto the moon surface and began stomping on CM Jr's head.

Even with his mighty powers, Freddy was starting to feel the price of the fight weighing on him, and feeling the magic ebbing away. The temporary gift wearing thin. He thought of Christopher, his spirited grandson that would that was so alone now, who reminded him so much of Billy, and Mary. So many lives stolen too soon. Almost his entire family wiped out by Superman. And now he was going to be killed by the tyrants green sidekick. He felt sore. He felt sorry for Chris. But mostly, suddenly, he felt angry. Rolling over he caught the alien's blue boot and push up, throwing J'onn off balance. launching to his feet, he tackled J'onn to the ground and raised his fist, but instead of striking he suddenly rolled to the side as Amazo came down, striking down where he had been only a moment before, hitting J'onn.

CM Jr grabbed the robot from behind and began to swing it down into J'onn like a club, repeatedly until Amazo will a mangled wreck of circuitry and metal. As J'onn pushed aside the wrecked robot, struggling from the Martian sized crater, his eyes widened with disbelief. CM Jr had lifted the remains of the Watch tower over his head, and brought it down like a baseball bat, creating a dust cloud that could be seen from the Earth.

'Holy Moley' He seemed to hear Mary say in his mind, as he surveyed the wreckage of the Watch tower, bringing a smile to his face. He slowly floated up, turning to take one last look at the Earth before releasing the borrowed magic back to its source. His body disappearing into a glow of light.

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LOL for some reason I thought this was going to be about Genis Veil, my mistake. Still it's great to see you back and writing again. Particularly enjoyed the fight with Amazo

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Great story. Its a fitting finish for Cap Jr.

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I thought this was Genis too lol. Interesting read. I always liked Billy's supporting friends. Mary, Fred, all of em

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There is definitely a feeling that I'm missing something in reading this, my fault for not being all that familiar with either the original or fan lore of this character. That said, this was quite well-written, despite seeming to move a bit quickly in spots. This really hits its stride when the battle between Freddy and J'onn begins, and you hit a terrific sweet spot of evocative imagery right there, definitely the highlight of this short piece. If I had to give any advice it'd be to take your time a little more. Breathe, taste each moment. Investing more energy into exploring the story, rather than finishing it, may have made this flow a little bit more smoothly. Nevertheless, this is still some pretty awesome work, great job. :)

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@wildvine: Nah Genis is a tool, couldn't stand that guy when he was in the Thunderbolts

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@wildvine: Not a fan fiction guy, but the fact that you know who Captain marvel Jr. is means you're awesome :D

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@wildvine: CMJr is one of my all-time favorite characters. This was really cool. I was surprised J'onn never went intangible during the fight- has he lost that power in Corrupted? Not that I think you should change a beat- I'm just curious about his status (haven't delved into Corrupted yet).

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@wildvine: You're digging up the past! :) Good job. I shall read this properly tonight

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Er, surprise/confusion? Certainly not because I forgot he had that power.

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I like it, a nice take on the character. The Marvel family is a bit under-utilized at DC, but mostly because they stick to the same old formula every time with them. If they tried something different like this we might see more Billy, Mary and Freddy.