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"You ever have those days where everything seems to happen all at once?"

High above the busy streets of daytime New York, the red and blue colored superhero known by many as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man swings over the streets, littered with streamers and confetti, by shooting his trademark web-lines and using them to swing from building to building, each with blankets and signs with the words "Thank You Avengers' painted on them, showing signs of a grand celebrations and tribute to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers.

"Well, for a web-spinning superhero like me, it happens, well the time. But in my case, it can be bad, then good...but back to bad. What do I mean by all this? Well, I'll fill you in..."

As the young web-head swings through the city, he starts thinking back to the cause of the city being littered from a day of city wide partying. Namely that of the global disaster that occurred just one week ago..

...one in the form of Galactus and his heralds invading the Earth. And in front of the energy sucking machine set up in New York, Spider-Man himself is on the shoulders of Terrax, a muscular, grey skinned being and one of Galactus' heralds.

"First comes the bad part. By that, I mean the Earth was under attack by a giant space god named Galactus, who wanted to consume the planet's energy, and sent his heralds to make sure that nobody got in his way."

"Hey there," said Spidey in his usual lighthearted tone. "You got little something on your face," The Web-Slinger then uses his right hand to shoot webbing into Terrax's eyes, causing him to blindly spin around and tries to swat Spidey off of him. Luckily, the Web-Head manages to back-flip off of bulky being, but not before delivering one last quip. "Although frankly, it's an improvement."

"And sure, as cool and confident as I looked shooting webbing into the face of rocky-boy here, inside I was silently freaking out. I mean, who wouldn't be? It was the end of the world? But luckily, there were two things that were keeping from running away and screaming like a five year old girl. Which brings me to the good part..."

Spidey then watches Terrax pull the webbing off of his face, and beginning to turn around, thus prompting Spidey to yell this. "He's all yours, Cap!"

Just as Terrax turns around, he receives yet another surprise in the form of a circular red, white and blue shield flies from out of nowhere and hits the grey, rocky controlling herald's abdomen. The shield then bounces off of the winded Terrax and back into the right hand of hero Captain America, as well as the two heroes named Iron Fist and Quake. "Your master's not welcome here, Terrax!" said the determined Cap. "And neither are you!"

"I didn't have to deal with Galactus and his baddies alone. Because I was fighting them alongside with practically every superhero on the planet! Heroes like the Fantastic Four, the Heroes for Hire and more importantly...Captain America and the Avengers! A beyond cool team of superheroes to which I happen to be a reserve member of! I mean, talk about being a web-shooting kid in a superhero candy store! And while me, Cap and the rest of the other heroes gather did our best to take care of things on the ground..."

Up in the air, the two heroes Iron Man and Thor are both firing their respected blasts at Galactus himself, who appears to be coming through a portal from the realm called the Negative Zone. Finally, through the blast being fired from Iron Man's chest cannon called the Uni-Beam and lightening coming from Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, both heroes succeed in blasting Galactus through the portal, which finally closes.

"It was both Iron Man and Thor who managed to send Galactus on a one-way trip to the Negative Zome, where he could dine on all the anti-matter energy that he wants."

Back down in the streets, both Cap and Spidey look up in both pride and relief that Iron Man and Thor sent Galactus out of their universe and thus save the planet. As such, many of the civilians begin to come out of hiding as the chaos finally stopped.

"So yeah, aside from being happy from, well, not dying, it was a cool feeling to stand side by side with Cap. And it would've been just as cool to be with him and the rest of the Avengers in being admired by the grateful crowed, maybe even have a few reporters and finally show Jamison and the rest of the city that I'M one of the good guys. But I was soon reminded that I had other responsibilities..."

While looking around the applauding crowd, Spidey's happiness turns to concerned when he saw that of a scared little girl. "Mommy!" cried the child as she saw her frantic mother running towards her, then bends down and hugs her tightly.

"Yeah, you caught me. Whenever I see things like that, I turn into a big softie. After all, its always heart to see two family safely reunited after surviving danger, most notably in this case, the end of the world. But at the same time, it also breaks my heart a little bit, because it reminds me of the parents that died when I was just a year old. Fortunately, both my Uncle Ben and Aunt May took the job of bringing me up, but it took my Uncle getting murdered from a robber that I could've stopped that me me realize that with great power comes great responsibility. So now, it just leaves me with Aunt May, the sweetest woman I know who is now the only family I have left. And at this point, I was also reminded that she was at home probably worried sick about me...and still suffering from a weak heart! All in which told me to hustle back home and fast!"

With the welfare of his aunt now on his mind, Spidey quickly turns to Cap in a panic. "Cap, listen, I have to go!"

"Go?" asked Cap as he looks at the Web-Head with a confused look.

The worried Spidey gives the Star Spangled Avenger an anxious nod before answering. "Yeah, you see I have a...'friend' who I told to hide in the basement when this whole mess started and I need to go check on her. So..."

Cap cuts Spidey off by putting his hand on the troubled Web-Head's shoulder to calm him down. "That's fine, Spider-Man," he told him in a comforting tone. "Go on ahead to your friend, and thanks for your help."

With a big smile behind his mask, Spidey gives Cap a thankful nod, then turns, jumps up, holds up his right hand to shoot a web-line then swings off to his aunt.

"So yeah, as far as meeting the grateful public goes, they would have to wait. There's only one person I wanted to see..."

Meanwhile, in Forrest Hills, Spidey, who has since changed out of his red and blue costume and into the average street clothes of the brown haired, hazel eyed, seventeen year old teenager named Peter Parker, and now runs over and opens the front door to the Parker household. Upon entering the house, Peter runs over the basement door and looks down the stairway. "Aunt May!" he yelled as he walked down the stairs, hoping she went down there and was all right.

"Peter...?" said the worried voice of an older woman, who then steps in to reveal that of Peter's Aunt May, who is grey haired woman in her late forties. Upon seeing her nephew, she smiles in relief then runs towards him and hugs him close. "Oh, thank goodness!"

Peter himself quickly returns the embrace, happy to his that his aunt was alive and well. "Likewise," he said to May with a smile, then gently pulled away from her to face with worried expression, remembering her weak heart, thanks to a heart attack from months ago. "Are you okay? Are you short of breath, or...?"

In response, May shook her head in annoyance, knowing what Peter still had her heart attack on his mind and wouldn't stop worrying about it. "Peter, I'm fine," she replied while maintaining a more stern expression. "But I almost had a stroke when I called the Bugle once this whole mes ended and they said that they couldn't find you!"

"Oh, sorry, it's just that after the Avengers beat Galactus, I just headed home to check on you," Peter replied half truthfully, but knows he has to follow up with a lie that is more believable for the sake of maintaining his secret identity, a task which he hated when it came to keep from his loved ones. "I...guess I left so fast, I forgot to tell my co-workers."

After hearing this, May lets out a sigh before hugging Peter again. "Well, I'm just glad you're all right," she told her nephew during her tight embrace, then pulls away to face him once more. "But now that things have settled down, be sure to give your boss a call. I'm sure he's just as worried about you as I was."

At first, Peter seemed uncertain on how to reply in regards to his boss, J. Jonah Jameson, being worried about him. But nevertheless, answered his aunt with a small smile. "Yeah, I'm...sure he is. But don't worry, I'll give him a call."

"Good," May replied then gave Peter a small smile. "And while you're doing that, how about I cook us something to help us celebrate the world not end. And now would be a perfect time to use a new recipe that I've been itching to try for a long time."

A smiling Peter answers his aunt with a relaxed and happy tone. "I wouldn't have it any other way, Aunt May.

May gives Peter small peck on the cheek, then turns and walks into the kitchen to prepare the promised meal

As for Peter, he walks over to call Mr. Jameson, though not looking forward to hearing his usual ranting.

"As expected, Good 'ol J.J. chewed my ear off for a good thirty minutes. Mostly about how me leaving early made him look like an 'irresponsible' boss rather than actually being concerned for my safety. But, believe or not, THAT didn't bother me as much."

Back in the present, Spidey swings over and lands on top of a stone gargoyle on the edge of a nearby rooftop, an place where the Web-Head usually stopped to think. As if just so happens, it's located near Time Square, where the large TV's are showing reports of the Avengers and phrasing them for saving the world from Galactus.

"Yep, even in saving the planet, Jameson still thanked me by giving me his usual 'hero treatment' on the Bugle's front page. But guess what, even THAT didn't both me as much. And why should it. After all, even before Galactus nearly making the Earth his lunch, there were still some people who knew that I was one of the good guys. Most notably, The Avengers themselves! Mean I now had friends in high places. So I should be feeling like I'm on top of the world now, right?"

Suddenly, the Wall-Crawler notices something through the corner of his left eye and as he turns, he spots a billboard that shows the picture of a beautiful blonde haired female supermodel. It was an image that made him let out a sad, heart broken sigh as he hands his head in shame.

"Well, that brings me to the OTHER bad part of being a superhero, as well as what's been bothering me for a full year..."

...Outside the Stacy home, Peter Parker is seen knocking on the door, and the one who answers it is that of a beautiful, blonde haired girl around his age, who gives him a somewhat relieved smile. "Thanks for coming, Pete."

"The cute blonde there is Gwen Stacy, one of my long time best friends and daughter of New York Police Captain, George Stacy, the only cop who sees Spider-man as a hero. And these days, I've long sense realized that I...well, like her MORE than just a friend, but I'll get to that later. That night, she called me to come over to her house because she said that she needed my help. And so, being the faithful and 'sometimes' attentive friend that I am, I rushed over."

"Hey no problem," Peter replied, still taken aback by Gwen's beauty, but nevertheless comes in. "But Gwen, are you..." as he walked in, Peter is taken by surprise when he noticed a certain troubled, red haired, freckled face teenaged boy sitting on the couch in Gwen's living room, hanging his head as if he were ashamed. "Harry!" he exclaimed, then felt Gwen's hand touch his shoulder, prompting him to turn to face her as gave him a silent, worried look as if to say 'just come in, but don't startle Harry." After giving Gwen a small nod of acknowledgement, Peter follows her into the living to room to talk to his sulking friend on the couch.

"The guy on the couch who doesn't look to be in the highest of spirits is Harry Osborn, my other best friend and...Gwen's boyfriend, who up until this point had been missing for a few days, and at that point, I had a 'dark theory' as to why. But even with that knowledge, Harry was still my friend and I wanted to do everything I could to try and help. And so, for Harry's sake, I played along."

After entering the living room, Peter sits down on a chair right across from Harry, while Gwen sits right next to the distressed red headed young man.

"Now normally, I would've loved being in the same room with the two of them, because we went back all the way from middle school and we were inseparable. In fact, they practically became part of my family, especially after losing Uncle Ben. But sadly,, that all changed when a certain green liquid, as well as a psychotic goblin came into the picture...as well as a few other things. But I'll have to let Harry tell you..."

In an effort to help Harry open up, Gwen places her hand on her boyfriend's shoulder. "Harry, tell Pete what you told me."

Harry lets out an uneasy sigh as he begins his story. "I...I guess the whole school knows that I juiced to improve my game. What most don't know is that it was an experimental Oscorp performance enhancer called...'Globulen Green.' Or that I started blacking out because of it. Or...during my black outs...I became the Green Goblin."

"Yeah, for those who don't know, that psychotic goblin I was talking about was called the Green Goblin. And at first, I thought it was Harry's dad, Norman Osborn. But that all changed..."

The Web-Head flashes back to days prior to this night, where he was in the Osborn estate to see both Norman Osborn walking into the room and the Green Goblin lying on the couch. And most disturbing of all, seeing the Goblin remove his mask to reveal a heavily deranged Harry.

"When I not only saw Norman and the Goblin in the same room at the same time, but with Harry in costume and apparently hyped up on the 'Greene.' For the longest time, I believed that. I mean, after all, Harry said the Green was experimental, and that obviously he was doing what he was doing because it was impairing his judgement. But as I listened more to what Harry was saying at Gwen's house, I found out that it was allot more complicated than that."

"Um-hmmm, uh-hmm..." said Peter, listening intently, but soon realizes that 'Peter Parker' might be a little 'too invested' in his friends story, and thus changes his demeanor to that of surprise and disbelief. "I-I mean, no way! Come on, you? The Green Goblin?"

Gwen soon turns to the apparently surprised Peter and gives him a serious but also worried look. "He's not kidding, Peter."

"I don't remember any of it," Harry continued. "But my dad and Spider-Man figured out my green fueled subconscious was taking over, making me...do things. Or at least, that's what we all thought was happening."

Upon hearing this, Peter couldn't help but look slightly confused. "Thought? Past tense?"

Before replying, Harry puts his hand on his forehead, as if he himself was struggling to try and make sense of what happens next. "See, this is where it gets confusing. The reason that I've been missing the last few days...was because the Goblin, or someone dressed like him, kidnapped me."

Peter instantly stands up in total shock. "Whoa, whoa,, there's a second Gobby-uh, Goblin?" After taking a moment to calm himself down, Peter later asks his friend for the sake of making sure that this is not the case. "Are you sure this is even happened? You didn't just black out and imagined this?"

Feeling somewhat offended that even Peter would doubt him, Harry stands up to address him face to face. "No, I'm off the juice, I swear!" At one moment, Harry returns to his timid demeanor as he says this next. "I've...been tempted," Before he continued, he feels anger build up inside him, almost as if he could see the Green Goblin's grinning face in his mind. "But I destroyed my stash to make that I wouldn't...COULDN'T succumb!"

Gwen soon stands up to provide Harry reassurance. "I believe you, but you need to tell all this to tell your parents."

Both Peter and Harry seemed unsure of this suggestion, thus making them say this in unison. "I don't know."

Gwen, along with Harry, looks at Peter with a surprised look after hearing his comment then turns her attention back to her boyfriend. "Harry, your dad helped you when he thought you were the Goblin, of course he'd help you now."

As Gwen reassures the uncertain Harry, Peter looks on at his troubled friend with both a concerned and suspicious look.

"I wanted to believe that, but after hearing what Harry said that night, I was starting to think that maybe my first instinct was right and that Norman really WAS the if that was true, I felt it would've been best to have Spider-Man keep an eye on BOTH of them...just to be sure."

Though he looked hesitant at first, Harry gives a Gwen a slow nod. "A-All right, I'll talk to them." Now knowing what he must do, he turns and walks over to the front door to exit the Stacy home. As he opens the door, he turns and looks at both Peter and Gwen with a soft yet grateful expression. "Thanks, both of you. I couldn't ask for two better friends." With those parting words, Harry walks out of the house and closes the door.

After Harry leaves, both Peter and Gwen are left alone and silence falls between both of them. After a few seconds, however, a shy Peter decides to speak up. "I should...go too," he told Gwen, feeling somewhat sheepish around her, even though he's known her for so long.

"Yeah..." replied an equally shy Gwen, though she silently wished for Peter to stay.

"Yep, pretty awkward. And I'm sure you're wondering why that is. Well, I guess you could say that it all started a couple of months prior to this night. More specifically, Thanksgiving."

Peter then flashes back to his house, where he and his Aunt May were having a festive thanksgiving dinner with friendly guests. The first of which is May's doctor, a middle aged African American man named Dr. Bromwell, and the Stacys. Gwen, who at the time wore grey sweat pants, a pink hoodie jacket, wore a pair of glasses and had shorter, frizzy hair, though she wasn't stunning, she still had a cute appearance. And finally, her father, Captain George Stacy, a man in his late forties, had grey hair and was still in a business suit that was the required dress code for senior police officers.

"Yeah, that Thanksgiving, Dr. Bromwell was cool, but Gwen and her dad really did make that day more whole. More lively, and more than filled in the role Uncle Ben would've had if he were still alive. But...as amazing as that day ways, things got allot more...well, complicated, when this happened..."

Outside the front of the Parker home, Captain Stacy enters the driver's side of his car while both Peter and Gwen are standing out on the front port, conversing after having a pleasant dinner. Something in which a grateful Peter is the first to address. "That was amazing, Gwen," he told her with a smile, then puts his hand on her shoulder. "You're amazing. Thanks for this."

"No prob," Gwen replied shyly. "Well...goo night." As she hesitantly turned and proceeded to walk down the stairs, something inside her gut tells her to stop as soon as she steps on the grass, and to do the one thing that's she's wanted to do for a long time. As such, she turns around, runs up the stairs, grabs both of Peter's cheeks and kissing him hard on the lips. Realizing what she had just done, a now blushing Gwen pulls away from a wide eyed Peter, turns around and runs over to her father's car, leaving a stunned Peter standing there with his eyes now as big as softballs and silently thinking now that his friendship to the girl he knew for so long might be shaping into something more.

"Well, you can see how things got weird between Gwen and me. And for a long time after that, I didn't really know what to say to her. Allot of things were going through my mind. I mean, did Gwen wanted to be more than friends, was she confused, what? I wanted to talk to Gwen about it, but when it comes to my life, allot of crazy things kept me from doing so. One of them being a surprise visit I got on New Year's Eve."

...Peter then reminisces to one New Years eve back at his house, with his Aunt May watching the countdown on TV, and he himself was on his cellphone trying to check on her after 'Spider-an' saved her from his enemies, Doctor Octopus and Electro. He ends up getting her father instead, who tells him that his daughter has been through allot and needs a little privacy. However, he then hears Gwen in the background trying to get her phone from out of her father's hands, and George trying to keep it out of her reach. Hearing this banter was enough to put a smile on Peter's face, seeing this as an indication that at the very least, Gwen is not too traumatized by this experience, but is quickly surprised to hear the doorbell ring. Confused, he walks over to the door and upon open it, is stunned to see who was standing in front of him.

It was that of a beautiful, black haired Hispanic girl dressed in warm clothing, giving Peter a somewhat shy but gentle smile. "Hi, Petey."

"Liz Allen, one of the most popular girls of Midtown High and at one point, girlfriend of Flash Thompson, Spidey's number one fan but Peter Parker's worst nightmare. Yeah, I had a crush on her when I first started school, but because she was part of the 'in-crowd' she wouldn't give me the time of day. But, when I tutored her at one night, we got to know each other a little better and I found out that she was as snobbish as most kids at school thought her to be. And what was she was doing on New Year's eve at my doorstep of all places? Well..."

"Liz!" said a pleasantly surprised Peter, smiling back at the girl. "What are you...? At one point, he felt a little bit of his shyness around pretty girls slowly return, but he takes a moment to regain his composure and forgetting that his aunt is in the living room counting down to the New Year. "I...I mean, it's almost midnight. Shouldn't you be...with Flash?"

For a moment, Liz seemed slightly nervous, but nonetheless muster up the courage needed to give this reply. "The thing is...I'll always care about Flash. But tonight, I told him it's over. *Really*, really over." As she continued, Liz take one step closer to Peter, and puts her shoulder. "See, I want to be with you," With that declaration, Liz moved in and with May finally reaching zero of the countdown to the New Year, kisses Peter on the lips, which leaves the wide-eyed young man in a state of shock...

"Well, I won't lie, that is a good way to start the New Year. And even though Liz and I started dating after that, deep down, I knew she wasn't the girl I wanted to be with. To make matters worse, Gwen started going out with Harry after that, all in which made things...complicated."

...Peter flashes back to the night at Gwen's house and just as he puts his hand on the doorknob of the front door, he stops before he can even open the door. As this happened, his expression on his face changed from that of uncertainty to that of determination.

"But that night at Gwen's, I decided that the weirdness had gone on long enough and finally decided to let it all out and let her know how I felt."

After letting out a sigh, Peter gathers every ounce of courage in his heart and turns to face Gwen. "No, honesty time," he said to her with a determined tone and after seeing that he has a surprised Gwen's attention, he walks towards her. As Peter walked closer, his demeanor soon turns slightly nervous, but much softer. "Look, I-I made a mess of things. I mean, you kissed me, and I...I'm not even sure how I wound up with Liz, and you ended up with Harry. And they're both great, but..." he slowly reaches over and gently takes Gwen's hand. "Gwen, you're the one I want to be with."

"Even thought I still wasn't sure how Gwen felt, I can't like, it felt great to finally let know that. And man, I felt even better when I heard Gwen say this...

After hearing Peter's confession, Gwen wills herself to finally telling Peter what she wanted to tell him for so long."I've been in love with you since...seventh grade," she told him while giving him a nervous small smile.

Peter looks completely ecstatic upon hearing Gwen's answer, and thus, slowly moves in to kiss her.

With her heart pounding harder and faster than ever, Gwen closes her eyes and waits for Peter's lips to touch hers. However, while waiting to receive the kiss from the boy that's she's always wanted...she soon remembers the boy that she's still with, and thus puts her hand on Peter's shoulder to stop him. "No! Not behind Harry's back."

Peter, though disappointed, nodded in agreement when she mentioned the name of his best friend.

"She was right. As much as we both wanted to be with one another, Gwen and I knew that kissing at that point would be the ultimate betrayal of Harry's friendship. Not to mention the fact that I was still dating Liz at the time, and I didn't want to be anymore unfair to her then I already was. So, we decided that before we could officially hook up, we had to break things off with Liz and Harry. So, on that fateful day at school..."

Outside Middleton High School, the students having lunch. At one table, Peter and Liz are sitting next to each other...with Liz looking mortified after hearing Peter say that it would be better if they remained friends, thus ending their relationship. Liz felt her heart instantly shatter to pieces upon hearing those words, but at the same time, she looked around and saw that her classmates, more specifically, her friends in the 'in crowd' such as Sally Arvil, Kenny Kong and even her ex-boyfriend Flash Thompson. The last thing she wanted was for them to see her in such a weakened position, and so, she turns her attention back to Peter, letting her sadness transform into anger. "You're dumping me? I don't think so!" Now enraged, Liz stands up in an effort to gain an audience to show everyone present that if anyone ends a relationship, it's her. "THAT'S IT PETEY! WE'RE THROUGH!" With everyone in the school watching, the completely livid Liz storms away from a clearly shocked Peter. Feeling that she's convinced everyone that she initiated the break-up, she makes her way over to the currently vacant basketball court, a place where she can cry her eyes out and experience privately.

Sally Avril, one of the many classmates who just witness Liz's outburst, looks at her friend storming off with a proud smile. "Finally," she said smugly, happy with the fact that Liz finally rid herself of Peter, who she always viewed as the 'king of the geeks.'

As for Peter himself, all could do was sit there and watch Liz walk off with a saddened expression, hating the fact that he had to break her heart in order to be with Gwen and not blaming the poor girl for reacting the way that she did. Though he silently hoped that one day, Liz would get over this and that he can have a genuine friendship with her someday, he knew full well that she needed time away from him and thus decided to keep his distance and give her some time alone. Still, even that solution didn't make Peter feel all the much better.

"Yeah, that day...not fun. At all. But nevertheless, I already assumed that Gwen broke up with Harry, as well as the fact that it must've torn her heart as she broke his. But when I asked her about, she said that she hadn't seen him all day that day. But sadly, I later found out why...as well as a few other painful things..."

Peter then flashes back to the in which he, as Spider-Man, fought the Green Goblin. By this time, he was rolling violently on a rooftop after being blown out of the air by one of the Goblin's staged bomb traps located on the roof of a nearby building. After stopping, his costume is shown to be torn all over, even with his left eye lens completely gone and exposing his natural hazel eye.

"Very painful things...

While trying to recover, the Web-Head looks up and sees the grinning Green Goblin himself speeding down towards him on his glider. "Oh, what's wrong Spider-man? Off your game?" asked the Goblin in a mockingly sympathetic voice, then holds up his hands and fires two thin, green laserbeams out of his clawed index fingers at Spidey himself.

Seeing this attack coming his way, Spidey gets up and leaps off of the roof to avoid the blast. Though still falling to the ground below, Spidey turns and looks up to see the Goblin flying overhead, then points his right arm upward and shoots a web-line, which makes a direct hit at the bottom of the Goblin's glider. Keeping a firm grip on his end of the line, the Web-Slinger allows the glider to pull him up and save him from falling to the ground, but as Spidey looked up, he saw that he was about to hit and crash through the window of the building right in front of him and thus uses his feet to run up the building and just as he was bout to reach the ledge, he jumps up while still holding on to his end of the line, thus allowing him to literally stay on the Goblin's tail. "Naw, game's goo, Gobs," Spidey replied as he climbs the line to reach the Goblin himself. "Just getting acquainted with the rules."

The Goblin looks over his shoulder at the approaching Web-Head with a devilish grin. "Rule one..." he said as he made a u-turn and throws his left hand in a backhand motion, using his clawed finger tips to cut the line. "Spidey must splat!"

As he begins to fall, the Web-Head instinctively holds up both of his hands in a web-shooting fashion. "Rule two," Spidey shouted as he shot two web-lines which stuck to the wings on the Goblin's glider. "Ignore rule one!" With that quip, Spidey pulls his end of the lines backward and performs a back-flip as propels himself upward. After getting right side up in mid-air, the Web-Slinger waits for the Goblin to approach him, then clinches his right fist and throws a hard right uppercut, nailing his green clad enemy in the jaw and off of his glider.

While falling, the Goblin uses the built-in circuitry in his mask to mentally command his glider to perform a somersault and ends up underneath him. The green menace then lands safely on top of glider, with the magnets in his boots sticking instantly to back of the wings and thus commands his flying transport to hover upward so he can attack Spidey again.

Unfortunately for the Goblin, Spidey manages to land on the green maniac's shoulders and wraps his legs tightly around his neck. "Rule three..." the Web-Head tells the Goblin and he shoots webbing from out of both his wrists and covers the Goblin's entire head. "...make Gobby look goofy!" Keeping a firm grip on both ends of the webbing, the Wall-Crawler yanks the webbing from left to right to make the Goblin steer where he wanted him to go.

However, though one of the openings in the webbing, the Goblin looks ahead and sees something that could help him get Spidey off of his back...a brick layered chimney! Taking his chance, the green menace turns completely upside-down and flies towards the chimney at high speeds. The Goblin's daring plan pays off, for Spidey ends up hitting the chimney face first, thus forcing him off of the Goblin's shoulders, but at the same time, still holding onto the his webbing and unknowingly pulls the Goblin's mask off. And as Spidey tried to recollect himself, he sees the mask on the roof floor, and quickly find the unmasked Goblin, and as he spotted, the Web-Head is surprised to see the true identity of the enemy who he had been haunting his thoughts for so long.

Unbeknownst to both Spidey and the Goblin, they were being followed throughout their whole battle by a helicopter, with the occupants being both Harry Osborn, who is piloting the chopper, and his father, Norman. And like the Web-Slinger on the roof below, they too see the Goblin's unmasking and Harry's eyes grow wide with shock and confusion when he sees who had been behind the ghastly mask all along.

For the identity of the psychotic Green Goblin was revealed to be that of...Norman Osborn!

"Out of all the crazy, messed up things I've seen since the early days I started spinning webs, THIS took the cake! I mean, Norman Osborn! The man I used to look up to, my best friend's father, and what's worst, the man I first suspected of being the Goblin, only to find out that he actually WAS and the Green Goblin all along! And speaking of my best friend, Harry just happened to be following us and also saw his dad in the Goblin suit, while thinking that his dad was in the chopper with him. And as far as who was REALLY flying around the city with Harry..."

Seeing that the man in the cockpit with him was not his father, Harry reaches over and grabs the top of the imposter Norman's head, which felt latex rubber instead of flesh, indicating that it was a mask. The young man then quickly pulls the mask off, and was surprised to see the identity of the man who was sitting next to him.

It was that of the white masked master of disguise himself, the Chameleon. "I did not sign on for this!" he said upon being found out, then gets out of his seat, runs to and opens the door, and jumps out of the airborne chopper. As he fell, the mercenary saved himself by pulling on two strings that were hidden in his shoulder pads, which in turn deployed a parachute, which allowed him to safely glide away and disappear into the darkened alley ways.

"So yeah, obviously Norman spared no expense in making sure nobody suspecting him in being the Goblin. But what sickens me the most , even to this day, was that the most heartless thing Norman did to throw off my suspicion in particular. Meaning that when I went to his home to confront him about it...he actually puts the Goblin costume on Harry, who had passed out from ingesting too much Green at the time, and made it look like that he was the Goblin. Thus, framing his own son...his own son! And what was Norman's heartwretching excuse when I brought this up?!"

"I protected Harry!" Norman defiantly tells Spidey, who by now is swing backwards to face the unmasked business man, and is both shocked and angered at when he hears Norman's reply. At one point, Norman notices Spidey point and aim his right arm and shoots webbing at the glider's Goblin cannon, blocking the barrel and making it useless. However, this action does not eliminate Norman as a threat, for he secretly pops out bat-shaped blades from out of his gauntlets and holds them between his fingers. "If I had been sent to prison, who would've made a man out of him?" With that said, the ruthless owner of Oscorp throws the blades at the Web-Slinger.

Fortunately for Spidey, he sees the blades coming his way and thus flips backward to dodge them. Upon turning right side up, the Web-Head notices on bat-blade coming his way and thus uses his right hand to catch it.

As Norman watches Spidey land safely on his feet on one of the rooftop below, he continues his attack by firing green beams from out of his fingers, once again targeting the Wall-Crawler.

Seeing the blasts coming his way, Spidey instinctively back-flips to dodge the blast and at one point, leaps off of the roof and ends up sticking to a water tower, which houses thousands of pumpkin bombs instead of water, indicating to be another one of Norman's traps.

He still holds on to the bat-blade in his right hand and soon tightens his grip on on hit when he sees Norman hovering over him, a sight that only fuels the anger building inside him. As if that weren't enough, Harry isn't far behind as he flies his helicopter just above his father and Spidey and watches with shock and uncertainly from the cockpit.

"Yeah, when Norman gave me that baggage, I didn't buy it either. I mean, for him to frame Harry just to save his own sorry butt, then come up with some excuse to try and justify it, it just sickened me. Harry always tried to make his dad happy, always tried to get his respect and recognition out of him. And to think that THIS was Norman's way of responding to Harry's pleading for his father's love and recognition out of him. Well, that was it! The gloves were off! This sick display of 'fatherly love' was more than enough to make me lose it and drove me to put the Goblin down for good!"

Seeing nothing but red, Spidey jumps off of the water toward towards Norman, who by now is zooming towards the Web-Head with a pumpkin bomb in the hand and throws it at him. Luckily though, Spidey sees this coming and holds up his left hand, aims and shoots a web-line, which hits and ensnares the pumpkin bomb. He then pulls the bomb towards him, catches it by plunging the bat-blade in it. The Web-Slinger then shoots webbing around the blade and the bomb to make sure that they stay together and looks forward to see Norman holding up his index finger to shoot another blast. As such, the Wall-Crawler puts his left hand over Norman's once he got close enough, then uses his opponent's hand as a boost to push himself over the ruthless business man's head, flips forwards, takes the makeshift 'bomb-blade in his hands and plunges it into the glider's exhaust pipe.

As Spidey shot a web-line and swung over to a nearby building, the bomb exploded deep within the glider itself, causing the surprised Norman to lose control and fly straight towards a bomb-filled water tower, which explodes on impact explodes on impact and thus causes a huge green cloud of smoke to fill the entire roof.

From inside the helicopter, Harry watches the explosion and his father's apparent demise from the cockpit in absolute horror. "Dad!"

As for Spidey himself, he himself witnesses the explosion while sticking to the window of a building and was just as shocked and mortified at what just witnessed. As the green smoke grew larger and consumed the entire roof, the Wall-Crawler lowers himself in shame, feeling that in losing his temper, he may have just killed his friend's father.

"And just like that, the Green Goblin was no more. But sadly, that's when things went downhill..."

The Web-Head soon remembers the painful day in which he, as a saddened Peter Parker, attended Norman Osborn's funeral, alongside many friends and family of the Osborns. And the pain only worsens when he, alongside an equally sad Gwen, see a grieving Harry standing over his father's grave. "Dad was sick," said the mourning Harry. "A victim of the the Greene, no one knows how that stuff changed you better than I do..." at one point, he feels his sorrow turn to anger as he delves into what he felt happened next. "Spider-Man should've helped him, not..." Harry barely catches himself from exploding in rage, so as not to make a scene by his father's grave. Hen then turns and hugs Gwen that tightly, an act that catches the girl by surprise, but not as much as what Harry said next. "I don't know what I'd do without you Gwen. You're all that's left from keeping me from going back on the Greene myself."

Gwen felt her heart sink into her stomach when she heard Harry say that. It wasn't that she didn't love him at all, but what love she had for him was that of a brother. And as far as being in someone else's arms, she wanted that someone to be Peter, who is looking on with an uncomfortable expression. But at the same time, when it comes to being the one thing was keeping Harry from relapsing and taking that dangerous unstable creation of his late father's, she couldn't help but feel that it was true. But what she hears Harry say next felt like pouring salt on an open wound.

"Oh, I got your messages," said Harry as he pulled away from Gwen to look at her with a smile. "Was there something you wanted to tell me?"

Before she could answer, Gwen glances over her shoulder to look at Peter for how to respond, fearing that his answer will be the same as hers in that she must remain silent about how she really feels, for Harry's sake.

Peter, who also heard what is now fatherless friend said, and also agrees that Gwen might be the only thing that's keeping Harry from taking the Greene again and thus following Norman's footsteps. With this in mind, Peter sadly and regretfully gives Gwen a nod, as a quiet way to tell her not to say anything.

Gwen, seeing this reaction caused her heart to shatter to pieces. But seeing that being dumped is the last thing Harry needs after losing his father, she gave her 'boyfriend' this sad and solemn reply. "...It was nothing," she told Harry while still looking at Peter, who she exchanged heartbroken looks with.

As Peter and Gwen glanced at each other, however, Harry seems to allow sly smirk on his face, almost as if Gwen's reaction was all part of some kind of plan. But as she turned around to face him, Harry's smirk soon changes to that of a relieved smile as he soon walks away with Gwen hand in hand.

For Peter, all he could do was stand and watch helplessly as the love of his young life leave with his best friend, thus leaving him heartbroken and completely, utterly alone.

"So yeah, there's the happy ending to that find story...minus two things. One, the ending is not happy, and two, the hero doesn't get the girl. I haven't seen or heard from Harry or Gwen since then and truth be told...I can't face them. How could I? I mean, yeah, they don't know that I'm Spider-Man, but the fact remains, Norman's dead IS my fault. Instead of trying to stop him without hurting him, I instead lose my cool and blew the man to Kingdom Come. And as a result, Harry lost his father...and I lost any chance I had to be with Gwen..."

Back in present day New York, Spidey still can't help but wallow in his loneliness as he sits perched on the gargoyle.

"In fact, the only way I'm able to live with this is the fact that the Goblin is now gone and the city is safe. Just like how it's also safe from Galactus, Kang and...Zemo?"

Suddenly, the Web-Head looks straight ahead at one of the nearby big TV's of Time Square and sees a female, blonde haired news reporter in a newsroom, show two images of the purple masked villain named Baron Zemo and a destroyed speed boat in flames, as well as headline saying 'Super Villain dies in boat explosion.' "In other news, it seems the is rid of another threat besides Galactus, for the widely known terrorist and one time foe of Captain America, Baron Zemo, has been reported dead after a boat that he was using to avoid capture in the Mediterranean Sea exploded. Though his body is yet to be found, officials say that it is highly unlikely that the notorious war criminal survived the explosion."

"Huh? Zemo's gone? But how?" asked an incredibly surprised Spidey. "I mean, if he's Cap's enemy, then that means a boat explosion can't possibly be enough to..." Suddenly, the Wall-Crawler feels his spider-sense tingle, thus prompting him to shoot a web-line at the roof across from him and zips over to another building, thus dodging and avoiding the cause of his spider-sense going haywire.

It was that of the red and gold armored co-leader of the Avengers, Iron Man, is seen flying backward and crashing into the gargoyle in which Spidey was sitting on earlier.

"Iron Man?!" Spidey exclaimed in shock and thus turns to the direction in which the Shell-head came from, to which he sees people running away in a panic from a battle between members of the Avengers and a group of hooded super powered beings with zodiac symbols on their backs, thus prompting the Web-Slinger to let out a sigh as he thought this to himself. "Typical Parker luck...never letting me have time to even mope!"

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I love the concept of the story. Would have liked it broken up into perhaps 2 posts or 3, but over your concept and use of characters is very impressive. I’d recommend shortening some paragraphs, less commas more periods to solidify your thoughts.

Despite that great world building, nice use of Spider-man and his surrounding cast. Anyone that is gonna use Sally Avril ina story tells me they got ‘marvel knowledge’ I’ll be keeping an eye on your stories.