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part 2 of an original series for an original character (meaning they are mine, all mine)

click here for COMMANDO part 1

Rated R for violence and language.

New Orleans, Louisiana. A young woman has been brutally murdered, and police chief Steven Blair is at the scene. It was the perfect crime- the murderer didn't leave any thing behind. An ambulance picked up the body and the (clean-up crew?) cleaned up the scene. After they all left, COMMANDO jumped out of his hiding place, and scanned the entire scene at a microscopic level. He found a hair that the police missed. He scanned it, and it turned out to be the dead woman's husband, who had a history of domestic violence. Instead of taking it to the police, he decided to pay the husband a visit.

Mr. Jones was in his bathroom washing his bloody hands in the sink. He was looking at himself in the mirror. Instead of being disgusted with himself for taking a human life, like any normal person, he just checked his teeth and wiped a droplet of blood he found on his front teeth.

"At least that b!tch wont be asking for alimony now." He thought.

The murder weapon, a hammer, was on top of the toilet next to the sink. He looked at it and smirked, remembering the joy he felt as he swung that hammer over and over, the blood from his wife's head splattering on his face. Hearing his wife's scream, but get quieter and quieter after each swing of his mighty weapon. Her body twitching less and less. Oh, the rush he'd felt...

"Why stop here?" He thought. "I can do this over and over and never have to forget that rush." It was official. After he got away with this, he was going to do this again.

He was just about finished cleaning the blood off the hammer when he heard a knock on his door. He quickly threw the hammer under his bed and then answered the door. It was Detective Blair. Mr. Jones pretended to be surprised.

"Mr. Jones." Blair started. "I'm sorry to inform you, but we found your wife".

"What do you mean 'you found her'? She's working late tonight." Mr. Jones said.

"No, Mr. Jones, we found her body in an alley. She has been brutally murdered."

"What?" Mr. Jones yelled, then he broke down crying so hard that he convinced everyone that he was devastated about his wife's murder. He even almost convinced himself. The act he put on was so strong, Blair couldn't possibly see this guy as a suspect. He asked Mr. Jones the routine questions, and then left the residence.

While Blair was interrogating Mr. Jones, COMMANDO snuck into the home through the bedroom window. After a quick search, he found the murder weapon. A quick scan with his eyes showed that it was recently cleaned. The bathroom looked like it was recently cleaned as well, except for a tiny red smudge on the floor. COMMANDO analyzed it through his built in computer and it was a perfect match with the dead womans blood. COMMANDO now had evidence that put Mr. Jones at the crime scene.

After Blair left, COMMANDO made his way to the living room. Mr. Jones was looking out the window to make sure the cops left.

"Hello, Mr. Jones." COMMANDO said.

Mr. Jones couldn't see anyone. All he heard was a voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

"Who's there?" Mr. Jones cried. The voice startled him.

"I'm the one who's going to be asking the questions. The first one being: why did you beat your wife to death with a hammer?"

Mr. Jones gulped hard. Who is this guy? What does he know? He grabbed the biggest knife in the kitchen.

"You don't know what you're talking about." Mr. Jones said, trying to hide both his fear and his guilt.

"Don't I?" COMMANDO replied. "Your hammer smells like bleach. And you forgot to wipe some blood off the floor. It isn't yours, by the way."

"What are you, a cop?" Mr. Jones asked. "Show yourself!"

COMMANDO walked into the room. "Oh, you're gonna wish I was a cop."

Mr. Jones saw the intruder. He was wearing a ski mask and a leather jacket. This man had information that was going take him to jail, and ruin his chance to feel the "rush" again. As soon as he saw his chance, he charged at COMMANDO with his knife in hand.

COMMANDO just rolled his eyes. As soon as Mr. Jones was close enough to stab him, COMMANDO grabbed his wrist and twisted it hard. Mr. Jones grunted in pain. COMMANDO kept twisting until the knife fell off Jones' hand. As soon as it fell, COMMANDO gave him a right cross to the face. This caused Mr. Jones to fall on one knee. COMMANDO then gave him a front kick to the chest, which knocked the wind out of him and threw him back.

COMMANDO walked up to the fallen knife, and picked it up. Mr. Jones was backing up as COMMANDO got closer and closer.

"What is it you want, man? Do you want money? I have money." Mr. Jones pleaded.

"I dont want money, Mr. Jones. I just want you to admit that you killed your wife."

"I didn't, I swear!"

"Don't lie to me." COMMANDO said as he put the knife close to Mr. Jones' trachea. "ADMIT IT!"


"You had a choice, you just made the wrong one." COMMANDO eased the knife off his throat, and in a split second threw it at a picture of Mr. Jones. It landed right between the eyes.

Mr. Jones was horrified. When he finally calmed down, he asked COMMANDO: "You wouldn't really have killed me... would you?"

"Oh I would've." COMMANDO replied. "The police would've gotten your corpse and the evidence against you in the same plastic bag. Both your parents are dead, and you have no siblings. Nobody would've claimed your body, so they would've cremated you.

Mr. Jones just sat there, speechless. He wasn't regretting the confession at all.

"I have to go give the evidence to the police now. It was a pleasure to meet you... Mr. Jones." COMMANDO said as he jumped out a window.

At the New Orleans police station, detective Blair was trying to get some leads to the recent murder. After 5 hours with no success, he decided to go home, but before he could walk out the door all the lights and computers shut off. Somebody had hacked into their servers. The police spent 6 minutes trying to get their servers back up. Finally, every computer turned on simultaneously. There was a video playing on all of them- it was Mr. Jones confessing to the murder, and on Detective Blair's desk was the murder weapon and a blood sample. The envelope had a signature: COMMANDO.

Chapter 2

Detective Blair was walking away from the courtroom, where Mr. Jones was set to face the jury. he tried to get to his car but a sea of reporters, microphones, and camera's were in his face.

"Detective Blair, who is this COMMANDO?" One asked.

"Detective Blair, is it true that the NOPD is working with this vigilante?"

All this publicity that the mysterious COMMANDO was receiving, greatly annoyed Blair. He stood on the steps and began giving his statement.

"Listen people! This COMMANDO is a criminal, he dresses like a common thug and harassed our suspects. If anyone has any information that can take this guy down, you will be greatly rewarded."

As he was about to walk away, one more reporter asked a question.

"Detective Blair, did Jones kill his wife?"

"Yes" Blair answered. "We have evidence that puts him at the scene, and we have a recorded confession."

"And it was COMMANDO that gave you this evidence, am I correct?"

Detective Blair just rolled his eyes. "No more questions." he said as he got into his car and drove away, leaving the sea of reporters and their questions behind.

Chapter 3

COMMANDO was watching Detective Blair's interview on a little tv that was hanging in a corner from his newly acquired Gym. This is the same gym that he used for shelter when he was being hunted by the COMMANDO organization. He bought it by hacking into the several banks, sending a small amount of money from each bank into 7 different accounts, and then moving the money to one account. Yes... it was stealing but it was necessary. He needed the gym so he can repair it and open it for business, not because "it was his life long dream to open a gym" like he told everyone else. It was what he built underneath it.

Under the gym was his Armory. Where he would train, and sort his weapons for whenever he had to fight crime.

Next, he needed eyes all over the city. Due to the huge crime rate, there is a huge number of security cameras city-wide. COMMANDO hacked into all of them. His brain could process everything going on in every camera at once. Every night, he will lay on his bed and wait until a camera catches somebody breaking the law.

One night, an alarm went off in his brain. A live feed from a convenience store showed people loading crates into an abandoned warehouse. He zoomed on the crates and saw that they were carrying illegal guns and ammunition. He redirected his attention to another camera that was able to view the activity in a different angle. He noticed that the men loading the crates were all armed with assault rifles. COMMANDO is gonna have to visit the armory for this one.

Chapter 4

In the armory

COMMANDO looked for the best weapons to tackle this mission. He decided to go with the two pistols he made out of various weapons. he took the strengths of different guns and put them into one ridiculous weapon. His two pistols had the power of a Desert eagle, the fire rate of a Glock, the accuracy of a colt m1911 and the maneuverability of a five-seven. The handle had his signature written in gold.

He looked at a chest he kept in the armory. It had his COMMANDO suit that he wore when he was still under the government's control. He never wanted to put that on again. It reminded him of the exploited weapon he once was. Now he was a weapon against crime. He put on his ski mask and his leather jacket. This was all he will use to fight crime with for now.

COMMANDO got into his car which was also a hybrid of different car parts put into one vehicle. It didn't look like a junk heap because he designed the body himself. a sleek carbon fiber body with bullet proof pads and windows. It has two mini guns that COMMANDO can control with his mind. COMMANDO however, doesn't think he will need them for this mission.

He pulled into a parking lot which was a few blocks away from the warehouse. He got out of the car and electronically locked it. Then he made his way to the warehouse. In front were the pickup trucks with the merchandise. He ducked behind one of them. He didn't want to just start shooting people right off the bat. He will give them a warning and tell them to put their weapons down. If they shoot at him, they sign their own death warrants.

"Put the guns down and get on the ground!" COMMANDO demanded.

"Oh sh!t" one of them remarked.

"Shoot him" another one said as they opened fire.

COMMANDO crouched behind the truck for cover. He waited for the perfect moment, and then jumped from his cover and fired two shots, killing both men who were firing at him. Three more men cane outside and started firing at COMMANDO. COMMANDO dodged their fire and returned his own. he went inside the building and started clearing it. He walked into a hallway and shot two men. Turned a corner, killed three more. With every turn, he was killing more and more people. None of them were able to tag COMMANDO with their guns. Almost everyone was dead in the warehouse except for one man who was hiding in a closet. COMMANDO opened the door and pointed the gun at the man's head, while the man was pleading for his life.

"Please sir, whoever you are-" the man started. "I have a wife and two kids, I need the money. Nobody would hire me with my rap-sheet."

COMMANDO gave his face a scan, and he was right. He has a history of petty theft and robbery. He had a wife with cancer, and two kids. One of them has downe syndrome. He could never hold a job, and he even owes the IRS over twenty thousand dollars. COMMANDO's eyes widened. He was just about to send a man who was just trying to support his family, to the morgue.

COMMANDO looked down at the ground, ashamed. "Get out of here." COMMANDO said shamefully, and the man ran out of there as fast as he could. COMMANDO dropped his guns on the ground, and started walking away from the scene. His facial recognition scanner was still running. It scanned all the faces belonging to the corpses COMMANDO had made. Some people had stories similar to the man COMMANDO let go. Others were just scum, but it all felt the same to COMMANDO.

Chapter 5

COMMANDO got into his car, and made his way to the armory. His head was spinning, trying to find a way to justify himself, but he couldn't. When he got inside, he dropped his mask on the ground, and sat with his head in his knees and his hands on his head. The guilt was overwhelming. How is he going to stop crime by being no better (maybe even worse in some cases) than the people commiting them. At that moment he felt exactly like what he was designed to be. What Jonathon Edwards had him kidnapped and had his family killed to be. a weapon. COMMANDO glanced at the chest that held his COMMANDO suit, and then put his face back on his knees.

"There has got to be a better way." COMMANDO thought. Again his attention was bought back to his COMMANDO suit.

"I was programmed to be a killer." he thought, but then he thought about all the skills that were also uploaded into his computer brain. "

"Maybe I don't have to use my skills to their full extent. I have skills, but not all of them have to be used to kill."

Again he looked at the chest with the COMMANDO suit. He then looked at the leather jacket and ski mask he has been wearing for the past week.

'He dresses like a common thug' Detective Blair's voice rung in his head. Again his eyes directed him to the COMMANDO suit. This time however, he walked to it and picked it up. He opened it and there was his black Kevlar suit, with the shoulder straps; both straps had pockets that used to contain ammunition or grenades. The shoulder straps came down and attached to the belt, which also had many pockets.

COMMANDO was tempted to go back to his suit. But everything it stood for was what he wanted to be behind him. He couldn't put it on.

"I should use these wonderful abilities I have for good... I'm going to prove the whole world wrong. I am not going to be a weapon, I'm going to be an instrument for good." Those were his thoughts when he spared Edwards from the death he deserved, the one COMMANDO so solemnly wanted to give him.

Without realizing it COMMANDO was wearing the suit. He liked it a lot better than the leather jacket. He then looked at the ski mask. That is no way for a man, who was trying to be a force for good, to wear. What could he wear to cover his face, something that wasn't stupid and went with his suit. When he was under the government's control, they didn't worry about that. The only people who saw his face were all going to die. "What would a COMMANDO wear?"

Those thoughts were soon a Google search COMMANDO had made in his mind. Immediately an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie: Commando popped up. Schwarzenegger's face had military face paint. COMMANDO looked in the mirror and used his computer to preview how he would look. When he saw himself, he smiled.

"I am COMMANDO... My next target... Crime."

Chapter 6.

Detective Blair has received a call, that two violent gangs were having a bloody war over "territory". As if they actually owned any of this god forsaken city. The gangs were blocking the highway with their shootout, the police cleared the area of civilians and then (under Blair's strict orders) did nothing. "They'll kill off most of each other, then we'll take out whoever's left." Those were Blair's exact words. He hated both gangs. Neither of them gave him a cut of their 'business' like the other gangs did. He'd take his cut and simply look the other way. There was no point in trying to walk the straight and narrow in this city. He was on a police copter where he would moderate the entire war. As the shootout was heating, Blair thought about the abandoned warehouse which was now the graveyard to a bunch of crooks. They found two guns with COMMANDO's signature on it. This upset Blair greatly. Those crooks used to pay him a lot of money. Now he wanted to catch him more than ever.

"What the hell is that?" Blair heard as the gunfire from the gunfight sounded crazier and more desperate than usual. He looked down and saw somebody amidst the gunfire. He was disarming people and doing some strange kung-fu moves that Blair thought were only possible in movies. Soon, all the gunfire was directed toward the strange man. It was obvious he was on neither of the gangmen's sides. The man was wearing something similar to what spies wear, and his face looked green from where Blair was.

Men from both sides opened fire at him, but the man was moving around so fast that the bullets weren't hitting him. pretty soon everybody was on the ground, looking either dead or unconscious; Blair couldn't tell.

"Get us on the ground." Blair said, and the helicopter started descending.

When Blair got on the ground, he saw the man who stopped the shootout, he was wearing some sort of spysuit, and green and black face-paint. 'First the COMMANDO and now this guy.' Blair thought, and he grabbed a mega-phone.

"Put your hands behind your head, and get on the ground."

The man with the green face looked around, then ran straight toward the blockade of police cars.

"Open fire" Blair ordered and everybody shot at the man. The man started jerking his body in multiple directions, and rolling, and dodging out of the way of the bullets. Blair has never seen anything like it. Soon the man jumped on top of one of the squad cars, denying it. He rolled in front of Blair, who took out his Magnum to shoot the man. But the man did some sort of ninja kick to Blair's calves, taking away Blair's balance and flooring him. Blair's face smashed against the pavement, and he saw the man (who looked really blurry) jump off the bridge they were in. The whole entire police force looked for the man by they could not find him.

"Detective Blair, you better take a look at this." One of his men said. Blair followed him while the cop kept talking about what they found.

"It was COMMANDO that broke up the party today." The cop said.

"That was in no way COMMANDO. COMMANDO dresses like a generic bank robber. This guy must have been CIA or something like that." Blair responded.

"Oh... it was COMMANDO all right."

"What makes you so sure?" Blair finally asked, then the cop came to a stop.

"Because his shoes say so." The cop answered. And he pointed at a print in the mud. On the print were the shoe tracks and something as clear as day that said: COMMANDO.

Chapter 7

Again Detective Blair caught himself drowning in a sea of reporters. all wanted to know about the COMMANDO.

"Detective Blair? " One started asking. Was it COMMANDO who defeated the gangsters and stopped the shootout?"

"You mean interfered with a police procedure, and assaulted everybody including some officers?" Blair responded.

"Don't give me that" somebody in the crowd said. "You were going to let them slaughter each other."

"We could not approach the gangmen immediately because it was too dangerous. Our men couldn't go anywhere near them without getting cut down by the gunfire.

"So you're saying that COMMANDO can do things that the police force can't?" A news girl remarked.

"Now you listen to me you-"

"And there you have it" the news girl said interrupting Blair and looking to the camera. "COMMANDO can do things that the police force can't. Taking on dozens of armed gangmen that the police were too scared to approach. He eliminated the threat they posed without any fatalities or severe injuries. Kathy Kate, SixOClock News; Back to you Jim."

Chapter 8

COMMANDO was in the Armory, destroying everything that was lethal. all his custom made guns, all of his ammo, even his knives, all was being dropped into an acid he made. The only thing he needed in there were training dummies and punching bags. He looked through his internal archives. To the file that had his fighting styles; all of the fighting styles in the world were in his brain. He was practicing his ninjitsu when the motion sensors he placed in the gym, went off in his brain. He ran upstairs and lifted the bed over the little hatch that hid his Armory He placed the bed back in it's place, and grabbed his worn and old looking boxing robe and cane. To meet whoever it was that entered the gym.

"How may I help yah?" He said in a hoarse voice." At the door was none other than Steven Blair, here to ask him questions. presumably about COMMANDO.

"Hello Mr. ..."

"Worthington" a plejah tah meetyah." COMMANDO said in a hoarse Scottish accent.

"Mr. Worthington... Got it. I see you just moved in and bought this gym."

"I squamed every pennay I hud to get thus playce. Uts uh shayme rully, Nut alut of pepol come ere'. Uf I wus in mah fuhmah gloray, There would be pepol fluddin in ere' tuh trayne wuth meh.

"Former glory?" Blair asked? "What do you mean?"

COMMANDO limped his way to a photo hanging on the wall. It looked old, and had a picture of COMMANDO looking younger and holding a championship belt.

"Buck in Scutlend, I wus chumpion. beatun everyone thuh durred unter the rung wuth meh."

"What happened?" Blair asked pitifully.

"I bruck mah leg jugging. Ain't thut a puthutic weh tuh go duwn?"

Detective Blair just watched this tired looking man, with pitty. This man may have came to the city suspiciously, near the time COMMANDO showed up, but he obviously couldn't do what COMMANDO could.

"So whut wus et yah wonted to tulk 'bout?" COMMANDO asked.

"Nothing, excuse me. Have a nice day." Blair said, and he exited the gym.

As soon as Blair was a few blocks away, COMMANDO threw off his boxing robe and dropped his cane.

Chapter 9

Blair was called in to Commissioner Bartley's office. Bartley was the cleanest cop around. No amount of money could change that. If you commuted a crime, you're going to jail if Bartley has anything to say about it.

"You've called for me Commissioner Bartley?" Blair asked with a hateful tone. He hated Bartley. He longed to be in his position. With that kind of power, he would own the streets. The influence the Commissioner had on the city was great. But he was wasting it, by following the rules.

"Yes, Stevey my boy." Bartley started. "It has come to my attention that you want to bring this COMMANDO guy to justice. That is a quality you have that I like about you, always trying to bring a crook to justice."

Blair rolled his eyes. Bartley was completely oblivious to his 'side dealings'

"Your point commissioner." Blair rushed.

"Yes of course. Well I don't think you should be hounding him too hard, if you get my drift."

Blair's looked at him, both confused and annoyed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, look at all the good he has been doing these past few months. Crime is down, the people have somebody to root for, our jobs are easier. Tomorrow at the press conference with the mayor, I plan on announcing that the police force will cooperate one hundred percent with him."

Blair was fuming with anger. The one-time he wanted to put somebody in jail, Bartley wanted to give him a break. COMMANDO would destroy all of his assets and ruin his chances of getting paid.

"So your going to leave the whole police force hanging. Like what we can do is not good enough? And this COMMANDO just killed a whole warehouse full of people."

"If I recall correctly detective, those people were storing the warehouse with illegal arms. If the gangs of this city would have gotten their hands on it, who knows how many peopel would've died. the guy saved countless lives. I made up my mind Detective, there's no stopping it now. You may leave Detective."

"Commissioner I-"

"Good day, Detective." Bartley said in an assertive tone, and Blair stormed out. He reached into his pocket, grabbed a cellphone, and dialed a number.

"Hello?" a voice answered.

"Its happening tomorrow. 12 pm. Shoot to kill." Then Blair hung up on whoever it was on the phone.

Chapter 10.

An alarm went off in COMMANDO's head. He checked the camera feeds and found a strange man walk in to a parking building, wearing a ski mask and holding a big metal suitcase. The kind that hold sniper rifles, as the data that popped up in his brain told him. The parking building was near the podium where the mayor was scheduled to have a press conference. Whoever that was, he must be planning an assassination.

COMMANDO got into his Armory and grabbed his suit. along with some new equipment he made. A gauntlet with a grappling hook attached. This is how he was goin to get on the same floor as the would-be assassin faster. Also he filled his strap and belt pockets with stun grenades, gas grenades, flash grenades, and sting-ball grenades. All he thought he needed for now. Just in case, he bought a taser. He didnt want to have to rely on it. He clearly has the skills to take out this assassin, but it was best to be cautious.

COMMANDO parked his vehicle a few blocks away from the parking building. Then he stealthily made his way to the building. As he was approaching it, he did a thermal scan. He found the assailant on the fifteenth lot.

"Good people of New Orleans," The mayor started with his speech. "Today is a very special day for us."

COMMANDO aimed his grappling gauntlet at the fifteenth lot, and fired it. He let the steel wire rappel him to the lot. As he landed, he saw the assailant aiming his sniper rifle at the podium.

"Today is the day we address the growing gang violence and the vigilantism that has been plaguing the city, as well as recognizing the police force for their faithful and unconditional service."

COMMANDO knew he had to get the assailant's attention. If COMMANDO snuck up on him, he could end up pulling the trigger before he even reached him.

"Drop the gun and turn around, sloooooowly!" COMMANDO ordered.

The assailant didn't even budge. He had a job to do, and he had to do it no matter what. He'll deal with whatever it is bothering him after.

COMMANDO saw the assailant's head tilt slightly as COMMANDO ordered. So COMMANDO had no other choice but to charge at the guy.

"So Without further a do... I give you... My friend... Commissioner Chris Bartley!

Bartley walked up to the podium, gave the mayor a handshake, and then grabbed some index cards from his jacket pocket.

"Thank you Mayor Palmer. Hello folks, in case you forgot, my name is Chris Bartley. I am the police commissioner. Lately we have been getting reports of a vigilante cleaning up the streets. He calls himself COMMANDO. Now I know the question you all are wondering, are we truly safe with this man out in the streets well let me tell you something."

COMMANDO was getting closer and closer to the assailant. COMMANDO knows the assailant hears him coming, but the guy kept his aim.

"The police force is one hundred and twenty percent-"

COMMANDO finally got a hold of the assailant's shoulder, but not before he heard a: Bang!

COMMANDO grabbed the murderer and tossed him against a nearby car. He then looked at the podium to see if the mayor was alright. The Mayor was covered in blood, but not his own. He was kneeling over Commissioner Bartley and putting pressure on his neck wound.

"You murdering son of a-"

He grabbed the man, and started punching him in the face.

"Why'd you do it?" He yelled. "Who hired you?"

COMMANDO was about to pull the ski mask off the assailant, when a squad of SWAT officers charged in.

Chapter 11

"Get on the ground COMMANDO."

COMMANDO looked to his left, but was crawling away. the SWAT was so focused on him that they are letting the real assailant get away.

"Listen to me." COMMANDO started, "the real hit man is getting away. You have to-"

One of the officers opened fire, and soon the rest followed. COMMANDO ducked and jerked his body around each bullet, and made his way closer to the squad. One officer had a riot shield and rammed COMMANDO with it. COMMANDO flew backwards but flipped himself back on guard. They still shot at him, so COMMANDO had no choice but to take them out. He grabbed one by the gun and spun him around with the strap. Using him as a human shield. The squad ceased fire, but not before he got shot twice in the vest. In one swift move, COMMANDO rammed the human shield into another officer. One lifted his gun at COMMANDO but it was kicked downwards. COMMANDO then kicked him in the face. "ratatatatat" COMMANDO heard as another officer tried to fire at him. COMMANDO dodged every bullet, and then palmed him in the jaw. Finally the one with the riot shield charged at COMMANDO. He was swinging the shield like a mad man. COMMANDO could see the fear in his eyes. COMMANDO disarmed him, then smacked him with the shield. He fell to the ground, unconscious just like the rest of his squad. COMMANDO just looked at the unconscious squad and knew, this was all going to be pinned on him. Unless he solved it.

Chapter 12

Detective Blair saw the commissioner get shot. While everyone else was horrified, he was smiling on the inside. When dispatch told him that COMMANDO was at the scene of the crime, it was the icing on his cake. Minutes after they took Bartley's corpse from the podium, Blair went up to "Finish" Bartley's speech.

"The Commissioner couldn't finish his speech, sniff, but I know what his next move was. He was going to declare war on COMMANDO, and everything he stood for. He had good reason to. I just received a call that COMMANDO is responsible for Bartley's murder. I swear that I will tear this city to shreds if it means catching this COMMANDO. Bartley will be avenged. I swear on my life."

The sad and horrified people gave a shout. They were with Blair on his war against COMMANDO.

Later that day, Blair was promoted as the new commissioner.

Chapter 13

COMMANDO couldn't get a look at the assailant's face, he was trying to find a way to find his identity.

Soon the police submitted a ballistic testing on the gun, and the bullet that killed Bartley. It turns out that they were a perfect match. The gun is defective. The bullets would spin inside the barrel, and deform. The serial number showed that it belonged to a group of missing defective military weapons that was stolen a few months back. The thief was an Iraqi trafficker. COMMANDO hacked into his banking records, and found he received a recent transaction from an offshore account. The name of the account owner was Jonah Mills. COMMANDO searched for anybody with that name in New Orleans. One person with that name. He has a record as long as the rifle. He was a freelancer fir the Russian mob. Everything from kidnapping to extortion to hired assassination. But he received a small sentence due to cooperation. He has helped put big figures in the Mob in jail. Maybe if COMMANDO interrogated him, he would spill who hired him.

He currently lives in a secluded cabin in the swamp. COMMANDO headed over there.

Chapter 14

Jonah just finished hunting in the swamp. He got two big gators. He put them in his basement fridge. He was going to skin them later. He unlocked his front door and got in. He then made a fire, grabbed a beer, and then sat on his big chair.

"Had a good hunt?" A voice asked.

Jonah Jumped from his chair and grabbed a gun he always has strapped to it.

"Two gators, one 400 pounds, not bad. By of course its not better than the hunting trip you took three days ago."

"Show yourself!" He yelled. The only light in the area was his fire. The voice could be anywhere in the surrounding darkness.

"Fine." COMMANDO said as he made his face visible. The only thing Jonah saw was the green and black face.

"Get outta here or I'll shoot you." Jonah said.

"Oh you can try," COMMANDO answered. "But its going to be really hard to hit me because the gun is empty."

Jonah pulled the trigger but it clicked. He ran to the shotgun he keeps on the wall. but when he grabbed it, it broke to pieces.

"Sorry I tinkered with that." COMMANDO said with a smirk on his face. "You can try the other twelve you have lying around the house. You won't have any different results."

Jonah dropped the gun, he remembered the green and black face from the night of the assassination.

"I'm not here to hurt you, as long as you play nice."

"I ain't not telling you nothing." Jonah said.

"Oh your going to tell me everything, if you know what's good for you." COMMANDO remarked as he got closer to Jonah.

"What are you gonna do? Beat me? Attack me? I know you ain't gonna kill me after what you did during that shootout. You're allergic to killing. So go ahead, Do Your Worst."

COMMANDO grabbed his shirt, and lifted him up against the wall.

"You're right," COMMANDO said. "I'm not going to kill you." Jonah looked at him with a stupid smirk.

"I am going to beat you. Hard. So hard that you will permanently lose all feeling from the forehead down. You're going to have to eat from a tube, you're going to be hours swimming in your own waste until a nurse has to change you. While all this happens, you're going to be fully aware of this, but you're going to be too helpless to do anything. Alive, but a prisoner in your own body. You won't be dead, but I believe that is worse than death, don't you think."

Jonah's eyes widened as he heard this, then he swallowed hard.

"Now I'll ask you, who hired you?"

"It was Detective Blair, he hired me. He played me thirteen thousand dollars. You can check my banking account and if you dig a little deeper you can nail him."

COMMANDO dropped him and walked away. Not before he hacked into every television in the city, and broadcasted the confession to the whole city.

Chapter 15

Not guilty. That was the verdict in the case against Commissioner Steven Blair. Sure they had a plethora of evidence against him. Sire it seemed like an open and shut case. But every verdict is decided by a jury of easily bribed or threatened people. He had his job back, and he could continue his war on COMMANDO. He was walking to his car when he ran into COMMANDO. Face to face.

"You may have gotten away from a civil punishment. But you can never get away from me." COMMANDO said.

Blair was slowly backing up. He then reached into his holster and pulled out his Magnum. But COMMANDO dodged all his shots. He then reached into his radio and called for help.

"I'm jamming the radio signals. You're not getting any help, it's just you and me Blair."

Blair grabbed his police baton and his stun gun. "I guess so." He said, then he charged at COMMANDO.

A hoarse voice called the station.

"This is commissioner Blair, I need an ambulance."

When they picked him up, he had a broken arm, both legs were broken, five cracked ribs and a severe concussion.

"Who did this to you?" An officer asked.

"Who?" Blair replied. "IT WAS F#CKING COMMANDO!"


COMMANDO's alarm went off in his head. He has been tracking Edwards to see if he is trying any more experiments. He just heard that Edwards received a large donation. If Edwards is getting money, he must be up to something. Time to pay this donor a visit.

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@mikesterman: Got your message, I will read this another day. (On call today- sleep.)

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@mikesterman: Not to be non-committal, but pretty much the same as I thought of it before: decent story in need of good editing. At the point I stopped, he had put on the suit, so it's good to see him starting to veer towards becoming the hero. I'll let you know what I think when I get to the end too.

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