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I inhale deeply and like always, I feel the icy cold burn that soon follows. I fight to keep my eyes open as I stare down the maniacly laughing clown dressed in purple, laughing directly into my face as he holds the hammer, getting ready to smash it against my wife's containment unit. Her beautiful complexion shining through the glass, sprakling, like her skin is coated in a thousand crystals. I can't find words to describe how angry I am, all I can do is huff and puff in my cryo-suit, weak points have been exploited thanks to the Clown and his sick monster of a 'mate'. She now stands in the corner of my icy fortress, which is now quickly becoming hotter due to the clown messing with the temperature, grinning, and egging on The Clown. My dearest Nora, I'm sorry, I tried so hard, I tried so hard to stop all of it, but I wasn't good enough. If my body would allow me to cry, I would, but unfortunately, I can only feel the icy burn within my eye sockets. I can only feel the never ending pain.

"Cheer up, Freeze-Pop!" The clown screams, howling as his thugs laugh, they surround us like blood-thirsty sharks. The Clown is not dumb, that much is for sure, he brought back up, just in case everything went wrong, just in case I went completely hostile. The Joker is not dumb, and that is something I should have realized before going into business with a psycho like him, and now, not only am I paying for this mistake, Nora is too. I failed her! I failed the one person whos till loved me! I'm so sorry! But there's no time to convey emotions before the ice coating the roof above us compeltely shatters, and the Bat falls in, and for the first time, I see that he is a hero, as he begins to beat the thugs to a bloody pulp, a look of anger plastered across his face. He's helping me, he was always trying to help, but unfortunately, it's because of him that The Clown becomes angered, and smashes the hammer against Nora's glass encasing her. I scream, somehow I find the strength. I can feel anger, sadness, sorrow, defeat....FAilure...As I watch her body fall from it's case and onto the icy floor before me. I lunge to her, but the new found strength I have regained is cut to short as the clown shatters the dome which covers my head. I feel the heat pour into my body. The suit has no effect anymore. This is it.

I crawl to her with what power I have left as The Batman shatters multiple ribs that belong to The Joker. I feel nothing but failure as I pull off the large glove covering one of my hands, and intertwine my fingers with hers. The Clown is unconcious, and my vision is fading along with the sounds of The Batman screaming my name, as he attempts to shake me awake, he begs me to stay with him, but he knows I am to far gone, he knows I am happy. My eyes close, and I feel myself smile as I begin to fall, I fall with Nora in my arms through the abyss, we fall towards a light together, and for the first time in a long time, I feel....


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@TheJester: I'm sorry this one kinda passed me by, very good!

Bit sad, hard to really feel sad for Mr Freeze (who is a stone killer with no real remorse), but still the tugs on the emotional heartstrings. Good job