Classic Spider Man (Script)

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Page One

Panel One: Show a man in a room full of lighted candles, the man is asian, shirtless, wearing sweatpants.

Panel Two (Smaller, inner panel): Show the man's eyes.

Cap: My name is Duncan Theron.

Panel Three: Show the man's foot in mid kick, the candle's flames are snuffed out.

Cap: It's an odd name I know.

Panel Four: Show a punch, more candles are snuffed out.

Cap: I was once shipwrecked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where I washed ashore on an island unknown to mankind.

Panel Five: A punch

Panel Six: A tornado kick

Cap: They taught me the art of hunting, it was their life. They once spoke of a man...the ultimate hunt....

Panel Seven: A kick, focus on the foot.

Panel Eight: a punch

Panel Nine: A punch

Page Two:

One Page Image: the man stands there, all candles snuffed out, in a martial arts stance

Cap: ....A SPIDER Man.

Inner Panel: Show is eyes (again)

Cap: I was raised in what he called the Savage land.

Page Three:

One Page Image: Spider Man in mid swing across two skyscrapers, make it a heroic pose (It should be nighttime)

Cap: My name is Parker. People call me Spider Man.

Cap: It's been three years since I was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained spider-like powers. I'm a sophmore in High School...

Page Four:

Panel One: Only show the back of Spidey's head. The real focus is what he's staring at. Seven men (between ages thirteen and seventeen) Mugging an old man.

Cap: ....and I've just found trouble.

Panel Two: Spider Man is swinging in, kicking a man ( Age 15) while swinging. He falls into a trash can.

SFX: Crrsh!

Panel Three: Spider Man sticking to a wall.

Spider Man: Well, excuse me, folks, but isn't it past your bedtime?

Panel four: Show three of the six men left.

Man #2: Kill 'im! 
]Page Five:

Large Image: Show spiderman swinging across multiple bodies, lightly shaded "ghost images" to show how he dodges. Solid image should be behind man #2

Spider Man: Well. Excuse. Me. for. Trying. To Be. An. Upstanding. Citizen!

Panel Two: Man #2 in mid turn

Panel Three: Spider Man takes the man down with a punch to the face.

Panel Four: Two men go at him

Page Six:

Panel One: Spider Man does a split kick, knocking the two men back.


Panel Two: The remaining three men stare aghast.

Man #5: How'd you do that?

Panel Three: Spider Man does a heroic pose

Spider Man: You haven't heard, I'm Spider Man!

Page Seven:

Panel One: Just show the face of man #7

Man #7: Who?

Panel Two: Spider Man bowing his head in shame.

Spider Man: ugh.

Panel Three: Two men in mid swing, Spidey has a web attatched to the roof of the building, he swings his feet up and hits the two men.

Panel Four: Spider Man smashing the last Man's face into a wall.

Cap: typical.

Page Eight:

Panel One: Show a far away image of Spider Man, dwarfed by his AUNT MAY'S house.

Panel Two: Peter Parker going up the stairs to his room (he should be in the background.) Aunt May is in the forefront of this, watching the TV.

Aunt May: Peter, where have you been? I was worried sick!

Peter: Sorry, Aunt May, I the library, studying, and I, uh, kinda lost track of time.

Panel Three: Peter opens the door to his room. Photos from the DAILY BUGLE and his pictures of Spider Man are all around the room.

Panel Four: Peter flops onto his bed.


Panel Five: Peter's face

Peter: ugh, what night.

Page Nine:

Panel One: Show boots zipping up

Panel Two: Show a black leather shirt being put on.

Panel Three: Show A leather half mask being put on.

Page Ten:

A one page image of Duncan Theron, dressed in a black leather uniform, with a sword strapped to his side, and a gun on his back, and escrima sticks on his other side.

Cap: My name is Duncan Theron....

Cap:....The hunt has begun

Page Eleven:

Panel One: Show Punisher's van.

Cap: Hours Later

Cap: Hideout of the Punisher

Panel Two: Show Punisher from shoulders and above, we can see he's shooting a gun.


Panel Two: Just an escrima stick, the background should make it clear it struck something.


Panel Two: Show the ruins of the Punisher's van, we have seen the very end of the fight. It has been brutal.

Duncan: Now.....tell me where the Spider Man is....

Panel Three: Punisher is sitting on the floor against a wall. One of Duncan's hands is on his neck, the other holds a gun to his head.

Punisher: ooohhh God.

Page Twelve:

Panel One: show Duncan's determined eyes.

Duncan (shouting): TELL ME!

Panel Two: Punisher's broken, bloody face.

Punisher: I..swear, I don't know!

Panel Three: Duncan's lips

Duncan: You're lyyyYYing.

Punisher: His....he lives in New York....his name is Peter Parker....

Panel Four: Duncan leaving.

Duncan: Gooooood.

Page Thirteen: 
Full page splash: the Punisher's wrecked van, Duncan goes to leave.

Cap: My name is Duncan Theron....

Cap:....The hunt has begun.....

Cap: You may call me the Hunter.....

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not sure if I will continue this...I can't think of a substantial plot.
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#3  Edited By Project_Worm
This is pretty good man, although i think I liked it better in a normal story format..