Clark part 23

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continued from here part 22

Kansas State University 2001

Clark and Lori sat eating quietly, both looked as if they had something to say but weren't sure how. Finally Clark laid down his fork, "I got offered an internship at the Daily Star, but it requires me to transfer to Met. U."

Lori sighed, "I have some news as well. I was planing on waiting until the semester ended to tell you but, I'm going back to Atlantis."

Clark looked shocked, "I was kind of hoping you'd move to Metropolis with me."

She shook her head, "And what keep living in a fish tank for the rest of my life? Or hang out in a filthy harbor waiting for you to visit?"

He lowered his head as she continued, "I can't ask you to come with me, I know you'd be miserable, but I need to go home, to be with my own kind."

Clark nodded, "Must be nice to have the option."

She glared at him, "That's not fair...."

Clark cut her off, "That wasn't a dig, I understand. Can't say I'm happy about it but its how it is."

The two then silently finished up their meal.


September 2001 Metropolis University

Clark was finishing up unpacking and setting up his new dorm room. He'd managed to get himself a single, he considered it for the best since he really wouldn't have much time to get to know a roommate any way. He'd been living out of a flea bag motel while he'd worked his internship through the summer and was glad to finally be able to sleep on a bed he didn't worry was a former crime scene.

He had grown bored with his duties of lunch and coffee runs and he'd thought he'd scream if he was forced to get one more post it note. But he was starting in the mail room now for actual pay which he hoped would make it more tolerable.

He had spent his nights patrolling the streets stopping random muggings and the like moving to fast to be seen. A rumor sprung up that the Flash had returned and Clark seemed content to let Jay take the credit. Now he sat looking around his room where he sat alone and gave a nod.


Clark pushed the mail cart through the office tossing mail on various desks when a man came stomping out of the editor's office and walked into the cart. Clark looked up to see Lex Luthor with a scowl on his face. Lex looked him over, "Have we met?"

Clark nodded, "Clark Kent, I interviewed you for my school paper once."

Lex thought for a moment, "Oh, yes. Well nice to see you're still in the industry."

Clark noted the arrogant smirk on his face, "We can't all come out the gate as Billionaires, if we did you wouldn't be so special Mr. Luthor."

Lex noted his sarcastic tone, "Nice talking to you Kent, but I'm sure someone needs you to get them a bagel and I have business to attend to."

Clark gritted his teeth as he gave a nod and Lex walked away. As he walked Lex glanced back, "Smug little farm boy."

Clark found himself muttering as he walked, "Pompous asshole, that guy."


As the day ended his boss walked over to Clark, "We're going to have to let you go."

Clark was confused, "What?!"

His boss looked guilty as he spoke, "Sorry kid, this came down from the new owner of the paper. Don't know what you did to piss Luthor off but he wants you out."


As he left the building he noticed the editor of the Daily Planet standing beside a hot dog cart. He looked over at Clark, "Rough day, kid?"

Clark nodded, "Just got fired for not worshiping Lex Luthor apparently."

The man smiled and put out his hand to shake Clark's, "Perry White, if you're interested my mail room could use a new pair of hands."

Clark took his hand and shook it, "Thank you sir, but can I ask why?"

Perry shrugged, "Just to piss off Luthor really, you got a problem with that?"

Clark smiled, "No sir."

"Great, you can start tomorrow, bring some coffee."

Clark watched him walk away, "Nice guy."

(To be continued)


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Still don't like the language coming from Clark- especially "a-hole." Just because this is updated and modern doesn't mean that everyone cusses. There are still some people who don't, and plainly, I think the Kents would be one of those families. That's not to be prudish, it just seems very out of character for Clark. Added to my FF Long Box. :)