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Seriously? I thought I was done with this.

Smalleville, Kansas 1997

Clark woke up with a grin on this crisp, cold February morning. He knew it wasn't his real birthday, Just some random day his parents put on paper work but as far as he was concerned it was his day. He stretched and started getting dressed.


Later on Clark sat at the table with Jonathan and Lana as Martha placed the cake on the table shooing Krypto away as they started singing "Happy Birthday".

As they finished up Clark leaned in to blow out the birthday candles. The cake shot across the room and splattered against the wall and Clark put his head in his hand and gave out an annoyed sigh while Lana and his parents did their best to hold in their chuckles.

Krypto happily wagged his tail as he gobbled up the destroyed cake from the floor causing Martha to break down in laughter.


Jonathan stood over Clark, "Well, your lungs are technically muscles, right? So it kinda makes sense that they'd be just as strong as the rest of you."

Clark nodded as he looked at the line of cans across the barn and blew. Unfortunately Clark misjudged the power of his breath and knocked the rear door off the barn. "Okay, we don't really need to test the strength right now, lets move on to control."

Jonathan stared at his broken barn door and some shocked cows and nodded in agreement.


The next morning Clark woke up his dad," "You gotta see this."

They went to the kitchen and Jonathan gave him a curious look as he filled the sink with water, "Okay, what am I watching?"

Clark leaned over the sink, "Just look."

He then tightly pursed his lips and blew over the surface of the water which quickly began turning to ice."I can freeze things with my breath."

Jonathan looked it over, "Neat."

Martha stood behind them rubbing the sleep from her eyes,"That's amazing, now thaw out my sink."


The Fortress

Clark stands in front of Jor-El's hologram, "I need to know if this is the last ability I'm going to develop?"

The hologram responded, "We were aware that due to the natural radiation absorbing physiology of Kryptonians that the radiation from a yellow sun would have certain side effects though we had assumed given the difference in gravity that you would be stronger here but as for the rest, I am learning of them as you are, though it stands to reason that you should be completely saturated with Solar energy at this point so I can assume this may be the last of them but there is no way to know for sure."


Back at the Kent farm

Clark strolls in as Jonathan asked,"What'd you find out?"

He shrugged, "Well odds are good that this is the last one but there's really no way to tell for sure, also apparently the sun gives me my powers."

Jonathan nods as he turns on the news, the anchor man announces," The search for Bruce Wayne was halted today as his butler, an Alfred Pennyworth, assured people that Wayne was in fact alive and well and is merely on an extended vacation. This news comes some six months after Wayne, who has become quite well known for his anti social behavior, seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. His current whereabouts are currently known only to himself and Mr. Pennyworth."

Clark looked at the TV, "Hey I saw him in Japan the other day...."

Clark slammed his hand over his mouth as both his parents glared at him,"What the hell were you doing in Japan?"

Clark dropped his hand, "Umm...."


"So let me get this straight, While we were thinking you were in bed, you were hanging out with a billionaire in Tokyo?"

Clark looked away from his father's glare, "I wasn't hanging out with the guy I just saw him when I caught the kid who fell off the building. Also it was Kyoto."

Jonathan's aggravation only increased, "So what? You've been flying around like some guardian angel?"

Clark stood up, "I was helping people."

His father's glare returned, "You know its not safe for people to find out about you. If one of those people were to recognize you..."

Clark was now glaring back, "I made it through whole galaxies to get to Earth, any one of a billion things could have gone wrong but instead I made it here. That means something, maybe these powers mean I'm supposed to do more than hide on a farm for the rest of my life."

Jonathan huffed sarcastically, "Well I'm so sorry for holding you back."

Clark was now yelling, "You know that's not what I meant!"

Martha yelled over the both of them, "You two are being ridiculous, now calm down!"

Jonathan and Clark glared at each other for a second then Clark stomped up the stairs, Jonathan looked back to Martha, "That boy can be so damned head strong."

She rolled her eyes, "Yea I have no idea where he gets that."

She then wandered back into the kitchen, Jonathan started to say something but Martha cut him off from the other room, "I don't want to hear it."

(To be continued)

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Well...this is still awesome. And you`re cranking these up at respectable speed.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Thank you, I'm trying to keep a steady development pace without going too slow with it.

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Krypto gets the cake! Oh happy day! Added to my FF Long Box. :)

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@joshmightbe: Can't ground Superman it's almost impossible. Then again he is a boy scout so he'd likely do what he's told.