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This was the contest and people had to use THIS awesome image and creature a character that revolves around it. Brilliant quality all round - Seven Days of voting this time.

Stories in order of submission - Good luck to all


The trees aren’t like the ones I remember from before. They rise from the earth, they sprout leaves, some have flowers, some bear fruit and, if spared the woodsman’s axe, they grow tall and strong, but, unlike the trees I once knew...they aren’t innocent. The groves march like armies under the cover of night, the forests roar with the sounds of many voices. They think, they ponder, they move and they watch. I can feel them now, their eyes upon me, staring, glaring, judging...

I don’t like them.

It was five years ago that everything changed, five years ago that the world was twisted and damaged. Life was made fluid on that day, things became other things, lives became other lives. There seemed no method, no rule of thumb. How things changed seemed no more uniform than the casting of pebbles on the shore, no more predictable than the path of a storm. People became beasts, men became women, women became men, adults became children, children became adults, tall short, short tall, fat thin. It didn’t matter who or what you were, you were changed and that was that.

I alone seem to remember. I alone know what once was and I alone carry the burden of why it happened. It was my fault...all my fault...and I pay the price for my lapse in judgment every single day.

I didn’t look like this five years ago. Before my trails at the hands of the Swine Brüder I was never bound with steel and iron as I currently am, I never spoke with the hiss of an asp or breathed with such discomfort and hardship. My fur was never singed and my eyes were an asset. I had friends, a family, a home.

All lost.

There is no home for me here now, no four walls to keep me safe, no soft bed to keep me warm. Family? Who knows where they ended up. I like to imagine that they’re happy, that they’re free from danger or troubles in this most troubling of worlds, but most of all, I hope that they’re still together, even though I’m not with them. I hope they’re still a family. I never realised what that meant before, “family”, or how important it was, but I’d do anything to see them again, to hug my mother and father.

I can’t remember the last time I did that.

It used to make me cringe to be hugged and kissed by my parents, but now…nothing would bring me more comfort or joy.

For all I know they’re trees, perhaps in this very wood, perhaps I’ve felt their eyes upon me, perhaps it is their eyes that I feel upon me at this moment, angry, restless, vengeful. Do they know what I did? Do they know it’s my fault? Do they hate me for it?

Please don’t let them be trees.

As for’s hard to say. There are the birds.

They follow me everywhere, my company of little black sentinels, shadowing my path at a distance. I speak to them and feel somehow comforted by their presence, but are they friends? Not really...not in the way that I once knew the word.

They are only friends in as much as I provide them with the sustenance they crave, with my sword and my dagger and my cunning, and in as much as I myself shall one day sustain them, should I fall and the light of this broken and damaged body fail.

They are not friends as I would once have known the word, but in this new world, where everything has changed, so too has the meaning of things and these birds are indeed my friends.

Who else has seen what lies beneath the cowl, the armor and the mask, who else has seen me feed, and who else has seen these things and not fled, repulsed by my countenance?

No other.

For their part they have proven of use to me, and not just for their company. Whether they have formed an attachment to me, or whether they simply see me as a better tool to gather food thanbecome food is unknowable, but they have worked to our mutual benefit at times.

Do they know of my impediments, do they understand my failings? At times I have thought so, for they have warned me of danger when my eyes have not seen, and pointed me towards the hunt when my ears have not heard. Without them, my belly, and as a result, their bellies, would have laid empty on many a night, especially when the snows have made prey scarce and my vision blur with the all-engulfing white.

Thanks to them, my poor body has healed. I am strong again, not as I once was, but to the best I could hope for. Thanks to them I have found new purpose, a new path.

And so I stand here under a dark and angry sky, baptised by the downpour, on the verge between the woods and the city, preparing to march into the cold ruins, to walk the cracked and bloodied streets with my “friends” at my back. Their fierce eyes urge me eagerly forward, their demanding caws press me on and if not for the smell of iodine and burning flesh I might not hesitate as I do.

I know she’s down there waiting for me, hidden within the caverns of this antiquated tableau to the ignorance of men, and I know she has my end in her heart, and I would rush to face her blade if the anticipation of our coming together did not fill me with such contentment. I fear that should we meet, and one of us be gathered up by death, my happiness at the thought of her might end and plunge me into sorrow.

The girl in the scarlet cloak.

I felt her pressed against me once, as she lay at my side, burying her face in the fur of my back. She was the first person that I met after the wish, the first one to hear my story and we’ve been at each other’s throats ever since.

She does not remember before, but believes that I do, and hates me for my part in the tale, hates me, as all should.

There’s history between her and I now, things that can’t be forgotten easily...fear.

She tries to hide it, to be brave, but she’s afraid of me, and I can’t really blame her. I’ve done things.

It is yet another cruelty of the Djinn that the source of my greatest happiness in this world is also the source of my greatest woe. Perhaps given time she wouldn’t fear me anymore, perhaps one day we could have been true friends, perhaps one day we might have been more, maybe even...

No. I am fooling myself. I’m not like her. I’m not even human. She could never love me. I’m a wolf, and not just any wolf, but the biggest baddest wolf there is.


As I walked through the streets, riddled with corpses and covered in blood, I was alone. No one to keep company but the crows. I perched high up, hoping to find somebody, any living creature, that wasn't picking at the flesh of my fallen comrades. There was death in the air. I choked on the stench. My eyes burned, searching for the people I loved, but they were gone. No life. Just me.

I leaped down to the streets, and once more saw my comrades pecked at by crows, nibbled on by rats, that scurried away as I walked. The feeling of complete solitude, knowing that there was nobody to see you, hear you, of love you was soul-crushing.

The only thing I hide under this hood is sadness, for the loss of my people, anger, at the people who caused this, and madness, ever growing madness. The longer I stayed here, the more i felt these things. I resisted madness, but not anymore. I have come to accept it, to love it, and to wield it like an axe, crashing down on my enemies, and spilling oceans of blood on their streets, as they did mine.

As I walked through the streets, riddled with corpses and covered with blood, I smiled.

I wear no armor now, my cowl has been hidden. Now, I am a civillian in the capital city of the enemy country. As I walked, I could almost see the bodies, feasted on by vermin, and the cracked black blood that caked the streets. I walked, knowing that revenge would be mine, and that there was nothing to stop me.

A man with nothing to lose is a very dangerous man indeed, and Indeed, I have nothing to lose. I crossed the street, dark, dank, crowded with people who smelled of feces rushing to stalls where they bought rotted fruit, I pitied them. They would live like vermin, and die like vermin.

I walked into an alley, and was approached by two large men, one of them wielding a baseball bat. "Hey, you mind handing us that money?" they said, coming closer. "No, I need this. Something important." the men looked at each other and smiled. "Well, this is more important. Hand it over before we cut your fu-" one man said, before falling to the ground, lobotomized with a gold pencil. The other man ran, but met a fitting end, when he tripped, and fell in the streets, trampled by the poor an homeless.

I made it to my apartment, that smelled of my city. I slept, and took out a new set of clothes. Officer's armor. I pulled it on, before exiting via a vent, as not to be seen exiting my apartment as a different man. I painted my skin, and went to the capital, where armed guards patrolled in pairs, and pointed rifles out of every window.

"Hello. I request entry." The guard took a look at my badge. "You may enter." he said, opening the door. As I walked, I could still see my city, men limp, laying on control panels, my president dangling from the ceiling by his noose.

I walked, and nobody acknowledged me. It reminded me of the solitude of my city, alone, nobody there. Nobody noticed me, thanks to my disguise. I traveled to the president's office, surprised at the lack of suspicion, I looked to the next two guards.

"Permission to speak with the president." I said. "Permission granted. You may enter."

I walked in, and drew my pistol. "Wait! What are you doing, son!?" he yelled. I looked down, and somehow I was in my hooded armor again. I shot the president twice, and shot through the walls at the guards. I heard two thuds before pressing the button on his desk to detonate nuclear weapons. I looked out the window, waiting for the blast, when I recognized my city, still bustling with people. My people. The people I loved.

I saw my city out the window, and then I saw it die. The people crumpled on the ground. I saw my city when I pressed the button. I did this.

As I walked through the streets, riddled with bodies and covered with blood, I cried. I saw everybody dead. This was my home city. I had done this to the people I loved. And I couldn't forgive myself.

I had succumbed to madness, and I has destroyed everything. I had placed my gun against my temple, ready to end it all, when I heard a lonr voice in the distance, like me, trying to find any sign of life. I approached him, and as he was cheering, I shot him in the head.

As I walked through the streets, riddled with bodies, covered in blood, I smiled.


DARHUM CITY (Don't ask me what a Darhum is.)

Officer Brian Carson sat in his car and smoked a cigarette. he pondered the events of the last few days. Last Monday a corrupt businessman had been found dead in his office. Murdered. They found him with his throat slit and a dart in his left arm, beneath his left arm laid a pistol. Apparently he'd tried to shoot at someone. The next several nights the same thing happened with slightly different occurrences. A corrupt judge fell out of a skyscraper's window. When there was no one in the building. A construction worker on the Darhum City Skyline (a skyline which had collapsed a few weeks after being built) had been found buried under wet cement. The pattern continued for the next two days until... last night. The police had received an untraceable phone call from a man with a gruff voice. Tonight the mayor was going to be executed during his re-election speech. For some reason the voice wanted a challenge.

"Pretty crap night ain't it Brian?" Private Peter Walsly asked as he entered the car. He carefully balanced two cups of coffee on top of a pizza box, as he placed them on his seat.

"Every night's a crap night Pete. At least in Darhum. Don't need any homicidal idiots to make it worse. What time does the mayor get here?"


"Then what the hell are we waiting for? Let's get inside. The Pizza can wait."


Darhum City Hall

"So I say DOWN WITH MASKED VIGILANTISM! Anyone who puts on a costume and takes the law into their own hands will have the minimum of a 15 year sentence!" The mayor stood upon his stage surrounded by banners supporting his name. Instead of placing them on the walls like any normal sociopath would. He'd instead framed them and leaned them on the supports holding the roof up. The hooded figure stood in the rafters watching the whole scene.

"Bloody idiot..." The figure whispered. His hood revealed nothing of his features and there was a slight piece of British accent in his voice. The banners would make good cover if it came to a chase scene. The figure wasn't expecting it to. It never had before. It never had in any of the cities he'd been to. London, New York, Detroit, Manchester. Every city had become slightly better since he'd arrived there. He watched as the mayor stepped down from the stage and the party started. Two police officers stood by the entrance to the building. One of them held a pizza box in his hands. The figure would have found this humorous. If he was capable of feeling such emotion. He waited in the rafters, for several minutes before witnessing the mayor slipping away through a door.

"No one ever gets away that easily." The figure muttered.

The figure silently jumped behind one of the banners and changed into his disguise there. The figure kept his hood on. However changed the robes and gauntlets for richer attire. Something most people in this city couldn't afford. If the figure's plan went correctly that was going to change. The figure stepped out from behind the banner and was temporarily blinded by the lights. The figure ignored this and walked out into the crowd.


"Idiot." Brian said as he leaned against the wall. The security in this building was terrible. Brian had already noticed several ways to break through. He'd have to go through with the rest of the force over proper security measures later.

"You say something Bri?" Peter said with his mouth full of food. Brian tried not to look at his partner and best friend.

"Nothing's wrong Pete I just..." Brian started to say. As his eyes stared round the room he noticed the mayor slipping into a door, nobody else noticed.

"That idiot!" Brian yelled as he started to push through the crowd. "He's going to get himself killed!" Brian smashed through the door and ran up a flight of stairs.

"Evening, constable. What ever is the matter?" Brian heard the mayor say as he turned round the corner. The mayor wasn't alone. With him were several members of the Black Swans, including their leader the White Hawk.

"What the hell is this?!" Brian yelled. "Are you working with the swans?!"

"Of course. In exchange for partial power, they promise to cut down on their criminal activities!"

"Yeah. That WAS the deal" The White Hawk said as he shot the mayor in the head. The mayor's body collapsed on the floor and his eye's rolled into pure whiteness. "Looks like we get all the power now!" The White Hawk's skin started to morph into what seemed to be the mayor's body.

"Too bad you had to burst in like that. Looks like you're going to have to die." The Swan said as he turned his gun towards Brian.

Brian's life flashed before his eyes. He thought over what he'd just seen and wished he'd done more with it. He closed his eyes and prepared for the end. This was followed by several loud thumps as bodies collapsed on the floor.


The figure hid in the shadows as he watched the Swan shoot the mayor in the head. The figure wasn't at all surprised when the White Hawk's appearance changed. In fact it'd been expecting it. It didn't matter anyway. Now he was going to die instead. The figure started to run and leaped over the constable's head. The Black Swan's looked in surprise and terror at the mysterious cloaked figure appearing above them. They were all too shocked to fire their guns. Which gave the figure more then enough time to fire several darts into the 3 normal Swan's necks. The figure landed on top of the White Hawk and looked down into the Hawk's eyes.

"What the fu-?!" The Hawk started to say before the figure snapped his neck.

"What the hell are you?!" The constable said from behind the figure. The figure turned and teleported in front of a window. The figure's plan hadn't gone as he wanted. The constable pulled his pistol out and aimed it at the figure.

"I said what are you?! Are you that assassin guy who's been running around?!" The constable was trying not to tremble as sweat rolled down his forehead.

"It's simple really. I'm the Blackbird." The figure said as Ravens crashed through the window enveloping him in their feathers. He took a step back and fell into the city below...


”Dude, I totally need to sleep...”

7 o` clock. It was time to wake up, and her alarm clock made sure of it. It ringed, and the cacophonic music it made, forced her eye lids to open. Barely. She slammed the clock to quiet it down. She closed her eyes again. She layed on her bed for a few minutes, knew that she had to rise from her comfy, yet extremely unhygienic sheets, soon. She forgot to.

After 4 minutes, the clock rang again. She slammed it again.

This was repeated for 5 times until she rose extremely slowly, while at the same time cursing the necessary snooze alarm.

She dragged her (currently) barely alive, yellow Homo Sapiens Sapiens-like body to the bathroom and emptied six of her nine bladders.

She rinced her face with icy water to wake up.

Then she went to the kitchen. Made a smoothy of her toe nails, cat hair, moldy yogurt, bones and fresh Passion fruit (she put that incredient in to the blender by accident). She drank it, was repulsed by the fruits taste but swallowed it nonetheless.

She expressed her disgust. ”Ghaahg!” Then she rinced her mouth with water, and drank tainted ape blood to get rid of the awful taste.

She brushed her teeth.

She took of her turquoise night gown. She doesn`t need a bra, because she has extremely small breasts, so she didn`t put them on. Then she put on her panties, stockings, socks, jeans, contact lenses, long sleeved woolen shirt, woolen trousers, warm gloves and full body armor with a hood that disguises her face completely (even she has no idea why she wears it). Then her jacket and boots. She stepped outside of her okay flat.

It was a cold (-5), grey day. It was raining very wet snow. She cursed again, for 11 whole minutes. She hates the soggy kind of snow.

She walked on and after 10 minutes she arrived to the city center, where a few silent beings (four humanoids, three unicorns and seven internet trolls) were minding their own business. A familiar (to her) figure was sitting in the bench next to the water fountain that portrayed Wally West, the Third Flash (Who had once saved the world of this story from certain doom. But you haven`t read that story. I`m pretty sure nobody has.).

The figure said: ”Hello to you Royranain. Good mo-”

The robot saw the humanoids facial expression with it`s night vision. It wasn`t a delighted expression. Hence the change in his dialogue.

”I mean, adjectiveless morning.”

Royranain slunk to the bench, and uttered to her robotic friend.

”Dude, I totally need to sleep...”

”Those bags beneath your eyes do imply that you do.”

”Quit being a smartass,.”

”You know I can`t, due to my programming.” The robot said with no emotion in its voice at all. Which doesn`t mean that it would be impossible, to notice the sarcastic tone that it placed atop its words.

”Shuddup.” She said, and placed a tired tone atop of her words.”You know, last night, I bet I didn`t even get an hour of...YAAAAAAWN...sleep...”

”Do you want the traditional pick-me-up?”Asked Serial number 45686805345.


The robot pointed it`s hand to Royranains direction.


”Tha-tha-that-thanks!” Stuttered Roy.

”You`re welcome carbon based lifeform.”

Three minutes passed.

”It`s wearing off...” Roy muttered.

”Too bad.” Said Serial number.

She didn`t reply

There started to be more silent beings walking around the square (surrounded by wooden cottages that looked exactly the same).

”I saw a dream last night.” Said the robot.

”Whut was it about this time...?” She said, her eyes closed.

”Everyone on this square except for you shall die after a few minutes.”

”Okay then. It was nice knowing you.”She said.

”I`m serious.”

”Be whoever you like to be.”

For a minute, it was quiet.

”Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...I`m so qrhhnhdfbjvnmffjkfjfn tired!”

”I wonder if I have feelings...I sometimes feel that I do. But, if I do have them, I should be panicking right now. Shocked at the very least. But...maybe I don`t feel those emotions.” The robot pondered.

”Yeah...Maybe...” She said, not really caring what the hell the metallic lifeform was saying.

She forced herself to rise up, scretched and uttered:

”Well, of to work, to the old pickle jar factory.”

”I doubt it.”

Roy was going to throw a smart quip, when suddenly...

Was it really- was. A sand storm was coming closer and closer to the village.

”SANDSTORM!!!!”She (and someone else, in the distance) yelled.

Everyone rushed inside the cottages.

”Wont help.” Said 45686805345.

”Will you cut that crap out! Let`s go inside!”

The storm was 15 miles away.

”It would help, if that would be a sandstorm. But it`s actually an army constisting of 99999999999999999 flying titanium Minotaurus`s. We`re so Goddamn doomed.”

Roy listened to the robot, which stood up and took it`s seven laser guns to its seven hands, and said, almost half asleep.


Then she said.

”Please dude...don`t say that. If you say that, I...I need to get you some help...because you really believe that the storm there, consists of mythical creatures...”

”What I described to you isn`t all that impossible in a universe where anything is possible.”

The bot handed Roy a portable telescope.

”Why should I look at a mere sand storm?” She asked, trying to hide the fact that she was afraid to look at this particular mere sandstorm, that might not be a mere sandstorm at all.

The droid gazed a long, irritated look at her.

Roy un-portabled the telescope, and looked trough the lens.

She saw various Flying Minotaurus`s purely consisting of titanium. They were 10 miles away.


”Such multitasking. You staggered and dropped the telescope, while screaming that particular word.”

”For chrissakes shut up and hand me a rifle!!!”

”I`m using all of my arms.”

Rory grabbed a rifle from the robots back.

She breathed heavily.

She was more scared than she had ever been before. She felt awkward to ask it, but she knew she had to.

”Why...why are we holding these?”

”We`ll try to destroy as many of those as possible. The less there are, the less lifes they can destroy. Of course, a few isn`t much, but it`s better than nothing.”

”A-(snif)aha...” She said, sobbing, tears flowing down her cheeks. Mucus down her nose.

”Goodbye Roy. I enjoyed your refreshingly nettling persona.”


The robot thought: Lack of sleep makes her a very emotional person, apparently.

I have to save her. After all, she is my only friend who is still alive. I`d like to keep her that way.

But how?

The heroic robot remembered something it hadn`t thought about in years. According to the myths, Flying titanium Minotaurus`s had a code of honor, to never kill anyone who was sleeping. The bot, unfortunately, cannot sleep, or even load it`s batteries in sleep like manner. But...then again, it didn`t really care. What it cared about was, as noted previously, saving Roys life.

The robot decided to do so by playing a fitting, peaceful song via its iPod.

While listening to it, Roy started to fall asleep.

”Huh...?” She muttered askingly.

After listening to it for 26 seconds, she was snoring.

The horrifying horde zoomed towards the silently standing robot. The army was a hunred meters away. It aimed the guns at them, and started firing. Dozens of anthropomorphic creatures soon noticed that they had large holes in them. After these realisations, they kicked the buckets.

In less than half a minute, they reached the outer cottages that surrounded the square. In a minute, the cottages were toothpicks and sawdust. The lone protagonist made of steel-copper uttered its last words, while still firing the guns.

”Holy motherfu-”


Then it was gone.

The army goed on, destroying the square (including the water fountain). Then the village (14 persons ( Roy included )were sleeping, and they were all spared, even if it was very difficult to do). Then the other village that was close to it. Then the city that was close to it. They didn`t know why they did that, but they just did.

They almost completely ignored (they noticed her, then ignored her) Roys silent figure. And even if the decibels and tremors around her were magnificent, she hadn`t awoken. That tired she was.

14 hours passed. She woke up. Opened her eyes. Layed there. The time was 20 o` clock now. She looked around her. These are the words she uttered.




”Every single thing...”

”Serial number 45686805345...He saved me...”

After 20 minutes, she spoke again.

”Why do I feel so guilty?”


”Must be that survivors quilt I read about...”

”My home is gone...”

There she layed, on the ground, in her heavy costume. Thinking what to do next. Then she started to cry again. She cried for fife minutes. Then she walked away from the spot. She joined the 13 other survivors. They banded together, and went on their way to find food, shelter, liquids, more people and some kind of sense in the world. They found very little of all of that, and died after 10 years, in a world almost completely ravaged by those bloody Minotaurus dudes and dames.

And when the eternal sleep started to come for Roy, she hoped it would mean precisely that. Eternal sleep.

The end.


Whispers of Bats

It's incredible how quickly word spreads in a city full of secrets.

I know what your thinking, this is the part where I introduce myself and you clap, hoot and holler but in truth I don't know my own name.

If you would like something to identify me by however then perhaps you can identify me by the clothing I wear almost every night.

White hood, my crucifix laced black armor, armor induced brown gloves or my simple metallic shoes.

I don't mind at all really since all I know is what the bats tell me, and the bats tell me one name Phillip Materazzi.

Just like most stories mine started on the rooftops of the highest building I could find in the city, I still remember the cool breeze that cut across me, I can still feel the goosebumps.

In a quick swoop I descended through the wind that carried me through the night and towards an apartment on Seastreet Avenue, St. Marks where he lay snoring and whaling in his sleep.

I remember thinking back then how he could sleep so still, how he could sleep at all knowing what he knew, what I knew, what the bats knew.

I flicked out my dagger from my sleeve and made my way through his bombshell of a room that consisted of a stench of alcohol, a decoration of well made cocaine and a golden chandelier that creaked and swayed from side to side ready to fall at any moment as it hung above his body by a tiny little thread.

I didn't bother to ask him the question of why in fear he might jump up, since the bats hate the squeals as do I plus I did not want the others interfering in my private affairs.

But as the luck of the pitch dark night would have it, the sandman's hourglass ended as his alarm clock rung and he woke up with a 9.24 calibre handgun at the ready with fully loaded ammunition.

"Who the hell are you?" he yelped with a twitching gaze that pulled up his cheek every two seonds and a trigger happy finger that was ready to pounce at any second as the gun pointed directly at the top of my body.

I didn't respond as I threw my dagger into the floorboard on the ground and raised my hands as I listened closely to the bats as they began to circulate around Materazzi.

"I'll shoot I sware, I'll do it don't move" he said with a failed attempt at confidence as his arms and legs shivered and knocked in fear but as I soon found out, it does not take a confident man to shoot a gun. In fact it's the opposite.

His gunfire blazed through my hood, cut right through the woolen cloth and went through the window outside.

"Holy s**t you have no head!" he yelled with a shocked look written across his face as my hood flopped down to reveal the black smoke that takes its place. The shards of glass began to sprinkle and shatter on the ground.

The crash of the glass drove the bats insane as they shifted and swerved with a screech every second. The swung all around him and with it they carried the the chants and whispers of my memories. The whispers of how she died, the whisper of how I lost my head and the whispers of why he had to die.

"NO!" He attempted to shift his way through the chants that bickered and consumed his ear drums.

He flung his gun at my chest, I let it fall to the ground as I stood and listened.

The cuts from the bats claws and the never ending cycle of information made his eyes shudder in guilt.

He eventually smashed his chin off the ground and grasped my hand as the blood began to slowly trickle out from his nose as if he wanted to tell me something.

"remember me please" he groaned as he gasped for his very last breath.

In a heat of the moment and the cold of the night for what ever reason my knees dragged me down to the ground and into the pool of blood he lay in.

The red splashed over my white hooded outfit and his blood lunged towards me as if to say it was the color that suited me.

"He's dead" one bat hissed to interrupt a very prolonged silence throughout the night.

"F...B....I" another whispered in return.

"No" I whispered back in dismay.

I moved my finger along the engraving that said "Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity" something he was left without on that night.

I tried to remember why I was hunting him but I'd no head and with it no mind or memories, all I could rely on were the whispers of bats. I wish I could see his face even a little bit just so I could tell if he was innocent if it evens was Philip Materazzi. "Was he innocent?" I pondered.

"Get up" the bats hailed and my feet suddenly followed.

As my feet followed the whispers they began to twist.

One bat whispered to me "He chopped off your head, killed her and lied until his very death as a drug dealer"

Another whispered "He was your best friend who told nothing but the truth, tried to save you and was an informer"

I left the scene with the idea of he was an evil man but the bats whisper about that scenario every night asking the same question and they still haven't found the answer nor have I.

Phillip Materazzi...that is the one name I know and it is the one that will haunt me even when the bats stop whispering.

I'd cry if I could, I'd be angry if I had an emotion to spare but one thing is for certain,

I can only rely on the whispers of the bats.



Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2062

Nature’s sorrow drenched upon me, and the sky was now as dim as my soul. The love of my life was stolen from me; she was now the captive of a broken man who sought to mold the world in the shape of his twisted ambitions. As I pondered how things could have ended this poorly a collection of ravens circled above my head. The flock flew away from the stormclouds dropping a feather into the palm of my hand. Small particles of hydroreactive nanites arose from the feather leaving the words: Don’t do this!--Crane. I should have taken my mentor’s advice but my passions clouded my judgment. Shortly before my departure I made it clear to my colleagues that this was my fight, not the Brotherhood’s. My adversaries anticipated my surrender, they expected me to sacrifices myself for her like any hero would do, but Emilia didn’t need a hero—she needed an assassin!


I guess this story makes the most sense if I start with the basics. My name is Alec Shaw and I kill people. I’m not a serial murderer or a sociopath; at least I don’t believe I am. I kill for my order because they would kill for me; it’s as simple as that. As an orphan on the streets of Detroit I was bounced through the child care system like a pinball. My countless encounters with broken homes made me lose any sense of hope for humanity, but that all changed when I met her. I first met Emilia when I was 11 years old after she burned my abusive foster parents alive. She was only 9 at this time but I guess that girls have a habit of maturing faster than boys. She was terrifying at first but she explained that she was once alone too. She promised me that if I came with her I would never be alone again. After I helped her get rid of the bodies she brought me into the Assassins’ Order. The Brotherhood gave me the family that I always desired. The assassins provided a path for my life and Emilia gave it a purpose. As time passed both my skills and my renown grew exponentially. I became known as the hero of the Brotherhood after I terminated the last branch of the Templars. If only I knew what dangers where approaching perhaps more lives could have been saved.


After a few years passed, a recent boom in technology presented the Brotherhood with an even greater threat. Shaun Hastings, a legendary member of the Assassins, had began develop new methods to recreate the first civilization’s pieces of Eden. Once the Order demanded him to end his research, he and several other assassins formed a separatist sect called the Kenways, named after the Brotherhood’s most infamous traitor. The Kenways and the Order have been fighting one another ever since.

In the recent weeks we discovered that the Kenways have finished building a machine that can duplicate the relics of the first civilization. It operates as an animus but apparently kills the user. Some reports even detail that Hastings has resorted to using his own lieutenants as fuel for his machine. Despite Rebecca Crane’s best wishes, she reluctantly approved an order for Hastings’ assassination. Emilia and four other master assassins were commissioned for the contract. I was shocked when I heard the old man’s voice on my phone, he didn’t just survive the attack, he managed to capture the assassins. That was when he pitched his offer to me; if I took her seat in the animus he would spare her life in return. I instantly complied with the lunatic’s request and headed for the rendezvous.


I tracked the signal Hastings left to an abandoned tower in Yorkshire. Ironically, it used to be one of Abstergo Industries many research & development centers. After the last group of templars fell Abstergo was dissolved into dozens of smaller corporations. This property was bought by the Fawkes group, as a shell company for that the Kenways could use to launder money. It was a fitting venue to end this, once and for all.

I pulled up on my motorcycle a few blocks away to gear up before the raid. Though I came alone I made sure I was heavily armed. There was no way of knowing if Emilia was still alive and even if she was, I couldn’t trust the word of a traitor. The retinal sensors in my contacts outlined an X-ray of the building. Hastings office was covered in blue static waves; this wasn’t surprising considering that he designed over half of the assassin’s tech. He and Em had to be on the top floor and the only thing that separated us where about 12 stories and a 30 guards.

I didn’t bother with subterfuge, after all Shaun might have been a traitor but he was still a trained assassin. Those senses can dull a little over the years but our training never goes away. I made my entrance by crashing my motorcycle through the front door and exploding the gas tank with a well placed shot. I slowly walked through the lobby to examine the damage, five down, 26 to go.

As I approached the elevator, a familiar face appeared on the blue screen. “Emilia!” I shouted in desperation, instantly regretting my outburst of affection.

“Alec don’t come up! It’s a tr”-- Hastings interrupted our reunion by quickly gagging her mouth.

“Well that’s enough of that, I’ve held up my end of the bargain do you care to hold up yours?” He asked. The camera zoomed out revealing that Emilia was restrained to the animus chair. I holstered my pistols and calmly walked into the elevator. Hastings grimaced; he enjoyed watching me think over my next move. Before I ascended to the Hastings’ office, the elevator stopped a few floors below. Shaun’s face appeared on the monitor inside of the elevator. “On second thought, I don’t mind if you let off some steam before you get her. Deep down I’m a romantic at heart and I find this little love story you have with Emilia to be entertaining. I guess to some extent I’m actually rooting for you which is why I prepared a little surprise for you.” He chuckled before opening the doors of the elevator. Over two dozen guards stood in the hallway, they took their stances and had their weapons drawn. “I’ll leave the rest to you --and Shaw-- don’t disappoint me.”

Despite their numbers, I still had one advantage left. They needed me alive and I had the luxury of using lethal weapons. Still, if even one of those tranq darts made contact through my armor I might as well be dead. I had a split second to react before they attacked. I drew my pistols and emptied 12 rounds into the dart gunners first. I fired another two rounds before I was tackled to the ground by one of the guards; the blitz knocked my pistols away from me. I countered the incoming strike by stabbing one of my hidden blades through his chest, then I tossed the impaled guard into two other henchmen. I drew both of my blades as the remaining guards pulled out stun batons. My hidden blades were different than most of the other assassins. The blade on my left hand operated like a crossbow which fired steel projectile bolts and the blade on my right was a four foot sword that heated up to 450 degrees. I fired two bolts into the guards on the floor sliced through another five of the men as if they were made of butter. The remaining sentries connected their stun batons together, each forming an electric staff. They fought well, and couple of them even managed to land a few hits, but they were outmatched. I picked up my pistols and headed to the staircase, it was time to end this.


As I made my way to Hastings’ office, I heard a faint but recognizable voice whisper my name. “Alec” She cried.

“Emilia!” I shouted in relief. I as I ran to the animus I noticed that Hastings was nowhere to be found. Only Emilia and a small factory of machines occupied the room. “Where is he?” I inquired.

“I don’t know. Quick, untie me before he comes back!” She pleaded.

I removed the harness and helped lift her up. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment before she kissed me. I kissed her back as she coiled her arms around me a whispered “Took you long enough.”

“I love you too.” We both smiled as she squeezed me even tighter. “Em what are you doing? We have to find Hastings and end this.”

Tears rolled down her eyes before she replied. “That’s what I’m doing Al, I’m ending this.”

I looked down in confusion as I felt a hidden blade pierce through one of my kidneys. My legs began to tremble as she placed me into the animus.

Like clockwork, Sean Hastings emerged from the shadows and slowly clapped his hands. “I’ve have give it to the girl. She’s quite the actress isn’t she?”

“Have I done well?” She asked.

“Stupendously well!” Shaun appraised.

“You used me! But why?” I asked.

Used is such a trivial notion, we all use each other sweety, but the truth that you seek is hidden in the first lie I ever told you. You see, I was never truly alone and my name is not Emilia Collins, it’s Emilia Hastings. My father gave me my mother’s maiden name to shield me from this lifestyle. When the Templars killed my parents, my grandfather and I were determined to bring them back at any cost. That’s where you came in.”

“The animus still runs on Desmond Miles dna since he was the only one who could fully operate the machine.” Shaun interjected. “Anyone else who uses the machine begins to slowly decompose. I chose you because you happen to be Desmond’s last descendent.”

“Can’t you see how ridiculous this is? You’ve become the same people that we spent years fighting against. What would your loved ones think of you now?”

“They would think that we were trying to fix the world. We aren’t going to use the power for vanity we intend to make the world a better place. This conversation is over!” Emilia began to power up the animus.

“Yes this is over. Time for plan B!” I shot several bolts through the openings in my armor, shredding up several vitals in the process.

“You idiot!” Emilia screeched. I’d like to think that her feelings for me were truly sincere. “Why did you do that?”

“I made some mods to this suit before I came here. Ever hear of a dead man’s switch? Well once my heart stops beating the core in my suit creates an explosion strong enough to take off the top half of this building.”

“It seems I underestimated you.” Hastings concluded. “Well played Shaw, well played indeed.”

“You’ve only delayed the inevitable.” Emilia assured me. “Others will succeed where we have failed. You’ve wasted such a grand opportunity for us to transcend into the last stage of human history.”

I could feel more blood seeping into my lungs. It was getting harder to breath. In my last breathes I said “Don’t worry my love; this is merely the end of our beginning.”

The blue light flickered rapidly; it was ready to take us all into the abyss. I closed my eyes to prepare for the end but when I opened them I was in a clear white room.

A tall woman caressed my head and began to speak. “I’m afraid I can’t let you do this. My name is Minerva, and I still have plans for you.”



You’re teetering on the metal ledge now, your hands pointed towards the hell you’re sure to arrive at, your mind filled with flashing memories taunting your fallibility, a sweet scent of guilt clinging onto your every piece of skin.

Ahh, yes the armour. The one that you vowed a devil’s covenant to possess. How does it feel donning it with that dagger to slowly spill that cherry liquid out of that man in front of his son? You just laughed in front of that boy, a hearty one, while he silently whimpered on his father’s dead corpse.

You care now right? After 238 murders in 5 years, cheating on her and running away from it all. You ass.

You see that black swarming cloud that is blocking your light. You hear their cries but what is the thing you’re really listening to? Alas “The raven quoth, ‘Nevermore.’” The forecoming death omen.

Now’s the moment. What are you waiting for? Jump. Jump! Just do it as you have nothing to live for, no one that will care an effing bit about your existence and how life is a living hell and vice versa.

Make a last wish. So you wish to check out what the far flickering lights are. You won’t see this world anyways.

That can’t be. No. No, no, no. You can’t change your mind. You have to do it. You’re not worth redemption with that much blood on your hands, with your only sacrifice for those are your life. What! You have no right to live. You can’t shut me out of your mind for I’m you and you will never escape yourself.


Thunder roared and lightning cracked as the rain pelted down on the man who stood in my courtyard. He was here to kill me, I knew that much. What I didn’t know was why?

I dressed into my armour, as it hummed with power. I checked the diagnostics, asides from myself having a slightly irregular heartbeat; everything was running efficiently and precisely.

Who wanted me dead? Better question, who didn’t want me dead? It would be a shorter list.

I looked at the weapons rack carefully. He had come to my door not like a thief in the night, so I should honour the tradition and ritual. I plucked my bisento off the rack and checked the weight and the sharpness; both perfect. Though I may die, I will not go quietly. Silently I sent prayers to the gods of old, more out of habit than belief as I marched to my door. As I got to the massive wrought iron door I stop, and slowly look around at the beautifully crafted stonework, realising this may be the last time I see my house. It could be my last everything.

“If today be the day, so be it”

I open the door. Dramatically and almost on cue, thunder cracks through the clouds as the hooded man in power armour stands before me, face shrouded in darkness. A swirl of birds races across the sky looking for shelter from the worsening storm.

“Greeting your highness” His voice is hollow, emotionless, robotic.

“State your name for my record!” I demand as I walk towards him, my footsteps clanking over the thunder.

“Vladimir al-Kitani” From beneath his darkened cowl, two electric blue eyes light up; a damn cyborg!

I chock my bisento into the ground between two cobblestones “Akihito Borgia of the house of Borgia, current Galactic Pope”

My armour feeds me his information, as his obviously does the same.

{Name: Vladimir al-Kitani also known as The Hood of Death.

Base build: enhanced human DNA, cybernetic parts (scanalysis unavailable/jammed)

Currently in the employ of: the house of Abstergo (unconfirmed)

Kill record: 219 confirmed, 12 unconfirmed.}

“Are you prepared for death?” he asked as two long razor sharp blades slid from his wrists and into his hands.

“Are you?”

His response was muffled by another thunderclap. I took up my bisento and spun it around my body in a display of skill. He followed suit with a sword kata of his own. We each nod in approval and acknowledgement before we slowly circled each other like vultures around a carcass.

“So why does Animus want me dead this time?”

“I do not know your highness” replied Vladimir “I merely took the contract”

“You are just a dog” I smile “A dumb dog”

Vladimir’s blade flicks out, the edge of the blade nicking my ear. The sting ripples through my head as the battle computer kicks in. I step forward and feign a strike as his head, quickly spinning the lower blade up towards his crotch. He parries but it opens him up as I whirl the blade and attempt to remove his head from his shoulders. Vladimir ducks easily but his defence opens him up further to my offence. I press my attack, using both ends of the bisento keeping him on the back foot.

{Poison detected: Ophiophagus hannah or King cobra. Counter measures engaged}

“You have poisoned me? ME?” I yell as I attempt once again to cut him in half.

“You are wanted dead,” replied Vladimir as he parried and then began his own assault, I barely managed to get my guard up “My client didn’t specify how”

“You came to my door, following the protocols of old, to attempt to poison me!” I shriek. I almost can’t believe how angry I am at him! Poisoning me, the Galactic Pope!

“Your highness, I do this as it is what I have been contracted to do!” replied Vladimir as his blade snuck under my arm and severed the wiring to my left arm “I take no pleasure in this”

I hurl my bisento at him, catching him completely off guard as I have disarmed myself and tackle him to the ground, smashing my power gauntlet into his chest as I try to crack him open like a crustacean. As my one armed blows dent his chest, he activates his surge field shocking us both with massive doses of electricity. I am flung away like an old toy. Slowly he stands and takes up my weapon. My armour sizzles and pops, the power fading.

“You have fought well your highness” he said. Slowly he raised my weapon high above his head “But not well enough”


Vladimir looked down at the fist sized hole I had blown through his chest with my Kenway bore cannon that I had hidden in my leg compartment, a gift to me from the previous Pope.

“He who hesitates is dead, my son” I said as he fell backwards onto the cold stone floor. I crawl over to his body, rain sparking off the exposed circuitry from his fatal wound. I make the signs of the gods old so this one may know rest in the next life.

{Auxiliary power online. Recommencing: poison counter measures.

Vladimir al-Kitani: deceased.

Battle statistics for Pope Akihito Borgia updating…Kill record: 798 confirmed, 9 unconfirmed}

I get to my feet, return the cannon to its secret compartment and take up my bisento, wiping his hand prints from it. This will be the last time the house of Abstergo offends me, the office of the Galactic Pope or the gods of old. Too many times have they challenged. I have been far too lenient upon them, as has my house! Tonight I will bring war to them.

“In the names of the gods of old; I, Pope Akihito Borgia, of the house of Borgia, in this year of three thousand and sixty six, do swear to wipe the house of Abstergo from the face of the galaxy! Their lives, their names, their souls shall be stricken from all corners!”

The thunder roared in approval.


My name is Kalar Alan. I was a pretty ordinary guy with a pretty ordinary life, until one fateful night happened, two years ago.

I was sitting on top of the roof of an abandoned building; my usual hang out place. It was nighttime. I stared at the stars in the sky thinking to myself.

“This world is decaying into the abyss.” A mysterious voice spoke.

“Who’s there!?” I demanded. No response was given. I looked around and saw nobody. I got up and jumped down the side of the building, sliding down a ramp I left there. I didn’t want to stay around here at the moment. It was creeping me out.

As I started to walk away, a strange pulse of heaviness filled the area around me, and I couldn’t move. A man appeared in front of me, floating about a foot in the air, wearing a weird armor that was old and rusted looking. He came right at me, then...

“Home?” I woke up in my house. I got up and looked out the window. Was it all just a dream? I got dressed, and looked in a mirror to brush my hair, when I saw the man in the mirror. I turned around, but I was alone. Looking at the mirror again, he wasn’t there, but there was an envelope attached to the mirror, with the words “Open Me” written on it.

Warily, I reached for it, and picked it up. I carefully opened it, to find a blank piece of paper, as if I were being taunted. I put the paper back into the envelope, stuck it in my pocket, and left the house. I noticed there were news crews heading to the area the abandoned building was at. I decided to see what the big deal was.

When I got there, the entire area was demolished. It was in ruins. But at the same time, it seemed orderly, like somebody was trying to leave a message. I went to the roof of a nearby building, and looked at the ruins. It was a message. “Hold Me”. The paper from the envelope. I pulled it out, and it started to glow.

“Under The Oak Tree” The glowing message left almost as soon as it appeared. I was frozen. I buried a personal item under an Oak Tree at my childhood home. I had to go there now.

When I got to my childhood home, I quickly went to the Oak Tree. I started digging until I saw the box. I opened it, and the pendant which my mom left me after she died was still there. It was glowing now, and the paper started to glow too. I pulled out the paper and it read “Wear Me”. I put on the necklace, and the pendant’s glow surrounded the entire area. It seemed to erase the world around me, leaving me in a dark empty area, with light coming from one area.

“You have the power to stop it.” The mysterious voice from before spoke.

“Who are you!? What do you want with me!?” I demanded once again.

“Somebody who failed to save their world. But you still have a chance.” The mysterious voice responded.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked.

“Follow the light.” The voice faded away.

“Follow the light. Okay then.” I walked towards the light. As I continued walking, the light grew stronger, and overcame the darkness from before. When all that remained was light, I saw a door. I reached for the handle, opened the door, and walked through.

I was in a room. A children’s room it seemed. It looked like it hadn’t been touched for a long time. There were no windows or doors, except for the door I came through, which was now blocked by dirt. I noticed a trap door in the middle of the room. My mother’s pendant glowed when I got near it. I had no other options, so I decided to open it.

I went down, and found a long tunnel lit with torches. I started to follow it, until I came up to a large chest at the end of the tunnel. The pendant was glowing brightly now. I opened it, and found the armor the man from last night was wearing, only it looked new. I touched it, and it appeared on me instantly.

The pendant’s glow surrounded the area again, and I was at some weird location. It felt awful in this place, like there were souls screaming in agony.

“You’re back.” The man from before spoke. I quickly turned around to see him floating behind me.

“What is going on!?” I demanded.

“We don’t have time. You’re world is decaying into the abyss. We have to act now.” He spoke to me.

“So I’ve been told. But I want answ-“ I was cut off when the world around me seemed to be changing. It was changing into a malefic, corrupt version of what it once was, and what it once was wasn’t very pleasant to begin with. A large monster appeared in the sky. It looked like an eastern dragon. It started to charge towards us.

“We have to go NOW!” He yelled at me. He charged at me, grabbed me, and flew us through a portal he created with his armor.

We ended up back at the Oak Tree. “WHAT WAS THAT!?” I yelled.

“That was the very same thing that destroyed my world. Or rather, will be the very same thing that destroyed my world.” He said to me.

“You want to explain to me what you mean by that?” I asked harshly. I was tired of all this.

“When the time is right, you’ll know what I meant. But for now, you have to train. Learn to use that armor of yours, or your world will meet the same fate.” And just like that, he was gone.


It’s been two years since all of that happened. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about this armor. It has unusual powers. I’ve become well known by the people of my world now, as I’ve used those powers to become its hero. They call me The Guardian. 4 minutes ago, the piece of paper, which I’ve dubbed POP, glowed once more. It read “The Final Battle Begins”. I can already feel it. The Dragon is approaching. The man appeared behind me.

“Figured you’d show up.” I said, without even turning to look at him. The Dragon showed up, and the area around us began to alter into the malefic form it did in his world when it showed.

“It’s time.” He said. I got up and we charged at the Dragon.


A couple of hours later The Dragon was severely weakened. We might actually have a chance. I charged to deliver the final blow.

“NO WAIT!” The man yelled at me. He quickly appeared in between me and The Dragon, and for a good reason. The Dragon fired off a terrifyingly large blast, which hit him head on.

I quickly finished my charge, and sliced The Dragon’s head off, ending the battle. I rushed over to the man, and held him in my arms. He was dead. His helmet was off, and I could see his face. He was me. An older me. I finally knew what he meant. He broke down the time barrier to fix his failure, and sacrificed himself to save me. In his world, he made the same mistake I did, and it damaged his armor, preventing him from ever killing The Dragon. I quickly blasted a hole out of the ground, and placed him in it. I covered him up with dirt, and made a makeshift tombstone.

“Here Lies The Guardian.

He Will Never Be Forgotten.”



Varg Vikernes. That was once his name. Back when he was still a man. Still a creation of the Unnamed Inventor, maker of all things. Before time had changed him, and the mad science of evil men had changed him still more. Why did he survive the collapse of the castle? Why did his wife have to die? These were things he had pondered once as he raged against an indifferent universe. They had taken him. Modified his body, and had thus corrupted him by insulting the Unnamed Inventor. He was an unwilling tool of Corruption now.

The rain beat down roughly on his leather cloak. But he doesn't care. The toxic stew falling from the sky wouldn't affect his metal body even if it could eat through the mutant leather of his cloak. He looked again at the name inscribed on his corrupted arm. ‘Mycroft.’ That was the name of the Corrupter who walked in human flesh. She called herself Techia. But she was the corrupter. Spreading her evil doctrine of eternal life through man-made ‘improvements.’ He didn't know if she was directly involved in his corruption, but she was the inventor of the unholy body he found himself a prisoner of. He didn't even know how much of himself was still left under all of the metal implants.

He had a plan to redeem his soul from corruption though. He was going to kill the Corrupter in her weak, human flesh. He would end her, and save the souls of who knew how many future generations from corruption.

Punktrichter (as he now called himself) drudged through the filthy back ally way's of London. The polluted rainfall was flowing over his ankles, and various pieces of garbage bumped against his legs on their way to the drain. A human hand still wearing a fingerless glove floated past. It was quickly followed by a length of intestines. The water was starting to turn red now from blood. Down the ally a butcher was hunched over a dead body. As he watched it the creature buried its face into the dead woman’s belly, and savagely ripped out another chunk of viscera with its teeth. No. It was worse than that. The mutant held an unborn life clenched between its malformed jaws. This was not his land. And these were not his people. But this abomination was an affront to his sensibilities. He walked calmly to the creature, his metallic hands balled into fists of rage.

The creature hissed a warning at his approach. Its teeth were rotten and jagged. They leaned from its gums in all directions. Its eyes were a milky white. They had been eaten away by the rain even as the creature feasted. "Some say the mutation disease is a test from the Unnamed Inventor. A test for the faithful. Others say it is the work of the Corrupter. This I know. Corruption left untreated will only continue to spread. It must be stopped." The blind creature roared, and rushed at Punktrichter in a mindless rage. Punktrichter drove an open hand, fingers out, into the creatures face. He savagely ripped away the front of its skull, to reveal its deformed brain. As the creature scratched at his featureless helmet, he tore the brain loose and squeezed it to jelly in his hand. "You have been avenged." He told the poor dead woman as the lifeless butcher fell to the ground with a splash.

Like this corrupted human, the evil known as Techia would fall this night. It was a sign to encourage him on his holy mission.

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Hey dude, why ain`t the Youtube clip attached to my story?

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Just wanted to mention to all of you that I enjoyed your contributions -- I missed catching them all the submissions thread for the contest. :)

Also, having read all the submissions before -- I am going to take the weekend to re-read them. I think this has to be the most difficult contest in which to pick a winner. :/

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@lykopis: Of-course it is, Its my contest and they are always badass >:P

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@pyrogram: I think you left off the top part of my story where he introduces who he is (Kalar Alan), and says he was an ordinary person until one night two years ago.

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@delek_reap: Can you send me that and I will add it in.

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My name is Kalar Alan. I was a pretty ordinary guy with a pretty ordinary life, until one fateful night happened, two years ago.


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@pyrogram: Can I have two votes or half votes? I'm caught between two!

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@pyrogram: Ahhhhh bugger! Caught between Irishlad & dngn4774....I'll have another read and think over

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Good Lord this competition gets better and better each time I read the entries.

I've to go with batkevin74 for this purely because I liked his world the most.

This is really one of those votes though that will continue to change and make me wonder if I made the right decision though because in my opinion all of these entries deserve to win so good luck to everyone and congrats @batkevin74 on getting the first vote :P

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This was tough. After reading all of the stories I was torn between gumflabica and Irishlad. Ultimately, I liked Irishlad's story the best so I am voting for @irishlad. Here are some thoughts I had on each of the stories that I liked:

@irishlad I really loved how you used the character's amnesia and his psychic link to the bats as a way of providing answers whilst causing even more ambiguity.

@gumflabica Your story was great. Your ending skillfully captured the contest picture's sense of nihilism. I feel like your character had more dimensions than any of the other contestants' characters combined.

@batkevin74 I liked the diagnostics interface you incorporated into the armor. It made my think "Damn! Why didn't I think of that" the moment I read it in my head. Well played Pope Hawaiian Batman!

@wildvine Good Techia plugin on your story as your character's inventor. Using continuity even when you don't need to is always an nice bonus for your fanbase.

@delek_reap Your writing style definitely has a lot of potential. If you keep writing stories like this you might be the frontrunner in the next few comps.

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I vote Batkev.

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@dngn4774 Thank you very much for the vote.

Looks like batkev is running away with this one :P

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I vote irishlad

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@irishlad: Running away with 3 votes me, 2 votes you...the Great Escape! :)

@pyrogram: My vote goes too, and god I wanted to split it, goes to @dngn4774

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@pyrogram: 4 days down (well nearly four days)

3 votes Batkev, 2 votes Irishlad, 1 vote each for delekreap & dngn4774...I think, check my math

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Okay. I have been avoiding this long enough. Just want it stated that I read each story three times over and truly, truly, loved them all. Incredible talent in this contest - there is no doubt.

To help me, I had to place some rules in my own mind so I widdled down my choices to stories which seemed to focus more on the image and the environment the figure is in, rather than ones with a larger supporting cast. Not saying this was right, just so I can explain my mindset in attempting to choose a winner. It's like pushing away children. O_O

In doing so, I forced myself to pick only three (gah!) which were gumflabica, tommythehitman, and dngn4774. Today I reread the stories (again - so that makes four times in these instances) and after thinking about this for far too long -- even to the point of entertaining the option of not voting at all -- I have decided to pick @gumflabica.

So yeah. Thanks for the bloody torment, everyone. O_0

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@lykopis: Thanks for voting, and this was hard but that's the beauty of the contest! WE IMPROVE. And this is just showing that, really really awesome. The quality in the section improves with every contest and it makes me happy to see this :) Thanks for voting!

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Damn! That was the third writer that had me in the maybe column before they casted their final vote. I've gotta figure out what worked and didn't work in my entry before the next comp.

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Darn. Not even a maybe vote. I must be slipping....

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@wildvine: You shouldn't be so down on yourself. Competition was tough this time, there were about four stories I really liked instead of the usual two.

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Hmm I'm losing. Time to bring out the dirty tactics. Vote for me or I'll kill this puppy!

No Caption Provided

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That puppy is now dead. It's brains are currently being sprinkled as Mozzarella on top of my kid's sized pizza. Well done people.

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@tommythehitman: Well, I was going to vote for you anyway, but now that you've brought the puppy into it, you evil sod...

...I vote for tommythehitman. ;)

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@cbishop: The taste of victory goes well with my slice of Cocker Poodle Pizza!

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@cbishop said:

@tommythehitman: Well, I was going to vote for you anyway, but now that you've brought the puppy into it, you evil sod...

...I vote for tommythehitman. ;)

What are you doing cbishop? Haven't you scene any action movie? We're never supposed to give into terrorism--no matter how cute the poodle is.

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@tommythehitman: Waitaminute...we had a deal! You better mean that the Cocker Poodle cooked that pizza for you! That's just not right! It's vile! It's disgusting! It's...*mrf*...*urf*...*mm*...That's actually really good. Pass me a slice.

(no idea what's up with the bold - that was CV randomness)

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@dngn4774 said:

What are you doing cbishop? Haven't you scene any action movie? We're never supposed to give into terrorism--no matter how cute the poodle is.

Mwah-ha-haaaa...I have tasted the Cocker Poodle Pizza! And it is gooooooood!

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6 days, 10 hours ago

A few hours left!

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Really? Not one stinking vote?

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This was the OP I was going to design if I won this contest. Since that all seems unlikely now I was wondering if you were interested in using it for the next contest.

To pay tribute to the recent conclusion of Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern I thought it would be cool to have contestants create their own Lantern.

No Caption Provided


  1. The original character can be a part of any lantern corps, except the White or Black lanterns.
  2. This lantern cannot be from Space Sector 2814. Way too many rings go to earth and it would be more creative to create a lantern from another world. Inspirations can be taken from the 3600 Sectors of Space.
  3. Don't just create a character, put it into a story. Please describe the character's personality, what their world is like and their background.
  4. The word limit is 1000-2000 words.

I think you get where I'm going with this. What do you think?

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@cbishop: It's pretty nice. Luckily I'm keeping the box warm!

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Damn, Batkev won a round again.

Congrats, man!