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ok practically my version of HP so more deaths will happen

Cedric Eton


Chapter one


Eric Foss


Mist was covering the whole of England, and it was unusually cold, seeming it was the middle of summer. An odd looking sort of policeman was patrolling the streets of London his long black jacket hitting his heels as he walked, his sleek black shoes hit the ground as it just started to rain.

He didn’t seem to be bothered by the rain and as it started to come down extremely hard he still seemed dry. A gold plaque with the name Eric Foss engraved on it, laid standing out on his long black coat covering his chest shining brightly in the moonlight. On his dark black leather belt he had what looked like a bright white mini spray can, which was filled with pepper spray, next to that was a pair of silver handcuffs one side of them looked like they were tucked in his trousers, the other hanging over his belt. On the other side of his belt he had a big heavy black bat and what could be seen of a gun handle.

His long black coat swayed off to one side as he placed what resembled a stick down the back of his trousers, what looked like the handle was just sticking out at the top of his jeans, then his coat swept over and covered the twig looking thing.

The bottom of his jacket began to hit his heels again as he carried on down the street still not an inch of rain on his clothes. He turned a corner to see a pale, cold, messy looking man with dark brown eyes and light brown hair. The figure was wearing baggy navy blue jeans and a white jacket which was hiding his black shirt, lying flat and motionless on the edge of the pavement. Blood was pouring out of his nose, some of it going into his slightly opened mouth.

“Barton!” Eric called out with a hint of shock in his voice.

Eric slid over to Barton on the wet pavement, and wiped away the blood around his nose.

He didn’t need to check his pulse he could tell he was dead by his cold, unblinking eyes, staring up into space. And the fact his face was drained of colour and with a touch of his skin was as if you were touching ice. The man also had a twig looking thing just a few centimetres away from his open left hand except it was thinner, paler and sleeker. As Eric wiped the blood off Barton’s face you could see that he was a very handsome man.

Eric quickly pocketed the twig looking thing and stood up, he looked around listening intently for anything suspicious but all he could see was a dark figure, lit up by the light in his room.

He suddenly heard a faint scream of pain, from what he could gather it was a woman who screamed, it sounded not to far away, and as he looked to where he heard it he saw a dark alley being lit up by a flash of red for a brief second.

“Cassandra!” he called sliding to a halt in front of the alley.

A pretty woman with blonde hair a long pale blue coat, black trousers and white top, lay on the floor exactly as Barton had, she looked a bit more beat up though as if she put up a fight.

Eric knew Barton and Cassandra, a young married couple that worked at the Ministry same as him.

She also had a twig looking thing; it was a dark, sleek, straight looking twig lying down at her feet.

Eric walked forward but got pushed back by what looked like a wisp of smoke, and then he felt something hard pressing into his throat and a cold, evil voice whispered.

“Hello, Eric, long time no see…so how is my favourite cousin doing?” in his ear.

“Hello, Eimhir” Eric growled back.

He saw another wisp of smoke go over his shoulder but as it steadied he could see it was Eimhir’s arm with her long black ripped blouse as she started to lean on him still pressing something hard into his neck.

“Well I suppose you’ve guessed that I killed your friends. It was very easy, although they did get a few good shots in” she said showing Eric a deep cut in her arm “Well when I killed the man, Barton wasn’t it? She ran into this dead ended alley were it was easy to kill her…And now its your turn” she pushed him forward causing him to trip over the dead body of Cassandra. He put his hand to his gun and pulled it out but with an electric blue flash of light the gun was out of his hand and flying up in the air and with a flash of scarlet the gun exploded. He then went to put his hand to his heavy, black stick but with a bright orange light he quickly whipped his hand away, it felt as though he had just been burnt.

“Oh don’t be stupid Eric, use your wand” Eimhir cried out waving her wand frantically then steadying it to face Eric. Eimhir’s wand was long, black and crooked with what looked like a tiny red ruby on the handle. Her hair was dark and straight going curly at the end she had one streak of electric blue, and another streak of blood red. She was wearing muddy black boots a short black skirt which was longer on one side than the other and a ripped black blouse. She wasn’t bad looking but she had a grim smile and an evil glint in her eye.

Eric stood up taking Barton’s wand out of his pocket and then swept his brown hair out of his eyes and suddenly the both of them muttered something and a blood red light shot out of the end of Eimhir’s wand and a deep purple light shot out of Eric’s. The two lights connected in mid-air giving off a strange glow and light was bursting out of the middle and falling to the floor like hot wax, but disappearing when it hit the ground. Then another thing that looked like a wisp of smoke brushed him but gave a high impact when a hand appeared, he broke off the connection with Eimhir as he smashed into the wall and fell down. Suddenly clouds of black smoke hit the ground turning into people wearing long black robes. Eric whipped out his own wand and stood up and before anything else there were a load of sparks and different colours shot out from each of their wands and as Eric’s spells hit some of the black robed people they went flying backwards. Eric moved as quickly as he could, moving side-to-side dodging the sparks whilst firing off his own. The dark alley was lit up with all different colours until a purple light what made him flip over and crash into the alley wall, hit Eric.

Eric had cuts all over his body with some blood coming out of his nose now, he stood up ready to fight, then as he saw Eimhir he pointed his wand at her and muttered something. A blood red light shot out the end of his wand going straight for her. Eimhir jerked her head to the left slightly and the light passed over her shoulder and hit one of the black robed people, sending him up in the air and killing him instantly. Eimhir pointed her wand at Eric and suddenly he was writhing on the floor with pain, fidgeting madly, all Eric could see were the cloaked figures laughing, Eimhir cackled the most. Eimhir lifted her wand and Eric was forced to get up onto his knees, suddenly the pain was gone. Eric got up slowly and then pointed his wand at Eimhir but before he did anything a blood red light shot out of her wand and hit him directly on the chest.

Last thing Eric saw before he died was a bearded man with long black hair, and his arm out the window clutching something in his hand, then another blood red light.

Two hundred miles away, on the road of Parkanaur Avenue, Southend-On-Sea in the county of Essex. An old looking ginger cat and an even older looking wolf were prowling the streets side by side. When they reached where they wanted to be, the old ginger cat and the wolf walked into the shadows, the Ginger cat emerged an older looking woman with dark blue robes. Her grey hair was back in a knot and she had a strict expression on her face.

“Randulph where is he?” she said as the old grey wolf turned into an aging man, with grey hair tied in a small ponytail at the back and a grey beard that only just covered his neck, he was wearing long emerald green robes and with thin emerald green shoes.

“Don’t worry Saundra dear. I’m sure Ludovic will be here any minute” Randulph said emerging from the shadows, then from a few yards away, a tall, slender figure walked out of the darkness, his long black hair waving in the wind. The man was holding something wrapped up in blankets. The Man had a rigid black beard and medium length Black hair his eyes were cold and threatening although his face looked warm and welcoming. He was wearing a greyish black jacket that came down to his knees, an old grey shirt and dark black jeans that looked too big for him.

“I got him just after it happened, he’s sleeping at the moment. Randulph do you think he will remember any of this?” the slender man said his face half hidden in the shadows as he handed the aging man the blankets.

“I hope so Ludovic,” Randulph replied smiling down at what could be seen of a two year old baby boy with light brown hair.

“Someday little Cedric Eton will be big, tall, strong and famous. Well I think we should get little Cedric inside, don’t you?”

“Yes indeed and I’m sure Ludovic agrees” she shot Ludovic a threatening look.

“I agree,” said Ludo pointing his light brown wand at the door and whispering ‘ricosempra’ and the door burst open. He let Randulph and Saundra in through the door first before entering himself and closing the door behind him with another flick of his wand. They walked past the stairs and turned left into a large living room were Randulph placed tiny Cedric in a snug arm chair, he then pointed his wand at the fireplace and with a few sparks from his wand it was alight and with another flick, the chair baby Cedric was lying in was next to the fireplace.

“That should do” Randulph said placing a letter just by little baby Cedric “thank you Ludovic for bringing him here. Well I suppose that we should all be going. Until we meet again in eight years time little Cedric Eton” Randulph then bowed and walked out of the room being followed by Saundra then, after he’d given Cedric a kiss on the head, Ludovic.

When outside, Ludo bid them goodbye saying something about “better get goin’ with Ministry on my tail” then mounted his broomstick and flew off into the dark and dreary sky. Then Randulph whistled and a red motorbike came out of nowhere. Randulph then got on his deep red motorbike his long emerald green robes, turning into short scarlet ones as he sat down.

“You coming Saundra?” Randulph asked.

“Erm…if you don’t mind Headmaster I would like to celebrate, the death of the Dark Lord”

“Fine by me” said Randulph starting up his engine “see you at school” and he drove off down the road finally lifting up in the air and flying off into the darkness just as Ludovic had done.

Saundra looked around the street before turning into an old ginger cat and setting off down the street again.

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I like it