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Bob McLeod's
Bob McLeod's "Danger Man"

Hey, all! It's time to vote on CCC #89! The theme this time was to create a villain for Danger Man, and somewhere in the story, explain why he doesn't have a dog. Three stories this time- let's get to it.

The voting rules:

  • READ the stories, PICK your favorite one, and CAST your VOTE!
  • If you wrote, you should vote! (It's just sporting)
  • No voting for yourself. (Also sporting)
  • The voting deadline is Sunday, September 1, 2019, @11:59PM New York time (click the link if you're unsure).
  • Remember: All are welcome to vote, and the winner gets to pick the next contest.

The stories:

Batkevin74 - (untitled) [Villain: Destruction Donald]

This week on the Alphabetic Adventure Hour, we continue with part three on the letter D, with 'Does Danger Man Die?'

Danger Man's head lolled as he looked down at an ever growing pool of blood. His nose and mouth dripped blood. His hands were bound behind him. His feet shackled and the collar around his neck with the monotonous regular beep keep him accessing any of his magical, super or psionic powers. Footsteps echoed on the concrete floor as his masked assailant again came to visit.

"Ready for another round, Danger Man?" said the electronically disguised voice.

Danger Man wheezed. "I'll defeat dastardly...doer of..."

"Run out of alliterative words?"

Danger Man raised his head. "If you'd attacked me...fairly...not like a disrespectful discriminator..."

The assailant laughed a hollow laugh. "This isn't one of your duels, Danger Man! I was hired by those dragons you so love to fight for the express purpose of ending you! And I gladly took the job. Do you know why?"

Danger Man focused his bruised and blurry eyes as the figure before him. "No!"

"Oh yes!" Slowly, in dramatic fashion, the mask was removed and standing there was Danger Man's identical twin brother, Destruction Donald! "Hello brother."

"My evil identical doppelganger!"

"You could just say twin, you wordy prick!" Donald scoffed. "Finally, I get what I want and the dragons get what they want. Your ridiculous head on a platter, and then Doubleday City will be mine for the taking!"

"I'll stop dramatic fashion, Donald!" Danger Man vowed boldly despite his circumstances. "You duplicitous demon of..."

Donald smacked his brother in the mouth. "Oh shut up, Daniel! Always with the D's! It's like you're autistic or something. Just talk normally! Swear at me. Just say what you're feeling instead of always doing the D schtick!"

Danger Man spat a tooth on the floor. "You're a distraught degenerate doing devilish deeds, Donald! Mom would weep...if she was still alive."

Destruction Donald paused. He looked at his brother. "Y'know Daniel, I was just going to kick you around for a few hours and let you live with like a limp or an eyepatch. But now, since you've brought dear old mom into it, I'm just going to kill you."

"DO IT!" Danger Man yelled defiantly.

Destruction Donald was a little taken aback by the display of fury. "It would be easy to just break your neck. But I'm going to expose you to your greatness weakness. The thing you keep hidden from the world that only I know!"

"Donald," Danger Man began to plead. "If you're thinking of..."

Destruction Donald clicked his fingers and over trotted a dachshund, its little legs comically holding up its sausage like body. "Oh yes, Daniel! You're deathly allergic to dogs! Especially these elongated mutant things! I'm going to let this little rascal lick the daylights out of you causing you, to go into anaphlactic shock and die. Which you could do something about, like fly to the hospital, but the restraint collar built by Talia Tinkerer keeps you from accessing your powers! It's a perfect plan!"

Danger Man recoiled in abject fear as the little dog wobbled closer to him, sniffing the pool of blood.

"Donald, please don't..." Danger Man sobbed. "I'm sorry. Don't do this. Please!"

"Save the drama!" Donald snapped. "I'm now off to turn Doubleday City into the burning crater it should be and inform the dragons their archnemesis will soon be dead. Goodbye Daniel."

What's going to happen next? Will Danger Man survive? Will Destruction Donald be triumphant? Did you get all the D words and write them on your Alphabetic Adventure Hour spelling sheet?

Join us next week for the dramatic definitive conclusion of 'Does Danger Man Die?'

Oscuro - (untitled) [Villain: Dr. Doggo]

Police lights illumintae the desolate strip of buildings making up what's known as the Ghost District of Silver City. A pair of homicide detectives stand over a corpse that's been covered by a white sheet. One crouches down and lifts the sheet to get a look underneath. The person beneath is Citizen Quick, the city's resident speedster. He sighs deeply as he places back on top of the body.

Det 1: Jesus Christ. Who called it in?

Det 2: No idea yet. The caller was anonymous.

Det 1: Probably the person who did it.

Det 2: Agreed. We have a team working on tracing the call. In the meantime we need to keep the media as far away from this as possible.

Det 1: Has the Justice Brigade been contacted?

DM: We've been made aware of the situation.

The detectives turn around to see the preeminant hero of the city, Danger Man.

Det 2: Danger Man, the entire Silver City Police Department offers its condolences. Quick was a good man.

DM: A video was sent to our HQ a few minutes ago. Someone referring to themselves as the Kennel of Crime is claiming responsibility for tonight.

Det 1: We'll need to view it as soon as possible.

DM: Understood. I'll have Lightning Lady deliver a copy to you. In the meantime, I must make arrangements.

Danger Man looks at his fallen comrade before flying off into the night. Several blocks away he lands atop a roof. Tears stream down his face as he removes his mask, mourning his friend and mentor.

One week later

Billboards and memorials have been erected in honor of Citizen Quick, his smiling face on a remind of his valiant service to its citizenry. Of course, the local criminal element felt no such reverence for the hero. Reports of gunfire down at the city's largest bank alerts the police.


In a flash, Danger Man and Lightning Lady swoop down besides a police cruiser.

Officer: We have multiple gunmen. They've taken the bank tellers as hostages.

DM: Ok. We'll take it from here.

Lightning Lady transforms into her electrical form and enters the bank through the phone lines. Before the goons can react, she zaps each of them with enough voltage to render them unconscious.

LL: Hostiles are neutralized. Come get the hostages out DM.

Danger Man quickly enters through the barricaded doors and begins escorting the hostages out.

LL: They're wearing dog masks. Guess this is the Kennel of Crime's handiwork?

DM: Must be. God I hate dogs.

LL:You know, that dog bit you when you were 8 years old. Isn't it time to let that go?

DM: No. That's exactly why I don't have a dog. Never will. Ugh.

The sound of a walkie talkie crackles as voice emanates from one of the criminals vests.

This is just the beginning of my crime wave Danger Man. I will bring this city to its knees. Call me Dr. Doggo.

An uneasy feeling washes over the two costumed heroes. In a lair far underground the villainous Dr. Doggo plots his next dastardly deed.

DD: Soon Danger Man, I will have your head on a platter.

Cbishop - The Seven Deadly Days of Danger Man [Villain: Desmond Diamondback]

The Seven Deadly Days of Danger Man


On Sunday, Danger Man was seeking the Circle of Seven. This team had long been his worst enemies, and he had heard that they had a plan to traverse the timestream in order to bring back a dragon for him to duel. He dueled dragons all the time, but it was tiresome, and they'd sometimes eat bystanders before he could beat them- very vexing. Since this dragon was coming from another time, chances were that it would be particularly problematic. Danger Man just didn't understand why the Circle of Seven hounded him so. Nor why they were called the Circle of Seven when there were only six of them.

Unfortunately, though Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest, there was no rest for Danger Man. He had to stop a volcano in Venezuela, a tidal wave in Taiwan, and an avalanche in the Andes. By the time he had neutralized these natural disasters, the day was nearly done, and he had to get home to feed Desmond, his diamondback snake. The last time he forgot to do that, Desmond ate his companion, Danger Dog, and the Society of Super Pets had refused to let him have a new superdog since.


On Monday, The Circle of Seven devised a set of dastardly deeds with which to defeat the dreaded do-gooder, Danger Man. They had tried to demoralize Danger Man a decade ago by doing in his companion, Danger Dog, but their diamondback operative, Desmond, had defected. This left them a bit downhearted until Desmond decided to dine on Danger Dog anyway for reasons that were unknown to them. But these new schemes would surely send the superhero to the insane asylum if they were successful. They had already done a dry run the day before with an Unnatural Disaster Deadly Energy Ray, built by one of their members. Having kept Danger Man busy all day with the U.D.D.E.R., they now contemplated ways to continue to keep him distracted until their diabolical genius was done with the time machine, which he promised would be the big finish to finally fix the fate of their foe, Danger Man.

While the Circle of Seven finalized their fearsome plans, they had kept Danger Man busy with a giant robot moth that they'd sent to eat Tokyo. Danger Man had help from the gigantic Godzilla, but it didn't go as well as it could have. Due to the fact that Godzilla breathes fire, and looks somewhat like a dragon, Danger Man couldn't decide if he should duel Godzilla, or defeat the robot. Once Godzilla had singed his suit, but then turned his attention to the giant moth, Danger Man decided that perhaps helping defeat the mammoth mechanical moth monster was the way to go.


Rubies were needed to power the time machine being built by their diabolical genius, so on Tuesday, the Circle of Seven sent a pretty pink Pythopotamus to rob the Ruby Return. The Ruby Return is like the Diamond Exchange, but more alliterate. A Pythopotamus is part python, and part hippopotamus, but you may have already guessed that. It was also gigantic, because one of the Circle of Seven had a thing for commanding titanic creatures with which to torture citizens.

Caught in the coils of the pretty pink Pythopotamus, Danger Man was squeezed into unconsciousness, and left among the rubble of the Ruby Return, while the Pythopotamus departed with its purloined prizes. You might think that the Circle of Seven could have been rid of Danger Man right then and there, and you'd be correct, but fortunately for the fate of our hurting hero, the Pythopatamus thought itself much too pretty to commit a crime as hateful as hero homicide. And besides, not one of six of the Circle of Seven had given such an order, as it would have wasted what was looking like a week's worth of work to whip the time machine into working order. And wouldn't that just disturb their diabolical genius to no end?


Danger Man had dirtied three of his costumes on Sunday when dealing with the U.D.D.E.R. disasters, Godzilla had singed the fourth one on Monday when they battled the giant moth, and the Pythopotamus had stretched the fifth one out of sorts on Tuesday when it squeezed him into unconsciousness. He had a sixth costume which he was wearing now, and it was only Wednesday, so Danger Man spent the day doing laundry.

If he hadn't, then he would have had to spend Thursday at the laundry mat wearing only his Danger-briefs, and a paper bag over his head to keep his identity secret. It had perhaps worked for Arachnerd in the past, but he was concerned that he could get cited for indecent exposure, even though wearing only his Danger-briefs was little different from wearing swim trunks in public, and people didn't seem to mind when The Swimmer did it.

Still, he preferred to clean his clothes before trouble arose, because the only costume he had after this one was much too formal for fighting anything. He wore it to parties and fundraisers when they came up, but he usually saved it for Saturdays as he was a Seventh Day Adventist. Besides, the formal costume was dry clean only, and the cleaners charged extra for costume repair.

The Circle of Seven had been preoccupied with cleaning on Wednesday as well. It turns out that a pretty pink Pythopotamus isn't a very stable genus of genetic engineering, and in a spectacular splash of self-destruction, it splattered all six of the Circle of Seven with pretty pink Pythopotamus goo. And thanks to their teammate's penchant for particularly leviathanic lizards, that was a lot of goo gumming up the great hall of their headquarters. It also decidedly delayed the debut of the device being designed by their diabolical genius.


Needing to distract Danger Man from discovering their putrifacted plans, the Circle of Seven spent Thursday enacting an elaborate but breathtaking break-in of Danger Man's Palacio de Peligro. Their goal? None other than to kidnap their former ally, Desmond the diamondback. Succeeding in snatching the slithering snake, they returned to their secret headquarters which still had the stale smell of pretty pink Pythopotamus goo.

They had managed to multiply the mess with a mixture of their scientific and mystical knowledge, and turned half of it into a gargantuan green Gorillaphant- because apparently they didn't learn from the pretty pink Pythopotamus mishap- which they sent to fight Danger Man. Fighting the Gorillaphant is how Danger Man spent his day.

The other half of the mess they fought over, and it caused two accidents. The first was that it made Desmond into a very large purple diamondback. The second was that it smashed the six members of the Circle of Seven into a single sentient pile of pink goo resembling a big, bubbling brain that called itself the One Mind. It had all of their knowledge, but had the misfortune of being ruled by their diabolical genius.

Desmond attempted to stop the One Mind.


All of Friday, Desmond and the One Mind fought, until Desmond managed to swallow it. Unexpectedly, the One Mind took over Desmond, and the diabolical genius declared himself Desmond Diamondback! Desmond Diamondback then began to form his plan to finally fix Danger Man. To begin, he sent the hero a cryptic message that was supposedly from Danger Dog.


Oops! We're out of time! Tune in tomorrow, Danger Fans, for the thrilling conclusion of The Seven Deadly Days of Danger Man!

Remember: Votes due by Sunday, September 1, 2019, @11:59PM New York time (click the link if you're unsure).

I'm glad you're here. Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, and see you on the 1st! -cb :^D

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Voting Table:

  1. cbishop
  1. batkevin74
  2. TommytheHitman
  1. Oscuro

I'll add 'em as I see 'em.

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@nordok: Will you pin this, and unpin CCC #89 contest thread, please? Thank you.

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Seems we all went for the cliffhanger/tune in tomorrow ending :)

I’m voting for Oscuro

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Wish I had taken part in this. I will read through and offer a vote as well.

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Seems we all went for the cliffhanger/tune in tomorrow ending :)

I actually ran out of time, so I ended it with the "tune in tomorrow" ending. I had planned to actually end the story though. Maybe when I get around to re-posting it to the forum. :)

I liked both stories about the same, but I'm just not down with script format. So, voting for batkevin' this time.

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I vote for Oscuro.

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Hey two votes. Wish I wouldn't have waffled on my concept now, might've been able to give it a proper finish instead of having to rush ugh. I cast my vote for CB

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Tomorrow is the last day for votes. C'mon, peeps! Pick one and cast a vote! :)

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C'mon, peeps! Voting ends at 11:59pm tonight, NY time!

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It's official: @oscuro is our winner. Alright, man, bring us another! :)

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@cbishop: Rack’em up let’s go again!

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@cbishop: Rack’em up let’s go again!

Not me, man. It's Oscuro this time! ;)

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