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It was the spring of 1395 and the Dragon god has taken a human form and name Shinko Bolas. It has been his custom to be with the people every 100 years, so the people of the Ming dynasty were a bit unsettled that he had arrived 5 years early. It turns out that the Gods were going to hold a martial arts tournament and Shinko Bolas wanted a new weapon. The finest weapon makers from Fujian, Gansu, Henan, Hunan, Jilin, Qinghai and Shandong provinces all began to build him weapons. Bolas was unsatisfied with every proposal and growing angry. The tournament is to be held in 1400, and it is now 1398. A farmer in the town Shinko Bolas was staying in named San Liu has given much of his thoughts to Bolas's weapon because he fears that Bolas will burn the fields as punishment for the people failing him for so long. San Liu is pondering this as he clears a bit of bamboo from the edges of his field. He randomly decides to swing his kama high then low but dosen't cut all the way through with either cut as a panda comes out of the woods and startles him. San Liu looks at the bent bamboo and is suddenly struck with an idea. By the end of that day San Liu has invented the tri-staff called the panlong gun. When San gose to Bolas to present his weapon the weapon makers and town's folks alike laugh at his oddly connected sticks and also fear that such a crazy weapon will push Bolas over the edge. A Weapon maker from Gansu even tries to stop Liu drawing his sword. But to everyone's surprise including even San Liu himself he is able to knock out the craftsmen with his new weapon. Shinko Bolas is very pleased with this weapon and blows a bit of smoke into a jar and gives it to San Liu. He tells him to open the jar if every his fields need rain and the rain shall come. Not only dose this give San Liu's crops the water they need during the next year's drought but his crops thrive and are bigger and even taste better. San Liu is given a seat next to the Emperor the next year as the tournament beginnings.

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@basicfan30: Nice, few house keeping things.

Post it up with pic in the contest, just like a comment.

Edit! It needs a paragraph or two because it’s a big wall of text at the moment. You’ve got until the 17th so feel free to edit

Well done!