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Here's that song, link may or may not work but it's essentially Christopher Walken dancing :)

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In most stories the hero or heroine, sometimes even the bad guy, has a cool weapon. Something forged in the heart of a star or folded by Japanese swordsmiths ten thousand times or gifted to a worthy wielder. Weapons are a staple of fiction.

Excalibur, Mjolnir, Grasscutter, Stormbringer, Sting, Dragonlance, Sword of Omens, Gríðarvölr, Trishula, Gungnir, Cronus' Scythe, Thathlum, lightsabers, The Noisy Cricket, Longclaw, Bat'leth, The Auto 9, DL-44, Good Samaritan, Lawgiver, BFG 9000, phasers...the list goes on and on.

You get to invent a weapon of any kind; set in any universe you choose including your own. It can be modern or melee but it does have to be a personal type weapon so no Death Stars, tanks or batmobiles more along the lines of swords, pistols, spears etc.

It's the 3rd today in Australia, where I come from. You'll have 14 days to write/create the weapon (or weapons if its like a set) and we'll have a week long voting period. Last entries accepted until 11.59pm on the 17/5/19.

And let's get a few more and even new peoples along, so I'm calling out a plethora seeing as in like 15 more contests we'll also hit our 100th contest! OMG! So drumming up interest now






























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OOOOOh. Very cool. I'm up for it.

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Sounds cool- totally didn't get the callout. <sigh>

@nordok: Will you pin this, and unpin the CCC 84 Voting Thread, please? Thanks. -cb

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Before anyone starts writing I’m calling dibs on a battle axe named Thunderkrack.

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why am I tagged in this?

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why am I tagged in this?

Batkevin's just trying to get some new writers into the contest. :)

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@nordok: Thanks. :)

Before anyone starts writing I’m calling dibs on a battle axe named Thunderkrack.

Aww, I was almost finished with my entry... dangit. ;)

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@feral_nova: Had no idea you were a mod, and yes just trying to drum up some new writers of which you're more than welcome. Or not.

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@cbishop: You were like the 5th person tagged...weird

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@batkevin74 said:

@cbishop: You were like the 5th person tagged...weird

Yeah, I saw that. Not sure why you're mentioning it though. <scratches head>

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@cbishop said:

Sounds cool- totally didn't get the callout. <sigh>

Because of this

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@batkevin74: for this we will even have to mention the abilities of the weapon,you know like how mjolnr comes back to the wielder or spews lightning? And btw I got tagged thrice. I don't know how:-)

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@darkthunder: I like you three times as much as everyone else :)

It's your weapon, you tell us as much or as little as you like. At the end of the day when people vote on it, the best story/description wins. I'd tell'em everything from colour to capabilities

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@batkevin74: Oh, dur... I plead sleep deprivation on my previous comment. :}

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Post the idea here?

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@batkevin74: thanks.

Ot: I will get it ready in a few days

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@basicfan30: It was the spring of 1395 and the Dragon god has taken a human form and name Shinko Bolas. It has been his custom to be with the people every 100 years, so the people of the Ming dynasty were a bit unsettled that he had arrived 5 years early. It turns out that the Gods were going to hold a martial arts tournament and Shinko Bolas wanted a new weapon. The finest weapon makers from Fujian, Gansu, Henan, Hunan, Jilin, Qinghai and Shandong provinces all began to build him weapons. Bolas was unsatisfied with every proposal and growing angry. The tournament is to be held in 1400, and it is now 1398. A farmer in the town Shinko Bolas was staying in named San Liu has given much of his thoughts to Bolas's weapon because he fears that Bolas will burn the fields as punishment for the people failing him for so long. San Liu is pondering this as he clears a bit of bamboo from the edges of his field. He randomly decides to swing his kama high then low but dosen't cut all the way through with either cut as a panda comes out of the woods and startles him. San Liu looks at the bent bamboo and is suddenly struck with an idea. By the end of that day San Liu has invented the tri-staff called the panlong gun. When San gose to Bolas to present his weapon the weapon makers and town's folks alike laugh at his oddly connected sticks and also fear that such a crazy weapon will push Bolas over the edge. A Weapon maker from Gansu even tries to stop Liu drawing his sword. But to everyone's surprise including even San Liu himself he is able to knock out the craftsmen with his new weapon. Shinko Bolas is very pleased with this weapon and blows a bit of smoke into a jar and gives it to San Liu. He tells him to open the jar if every his fields need rain and the rain shall come. Not only dose this give San Liu's crops the water they need during the next year's drought but his crops thrive and are bigger and even taste better. San Liu is given a seat next to the Emperor the next year as the tournament beginnings.

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Comic Vine Forums Fan-Fic

Pyroflame ccc 85

<p>The powerful,the mystical,the mysterious Weapons of magic had always been a boon and curse on the weilder. But the greatest ones have the biggest curses. Pyroflame the great staff,made by magmarius of volcanare for his brother volkus. Made from the golden and silver lava of mountains aurus and Argentus. Embedded with the 5 rubies of pelegrim. This is a weapon of mass destruction. Origin: originally made for volkus this staff proved to be his greatest ally in many of his adventures. After his death, the staff was too dangerous to be left in volcanare, so they hid it in a forgotten realms for it's true wielder to find. Now it lies in a bottomless pit awaiting it's true master Enchantment: the staff is enchanted to obey a master of a fiery persona,for it's origin was fire related. Only it's true master could find it. Until then it is destined to float in the air and no one except it's master can pluck if out from there. If anyone tries,then it grows too hot for them Capabilities: flaming wheel- the staff can rotate very fast while generating fire from its ends so it looks like a wheel on fire. This attack is formidable as it can clear hordes of enemies. It also has a mind of its own It flies behind its owner Hand levitation-rotation - with this move the staff rotates really fast below the owners hand Flight: grants flight to user Pyrokinesis- as the name suggests,it grants the user flame generating abilities It also enables the user to be immortal and resilient to all forms of attacks. Memory storage: as the user and it are linked, the user can use it to access memories he has forgotten Weakness: it's weakness is if it is destroyed,the user would crumble into ash. It and the owners minds are kind of merged</p>

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Every war that has ever been fought has left behind it casualties whether they were is victims or the weapons used. Yes I said weapons, and one of the first to ever be given birth and helmed was the Lights Blade. A easily readied weapon that was pieced together from the bones of the fallen angels who died in the first salvo of heavens armies.

Created by Uriel and held in battle by Gabriel himself, it was first used against Sammael himself during the first days of the war, and after Uriel and his brigade was demolished by the FALLEN and the demons they had, it was again made into something even worse.

Sammael himself forged it further, embedding a piece of his very dark souls within it. The energies of his soul formed a large eye that seemed to judge all before it and decide who was Worthy and who would fall moments after touching it's hideous hilt.

Able to cut through heavens armies with a single swing it's only opposition was Yaweeh himself and his might. Even though he was stronger it still took himself and the combined might of all the remaining archangels too bring the blade and his rebel son down.

And only then after severing his sons hand was he able to touch the blade now that it sizzled with demonic energy, after the war it sat on the Earth for eons. Soon it's demonic energy would corrupt what grew over it, the Tree of Eden(the garden of Eden placed by God in hopes of cleansing the blade of it's demonic energy) itself being turned and sprouting it's devil fruit.

It now lies beneath the dirt guarded by Michael and Gabriel themselves in human guise for all of eternity, for they were the ones who had asked Uriel to forge such a weapon to combat their brother....

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"So you're the runt of Laufey's loins," grunted the wizened old woman who looked up from her toad gruel.

"Careful how you speak to me, old woman," warned Loki as he stood in her house. The Norse God of Mischief glanced around the hut. "Are you alone?"

"Baba Zduhać has few friends," she slurped. "What do you want?"

"What do you know of this." Loki clicked his fingers and a scroll materialised before her. Baba Zduhać snatched it from the air with speed betraying her old frame; her long snakish fingers unrolled the parchment.

"Ahh the Odinbite!" She rasped then tossed the scroll to return to her meal.

"And...!" Patience wasn't really Loki's strong point.

"Sit, eat, then I will talk about my price," Baba Zduhać chuckled.

Loki clicked his fingers and transformed the stool nearest him into a chair more of like liking and stature. "This place is worse than Volstagg's bathroom."

"Why do you seek the Odinbite?"

Loki smiled. "So it is true."


Loki studied her. He knew beneath the wrinkles power lurked in her old bones. The Zduhać were what happened when dragons and humans took their relations to the next level. Luckily there were few dragons left and even fewer humans willing to take that next step. Baba Zduhać wiped her mouth with her sleeve which only really spread the vile broth remenants across her cheek. "How did your father lose his eye?"

"He's NOT my father," Loki glared at her.

Baba Zduhać chuckled. "Of course he isn't, how silly of me. How did Odin lose his eye?"

"For nine nights full, the son of Bor hung from Yggdrasil the World Tree," Loki recited from memory. "For his eye he gained wisdom untold."

"That's a very pretty children's tale," she laughed. "Is that what they sing in the halls of Asgard?"

Loki rolled his eyes. Then with a wave of his hand he magically threw the table across the room, was upon Baba Zduhać with his dagger to her throat. "You test my patience, lizard!"

Baba Zduhać growled, a serpentine tongue flicking ever so quickly from her mouth. "So easily provoked. Odin, the son of Bor, did NOT lose his eye in a sacrifice. He lost it to the Odinbite, a weapon forged by dwarven slaves on Jotunheim for your ancestor Hyrrowulf. Made from a metal plucked from the stars, the dwarves forged a flail. It took them a year to build the flail as at each stage Hyrrowulf embedded spells and glyphs from across the Nine Worlds into it. Once completed Hyrrowulf tested the flail upon the creators."

"Why create such a weapon?" Loki released her.

"This was at the beginning of the war between Asgard and Jotunheim. One day Asgard would win, the next Frost Giant. It was a dance that Hyrrowulf tired of early and he sought to end the war. The next time the Asgardians ventured to Jotunheim he would face Odin and kill him! But alas this was not to be. Hyrrowulf and Odin were evenly matched and in the chaos of battle Hyrrowulf only managed to strike a glancing blow to Odin's face. It was enough to send the Asgardians running with tails between their legs. Hyrrowulf died smiling as he watched Odin slink away, but that act would lead to Odin returning with Hela and the Valkyries and the right of passage Asgardian warriors go through to prove their manhood."

"Hunting Frost Giants..." Loki breathed.

"Odinbite was hurled into the void of the Nine Worlds by Odin. He went into hiding for months as his face healed, but despite the best magicks the wound never truly healed and his sight never restored. The legend of the nine days for wisdom was born." Baba Zduhać smiled. "Now, for my fee..."

Loki's hands flared with magical spells. "If you are thinking of eating me for a..."

"Gold, Laufeyson, gold." She hissed. "Or children. You are but wire and bones and would probably taste of soap."

Loki nodded in agreement before pulling a sack of gold from his robe. "You've been most helpful Baba Zduhać."

Baba Zduhać barely heard him as she rummaged through the sack. Loki began to leave when paused.

No Caption Provided

"Asides from you, who else would know this tale?"

Baba Zduhać shrugged. "Not many."

"Let's keep it that way," Loki cast a spell that caught the old dragon woman by surprise. Her mouth exploded open, the mandible cracking in several places as her tongue was reefed out, blood showering the dirty cottage. Loki cast another spell that filled her mouth with the gold that he had given her. He placed his finger to his lips. "Silence...your silence, is golden."

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@batkevin74 said:

@cbishop: Last day amigo

Agh! That frickin' Australia time gets me EVERY time! I'm workin' on it! lol

Edit (hours later): Yeah, several ideas, but no focus. Gonna miss this one. Going to bed. Sorry, man.

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Now that I've slept, let's see what I can do in two hours. lol

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The Norseman had been roaming the mountains the day that he'd found it.

He'd ventured within a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns with nothing but a rusty iron sword and come away from his troubles with so much more. Passing through cobwebs, traps and the undead he had known there would be a reward for his troubles and he had been right. Within the mountains he'd found a throne room built into the rock and seated upon the throne a forgotten king wielding the mightiest warhammer that Skjor had ever seen. To say he hesitated when pulling the weapon from the dead king's hands would have been a lie, and the Norseman left his iron sword behind without looking back.

He spent a long time trying to think of a name for it and it was many moons before he settled upon the one that he did.

Thundercrack. He chose this name for it largely because of the sound the weapon made when it cracked a man's skull open.

Now, around a year later Skjor sat upon mountains half a world from where he had once been. He held the bronze hammer in his hands in front of a roaring campfire and with a grim smile said the name he had given it, proud of the choice.

"Thundercrack." The name sounded right when he said it, and satisfied he adjusted the fur cloak wrapped his shoulders which protected him from the snow that fell all around him. Every now and then he would close his eyes upon the mountain top and try to drift into the realm of sleep but found himself to be restless, and with good reason. Behind Skjor lay a gigantic circular door that lead down into the mountain that he now sat upon, a mountain that surely contained countless treasures worth risking the dangers inside. He was already tired from his week long climb up the mountain and would have rested within the entrance way had it not been for the dangers he knew were lying in wait.

Finally Skjor realized that sleep would never find him and rose to his feet gripping Thundercrack as he did. With a mighty heave he threw open the mountain door and felt a welcome surge of adrenaline as he heard the familiar sounds of roaming skeletons somewhere in the vicinity. The door slammed shut behind him and the Norseman removed his cloak upon feeling the warmth of the mountain's interior. The inner chamber was pitch black with only the sounds of shuffling skeletons to accompany the dark, yet thankfully Skjor had come prepared. He reached into his satchel and pulled out an unlit torch scone that miraculously burst into a calming blue flame upon being held upwards. Despite being fairly uncultured in the realms of sorcery Skjor was fairly partial to the occasional magic artifact, with him having a small array of powerful items that he made use of on a fairly regular basis.

The burning torch's light illuminated the surrounding area in an eerie glow highlighting pillars, stairs that lead deeper into the mountain and tiny spiders that scuttled across the ground. Yet there were no signs of the enemies that he had heard shuffling around just moments ago. Skjor stayed completely still and dared not breathe, fearing the ones he sought were hiding in the room with him, perhaps behind a nearby pillar. The Norseman listened for any sign of his foes and heard nothing. So plucking up his courage he gripped Thundercrack, dropped his torch to the ground and began to move as quiet as a snake towards the nearest pillar, all the while wondering what it could be hiding.

From the angle he approached Skjor couldn't see the pillar's back, however he knew that he was being watched. His years of travel had given him a sort of sense when it came to danger and he could feel the eyes pressing against his front that resulted in a tingle down his back. Having made it to the pillar the Norseman pressed himself against the structure, breathing heavily as nerves began to settle in. There was something waiting on the other side he could feel it, and not being able to take the pressure anymore he thrust himself to the pillar's other side, raised Thundercrack above his head and screamed at what he saw.

Lying against the pillar with a knife in its chest was an undead, now completely dead. Its blackened flesh told a tale of its age, and being curious Skjor pulled the dagger from the corpse's chest and placed a finger to the blood on the blade finding that it was still warm, which meant this kill had been fairly recent. Which also meant that whoever had done this was still here.

Feeling more confident Skjor retrieved his torch and checked behind the rest of the pillars to find similar corpses. Soon he ventured down further into the mountain, never managing to shake the feeling that he was being watched. The stairs he descendeed seemed to stretch for miles, yet after many minutes of walking he was greeted by an orange light in the distance. A few steps down he reached the ground floor, and a few steps forward he found himself in a well lit chamber that seemed to have been turned into a makeshift camp. There were bodies everywhere, bodies that had belonged to the recently living. It had been knives again, each one expertly thrown into the target' chest.

Skjor took a moment to close a young woman's eyes and that was when he saw it.

Upon the wall scrawled in blood were two simple words: "I know."

The message was clearly meant for Skjor given that he was still breathing, and in a moment of pure paranoia he spun around expecting to find his stalker there... yet there was nothing. Part of the Norseman was tempted to retreat, but the lure of potential treasures just below was too great and Skjor found himself continuing down. He holstered the torch and removed the flame with a simple wave. The light was now such that he could see normally and for that reason was why he spotted the door ahead. This metal door had seemingly been ripped from its hinges and cast aside, surely by the one that Skjor was seeking.

As he approached the door Skjor turned his thoughts to his foes and wondered who it could be. Over the years he hadn't left many enemies behind. Most that he had made had inevitably fallen to his blades, his fists or his hammers which only made the issue more daunting. Then there had been the words. 'I know.' But what did they know? Skjor himself didn't know either and he grit his teeth in frustration.

Behind the door was the one who had been watching Skjor. He sat upon a metal throne surrounded by gold and was dressed in black robes. His head moved slightly as Skjor approached, yet his face was hidden beneath the darkness of his hood.

"Who are you?" Was all that Skjor asked. His grip upon Thundercrack tightened as a pair of red eyes stared at him from under the man's hood. The stalker rose up to his feet and glared down from his position.

"I... am the Forgotten." He answered in a low, raspy voice. Skjor felt sweat dribble down his forehead as the hooded one began to approach. "Just as you will be."

"What is it that you want?" The Norseman asked.

A low chuckle escaped the figure. With a white, bony hand he reached under his robes and pulled out a familiar, rusted iron sword and with the other hand he pulled back his hood, revealing to Skjor's horror the skeletal face of the Forgotten King.

In a low voice and with a dark grin the King simply said: "I want my hammer back."

And Skjor screamed.

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Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew in: The Menagerie

"Alley-Kat Abra, what is that?" asked Captain Carrot.

Abra looked at the sword in her hand with a sadness in her eyes that made everyone in the room want to scratch her behind the ears. Then with a light sigh, she answered, "It's the sword of Catana."

Holding his pointer finger in the air, Rubberduck said, "Ah! You mean that cat fu vixen from the Outsidecats?"

Fastback scratched his head and said, "Ah thought Vixen was a member of Just'a Lotta Animals?"

"Wrong universe," said Yankee Poodle.

With one finger on his great, metal lip, Pig-Iron said, "I thought it was 'quack fu.' "

"Gah!" blurted Captain Carrot. "Wrong universe, Pig-Iron! Whattaya trying to do? Get us sued?"

"Huh?" asked the giant purple pig.

"A'right then," said Fastback, quickly stepping back into the conversation. "So Catana was with the Outsidecats. Weren't they led by Bat-Bat?"

"YOU GUYYYS!" screamed Captain Carrot, almost pleading. "Wronguniverse! It's not bad enough that we lost the Z-Building when those turtle ninjas sued us over Fastback's Halloween costume last year? Now you're trying to tick off the Mouse?!"

"I'm not mad," squeaked Little Cheese from a nearby hole in the wall.

"Duh, and The Tick is the wrong universe, Captain," said Pig-Iron.

A green arm suddenly shot out, coiling three times around Pig-Iron's mouth. "Hey!" shouted Rubberduck. "Listen, you big dumb ox--"

"--He's not an ox," came Little Cheese's voice from the hole.

"I don't know how you know all these other universes," continued the flexible fowl, "and I don't wanna know. What I do know is the Zoo Crew is currently headquartered in the fabulous Califurnia home of Byrd Reynolds, an--"

"Isn't he dead?" Fastback asked no one in particular.

Rubberduck's head stretched over until he was nose-to-nose with Fastback, and he yelled, "WRONG UNIVERSE!"

Putting his hands up in front of him in mock surrender, Fastback's head sank into his shell as he said, "Okay, sorry, y'all." As Rubberduck's head and neck curved back around to Pig-Iron, Fastback's eyes peeked over the edge of his shell, and he added, "Actors. Such primadonnas."

"I'm surprised you know that word," said Yankee Poodle from nearby, "but you're not wrong, dahling."

"As I was saying," continued Rubberduck, "we're headquartered in the well-feathered nest of my Byrd Reynolds alter ego, and I don't plan on losing it to some corporate lawyers because you guys can't keep your traps shut about other universes! SO SHUT UP!" he bellowed.

"Can we get back to the sword now?" asked Captain Carrot. "Abra, why do you have Catana's sword?"

"She doesn't," came a voice from the living room's doorway.

The group looked over at a Siamese cat in a samurai-like costume, and a short-haired Persian floating beside her that trailed rainbow colored energy behind her.

"Catana!" gasped Alley-Kat Abra.

"Yes," answered the Siamese. "And this is my friend and teammate, Hola."

"I thought it was Halo," said Fastback.

"Ah thought Halo was a video game," said Pig-Iron.

"Wrong universe," said Hola.

"I thought your soul was in your sword!" cried Alley. "How did you get out?"

"Nevermind that," said Byrd in a mild panic, looking around quickly. "How did you get in?!"

"Nevermind that," said Captain Carrot. "We have to keep this story moving. So what's the story with your sword?" he asked.

"Quite simple, Captain," answered Catana. Reaching behind her back, she pulled a weapon from its sheath, and said, "That is not my sword."

"My Magic Wanda revealed to me that this sword holds the souls of all those that it's killed," said Abra.

"Ew," said Yankee Poodle. "Really, dahling."

"That is kind of gruesome," came Little Cheese's voice from the hole.

"There's only one sword like that in all the world," continued Abra. "Yours," she said to Catana.

"Correct," said Catana. "So what does that tell you?"

Looking at Hola, Fastback said, "Ohhh, I get it! It's from another planet!"

"No," said Alley, slapping her forehead. "Of course! It's in the--"

"--Wrong universe," said the entire group.

Captain Carrot's ears perked up straight as he pointed a thumb towards the sword in Abra's hand, and asked, "Uh, then wait. Who does this belong to?"

"Hola?" Catana asked her friend.

"Si," she answered as she formed a weird glowing sphere.

"It belongs to Hola?" asked Pig-Iron. "An' she speaks Spanish?"

"Espanol," came the voice from the mousehole.

"I thought she was Persian," continued the pig.

"Buddy," said Fastback, patting his pal on the shoulder, "let's not get ourselves in any more trouble, okay?"

Pig-Iron shrugged. "Okay, Beagly-Beagly."

"Huh?" said Fastback.

Pig-Iron hunched his shoulders and grimaced. "Sorry. Wrong universe," he said with a weak smile.

Fastback shrugged.

The sphere glowed brighter as it grew, and then a large moose-like being stepped through the portal.

"My friends," said Catana, "This is Carrie Boo."

"Of course she's a caribou," said Yankee Poodle, a bit perturbed, "but what's her name, dahling?"

"My name is Carrie," answered the caribou. "Last name: Boo. Carrie. Boo."

"No need to get testy, dahling," answered Poodle.

"I thought it was BumpyBoo," said Byrd.

"Wrong universe," said Little Cheese from his hole.

"And that's my sword," Carrie added, pointing to the weapon in Alley-Kat Abra's hand.

"How is it that it has the same ability as that of Catana's sword?" asked Abra.

"I don't know. Lazy writing?" answered Boo. "It's true that it holds the souls of all those it has killed. And like Catana's sword, they can be brought back with a ritual. All those held in the sword, and the sword itself, are called The Menagerie. I need it back."

"To do more killing?" asked Captain Carrot. "I don't know if we can allow that," he said with grim determination.

"I only use it to kill mosquitoes," she said.

"Couldn't you do that with a flyswatter?" asked Fastback.

Whipping a flyswatter out of a sheath on her back, Carried said, "Yes, but the sword is for the main mosquito. I have to trap his soul in The Menagerie to free the souls of my Caribou Clan that he's enslaved."

"Enslaved how?" asked Rubberduck.

"By biting them, and turning them into mosquitoes."

Looking at the team, Rubberduck said, "Do mosquitoes do that here?"

"No," said Alley-Kat Abra. "Magic Wanda reveals to me that in another universe, they'd be called 'vampires.' Grisly creatures that drink blood."

"Well, they do that here," said Rubberduck.

"Yes," said Yankee Poodle dryly, "but you don't turn into one afterwards, dahling."

"Ah, I see now," said Byrd. "Continue!" he said happily.

"It's imperative that I have The Menagerie back if I am to win my battle," said Carrie Boo.

"Well, of course," said Captain Carrot as Abra gave the sword back to Carrie. "Maybe the Zoo Crew should go back with you to help you fight this menace?"

"What? And get my writer sued? Are you kidding?" she asked as she headed through the portal. "Thanks, but no thanks," she said with a wave, and then the portal closed behind her.

"I still think we could have helped," said Captain Carrot.

"We have our battles here, Captain," said Alley-Kat Abra. "There, we would have merely been in the..." she paused, smirked, then continued, "...wrong universe."

The group groaned loudly, and pelted Abra with pillows.

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The Mjolnir (Engranged)

There was a time when I knew my hammer by name. She had a name it was Mjolnir and when we did battle she would scream out with the sound of Thunder and we danced such a poetic dance that creation could pause itself. It would rain and hope would spring from the ground and begin to grow anew.

Then one day she died a horrible death melted in the furnace that is story and legend. I would seek her out and sit on the sun and call the storms. The range of the chaos the magic of the gods and she would not answer.

Then one day she answered me and she came to me she found my body caressed my being and anchored herself in the new form and they were the bands of an angry woman that would never be thrown away again.

She was the embodiment of anger and pain and on each hand, she held tight to mind and swore on the blood that is my godly right to never give in again to another. We were one in the war one in the fight one in life death from this moment on.

I stepped foot on the rainbow bridge and I have welcomed home again as Thor son of Odin the bringer of the pain. The bringer of the rain the one that makes things grow.

I slept in the castle of my father that night I dreamed of the giants that would wage the war. I stood at the gate to Asgard and I looked out over the many. Warriors lined the walls and in this dream, Odin my father stood on the top of the highest tower and he held a single arrow in his bow and it flew free. The field was cleared and he walked back into his room and ate food with the warriors.

Go, my son, he said to me. Protect the nine and tell me when you need my help.

I embraced my father and told him that I would calm the realms.

Into the brink, we went the warriors Sif and Valstag and me and Loki. The Enchantress is a sight to see the spells she cast the eternal struggle of pride meets beauty also my second wife..

Soon to bear our child Sif never was the one to wish for children more for a battle she craved the exploration of realms outside ours. I clapped my hands and the thunder echoes I will the earth to move and it floats around me. I am master of my might. They stood in the valley waiting but were ready when we stepped through the portal. The might of a nation the power of the worthy. I let the thunder rest I let the earth sleep I let my anger stay calm and focused but the Enraged ones they did not wish to stay silent they cried out to the lighting they sang in a voice loud as thunder. So I was forced by my birthright to play along to call the earth to form the lightning to sear the air with static and all my armies did stop as we became the rage. Those on this plane this realm stopped they lay down weapons and they screamed for mercy.

I had to be calmed I had to be reminded of the reason we came to declare the truce to make with the peace. The echo of what was is too great she demands vengeance she screams for blood mangog blood.

But he is not here he is someplace healing.

We will have around two I feel it in my bones I feel it brewing in the universe.

I worry about Mangog for if we fight it will be his last battle. She craves the blood of he who has taken so much of it.

This time it is personal.

The power of the bands the rage of creation.

I sit in my tower looking over the realm.

Sif walks to me she hands me a drink and we share a night.

How the times change us and even the gods fear to much power for power's sake.

Protect the realms I think.

But who protects them from us?