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Welcome to 2019, land of wonder, the year of when Bladerunner & Running Man were set.

So in the ancient past of 2018 I won the last contest which gets me the honour of creating the new one. And so I was thinking Street Fighter! And then I was thinking Cybernetic Pandas! And then I had a chat with my daughter Emma who thought she’d like to hear a story about “a monkey called Swingy-Dingy, who marries a dragon and they have adventures with fairies and stuff.”

So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re writing for the 6-9yr old market.


* There’s a monkey called Swingy-Dingy who’s the main character

* Swingy-Dingy either marries or is married to a dragon

* There’s an adventure

That’s it! As simple and as complicated as that. You will have until Sunday 27th of January to complete your task, Sydney Australia time zone btw, and I’ll put up a clock so you’ll know exactly how you got.

And I won’t vote in this one, Emma will. I’ll read them all to her and she’ll tell me the one she liked the best.

Write well, write often and I look forward to what you got

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Oh, I think I know how this one goes. :)

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We're taking the whole month to write? Okay. Also, what time on the 27th? 11:59pm?

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@cbishop: Yeah let’s see if a longer deadline coerces more entrants. Also it’s holiday time and people are away doing things.

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Oh you poor soul. You don't realize I have a college degree in dragon waifu characters. *Smug laugh*

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Swing Dingy and the Dragons of Mount Ploom

Swingy Dingy, the cutest, pink monkey girl in the land of Auria floated on her favorite flower cloud, which she named Beddy.

"Fly higher, Beddy." Swingy Dingy yelled. "I want to see the peaks of Mount Ploom."

"Higher still?" Beddy asked nervously.

"Yes, nervous Nelly. Go Higher!" she yelled louder.

Beddy flew up towards the gargantuan, floral mountain which floated in the sky and bloomed multiple colors.

Sapphire butterflies flew through the air, while jade grasshoppers jumped to greet them. A mountainous elk troll walked upside down under the mountain, waving to the newcomers.

Swingy Dingy waved back.

"It's so beautiful here." she said. "Everyone is so nice."

Just then, a gorgeous, blonde dragon woman flew by her so closely, the updraft made Beddy sway, knocking Swingy Dingy off.

"Oh no!" she screamed as she fell through the air.

"Oh my, what did I do this time. So clumsy." the dragon said to herself.

"It's okay, mom." A young voice said from behind her. "I'm on it."

A young dragon boy of teal scale flew down towards the plummeting monkey girl.

Swingy DIngy felt more excited than scared as she fell. She planned on grabbing some tree vines on her way down and swinging her way out of this predicament.

She looked up towards Mount Ploom and saw something that made her blush.

A very handsome dragon boy was coming to her rescue.


to be continued...

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Love it. Will get started.

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Swingy Dingy was a purple monkey who liked to eat bees. one day while bee hunting she saw the mst beautigul thing she'd ever seen. A dragon. It was long gold and spiky and eating bees. She fell instantly in love. swingy dingy approached the dragon carefuly and said hullo.

Hello the dragomn replied. swingy dingys heart wnet a flutter as did the dragon as he looked at her. it was love at first dight foir him also

do you like bees? the dragon asked

oh yes

And so began a wonderful life of the mokey and the dragon. they got married and lived on a honey farm happily ever after

the end

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I've never written a children's story... challenge accepted!

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Just the intro, for right now. I'll finish this later.


The tall man with the thick, white, handlebar mustache stood at the man's desk. His name was Heironymous, and he was a dragon in human form. When he wasn't busy being a dragon, he worked for the American Secret Service, but he was super strong, could breathe fire, and pretty much nothing could hurt him. Right at that moment, an orange-haired spider monkey stood on his left shoulder, hugging his bald head, and affectionately rubbing her head against his. He was not happy. "You're kidding," he said gruffly.

"Heironymous," the man at the desk smiled, "I'm not."

"I am not getting hitched to a..." the man breathed deeply as he reached up with his left hand, plucked the monkey off of his shoulder, and held it up to the man at the desk. "To this."

"Yeah, you are," the man said, still smiling, and clearly tickled at the idea.

"Mister Bishop--" started Heironymous.

"Dad's here?" Bishop said, looking around quickly.

"--What on God's green Earth makes you even think I'm going to get married to this... clingy... little... banana peeler?" he asked with clear disdain. The monkey grabbed hold of his arm with her feet and hugged his wrist. Heironymous growled low, a slight puff of smoke coming from his nostrils.

Leaning back in his desk chair, Bishop said, "The latest contest, actually. A little girl named Emma wants a monkey to marry a dragon and have adventures, and oh... look at that... I already have a dragon." He makes an exaggerated happy-surprise face, and shrugs, pointing at Heironymous.

"You're certifiable," Heironymous complained. "You're out of your addlepated, harebrained--"

"Ah, ah, ah!" tsked Bishop, wagging his finger. "This story's for the six-to-nine-year-old market. Keep it nice."

Heironymous' mustache twitched. "Chris Bishop, what do I care about some girl named Emma that I've never met? Girls..." he made a face as he realized what he was about to say. He was clearly struggling with himself not to say it, but as Chris typed away on his computer, he muttered, "Girls smell funny."

"BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!" bellowed Chris. "We are going to have so much fun!"

"Why?" asked Heironymous sternly. "Why would you make me do this?"

"Because Emma's the daughter of a friend of mine, and I like her."

Heironymous snorted like he didn't care.

"She takes great pictures," said Chris, turning his laptop towards Heironymous. The Internet was on, and he had pulled Facebook up to the screen.

Heironymous made a dismissive puffing sound. Looking at Chris' Facebook, he saw pictures that Emma's dad had posted. He started to smirk at the cute little girl as he sat down across from his writer, but then pushed the laptop away so he could continue scowling grumpily instead.

"She knows a martial art." Chris nodded at Heironymous, knowing this would be something that he liked.

Heironymous raised an eyebrow at that, smiling in approval, despite his best efforts to hide it.

"And all she wants is a story about a monkey that marries a dragon, and has adventures with fairies and stuff."

Heironymous sat in the chair, stubbornly quiet, clearly trying to come up with a reason why he shouldn't do this.

"Commme onnn, Heironymous," Chris said playfully. "You know you want to do something nice for the girllll."

The Secret Service agent who was really a dragon drummed his fingers on the arms of the chair. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, crossing first his right leg over the left, then his left leg over the right, then putting both feet firmly on the floor. He growled. He threw his hands up in the air. He banged a fist on Chris' desk, leaving a dent. He blew smoke from his nostrils again. Finally, he leaned forward, and said, "Why should I?"

"You know how you've been wanting me to straighten out your stories?" asked Chris.

"What!" griped Heironymous. "You're going to hold my stories hostage? What kind of writer are you?"

"The kind that can straighten out your stories, and maybe make you into something worth reading." Chris sniffed as he looked off to one side, and added, "provided you first get married to a monkey and have an adventure."

"Oh, come on!" bellowed Heironymous. "That's not going to help my continuity at all! And you know it!"

Chris shrugged, looked at Heironymous like he was dumb, and said, "That's why I fix your stories after you marry the monkey and have an adventure." He rolled his eyes, and added, "Duh."

Heironymous' shoulders sagged in defeat. "Fine. I guess she is kind of cute."

"So you'll do it?" Chris beamed happily. "As if I didn't know," he added cheekily.

"Yes, fine, I'll do it," Heironymous said. "I'll marry the monkey."

Chris clapped happily.

Thrusting his finger towards the writer, Heironymous said, "But no long, silly wedding scene, and we better have a grand adventure!"

"Agreed!" said Chris, standing up and holding out his hand to the dragon in the shape of a man. "Let's get started!"

Heironymous stood and shook Chris' hand. "Fine. Let's do that," he said.

"See? That wasn't so hard," said Bishop. "Aren't you sorry you said that girls smell funny?"

"You made me say it!" Heironymous accused the writer.

Quickly closing his laptop so it would turn off, Chris said, "No. No, I didn't. That wasn't me. You can't prove it." He scratched the back of his neck nervously while he tried to think of something to change the subject. Finally, he shrugged, opened the laptop back up, and started to type.

"By the way," said Heironymous, "as long as I'm getting married to the little varmint, does this monkey have a name?"

"Oh, heh-heh, yes," Chris laughed nervously. "It's, uh... Swingy-Dingy," he said quickly, then bent very close to his computer screen while he typed.

Heironymous' mustache twitched again, and then his eye. "WHHHAAAAAAT?!" he roared.