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In the 80 contests, yup EIGHTY, we've had we've ever never had one on just vampires!

Zombies, space horror, Sleepy Hollow, but fangs? Nope! Yes there have been vampiric stories but not one where vampires are the topic. And since Halloween looms it makes for a good time to explore the world of those who'd suck our blood and make us all cattle.

Rules, Terms, Conditions & Limitations

* Contest starts now and runs 16 days which ends 2nd of November at 11.59pm AUSTRALIAN time. If you can't work that out, consult google. or click the green link.

* New original work, no linking to existing work or having characters you write pop up. Brand new, like a new set of teeth.

* No minimum or maximum on words.

I do look forward to seeing what you ALL come up with. Write well, write often and may the best entry win

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Oh yeeeeesss. As you guys can probably tell from a lot of my stories, I love Werewolves and Vamps. Alot.

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Does the main character have to actually be a vampire or can he be a vampire’s familiar?

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@tommythehitman: up to you. The topic is vampires so your hero could be a vampire, or he’s normal in a vampire world or whatever. You’re clever 😀

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@cbishop: See that’s you being smart and using the google. Be like Cbish people, use that brain 😀

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@batkevin74: How would google help if there are multiple choices and you don't specify?

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can i write more parts to my story or should i do it as one block?

My second question would be, should it be a kind of horror story, or can it be also just comedy?

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@freshq: Genre wasn't specified so you're free to write whatever style or genre. Can you elaborate on your first question?

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@wildvine :

the first question means, if for example i write my story now and later i want to add something to it. should i edit the post were my story is in, or should i just make a new one and write something like 'part 2' so people know its a continuation of the first story post.

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@freshq: If you're referring to adding here, you can edit your story up to the deadline. Most people who continue their stories after the contest ends usually make a new thread for it. I'd recommend that option. It makes things less cluttered. Plus this thread will be locked once the voting thread is made anyway.

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I need to feed.

An endless hunger, a craving, yearning for more.

Never satsified. Never saited.

But worse is the lonliness.

Especialy when you love them. Worse when you love them.


I need to feed.


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@wildvine said:

@freshq: If you're referring to adding here, you can edit your story up to the deadline. Most people who continue their stories after the contest ends usually make a new thread for it. I'd recommend that option. It makes things less cluttered. Plus this thread will be locked once the voting thread is made anyway.


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(I will try to update the story as fast as possible)

Death is a Vampire

It all began on a foggy night, where HE was seen dragging several coffins into a cemetery.

I woke up as the first rays of the sun began to clumsily illuminate the room in their familiar yellow Light. As i was still fatigued, the bright Light of the Sun bothered me a little too much, so i stood up from my bed to close the curtains. In this moment, someone knocked at the door, so i quickly changed my clothes to a manner befitting a detective and hurried the stairs down, to greet my guest.

A police man stood in front of the door. „Good Morning Mr. Shen. Please come in.“ „ Thank you very much Mr. Byte“, he said while wiping the sweat on his Face of, with a small handkerchief.

Mr. Shen was the police officer in this remote town. He had a small but quite corpulent build and was something like a local celebrity in this town, thanks to his kind nature that made it so that nobody could hate him.

„Its still so early in the morning, but its already so hot, isnt it Mr. Byte?“ „Definitely Mr. Shen. But why are you here today? Did something important happened?“ „Ah,, yes“ he answered as he was searching through his pocket for something. Seconds later he pulled something out of his Jacket.

„ There were some people complaining about someone, or to be honest...“ he said as he got a little bit closer to me „... something that has been roaming in the streets during the Night and it has made the townspeople anxious.“

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AN/ Made some minor edits before the deadline.

Recovering Vampire

“God.” Aiden Brooks said with his head bowed as he led that evenings meeting to a close with the serenity prayer. “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…”

His attention was broken for a brief second by the impatient sigh of a young woman across the table. Her face displayed about as much care as a statue. Aiden did not mind. Half of the people who attended the meetings just need his signature on their court papers anyway. Aiden hoped that at least one person left the group changed after hearing stories of struggle, recovery and triumph. Or at least would use a ride sharing app next time they go clubbing.

Aiden continued, “courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

The AA meeting attendees filed out of the restaurant Aiden used with permission from the owner to hold the meetings. One by one the court ordered attendees handed him their documents he signed so they could be on their way. The last one was the young woman.

“You didn’t speak.” She said.

“Sometimes it’s good to listen.” Aiden said as he put a hand on her shoulder and ushered her out of the door. Aiden was close enough to smell the scent of her hair, his hand could feel the warmth coming off her body and as she faced him he noticed how attractive she was.

“I thought everyone was supposed to talk about how, you all used to be fun.” She said with a smile as she reached to Aiden’s hand and grazed it with her finger tips.

Aiden’s chest tightened and he cleared his throat, “I know a thing or two about having a problem.”

The woman smiled and touched reached for Aiden’s hand again, “You feel cold.”

Aiden laughed and began to relax, “I probably need to eat.”

“Same here.” She said. The woman gestured at the sign above them, “This is your place, right?”

Aiden nodded and opened the door to the restaurant, “My neighbors, upstairs.”

They both went inside. His senses felt over loaded and all he could do was focus on the woman. He studied every detail, her clothes, her walk and how she spoke. Her touch felt like fire on his cold skin. She began to talk but, Aiden had already stopped listening. Aiden relaxed and a calmness came over him.

Aiden awoke in his bed, the woman from the meeting was there and he immediately began to panic,” Oh no!”

Aiden rolled her body toward him, he put his hand on her neck and was relieved to feel a strong pulse. Aiden could not recall the rest of the night after he brought the woman back into the restaurant. Aiden could feel himself after so long begin to slip.

“Congrats, you monster.” A voice at the foot of Aiden’s bed mocked.

Aiden looked over and was met with the neutral gaze of a woman in a long black coat and tired eyes. Aiden said, “I’m happy with it, but it was an accident.”

“If you were having urges you should have called.” The woman yawned and directed a glance at the woman in bed with Aiden. “Instead of flirting with a relapse.”

“It’s been ten months.” Aiden said as he got up and sat on the edge of his bed, “The farther I am from the last time the harder it is to control.”

Aiden frowned as he picked his clothes up from off the floor, “I should have been more mindful.”

The woman at the foot of the bed walked around to the side of the bed that Aiden’s partner from last night slept on. She frowned and said, “So you accidently charmed the pants off her?”

“Yes, actually!” Aiden answered.

The woman from the meeting awoke and gasped at the sight of the woman watching her from the side of the bed. She covered herself with blankets and turned to Aiden, “Who is she?”

“Laurin Grey. Aiden’s non-monogamous life partner.” Laurin said with a hand extended to the other woman.

The other woman groaned in disgust, threw a pillow at Aiden and stormed out of the room. Laurin backed away and laughed, “I’d want to get out too. He’s a total energy vampire!”

“Funny.” Aiden said as he got dressed into his clothes from last night that were still on the floor. Laurin was Aiden’s girlfriend and as Laurin said they were non-monogamous. They had to be out of necessity, it allowed a level of closeness that suited her and allowed him a connection to a living person outside of an AA meeting.

Laurin leaned against the wall and asked Aiden in a stern tone, “Are your meetings going to become a hunting ground?”

Aiden looked at Laurin in shock, “Are you serious?”

Laurin glared at him, “I have to ask. This isn’t the first person I’ve found in my bed from your meetings.”

“I didn’t do anything!” Aiden said defensively.

Laurin snorted, “Really?”

Aiden exchanged a knowing look and said, “I didn’t do… that.”

Laurin shrugged and started to walk out, “Can you shower and change? You aren’t sitting next to me in my car with the clothes you wore last night.”

“Where are, we going?” Aiden asked without an immediate response.

Aiden showered and got dressed as asked. Aiden’s problem wasn’t exactly a normal situation. Although Laurin said it to make light of the situation and to embarrass Aiden, she was telling the truth. Aiden was a vampire. Aiden did not have a taste for blood, he drained the life energy from other beings to extend his life. Aiden despised the blood drinking vampire and made sure to keep himself under control. Aiden just wanted to live as normally as he could with his unnatural life.

Laurin was not exactly normal either. Laurin was a spiritual medium that worked for the city’s paranormal police. In this world, there were legends that were true. Fantastic creatures coexisted with humanity for eighty years, following the misreading of the Mayan calendar prophecy. A transformative event occurred. It took decades, but a peace was formed and everyone moved on with the new reality. In a world where fantasy was real.

“So what kind of, vampire is it?” Aiden asked as he rode in the passenger seat with Laurin.

“Um, the regular kind?” Laurin answered.

“It does matter you know!” Aiden said, as he faced his girlfriend.

Aiden continued, “There’s the blood sucking kind that look like super models. The long-toothed shambling corpses—.”

“The kind that suck the joy right out of you!” Laurin laughed and reached over to ruffle Aiden’s hair.

Aiden smiled and playfully shoved her hand away, “Seriously though.”

Laurin yawned and stopped in front of an apartment complex. Laurin answered, “He’s a blood feeding type. Recently turned.”

“So why haven’t you called a coven?” Aiden questioned, a vampire coven was usually called in to deal with their own. Laurin wasn’t following police protocol, it made Aiden uncomfortable, a vampire was loose and the rules used to keep people alive weren’t being followed. Aiden ignored it as best he could and followed her lead.

“This close to, Samhain?” Laurin said in an annoyed tone as she reached into her jacket and pulled out a gun and a prescription.

“How long has it been since you slept?” Aiden questioned as he watched Laurin swallow a pill.

“Nine days.” Laurin answered as she checked the magazine of her gun.

Aiden was consumed with worry. With Laurin being a spiritual medium, she was open to spiritual encounters in her dreams and often forced herself to stay awake with drugs to avoid them. But she still did need to sleep, even if it was infrequent. Now she was about to have an armed meeting with a vampire. Aiden didn’t feel safe with letting her go alone.

Laurin faced him and smiled. She seemed to be able to read his worried face like a book, “I would have rested last night but you had a woman in my bed!”

Laurin holstered her gun and got out of the car and Aiden followed, “The least you can do is help me take in a kid before he turns his neighbors into juice boxes.”

“A Coven busted an illegal feeding operation and reported it in.” Laurin explained as they both entered the building, “Twenty bodies. Probably homeless.”

“Was the vampire there?” Aiden asked as he listened to Laurin explain.

The vampire was a teenage boy who was living on the streets when he was picked up by a vampire gang and was thrown into a pen with other homeless people. They were fed on one by one. A squad of vampire knights from a coven arrived as the boy was being fed upon and they destroyed the gang. When the police had arrived, the boy had turned and was scared. Laurin could feel his emotions and took pity on him.

“Are you crazy!” Aiden whispered harshly.

“He was a kid and the police would have shot him on the spot!” Laurin whispered back. Laurin had housed the vampire in a vacant apartment and not but a few days later had disappearances from the area been reported.

“For good reason!” Aiden said back. He continued angrily as the neared the top floor of the building, “Young vampires aren’t able to control their blood lust. They’re little psychos!”

They both stopped at an apartment and Laurin grabbed her pistol and readied herself at the door. Aiden placed his ear to the door and focused. Like other vampire types his physical abilities were above that of a normal human’s. Aiden listened and heard, what sounded like faint sobbing, loud music and what smelled like blood.

In a rush, Aiden pushed against the door with enough force to send it flying from its hinges. The apartment had no furniture, streaks of crimson stained the walls and in the corner of Aiden’s eye an arm that had appeared to have been chewed on laid on the blood-stained carpet. Aiden shuddered and continued inside.

“Aiden.” Laurin whispered.

Aiden turned around and turned around to meet his girlfriend’s gun in his face. Tears were in her eyes, “Aiden, I’m sorry.”

Aiden frowned and said, “He has you under a charm and you’ve been bringing him fresh bodies?”

Aiden felt a chill come over him. A rough pair of hands grabbed his arms and faster than Aiden could move, he could feel teeth tear and rip into his throat. Aiden’s vision went hazy and he could hear a howl next to him. Aiden lost his balance and crashed to the floor, he landed on his side and watched the vampire walk to Laurin.

“What did you bring me?” The vampire screamed, the undead being slapped Laurin to the floor, her head bounced off the ground and knocked her out.

“That blood!” The vampire wailed as his body thrashed and contorted in ways that would have snapped a human in half, “The blood was wrong!”

The vampire retched and his torso heaved. The vampire spit up into his hands and cried. Blood spewed from the creature’s mouth as he tried to catch it and put it back in his mouth. The vampire wiped the bile on his face and skin and cried. Aiden applied pressure to his wound and could barely contain his own amusement at the young vampire’s ignorance.

“Can’t…” Aiden struggled to speak as the wound on his neck began to heal. “You can’t feed off me.”

Aiden sat up as the vampire began to punch and kick at the walls of the apartment. He moved as if he were on fire. Pale skin colored with blood and stank of death. The monster eyed, Laurin and snatched her up and glared at, Aiden.

“I will eat her.” The vampire said, the monster’s eyes began to glow as Aiden looked right into his eyes. The vampire continued, “You will take her place and bring me more food!”

“No.” Aiden said as he stood up. Aiden’s injuries had healed and he took a confident step forward.

“No?” The vampire cried in confusion.

“I’m a vampire myself and you can’t compel me.” Aiden said as he pointed at Laurin.

“Spirits, in thy presence be a willing vessel,” Aiden prayed with his head bowed, “Speak now.”

The air in the room shifted. There was a still ness that hung in the room as Aiden prayed. The vampire seemed to have sensed a change as well and let go of, Laurin. Her body did not fall, however, it hung in the air and then she awoke. Her eyes glowed white, her hair turned white as well and she began to whisper to herself in tongue that no one could understand.

“She’s a spiritual medium.” Aiden explained as he stepped closer to the vampire. “If she stays asleep she can channel spirits through her body.”

Aiden said as Laurin’s mouth opened wide and balls of light poured out of her mouth like bubbles. Violent death kept spiritual energy on the mortal plain. Aiden did not know how many victims Laurin had delivered in nine days, but knew that some spirits had to still be present and Aiden could use that to beat the vampire.

The vampire tried to flee to the exit but was blocked by a wall of light that scorched his body. The monster screamed and the entire building shook. Aiden rushed to Laurin as the vampire lunged at him and dug its claws into his shoulder. Aiden tried to push him, but couldn’t move the vampire. The vampire flung him into a wall, the force of which smashed the drywall and knocked the air out of Aiden.

Aiden’s body screamed! Sharp pains shot through him and he could feel his ribs shift with each breath. The vampire that had been feeding for over a week was much stronger. Much faster. Aiden had willingly starved himself. The gulf between their abilities was wide. Aiden was so week.

The young vampire continued his assault. A gleeful expression widened on the boy’s face as he shredded Aiden’s back with his claws, it then sent Aiden soaring through the apartment with another kick. With blinding speed, the vampire pinned Aiden to another wall and began stabbing into Aiden’s stomach.

Aiden was lost in a trance and didn’t process the pain he was in. Aiden instead, looked at his partner that was lost in her own mind. The energy coming from Laurin was so beautiful. It was spiritual energy, from the people a mind controlled Laurin brought to the blood sucker and Aiden knew it. The spirits of those who died violent deaths were so strong. It made Aiden hungry.

Like a normal human’s `fight or flight` instinct, Aiden responded to his need for power and his body reacted. The vampire was too strong and he knew what he must do. Aiden, desperate grabbed the vampire’s arm and twisted it and slammed him into a wall. Strength Aiden didn’t know he had returned to him as he leapt over to Laurin.

Aiden’s eyes began to glow as he cradled his girlfriend in his arms. His veins bulged and seemed to crawl under his skin. The energy coming from Laurin was absorbed by Aiden until, her body went limp and the emissions of light ended. Aiden put Laurin down and turned to the vampire.

Aiden’s injuries were healed. His heart beat like a drum, the world seemed to slow around him and adrenaline flooded his body. Aiden’s mind went to somewhere primal, he felt like a passenger in his own body and loved how it felt. Aiden had no idea how many people the vampire had fed on in the week Laurin was under his influence. Aiden could hear them though. They whispered in the back of his mind as their essence turned into new found power.

The vampire lunged at, Aiden again. Aiden was faster. Aiden had caught the vampire by his hands and crushed them. Aiden then, with one step and speed that made him a blur to the young vampire slammed him into the same wall where, Aiden had been assaulted.

Aiden paused. With one hand he had pinned the vampire. Aiden relished the sight of this monster’s struggle. Aiden said, “Young vampire, I’m going to rip the wings off you.”

Aiden allowed a wave of vengeful intent from the spirit energy he absorbed to consume him, like diving into deep water. Aiden slowly separated the vampire’s right arm from his shoulder and shuddered at the sound of tendons and meat being separated. Aiden then went for the vampire’s other arm next. He squeezed it until the bones popped in his hand and its muscle tissues parted. The vampire’s arm went limp as Aiden dropped half of the limb on the ground.

Aiden grasped the vampire’s jaw with his free hand and held its mouth closed. Aiden said, “Stop me.”

Vampire struggled, his screams were muffled by Aiden’s hand as his grip grew tighter. The whispers grew rapturous. The vampire thrashed beneath his grip. Aiden was on a high from the power he had denied himself. Aiden like this, could not find the fault in his consumption and could not fathom coming down from this ecstasy.

Aiden felt the vampire’s teeth break and his jaw pop, Aiden continued, “Stop me from killing you, vampire!”

The vampire’s jaw splintered under Aiden’s grip before he let go. Blood fountained from the vampire’s mouth, its teeth fell and bone was held by hanging flesh. Aiden pressed the vampire harder into the wall, the sun light crept in through cracks that began to form in the wall. Wisps of smoke rose from the monster’s flesh as it had stopped struggling. The vampire was unable to scream, Aiden had collapsed his chest and pressed further into him. Terror filled its undead eyes.

The wall finally gave from the pressure and the sun gleamed upon the vampire and flames consumed him. The whispers from the spirits Aiden had consumed ended and Aiden backed away from the burning corpse at his feet. Aiden knelt at Laurin’s side and cradled her. Her face frowned and she began to awake.

“Did you kill him?” Laurin asked. Laurin embraced Aiden and held him tight against her chest.

“Yes.” Aiden said as he began to sob. For ten months, he had not fed. Like other vampire’s he needed to feed on the life force of other beings. It made him strong. It added to his immortal life span and made him a monster he hated all at the same time.

“I’m so sorry.” Laurin apologized, but more so to the souls she fed to Aiden. They would not see an afterlife, but they would have vengeance and it was the only way she knew would for sure free her from the vampire’s influence.

“I’m selfish, Aiden.” Laurin said as she took a deep breath to stifle a yawn.

Aiden mourned his ten months of progress. He had resisted his urge to feed on life’s energy to extend his own. Echoes of those he devoured haunted his mind, unlike the vampires that consumed blood. Each was a pang of guilt and a reminder of his inhumanity. Aiden had fed many times in the beginning after he was turned eighty years ago, when the world of fantasy became real.


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@time_phantom: Kind of reminds me of the world of Kim Harrison's "Hollows" series. Nice.

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I will try to post one tomorrow. Thanks for inviting me.

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The Origin of Vampires

The story of vampires begins long, long ago, soon after the dawn of humanity herself. It begins with the story of two brothers. The younger brother Lebaa was a shepherd who kept flocks of sheep and goats, while the older brother Niaac, a gardener and farmer, cultivated the ground and tended the orchards. Niaac worked very hard; every day from dawn til dusk he toiled, digging and planting, weeding and slashing, pruning and harvesting, fencing and netting. There was little time for rest and recreation.

Over the course of time Niaac began to tire. He was still a young man by the reckoning of years but he had worn himself down with work and worry, he had burdened himself with responsibility and pressure. People had even began to ask if Lebaa was Niaac's son!

On the rare occasion that Niaac would raise his head and look up from his work, he would see Lebaa lying down with his sheep or playing with his goats in the fields which Niaac had had to fence off to stop the flocks coming in and eating the fruits of his labour. At first Niaac would laugh and shake his head at the sight of his brother, but in these later times Niaac had begun to feel jealous and taken advantage of, he had begun to despise Lebaa. An Evil One might say that Niaac's heart was ripe for the pickin'.

Niaac took to the forest to cut wood. As he worked he brooded and raged within about his lazy brother and his unfair life. The whole scenario had taken him over, it was all he could think about until...

..."Hhhh" Niaac inhaled. He was stunned, dumbfounded. A veil of awe and hazy forgetfulness enveloped him as he gazed upon the vision of a woman clothed with the forest. She stood at a distance, beckoning him seductively to come to her. He felt as if she was right next to him breathing sweetly on his neck and yet she was still at least a stone throw away. He could feel her all around him, embracing him and drawing him closer. He began to move toward her as if he was in a trance. Never once did he take his eyes off of her sublime beauty and as he stepped toward her, branches and roots moved out from in his way. The nearer he drew to her the greater he could feel the veil of her presence around him. Closer and closer he came to her. Feeling her magic, he began to realise that she was every woman he had ever loved, sister, lover, mother, prostitute, grandma, dancer, girl next door, aunty, crush. Every movement she made awoke desire within him, the desires a boy or man has for the women in his life. He wanted her in every way.

Finally she opened her arms to him and he fell into her and they held each other. She stroked his hair and comforted him. As he rested in her arms, he felt that he was going to cry, but before a tear could form she released him. There would be no healing in his heart.

"Come." She bade Niaac as she turned and began to walk toward the centre of the forest. Niaac followed closely, trying to touch her as they made their way through the forest. Turning back and seeing him, she smiled and held out her hand to him, hand in hand they made their way to the centre.

In the centre of the forest was a tree that was so tall that clouds formed around its foliage. It was so wide that it would take a hundred people holding hands to encompass its trunk.

"Come in." She bade Niaac as they reached the trunk of the tree. She then disappeared through a door way sized knot hole at the base. Niaac followed.

Upon entrance he saw her lying on a couch, welcoming him with a smile. Still in his trance he knelt down before her and she lay his head in her lap.

"You are tired my son." she said as she stroked him.

'Yes." he answered.

"You have worked hard my son."


"You have watched as others have benefitted from your work, while you continue to labour without benefit."

"Yes." And rage began to build once more in Niaac's heart.

"You grow old though you are young my son."


"You will die early and those who take advantage of you will inherit all you have worked so hard for. Is this what you will?"


"Then I will grant you youth and strength. Is this what you will?"


"Then I will grant you powers and immortality. Is this what you will?"


The hollow tree boomed and vibrated like a drum above them. The scratching and clawing of some immense creature.

"Come my son. Receive your reward." and she quickly led him through the rooms of the tree. Along the way she grabbed a large golden ceremonial vessel, a cup relieved with a serpent twining up a tree, rubies decorated the cup, a ruby for the fruit of the tree, rubies for the serpent's eyes and rubies as blood dripping from the fangs of the serpent.

They exited the tree out of another door sized knot hole in the back.

"Behold! She called to Niaac. My first son and my lover, Bonelya!"

Like lava from a volcano came Bonelya out of the top of the hollow trunk. Black and scaly, a slithering serpentine creature, yet with the wings of a dragon and though his head was scaled it bore the resemblance of a bat.

"Mo-Na you have decided to complete your journey!" Spoke Bonelya to the woman in a somewhat surprised tone."

"Yes my lover." She answered.

Mo-Na seemed as entranced by Bonelya's presence as Niaac was in her's.

"And who is this Mo-Na? Is this our son?

"Yes my lover."

"Then let us make the covenant." said Bonelya as he lowered his head down to Mo-Na.

Niaac was still under the enchantment of Mo-Na. He knew the great serpent was there and ordinarily such a sight would have him fearing for his life but his focus was on her and her alone. Her extraordinarily large breasts, plump and firm. Her hips wider than any he had ever seen, forming curves in her figure that no man could ignore. He watched as she drew a spile from the golden cup. Bonelya lowered his head to her a little more and she reached up to lift a scale on his neck. Niaac mused over her movements, so sweet, so sublte, like he could just sweep her off her feet, pick her up, passionately kiss her and she would feel safe in his arms. Then it all changed. Mo-Na thrust the spile into Bonelya's neck, a drop of blood hit the Earth and she woke from her enchantment. Suddenly Niaac's eyes were open. The forest instantly grew dark and he could feel the trees were dying slowly. Mo-Na turned the spile with its large auger like thread drilling into the serpent's neck. Another blood drop hit the Earth and Niaac noticed the flaws begin to show in Mo-Na and he knew that she too was slowly dying.

Mo-Na opened the tap on the spile and filled the cup with blood from the serpent. She turned to face Niaac holding the cup up high above her head. A terrible look on her face, her eyes piercing into his soul, a countenance full of power and resolve. Niaac felt as though the whole forest was focussed on him, ready to pounce on him and tare him to shreds if he set a foot out of line.

The Serpent Bonelya and the Woman Mo-Na spoke in unison "When you drink you will pour out a libation to Me."

Niaac stepped forward and accepted the cup from Mo-Na and took a sip of the Dragons blood. He woke soon after on the ground with blood all over him and all over the Earth.

"Thank you for pouring out such a generous libation, my son." They spoke as one.

Mo-Na was holding the cup once more above her head now looking dark and wicked as though she was about to kill Niaac.

"Drink my son." They encouraged.

Niaac took the cup once more and drank. With his first sip he felt his youth and strength return and he began to have many inspired thoughts, ways to improve his life and the lives of all those he loved. Encouraged by the results of his first sip he drank again only more deeply. Mo-Na and Bonelya looked on knowingly. Niaac felt power surge through his body, he no longer felt fear in the presence of the witch and the dragon. He began to feel as though he could over power them if he wanted to. His rage and his resolve, his will to enforce his will grew and as the power surged through him he began to rise up from the earth, levitating.

Arrogantly he lifted the cup to his lips once more, he was going to drink the last of the blood in the cup.

Bonelya rose up "Ignorant!" and struck Niaac with a powerful wing "Prig!!" Niaac hit the ground and without realizing it, transformed himself into a bat.

Blood from the cup hit the Earth and Mo-Na said to Niaac "Thank you for pouring out such a generous libation, my son."

As Niaac picked himself up off of the ground he realized his place within his new family, he was but a whelp compared to his new Mother and Father, he now knew the abilities his power afforded him.

What he did not know was that a great hunger would burden him for the rest of his life. This hunger would satisfy his Mother and Father while he would remain unsatisfied. In his hunger he would kill all of his brother's flocks and eventually he would kill his own brother and then thousands of innocents down the ages. What he did not know was that he himself was dead.

"Take this cup with you my son" they spoke "Build our family. Return when the cup is empty. Goodbye 'Son of the Dragon', Goodbye 'Draculaa'."

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@spareheadone: Very engaging and interesting. I like it.

@cbishop: Had to look the series up. Looks really interesting.

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Family Drinks

It was Halloween, it was time for me to find some blood, my family was up to their usual non-inclusive bull, and I just thought, "You know what? Enough." So I drained every last one of them like you might a twelve-pack after a shitty day of work, lopped off their heads, put them on spikes in the front yard, and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids all night, raking in the compliments on how "gross" and "lifelike" my Halloween decorations were. All of 'em: dad, stepmom, first brother, second brother, his wife, her sister (she was tasty), all five of their bratty ass kids, and that yappy little dachsund.

After all the trick-or-treaters had gone home, I siphoned the gas out of three of their vehicles, soaked said vehicles, the garage, the house, the corpses, and torched the whole shebang. Except for the heads. I left those for the cops so the bodies could be identified, because the sooner they identify them, the sooner they put the mess to bed. Oh sure, the news'll bring it up the next few Halloweens, but whatever. Maybe it's just that I'm a vampire, but I was honestly surprised that it didn't bother me. It was like just wiping away a bad memory. Even when it played all the next day on the news, I didn't regret it... much. I just turned the news off and went to the bar.

You wouldn't know the place. You know those miles of tunnels and built-over old city structure they talk about being under newer cities, where the homeless and junkies live? It's great for vampires trying to avoid the sun too. It's about two stories underneath the actual city proper, with a cop bar-and-grill at street level. So the bar I'm headed to is known to us Pipe Dwellers as Under Arrestaurant. Yeah, I know, it's terrible, but when you're living in a shithole with jerry rigged fans trying to move the air, you take your laughs where you can get 'em.

As I push through the swinging saloon-style doors and slink up to the bar, the bartender flicks his tongue and hisses amiably, "O Negative, Russsssel?" He hisses because he's a lizard man- the kind you hear about in conspiracy theories. He got his name from a comic of The Terrific Whatsit that hangs above his bar- his favorite comic character because he's a reptile like him, and a hero- the first that he knows of.

"Nah, Whatsit," I say with a wave as I reach the bar. "I'm full; killed the family last night. I'll just have a beer."

Whatsit just stares at me for a few seconds, tongue flicking in and out several times, and that scaly hide of his making his reaction inscrutable. Finally, his eyelids blink sideways, and he says, "We only have Zima."

"So you're out of beer then," I deadpan. "Just a Coke."

Whatsit puts a glass and a cold can of Coke on the bar for me, and a highball glass at the edge of his side for his tip. Both glasses are impeccably clean. How he does that in this inherently dirty atmosphere is a mystery, but not one anyone is interested in solving. I crack the top on the can, pour it into the glass, take a swig of the soda through the foam, and sit back and think about my night.

I really wish I hadn't had to kill my family. I mean, it's not like I'm going to miss them. They never called, never let me know about anything involving the kids, and were generally the least family-like family I could imagine. It was like draining any other nobodies as far as I'm concerned. Except for dad. He didn't deserve that, but he would have tried to stop me, because he was a good man like that, and I just wasn't having that last night. Plus sometimes I just get really pissed off at him for not standing up to that shrew of a second wife. Yeah, I regret killing him, but at least he'll have some peace from her now. Now, we all will. I just wish I hadn't had to kill them, because it's not the kind of vampire that I want to be. I was warned it might happen eventually though.

As I'm watching the foam finally subside in my glass, someone sits down beside me, and Whatsit slides him a drink without having to ask what he's having. "My friend," he says in some Old Country dialect that no one is quite sure of, "I see the news. You finally cut tides with family Stane. Is good." Vlad Oprica is the owner of Cafe Oprica- AKA Under Arrestaurant- and a vampire himself. Head of the Clan Oprica- all of them vampires- he's also rumored to be the one-and-only Dracula, mostly because his name is Vlad, like Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler. No one knows for sure, but as I watch him concentrate on pushing plastic swords through olives, I think that maybe they're right. His son, Romulus Oprica, is my sire. Only reason he did it was because I was interested in his sister, Adriana. I never have decided whether I should thank him or not.

"It's 'cut ties,' Vlad. Ties. And yeah, I guess it is good. Beats having to watch them die off over the next few generations." I raise my glass. "To the end of family lines."

"To the end of family lies," Vlad misquotes, raising his glass.

"That too," I say, clinking his glass with mine.

"Salud," he says, and we both knock our drinks back.

"Whatsit," I say, shaking off the melancholy, "give me a Zima."

After a long, stuttering hiss that passes for Whatsit's laugh, he says, "Ssssilly Sssstane, nobody has Zima anymore. I wassss pulling your leg. "Bud Light?"

"So you really are out of beer," I deadpan again. "Another Coke."

Vlad laughs loudly. Whatsit sets up another can and a backgammon board, and Vlad and I roll the dice to see who goes first, ready to wile the night away. Nice thing about being a vampire? You get to choose your family.

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With nine-and-a-half hours to the deadline, I have to ask: YO, @batkevin74, is this going to be the first contest that you miss?!

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@cbishop: Doing a you and posting late! But I'm in

No Caption Provided

The N.A.T.U.R.E of Vampires

Page 1

You tear open the crimson envelope with your name on it to find a yellowy piece of paper with beautiful calligraphy upon it. It reads “You have been chosen as a candidate for N.A.T.U.R.E the Nosferatu Academy of Training, Understanding, Research and Elimination. We are dedicated to removing the vampire threat on our planet and hoping you will become one of us. You will meet Mr Smith at the international airport tomorrow who will be waiting with a sign with your name on it. Bring your passport and come alone.”

The paper slightly shudders in your hand before bursting into flames, vanishing into smoke and ash leaving only the envelope with no return address.

Do you go? Turn to page 41

Do you stay? Turn to page 7


Page 41

You arrive early at the airport, unsure if this is all a prank but hoping that at least some of this mystery is true. The airport is bustling like a beehive. You wander through looking for a man you’ve never met holding a sign with your name on it. As you head towards departures you spot a roundish man of average height wearing sunglasses holding up a sign, your sign.

Do you go? Turn to page 33

Do you wait? Turn to page 32

Do you go home? Turn to page 99


Page 32

You loiter around looking for cameras, or your best friend Kim, who could’ve easily set this all up. But as time ticks by the man simply waits. Vampires, pfft, really. But it is something intriguing about the whole thing?

Do you go? Turn to page 33

Do you go home? Turn to page 99


Page 33

You approach the man and smile. He nods, folds the sign up and extends his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, my name is Mr Smith. You have passed N.A.T.U.R.E’s first test by coming and coming alone. Well done. Now follow me past these mirrors, have to check you aren’t a vampire posing as you, and we’ll be off.”

You start to speak when Mr Smith stops, pulls off his glasses and looks you dead in the eye. “Yes, vampires a real. No, this isn’t a prank. We think you could be an asset to us which is why we contacted you. Yes, it’s a dangerous job. No, it doesn’t pay well but it’s quite exciting. Does that about cover it?”

You shrug. “I guess so…vampires?”

“I’ll fill you in on the plane.”

And for the next few hours Mr Smith explains all about vampirekind, what’s real, what isn’t, who N.A.T.U.R.E are and their history.

“Nobody knows when the first vampire arrived, but they’ve been around since Ancient Mesopotamia at least. They look human but they’re dead, no blood, no breath and for some unscientific reason no reflections. Exposure to sunlight will kill them, as will a wooden stake through the heart. Garlic and silver are just movie magic. Some can transform but usually only the European variety of vampire; African and Asian vampires can’t but they have other powers. Dracula is just a story, but a lot of vampires imitate the look as its cool, or at least they think so.

N.A.T.U.R.E was formed in 1887 by Johannes Halsingor whose wife, Elsbeth, was turned into a vampire. He loved her and didn’t want her to become a fowl creature of the night and she was also unhappy at her new transformed status. So, he locked her up and studied her with his friend from the University of Warsaw, Professor Lech Wallachia, learnt about the vampire. Sadly, it was not a happy ending as she killed them several years later as she’d gone mad from being in captivity, but from there the organisation grew and grew. Our headquarters is in Prague and we have locations across the globe because vampires always tend to move around.”


R.A. Montgomery stopped as he lowered the book, his round face confused. “Where is the rest?”

I shifted nervously in my chair. “Um, well…”

“We gave you a thirty-thousand-dollar advance for what, half a book?” He snapped. “Are you serious?”

“Mr Montgomery,” I started to explain but I was going to literally make it up. “The thing is…”

“You’ve spent the money and turned in half a book and hoping what, I don’t turn this over to the lawyers? Really Mr Kevin? This isn’t amateur hour!” He picked up the yellow phone on his desk. “Hello Maureen…?”

“I’m a vampire!”

He looks at me like I’m mental. “What?”

“I’m a vampire.”

He lowers the phone. “I’ve heard a lot of BS excuses in my life, but that has got to take the cake.”

I shrug. “I’m a vampire and I can prove it.”

He points behind me. “See behind you, it’s a mirror. I can clearly see your reflection. Also, vampires are fiction just like your tale about being a vampire! You can either leave or I can have security haul you out the building, up to you. But I will not waste any more time on you, the legal division of Batman Books can deal with you!”

I stand up, circle my hand and lock eyes with him. “You will drop the phone.”

“What are you doing?” He asks angrily.

“You are under my power,” I continue my charade.

“Maureen, get security up here. Mr Kevin is…”

I launch across the desk and grab the elderly writer by the collar, hauling him up and over the desk as if he was made of straw. He gasps, and then again as I sink my fangs into his neck. He struggles but I am way stronger. I take what I need and throw him back into his chair.

“You will feel ill for the next few days,” I tell him as I wipe my mouth clear of his juices. “I’ll feed off you again and then if I feed a third time you will become a vampire like myself. It isn’t all bad Mr Montgomery, you’ll see.”

He’s stunned, everything he ever believed has been shocked to the core and I’ve revealed myself as a vampire, but also as the amateur novelist I am.

“You will forget the book,” I tell him, looking deep into his eyes.

“You will forget the book,” he recites back obediently.

“Everything is fine.”

“Everything is fine.”

Security burst through the door on cue. “Mr Montgomery?

“Everything is fine,” he says to them. I smile and shake his hand before leaving, taking my poor attempt at writing with me.

“Goodbye,” I say and leave.



“Bastard!” I curse as I toss the obituary in the bin. “Another one drops off before I can turn him!”

“You’ll get there one day Master,” Igor, my faithful sycophant encourages. “Perhaps next time you’ll try my suggestion?”

“Alright, I’ll pay Tom Clancy a visit,” I tell him.

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@batkevin74: You made it! Had me fooled though. I actually thought you might have wrote an actual choose your own adventure.

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@wildvine when you get a moment, could you lock this and switcheroo it with the voting thread. Gracias