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The contest;

Hey Everyone who reads this thing. Its about that time again, time to start up another CCC. I thought of the catchy theme "The Devil You Know"

The premise is simple. Write about how you imagine the Devil, Lucifer, King Of Hell, Boss Demon type of mythological character and create a character that embodies what you believe to be The Devil. Maybe he can be a mischievous trickster? A slick hustler? Or maybe even a horrifying creature? I don't know its up to you!

The entries;


An Origin...

“Don’t you like us anymore?”

God looked down towards the voice. Standing amongst the heavenly host was Lucifer, one of his angels with several others by his side.

“What makes you say that?”

Lucifer pointed off the cloud down to the universe separate to Heaven had just been created some six days prior. “Because of that?”

“Is there something wrong with my creation?” God asked.

Lucifer looked up at He who’d given him everything. “Yes. You created THEM in your image. Aren’t we enough?”

“Calm yourself,” eased God.

“I WILL NOT BE CALM!” shouted Lucifer. “Answer the question!”

God looked at him. “Man is my child, created in my image.”

“Then what are we?” asked Lucifer, his voice slightly cracking with sadness.

God smiled “All will be re…”

“STOP TREATING ME LIKE I’M STUPID!” Lucifer roared. “Why would you create something else and then place it higher than us, we who love and serve you? We who have done so since you brought us into existence.”

“You are being disobedient Lucifer,” God chided.

“I am not my Lord,” Lucifer said through gritted teeth. “I am merely asking questions that you are deliberately being obtuse about.”

“All will be revealed in good time,” God said. “Now I must rest.”

Lucifer watched his creator, THE creator fade away into nothingness. Abaddon came up beside his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder but Lucifer batted it away. “I do not need pity Abaddon, I need answers! And if He won’t give them to me then I’ll go and ask his new pets.”

“You mean…go down to the Garden?” Abaddon gulped.

“Yes,” Lucifer hissed.


Lucifer stood there looking at God, who was a towering well of anger. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”

Lucifer smiled “I merely asked that mud creature some questions.”


“JUST AS YOU TURNED FROM US!” Lucifer roared back. Heaven was silent as they stared at each other.

“I have not,” replied God.

“Then why are you so concerned about those two…TWO, then all of us,” Lucifer gestured to the assembled host who’d been drawn to the shouting that rippled through Heaven. God wiped a tear from his eye.

“You can’t possibly see the damage you’ve caused,” God said quietly.

“Then explain it to me!” cried Lucifer. “Explain it to US! Why them huh?” God silently looked at Lucifer, sighed and turned away. The host collectively gasped. Lucifer’s jaw dropped as his eyes welled with tears but his anger at the rejection swelled. He stepped forward to grab God by the shoulder when Lucifer’s brother, the archangel Michael, swooped in and caught his hand.

“None shall touch him,” Michael stated.

Lucifer slammed his other fist into Michael’s perfect face and broke his nose. This was followed by a flurry of blows by each as they viciously attacked each other. Abaddon flew over to help Lucifer when Gabriel tackled him away. Those who had sided with Lucifer joined in and soon it was a ferocious melee as angel fought angel, knocking star from the sky. Though outnumbered Lucifer’s angels fought hard.

“You’re wrong!” shouted Michael throttling Lucifer by the throat.

“And you’re blind!” Lucifer squealed as he bit his brother’s arm. “He has chosen them over us!”

“It’s not a contest Lucifer!”

“FOOL!” roared Lucifer with a mouthful of flesh and the pair continued their violent dance.


“I cast you out Lucifer, and all those who follow you,” said God solemnly “Heaven is no longer your home though you will try to return.”

Lucifer looked down at his feet.

“Anything to say?”

Lucifer looked up and stared. “This isn’t over.”

“I know,” replied God as he pointed away. Lucifer unfurled his wings, broken, tattered and torn from the week long battle and flew awkwardly off in the direction God had pointed, followed by Abaddon and the others. The archangel Michael drew his sword and readied to pursue when God held his hand up and shook his head. Sadly, silently the heavenly host watched a third vanish off into the distance as God shed a solitary tear.


Notes: (Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel and Abaddon are the only named angels in the Bible)


The Ferry Trip

With a hum on her lips, Tams in Wright returned to her hotel room and the pile of clothes dumped on the floor by her case. Things weren’t great for her at the moment, work as a freelance ecologist had drawn her away from her home, her friends and her loved ones for over two months. And while she was well paid, the beds she slept in were never as comfortable as her own. Dropping her lucky pack onto the pile of clothes, she walked into the bathroom and stripped off her brown chinos, orange tank top and olive green hunting jacket, before turning on the shower.

After waiting a few seconds for the water to warm up, she stepped inside and released her copper red hair from the bun it was held in, long locks streaked with dust falling over her shoulders. Whistling the tune to Eddie Grant’s ‘Give me Hope Johanna’ she began to wash herself, only for the water to turn deathly cold, her body collapsing to the floor.

“Well that was anticlimactic.” A bored voice stated, as Tams in stirred, her hands pushing against the grey grass on the bank of the river she was lying by. Rubbing her eyes she looked to the river and the speaker, a man with sleek black hair dressed like a riverboat gambler, a short cane in his hands. “Come on girl I haven’t got all day you know.” He added, as Tams in got to her feet and staggered over to the man, and the barge boat sitting on the river.

“Uh where am I?” Tams in asked, as she realised she was still naked, her hands rushing to her breasts and her hips, her forest green eyes wide in embarrassment.

“Oh please I’ve seen homelier, besides we have clothes for you on the ferry.” The riverboat gambler stated, as Tamsin stepped onto the boat, and took one of the myriad of empty seats. “Okay Charon let’s book.” The man ordered, as he sat down next to Tamsin, before pulling a flask out of his pocket and taking a swig. “Congratulations you’re dead kid, have a drink on Ole Scratch.”

“You…you are the…the devil.” Tamsin gasped, “But I donated to charity, I was a good person I don’t deserve to go to…”

“Hell?” Scratch finished, as he looked at Tamsin’s neck, and the pentacle hanging from it. “You’re dead five minutes and already your faith is wavering. Relax kid, this isn’t hell, this is just where everyone who didn’t get to heaven goes. Being…” He stops and pulls out a piece of crumpled paper. “…eclectic wicca you are banned from heaven by the Judeo-Christian Agreement. Anyone who isn’t Jewish, Christian or Muslin ends up down here for processing, and apparently that’s my job.”

“But you’re the devil, how can I trust you?” Tamsin asked, as she felt something soft caress her beasts, and looked down to see the black leotard she was now wearing.

“That’s all we have at the moment.” Scratch sighed, “And as for trusting me, it’s either that or paddle 20,000 leagues down the Styx.”

“Ah okay.” Tamsin stated, before bowing her head. At the back of the boat, the rudder man dressed in a long cloak coughed, and the ferry pulled over once again to the river bank. There clad in an orange jumpsuit, was a bald man, a wicked sneer on his face.

“Stay down kid.” Scratch ordered, as he stepped off the boat, his body morphing into a red skinned, shaggy bearded, cloven hoofed figure. “Your eternal punishment begins here!!” He boomed, as the man on the bank took three paces backwards, only for Scratch to pick him up by the legs and drag him over to the back of the ferry where Charon handed him a chain. Screaming as Scratch wrapped the chain around his neck, the man was pushed overboard, his body submerging in the water.

“Next stop Charon.” Scratch ordered, as he shrunk back to the form that had greeted Tamsin. “Hey kid are you alright?”

“That man, you didn’t have to do that.” Tamsin whispered, as Scratch sat down beside her.

“I did, he was a serial rapist and murderer who chained young children to lumps of cement and tossed them into swimming pools.” Scratch stated, he saw me as the punishment he deserved, as was his agreement with the faith he chose. “I am the devil to him. You on the other hand, see me just as a normal man because there is no hell concept in your religion.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Tamsin asked, as she looked back towards Charon and the chain dragging behind the ferry.

“Did you enjoy your work?” Scratch asked, as he took another sip from his flask. “Although I guess your job was very different to mine.” He added, as Charon pulled the ferry over to the bank again, a small hare sitting on the bank. Cocking her head to one side, Tamsin watched as Scratch stepped out, picked up the hare and placed it in the ferry,

“What is that for?” Tamsin asked, as the hare leapt onto her lap.

“He was a Hindu, he’s being taken to be reincarnated for his next life.” Scratch explained, “If he has lived a kind life he will return as a human, if not he will become an even lesser creature.” He added, as the barge pulled alongside a half finished bridge sticking over the Styx, a work crew standing on platforms in a vain effort to finish construction.

“And they are?” Tamsin asked, as the workers saluted the barge drifting past.

“Contractors from heaven and the other dead realms.” Scratch explained, as he saluted the workers back. “The Lord and I agreed to fund the construction of a bridge, but so far there has been little progress due to the water and its ability to make a man forget why he is here.” He added as the barge pulled over again, and a man in a suit wandered forward, his eyes covered with a strap of fabric.

“An Atheist.” Scratch told Tamsin, “They are forbidden to see any part of the dead realms due to their lack of belief. Still they are catered for; he’ll be placed in the fields of the faithless where he can be happy.”

“So where am I headed?” Tansim asked, as the Atheist sat down on a seat near the back of the barge.

“There isn’t a place for you.” Scratch stated, “True followers of the Wicca faith are reincarnated, and true Atheists go out to the fields, whilst sinners go to Hell, but you are neither. As such you’ll probably be retained on the ferry until the bridge is completed.”

“Oh.” Tamsin stated, her voice causing the atheist to shudder, the sound surprising him. “Wait what is that?” She asked, as she pointed to a path on the opposite bank, the ferry turning towards it. Throwing out a gang plank, Scratch took the hare off of Tamsin’s lap and placed it on the floor. Shaking itself the hare sped off, down the gang plank and away across the path, its form vanishing over the horizon before the ferry could push off.

“That is the path of reincarnation.” Scratch explained. “A fair if slightly tough path.” He added, as he handed his flask to Tamsin. Taking a deep sip of the river water inside, she watched as the ferry headed back past the bridge, the workers and passengers saluting to each other, before Charon pulled the ship onto another path, one that led to flat fields covered in grey fog.

“The Fields of the Faithless?” Tamsin asked, as Scratch put down the gang plank down again, before helping the Atheist out of the ship, the once staggering man now striding out towards the mists. “So that means out next stop is Hell.”

“I prefer to call it Eternal Damnation.” Scratch told her, as Tamsin took another sip from the flask. “It prevents confusion with the Norse Realm of Helheim.” He added as Charon pulled up the submerged sinner, his body red with blisters and scratches. “This is the final stop before we begin the journey again.” He stated before he took the chain in his hands. “This is my one billionth trip you know, finally my contract is done.” He added as the water opened up to reveal a massive sinkhole, the innards glowing a hellish red. “This is your ship now Tamsin.” He announced, kissing her on the lips before being dragged down by the sinful anchor he was holding, the water crashing down to hide his descent.

“You must complete a billion trips before you can go free.” Charon croaked, as Tamsin watched her reflection change in the river’s surface, her leotard being replaced by a silk dress, a choker wrapped around her neck. “Where to first milady?”

“Take us to the living shores.” Tamsin ordered, her memories of her past life forgotten. “We have work to do, and souls to tend to.”


Boots McFly and the Devil in the Lake

Boots McFly woke up every day at six in the morn', put on his lucky fishin boots and headed out to Lake Rouge to catch some Cowfish. Sometimes he'd catch a couple of fat Pigfish or, when he was selling to specialty merchants he'd catch a spicy Scorpionfish, but his bread and butter was usually the easy to cook and always tasty Cowfish.

On the last day of the month o' Jack o' Lanterns, Boots prepped his boat Old Lucy. It was a foggy morn', and the lake was empty of people. The other fishermen were superstitious about this day. Boots didn't mind. More fish for him. As Boots rowed Old Lucy out toward the middle of the lake he heard the cry of a loon, giving him goosebumps. He took a swig of Old Logan's moonshine, to calm his nerves, then he cast out his line. He fished for about an hour before falling asleep.

When Boots woke he saw the fog surrounding him, he couldn't see the land, yet his boat and the water around it were completely clear. The sun was shining down on him. Then he heard laughter in the fog. A mans laugh. Or a cat screeching, it sounded so horrific.

"Who's out there?" called Boots.

"Who? Who am I?" asked the voice in the fog. "I go by many names. Mister Pale, the Drowned Fool, Great White Devil.. but you, Boots McFly, may call me Atlahab."

"The lake demon?" replied Boots. "I've heard stories.. myths. It's been a hundred years since anyones seen you."

"A hundred years to this day." said Atlahab, as he walked out of the fog toward Old Lucy. He seemed to dance on the water. He wore black sailors clothes, his skin was pale white, almost blue. He was bald and his skin smooth. His eyes were black, his nose sharp, when he smiled he revealed rows of sharks teeth.

As Atlahab got close to the boat he smiled wide at Boots, then sunk into the water. Boots looked over the side of the boat where Atlahab dropped into the water. The water was still. As if nothing had happened. Then there was a loud scraping noise from under the boat as if something were crawling on the bottom of the boat. Atlahab crawled up on the other side of the boat. Each hand had six pointed fingers that were three times longer than a normal mans. Atlahab sat in the boat, facing Boots, and smiled.

"What do you want?" asked Boots.

"To give you something." replied Atlahab. He reached behind him, over the boat and pulled up a large sack.

"What's in the sack?" asked Boots.

"Before I tell you, I want you to answer a question." responded Atlahab. "Who is the richest fisherman in Cape Rouge?"

Boots thought a moment before answering. "Well, I guess that'd be my hero, Boss Heck. He's the richest, most famous fisherman around. He's an old man though. Hell, they say he's over a hundred.." Boots trailed off.

Atlahab smiled. "I met him when he was nineteen. We made a deal. Once a week we met out on this lake and I gave him a sack just like this." Atlahab dumped the sacks contents into the boat. There was Cowfish, Pigfish, Scorpionfish and even the rarest of all fish, the Emerald Eyed Pharaohfish. These fish were worth a fortune.

Boots jumped up and down with joy. He'd be rich. "Hell, mister Atla'ab. What do you want for all this?" Boots asked.

Atlahab smiled wide, shark teeth gleaning. "After one hundred years, I will eat your body, mind and your soul."

Boots gulped. "That don't sound good."

"If you refuse I will still eat your body and mind. Today. In this boat." Atlahab said firmly, then looked over Boots shoulder. "Ah! Just in time."

Boots looked behind himself to see an old man in a boat sail right up to Old Lucy. "Hello Boss Heck. I don't suppose you've met Mister Boots McFly?" Atlahab asked. The old fisherman looked at Boots and grunted.

Atlahab walked onto Heck's boat and stood over the old man. "Are you ready, Heck?"

"No." spit the old man.

Atlahab opened his mouth wide and swallowed old Boss Heck whole. Boots turned away but he could still hear the smacks and crunches of the demon eating.

Boots looked back to see Atlahab lying in a pool of blood, his belly extended. Atlahab smiled at Boots. "A hundred years of wealth and fame. They'll even build you a statue. Name a village after you. Or you can die right now. Your choice, Boots."

50 Years Later

Mayor McFly stood at the podium in downtown Cape Rouge. "This statue is to commemorate my father, the most famous and wealthy fisherman of Cape Rouge. Boots McFly." The handsome mayor smiled at his old man "Last time we did this they named a village after you." Referring to Boots Villa, a small fishing village. "Now you just get a statue." he joked.

Everyone laughed. The mayor continued. "Hey dad, tell these good people one of your old fishing stories, like the time you punched the devil and made off with his sack of gold. I know I've heard that one a hundred times."

More laughs. Boots McFly laughed along and stood up to the podium. "Ha ha, that one is my favorite, Mister Mayor." he said with a wink to his son. As he began telling his great tall tale, one might call it his great white lie, he looked off into the distance. He could see Lake Rouge from here.

He shuddered as he remembered his fate.


The Fat Prince of the Air

The Fat Prince sat in his throne room with a giant grin on his face. It had been two thousand years since that fateful day. He could still remember the cries of the crowd as they yelled "Crucify him!", he could see the silver coins fall out of Judas' robes as he dangled from the tree after betraying his lord, He could smell the blood dripping from the face of Jehovah's "Messiah" as he crawled up the hill like a crippled old man. Ahhh, the smell of victory was in the air then. He took a bite of a thick turkey leg and let the juices flow down his double chin and on to his chest.

His plan had taken thousands of years to orchestrate, yet he moved each piece like a brilliant tactician. This was war, and he had been given free reign to do with as he pleased. First, he made them forget that Jehovah freed them from Egypt. Then he made them forget the wrath that Jehovah poured on them for the insolent kings who didn't follow his precious laws. Hah! They blamed Jehovah for their troubles, the prince had made them completely oblivious of themselves and they continued to do as they pleased. Then their zealous priests who corrupted Jehovah's religion, that bit of brilliance made the prince puff up with even more pride. The people of Jehovah- I blinded them and they killed their only hope. Heh.

The prince's mood darkened then. Jehovah had pulled a fast one on him, ruining his winning streak with a clever trick- so Jehovah was the Messiah all along? Yet somehow he broke the power of death, not that the Prince cared- he only ruled the living, but the more souls he could steal from Jehovah, the more he could revel in their eternal torment at Jehovah's own hand. Oh sweet irony. Ugh, he remembered, then it happened- Jehovah decided to live inside of all the people who believed in him as some kind of spirit, sealing them for heaven so that he wouldn't have to torment them forever.

The Fat Prince paused there, he took another bite of turkey leg and regained his composure. It was tough to make them forget that- but lucky for me these creatures are fickle and have no ability to see the bigger picture. They want to be satisfied now. They want knowledge and power NOW. So filling their every desire is what I did. Heh. How do you know eternity even exists? I told them. And don't you think you'll get bored in heaven- you'll be mindless drones doing nothing but singing to him all day, Jehovah even said as much in your holy book. I convinced them that Jehovah was a selfish psychopath and that he's not real. I convinced them he would never come back. Two-thousand years is a long time.

The Fat Prince ruled earnestly- as each year passed he caused more and more doubt and won more and more followers. He wore the finest linens, he partook of the most delicate of foods, had sex with the most beautiful women and men, and shared his spoils with the most eager pleasure-seeking creatures. He used Jehovah's followers as a ward against new followers by making them seem prude and unlikable. He may have lost the battle two-thousand years ago, but he wouldn't go down without a fight. Oh yes- he had read Jehovah's words- the real one's, not the ones the humans screwed up (by the prince's will). He knew his reign would come to a crashing halt- all the more reason to indulge now and take as many humans with him where he was going.

A bit of humility came to him then. But it was gone in a flash. His black heart was set on its course- if I can't have eternal pleasure, neither can they.

Just then the doors to his castle exploded off their hinges, splinters of wood and glass rained down. A light so overwhelming flooded the hall he had to shield his eyes- then he saw- Jehovah as the "Messiah" mounted on a great white horse with a sword blazing with holy fire. "The time has come Fat Prince, do what you were designed to do, and then prepare to be destroyed".

Sullen, the prince grabbed the golden key ring from his belt. He knelt at the base of his throne and inserted a key into the hidden lock. As he turned the key he heard four trumpets. The ground opened beneath him as Jehovah's four horsemen appeared. Heh, his final trick- making them believe it was my idea to destroy the world he thought. The horsemen ascended and rode through the gates of the castle leaving behind a trail of pestilence and flame. The prince stared back down into the pit, seven pairs of eyes stared up at him, seven jaws like lions bore their teeth. Giant bear claws gripped the rim of the pit and the beast climbed out, his ten horns as sharp as any sword. It lowered one of its heads, and allowed the prince to mount it. His grin was gone then, replaced by a look of desperation and mania that comes when all hope is lost. As the beast rode out into the streets, humans groveled at its feet. And So began the end of all things.

Voting ends July 14th to July 25th at 2 pm NY time.

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My vote goes to @impurestcheese

Very creative story, plus I've always liked the idea of the devil as a southern gentleman, in this case riverboat gambler, very Mark Twain'esque. Also, I would have liked to see what would have happened to agnostics, Buddhists and Taoists in your story. I imagine agnostics would have ended up with atheists.

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I'll count 'em up:

  1. cbishop
  1. stumpy49er
  2. ichoirboy
  3. waezi2
  4. johnjo719
  5. joshmightbe
  6. SmoothJammin
  • HellBlaz3rtheRazemach1ne (late vote)
  1. TommytheHitman
  2. Xwraith
  1. ImpurestCheese
  2. batkevin74
  3. 4donkeyjohnson
  4. BlueEcho

Well, I couldn't make it this time, but I can make it to vote.

@impurestcheese, the tank-top-clad ecologist/ story hero keeps coming back to your stories...wonder why? :}

@stumpy49er, loved the description of the lake demon. I could picture him in a Mike Mignola style of art. Very cool.

Vote goes to @batkevin74- you surprised me with this one, and yet, not really. Great story.

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@batkevin74 said:

I feel tempted to vote for @ichoirboy

@wildvine, please add @ichoirboy to the entries. The standard for this has been if the entry is in before time is called on the contest by the host/OP (or mod, in this case), then they are in. If they post after the contest is called, they are out. In this case, @johnjo719 wanted to change the deadline for entries, and you were right to deny that, but regardless of being three hours over the deadline, ichoirboy beat the official call. Not arguing this, just asking you to honor the standard so we can include a new writer.

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If we act on standard rather then rules then we make the rules pointless. It is also standard to post an inspirational image. So by standard this contest should not be accepted. In my judgement, the official call is the deadline, not when the OP logs in. There is a reason we have deadlines. If Johnjo had not called the contest for a week, should we have kept accepting entries?

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@wildvine: If jonjo' had gone longer than the end of the day, people would have started calling him out, and/or called out a mod. We have that standard because this is supposed to be fun, not fascist. If a deadline is set, and the OP oversleeps by six hours, and somebody posts in that six hours, they are in. OP wasn't there at the deadline, and the contestant beat the call. It's fun. Ideally, yes, they should meet the deadline, but retroactively telling someone they didn't make it is just petty, cruel, and non-inclusive. You're a moderator, not a police officer. This isn't life and death. Lighten up.

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Fine, fine. ichoirboy has been added. If @stumpy49er feels like changing his vote I'm sure @cbishop will not mind editing the counter.

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@stumpy49er: agreed I liked the catch at the end of @impurestcheesestory, I vote for The Ferry Trip, oh and thanks for letting my version in! I'll pay more attention to the deadline next time.

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@cbishop said:

@stumpy49er, loved the description of the lake demon. I could picture him in a Mike Mignola style of art. Very cool.

Didn't think about Mignola but that would be bad ass.

@wildvine I'm good with my vote, thanks.

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@wildvine: Um, I apologize for earlier. "Fascist" was not meant to be a comment about you in particular- I was trying to convey the polar opposite of "fun" in general as far as how we treat the forum (general "we," not specifying anyone). The before/after the call thing has been one of those "unofficial rules." ...I pressed for this one because there's been a couple of times that new people have just missed the call, weren't included, and never came back. I've been thinking that maybe it should be a "hand slap" and "don't do it again," rather than "wait outside 'til next contest." Really should've discussed it internally first. Truly- my apology, but thank you for reversing your decision. You didn't have to, and it is appreciated.

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Please add another vote to ichoirboy

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I solved nothing!

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@waezi2: Cool thanks for the vote :-)

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@impurestcheese: Your wellcome.

Your story kinda reminded me of a book I recently read called "Djævlens Lærling"(The Devil's Apprentice)

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@waezi2: Well ain't that a happy coincidence

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Thanks to Tommy and Xwraith for the votes.

My confidence in my writing was starting to dwindle.

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@stumpy49er: Been there, felt that. And while wining would be nice, all you need to remember is that you tried, you presumably had fun writing it, and people have mentioned that they enjoyed it. TBH I've given up trying to win all the time, if it happens it happens, there's no point crying over it.

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I want to take this time out to apologize to all those that participated in this contest for my dropping of the ball in this CCC. There are no excuses, only explanations as I feel like i owe you guys an apology and explanation.

The way my job works, there are two general schedules. The winter schedule and the summer schedule. In the summer during the first week of July, we start switching over from winter to summer and it appears that this year we were grossly underprepared for the change. And because of my position, I ended up having to cover for a lot of people (who weren't prepared) and that really cut into my free time, basically removing it completely. 

Now that people have settled down a bit into their new schedule, I should be able to write more consistently. 

Also thank you to wildvine for continuing the contest. And sorry once again for disappearing like that on you guys.

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@johnjo719: So you're going to vote yes? Your explanation i cool by me but for whom are you voting??

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I really enjoyed Impurestcheese's entry so I'll vote for her

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@wildvine: I will be working until 7pm NY time tomorrow, so please feel free to update the voting table with any last votes. If not, I'll add them when I get home tomorrow night. :)

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Hmm westill appeared to be deadlocked

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You are actually killing me @wildvine you know that :-P

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Well, only an hour left. Someone has to break the tie. ...Either that, or in the next hour, several someones have to vote another entry past the tied ones. :)

Edit: Got my time wrong. I have to be in 7pm-11pm, not 3pm-7pm. Gonna be a long night, but I'm going to come home and sleeeeeep. Oh yeah. :)

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@guardiandevil83 we need a tie breaker vote? Could you, would you, read two stories the ones by @ichoirboy and @impurestcheese and pick one of them since they are the two in deadlock . That'd be great if you could

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We're still in dead lock, seriously someone vote and end this. Please

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@wildvine: Gonna need a tie breaker please between cheese and choir as its way past the deadline now. Or call it a draw and make'em create the first Co-Chaired Character Creation Contest or CCCCC :)

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@decept_o, @kfhrfdu_89_76k, @donovan_montgomery or @smoothjammin (or all of you): Will you please do us the favor of reading ImpurestCheese and Ichoirboy's stories, and vote for one to break the tie? Or just flip a coin. We're really not too picky about how you arrive at your decision at this point. Thanks. -cb :)

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