Captain Planet: Loss!? (Part Three)

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Captain Planet : Damn those guys are starting to piss me off.


Without thinking the captain rammed into a force field, he broke right through it. And by doing so, he almost hit the water.


Captain Planet : Gaia! Gaia? She better be okay!


The captain flew into the Crystal Chamber. From the looks of which, there was an epic struggle. There were burn marks on all the surfaces, and some of the crystals were shattered. She put up a good fight, but they outnumbered her.


Plunder: Bet you feel pretty useless right now, don’t you cap?


The captain turned around to see Plunder, Blight, and Nukem. Nukem had a hold of Gaia, she was out cold.


Captain Planet: I swear if you don’t give her to me, I’ll kill you all.


Blight: Don’t think your in any position to be talking like that. Don’t you agree Nukem?


Nukem thrashes Gaia around. She stirs, in pain.


Gaia: Ahh!


Captain Planet: No! Stop you bastard! You’ll kill her!


Plunder: Enough.


Nukem lets go of Gaia. She fell to the beach, barley conscious. Plunder walks over to Gaia. Plunder lifts her head to show her face.


Plunder: Such a pity. You could have just joined us you know. Helped us destroy the planet.


Gaia: No.


Plunder: Fool. Nuke, shock her.


Nukem shocks her with a great force.


Captain Planet: You will pay for that.


The captain flew over and grabbed Nukem. He power bombed him face down into the sand.


Plunder: That will be enough!


The captain stopped. Plunder had a hold of Gaia. He had a blade to her throat.


Captain Planet: She dies, you all die!


Plunder: Sure we will. Blight, take Nukem and get back to the ship. Watch out for those damn planeteers.  I have this well in hand.