Captain Planet: Loss!? (Part Four)

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Blight did as she was instructed. She walked over to Nukem and picked him up. And then they both left.



Captain Planet: What do you want Plunder?


Plunder: Simple, I want to watch her die. that is, unless you want to make a trade?


Captain Planet: What kind of trade?


Plunder: Her life for yours. You jump into the water and I'll let her go.


Gaia: Don't.(whispers)


She's not going to make it if I dont act fast. The captain thinks.


Punder: Tick tock. Times up. Yes or no.


Captain Planet: Fine.


The captain turns toward the waste infested water.


Gaia: Derek! Don't, please!


She only uses that name when there's something really wrong. I know it'll hurt her, but it's better than watching her die. The captain thinks.


Captain Planet: I'm sorry Gaia, but your life's more important than mine.


He dives into the water.


Gaia: No! 


She falls to the ground. She's too weak to move.


Gaia: Derek.(whispers)


Then she falls into the darkness around her. Plunder turns around and walks away. He pulls out his cell phone and calls Blight.


Plunder: Take down the force feild. It's done.


Then Plunder  is transported to his ship.



When the planeteers arrive, the island's about burned to the ground and the water's murky. They land the eco-cruiser.


Ma-ti: Oh no! Gaia!(crys out)


His cry leads the others to look. They see Gaia on the beach, not moving and the captain in the water, unmoving alswell.


Linka: Wheeler, Kwame, go get Captain Planet. We'll get Gaia.


Wheeler's the first one in the water. He reaches the captain and begins to pull him onto the beach. Kwame meets him halfway. Once they get him on the beach, they attempt to clean him off.


Wheeler: Come on Cap. Wake up now, okay?


The captain starts to come around. Meanwhile, The others are tending to Gaia.


Gi: What's wrong with her?  "


Ma-ti: Remember, she's connected to this island, if it dies, she dies. 


 Linka: Oh no!


Captain Planet and the others come running over.


Gaia!" They all yell.


Shit! I cant be too late. You have to be alive. Please, please Gaia. Captain Planet thinks.


Ma-ti: But some of the island has to be alive. Right?


Captain Planet: Planeteers, stay here. I've got some business to take care of.


Then the captain takes off in flight.