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It's Robin Lu's messages

May 5th, 2026, Macau, China.

7 years after Avengers won the war

5 years after Oscorp and Chinese enterprise built the Oceans in the city center.

(Oceans is the first vertical city in the world, including 100 stories Sky Tower and other 3 buildings, many bridge cross the commercial and residential area, suffering multiple industries. The building complex inspired by the lotus flowers, the city flower. Greater bay area of China makes one of the top 10 greatest engineering, used by technique of Oscorp, the great complex built up about 2 years, and the anti-collision by most of superhumans such as Iron Man, Hulk and Thor)

However, maybe Oscorp still could't make strong enough material to resist one of the superhumans.

The 55th floor of Sky Tower is on fire, it was happening when I off the duty in the city center, just see many people watching on the road. Fortunately it couldn't effect the generator, no any poison on this -- it works by vegetable oil, the firefighters using Oscorp's gliders to hold the fire as soon as possible. Until ...

Missing for 31 years, the mightiest hero, Captain Marvel, is back. Even if the news report said that she is in the Middle East, but I still saw her on the sky, some people on the Sky Tower are shooting her. Later, the tower suddenly explode. With the people's screaming.

(I know some scene will be similar as Dwayne Johnson's movie 'Skyscraper', but this surprising moment is a big conspiracy. I must talk about that. Otherwise how can I see the the moment may well related a strange lights on Sky Tower in the morning.)

Not that easy, the horrible thing is happening -- looks like another flaming superhuman caught a man and flying in the sky, then throw the man in the generator, the tower explodes again. I saw that throwing like being anger of a superhero, is the thing superhero will do that?

"快點走呀,大廈就快塌了!(Cantonese: Run, the building falls down!)" As people yell to run away, Captain Marvel appears and fights with another superhuman on the observation deck. The building collapses, crushes in to the casinos of the gambling city, and causes a big explosion collapses most of the buildings.

I'm running with the people's screams, run into the old town with them. "去巷仔,入去!快點!(Cantonese: Go to the alley, come in! hurry!)" After the seconds, Macau is swallowed by the dust and explosion.

I'm injured by that disaster. Just see Captain Marvel brings her new Avengers: Moonstone, Wasp, Black Widow, and last two unknown avenger. The war just beginning.

The city center is in danger, we can't turn back although someone save their friends. They're still prohibited by police, asked them get to the safe place, they'll rescue them.

As my hometown returned bright in May 6th, my work place, one of the richest regions in the world, gets destroyed. Those things we lost. Just saw Avengers in the center of ruins, It seems like Captain Marvel kneeling and cry, maybe lost something, may well her child, or parents. Even if my family, my children aren't live in city center, but ... from heroes fight to the war, it cost them, it cost us. The sad story is also make me cry.

I told everything with a lady called Jessica Drew, the same room with me in the hospital. She was rescuing the people last night, but couldn't save her mom, then buried in rubble until the next day.