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Fort Rozz Maximum Prison. Krypton.

The Grey Ghost swiftly flew above the prison rooftop in silent mode. The guards, armed with *Thermal Phasers were too occupied to notice a big grey ship hovering above them. "STONE. I want you to fire *Photon Grenades at them." Starbat demanded, unbuttoning his safety harness. Three Photon Grenades fire from the ship towards the guards, they huddle around the devices pointing their weapons at them. The grenades open up and a white beam of light flashes. "I have to thank Dr. Hoshi for that when I get the chance."

"STONE. Stay hidden. I want this to go exactly as planned. This is one of the most secure prisons in the galaxy, the wrong move can cost us big time."

"Will do, Starbat. Good luck," the AI said.

The guards looked up in astonishment as Starbat descended from the ship and unto the roof. Starbat and the Kryptonian guards exchange long, intense looks. "What brings you to Krypton, Starbat?"

"I'm here for a friend."

"Ah! So you have come to Fort Rozz to join him? How fortunate. Lord Zod would be pleased." The guard charges at Starbat with a punch, he evades his attack and elbows him in the face. He falls to the floor unconscious.

The other two guards pull out staffs from behind and they get into a fighting pose. One guard swings his staff towards Starbat, he catches it, pulls it out of his hand and hits him across the face. The last guard standing attacks Starbat from behind, he deflects it with the spikes on his gaunlet. Then kicks him in the stomach. The Kryptonian guard shrugged it off and ran towards his opponent. Starbat picked up a nearby staff and the two weapons clanged against one another. "If we were on Earth under the yellow sun, you wouldn't stand a chance. But it will not matter, you won't get very far." the guard taunted.

Starbat drop kicked the Kryptonian, stood up and aimed the staff towards his head. "Stay down!" Starbat roared. He knocked him out cold with the staff. Starbat tears off the door vent nearby and takes out a triangular device that emitted a flash of light, only this time it was slightly dimmed. The search for his friend finally began. "Alright, Ollie where are you?"


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"Good god. Not you again. Can a guy rot in a Kryptonian prison in peace?" Oliver asked. A long red-haired melted the bars and walked right through. "Hell, I guess not. What do you want Volcana?"

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"You know exactly what I want, Oliver. I want out of here. I heard about you escaping Iron Heights and Belle Reve. What's keeping you from escaping Queen?"

"I'm no Shilo Norman. I escaped with luck on my side. Besides, Fort Rozz is a whole different animal. You're better off using your powers to get the hell out of here....speaking of powers. Your power dampeners they......"

"You ain't the only one with luck on their side." Volcana said, winking at Oliver.

All of a sudden, everything goes dark. There were sounds of grunting and punching, followed by bodies collapsing on the floor. When the lights came on, Oliver saw a familiar face standing outside his cell. "Bruce?!"

"No time to explain. I'm getting you out of here." Starbat said.

"I don't know whether to hug you or kill you."

"We'll decide later. Let's go!" As Starbat and Oliver begin to make a run for it, quickly looking for an easy exit. They are greeted by Krypton's most fearsome emperor, Zod.

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"Why so anxious to leave, my friends? It would be tragic if you left, without us getting acquainted with each other." Lord Zod said in a coldly tone.

Writer's Notes:

*Thermal Phasers- A Kryptonian rifle

*Photon Grenades- Grenades that discharge light. Created by a scientist who specializes in Photonics, Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi.

I rushed it a little bit. Sorry, got tired of typing.

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@johnny_blaze: Oliver's a prisoner on Krypton? Curious to see how this goes. Call me out for the next one. :)

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@johnny_blaze: I was wondering how they got to Krypton. Do they use teleporters, and motherboxes or is Krypton close enough to fly to?

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I probably should've explained that. But yes to Mama Boxes.