Bolide - Chapter Three: The Death of Issac

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I am going to writ this one In first person I think it will be easier.

I floated towards the light it was beautiful I felt like a mosquito unable to do anything besides go towards it. As I got closer it began to blind me I closed my eyes, but after a while not even that was enough my skin began to burn and for a split second I thought my skin was falling away from me. The nothing my eye lids were dark again so I opened my eyes and even though I found it hard to believe it may have very well been even darker. I used my hands to turn my body and still there was nothing.

“ Am I dead” I said like if I believed anyone would answer.

“ not yet” said a voice that was strong but also soft and understanding.

I took a deep breath “who are you... where are you.”

For a moment there was nothing, then out of the darkness was a light, a red light. I looked at it in amazement the light grew larger and even though I fought It I had to blink and when I opened my eyes there was a man standing in front of me he was tall at least twenty feet. His skin was a yellow orange and around him was a blue aura, the man was looking forward almost as if he was ignoring my presence.

“ Uh who are you” I said, and immediately felt stupid.

The man flicked his finger up and I was on his level. He kept looking forward, and blinked when he opened his eyes I could see that his eyes where the same color of his aura.

“ Who are you” I said louder than before.

The man finally looked at me, “does that really matter” he said. I noticed that the inside of his mout was also the color of the aura.

“ Well no I was just curios.”

The man looked back up and spoke again “My name is Brozhmien.”

“ Um Brozhmien.. where am I” I said confused

“ Does That make any difference... you are here that is all that matters.”

“ I guess not.. wait when you said that I wasnt dead yet did you mean that Im about to die.”

Brozhiem blinked and said “does that matter.”

“ Can you please just give me a straight answer.” I said in an angry tone.

“ I meant that it was not youre time Issac.”

My eyes opened wide, “uh... how do you know my name.”

“ Does that make any difference.”

“ Of course not.. wait so are you just going to keep me here.”

“ Of course not..” he replied then pressed his finger and evne though it didnt hurt I lost all my breath, and passed out.


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OMfreakingodfried, moar. This was a great chapter, well described. Great job!