Bloodwulf: Totally Ripped off (One Shot)

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Whenever Mar'ack of Templan 7 needed to relax, he would mostly do it at one of the many dives on surrounding planetoids off world.

It was his way of rejuvenating from a hard weeks work. Not that he held employment or worked in the traditional sense. But being a thief was hard work.

Here, now, he was as comfortable as he had ever been. A lifetimes worth of preparation had finally paid off. Having spent his younger year's teaching himself the science's, linguistics, and customs of several other worlds; Mar'ack was able to gain power and influence, during his run as a Senator on his home planet. After a few shady business dealings had come to light, (and more then seventy million credits in tax payer currency had been electronically smuggled). Templan 7, demanded he stand trail.

Mar'ack said f--k that! And went on the lamb.

Now he just decided that he was going to lay low. Lay low, and enjoy some booze. "Hey, bar keep, hit me with your best shot." Almost, immediately a fist the size of a bowling ball crashes into the face of the once happy fugitive.

"Oops, my apologies, I thought you saId Bloodwulf." The gruff looking polar-furred Bounty Hunter said through a widened smile. He walked over to the fallen alien and grabbed the smaller man by the collar of his shirt. "By the power invested in me by Templan 7 court commissions, and the capital city of Nek, I Bloodwulf, take you into custody."

Mar'ack shook his head, and closed his eyes, hoping that, perhaps, this was all some guilt induced nightmare; and that when he opened them, there would be no borderline homicidal bounty hunter, hovering over him.

"Aw,crap, your really real." Mar'ack said with a groan, as the canine like bondsman, removed a pair of cuffs, from a pouch on his left him.

The horror Mar'ack felt at that moment could not be explained. The man with his horrid painted face, and orange high top fade, was known as many things. A violent sadist was of the highest.

Bloodwulf was a Lau'parnian. Like their name, they were of a werewolf like species. Hunters and fighters. Forged for war by nature, many went into the galaxy to find glory on the battlefield.

Some like Bloodwulf, became manhunters. It was honest work. Oh, yeah, and they could legally give people. Had to love that.

Mar'ack, thought that Bloodwulf looked like a goth kid with a deep fear of poodles and clowns' nightmare.

"H-Hold, on pal, w-what, are you getting paid to take me in uh?, I'll double, it." Mar'ack pleaded as the giant lawman tossed him on his belly, and grabbed his arms.

"Sorry, but it ain't really the money that gets me outta bed." Bloodwulf said whilst sealing Mar'ack wrist in a near circulation stopping vice. " it's the perks."

Mar'acks' eyes widened as he found himself airborne. The lights and patrons of the bar alike, became a flash of color. Even sound became distant, save for a powerful 'whoosh', that came from his body being thrown through the air.


Mar'ack hit the bar with enough force to send multiple hairline fractures, through out it. Sal Moon, the owner, a human from the planet Nil'el, simply grunted, placed the drink of a customer on the bar, next to the humbled criminal and said, "second time this month, Damn bounty hunters."

"Cides' ain't like I couldn't use some time to m'self. Ain't easy having seven wive's, and thirteen kids." Bloodwulf said to the smaller mammal. Templans were very similar to rodents. Beady eyes, and bushy futures, are but of a few features.

A planet known far a wide for its fair handed democracy; and tropical jungles, it had become quite the tourism trap. And with popularity, came wealth.

And for Mar'ack from the capital Templanian city Nek, from the slums of its lower quarters, there came greed.

"Please, man I've got kids too..I think," Mar'ack said, hoping, that perhaps the monster with the screwed up hair, would have a heart.

"Really? Good, I can feed em' to my youngins'," Bloodwulf said with a cold smile as he found his left hand into Mar'acks' back pocket; then to his wallet, and eventually, Mar'acks' credits card.

"Give me your strongest drink, on the losers tab." Bloodwulf bellowed, waving the plastic square in Sals' direction.


Bloodwulf had no intention of spending hours in Sals dive. But the thing about spending a rich guys money. There is no number for the amount of beer one can buy.

So by the time Bloodwulf pulled his drunken ass from the stool he sat on, and tossed the now gagged, and possibly concussive, Mar'ack over his shoulder, it had been several hours later.

Sal seemed to be in a brighter disposition by the time Wulf got up to leave. He even invited him back. He never invited bounty hunters back.

Bloodwulf whistled a diddy, to himself as he walked towards his spacehog. A sophisticated piece of machinery the bloodthirsty bounty hunter, built himself. More then a dozen voice activated weapons systems, shields, and, the bike worked as a gun itself. A near city busting, Bloodwulf usually reserved for 'special case's'.

"Soon as I turn ya' in, I guess I'll do something for the family. Maybe take em to one of these vacation planets. Then we can hunt the tourist. Or at least the butthole types. Man's got to have a code." Bloodwulf set his quarry on his bike near the rear, then climbed aboard himself. Placing the key in the ignition, and firing the pistons.

Mar'ack still struggled. But his wrist were bound so tightly, he may as well have been amputated.

"Mmmmm hmmmm!!" Mar'ack continued to protest, wiggling his body wildly in his place.

"That. is. it scrub. Just cuz' the courts want your ass alive, don't mean I can't beat ya up a bit."Bloodwulf punched his open left Palm with the fist of his right. A twinkle in his eyes. He truely did enjoy violence. Like a child on Christmas, Bloodwulf gleefully smacked his prisoner, with a devastating open Palm slap. The wanted man's head, threatening to leave his body. Bloodwulf drew back for a punch when a voice called out from behind. A voice he swore to snuff out if he ever heard it again.


"That will be quite enough my friend. I want my bounty nice and pretty for his court date tomorrow." Felix the Scumbag cooed to his former partner. There was a time, when Bloodwulf would have considered Felix a friend. But that was quite some time ago. Back when Bloodwulf was still optimistic.

Felix and Bloodwulf both met upon joining the Intergalactic Bounties Guild. They hit it off day one. But apparently, smiles and beers mean little. Because on a case to bring in a bail jumper worth sixty six million credits; Felix had fired several shots into Bloodwulf with a ion-rifle. Leaving his friend to die on a sweltering jungle planet. To expire of thirst, or to be chewed and gnawed at by predators.

But he knew nothing of Lau'penars. He didn't know of their ability to survive wounds that would kill most other species.

While his wounds healed; Bloodwulf swore vengeance. And now he would have it. At long last.

"You ain't no friend o'mine, you backstabbing bastard! I'm gonna tear your skin off and wax my hog with your blood!" Bloodwulf took a step forward, as he now stood up from his bike, a hunting knife, pulled from his right hip, glowing under the light of twin moons that shone over the space bar and parking lot.

"I can't take you Wulf. All them years in the field together. I knew I was never your equal. Knew that soon, you would see me as dead weight. So I bide my time. Waited. Until it was time to strike." Bloodwulf scowled then moved in for the kill. Licking his lips merrily. "I mean think, about it, why did I shoot you when you didn't notice?"

"Buddy, I ain't got time to play twenty one questions. So just die maggot!" The brickhouse bounty hunter roared as he charged forward, a swipe sent for the jugular, being evaded by the two timing tyrant.

"Its because, I knew I couldn't beat you," Felix continued. His yellow eyes kept locked on the postal former friend trying to eviscerate him, "Like, now for instance, there is no way I'm winning this." The reptilian Felix explained to his former pal, ducking another knife slash. Suddenly the ground began to shake, and Bloodwulf stopped pursuing.

Felix just smiled before saying, "so why not even the odds." Bloodwulf turned to follow his enemies gaze. Felix eyes facing behind him. From the distance of nearly half a mile out; Bloodwulf and his keen canine senses picked up movement generated by a large machine.

Some form of humanoid automaton. Once it had made its way into the arena, the nearly eight-foot tall robot, bought a massive fist down upon Bloodwulf and his bike...and Mar'ack!

"Holy crap my bounty!" Felix yelled as he stared in horror at the dust covered spot.

All was still for a beat. Suddenly, a form could be seen. Once the dust settled, Bloodwulf was seen under the robots fist, supporting the weight as if it were nothing."Ain't gonna be that easy friend." With a push Bloodwulf sent the large machine toppling over.

Felix wiped imagined sweat from his scaly brow, and pulled out his ion-rifle and fired a shot towards Wulf, who reacted by reaching for his own side arm.

Both hunters spammed shots in the others direction, hoping to score a hit. Bloodwulf found himself ducking under the arm of the now back in the fight, giant robot. Mar'ack tucked under his left arm like a football.

Apparently Scumbag didn't read the instructions correctly. Because the blammed thing didn't seem to mind crushing the bounty, it's boss was trying to collect.


Bloodwulf needed his hog. It was time to end this. Hell, he was still drunk, and hungover. Normally he would relish it.

Rushing as far from the giant bot as he could get, Wulf placed his prize on the ground, and said, "don't run off now, ya'hear?" Then he ran of towards the bot. With a mighty roar, the berserk biker dove into the machine man's chest, sending both crashing down. The very act, rousting the patrons of Sals', causing them to spill from the drinking holes entrance. Hoots and hollars rose from the drunken, bloodthirsty crowd; and Bloodwulf loved every moment.

"Time to say night, night, sugar walls." With a hard push off of the robots chest, Bloodwulf propelled himself through the sky, flipping through the air, and landing expertly next to his hog. Grabbing the bike from the planet's surface, Wulf turned the bike on its side, and aimed it at his opponent, exhaust pipes outward. With a massive wave of energy the automaton was nailed, it's body soon reduced to scolded metal. Bloodwulf turned to Felix and said, "guess, it's just us now uh, Scumbag?" Felix shrugged.

"I guess so."

"Any last words?"


"Well guess ain't nothing left to do, but bl--" Bloodwulf is immediately cut off, by the arrival of a Templanian Imperial Cruiser. A light is cast on the two combatants, as a door opens from the ship, like the maw of some prehistoric, behemoth.

A well groomed Templanian official, introducing himself as Casper Dox, informs, Bloodwulf, much to his chagrin, and Felix unofficially, that their services Will no longer be required.

"The Templanian government is, however, grateful for your assistance."

"So there ain't a bounty no more?" Asked Felix

"That is correct."

"Why not?" Asked Bloodwulf.

"Statue of limitations. Templanian law prohibits the continued search for fugitives whom remain out of custody for eight hours. Save those guilty of homicide" Dox said drily as he handed Bloodwulf a cease and desist. He then turned to Mar'ack and said "Mr, Senator, your ride is here."

Mar'ack, smiled widely. He managed to beat the clock. Now he would be back in office. He is released by a less then pleased Bloodwulf, and then whisked away.

Bloodwulf is left to his own devices. Cursing his rotten luck, suddenly, Felix approaches with extended hand, a smile on his face. "Finally can put all our past crap behind us. What do ya'say pal, New chapter?"

Bloodwulf snorts. Then removes a blaster from a holster on his right hip, and fires it point blank into his former buddy's face, before coldly saying, "nope."

Bloodwulf takes some time to finally move from the spot he had been standing in when that snobbish bastard waltzed off with his payday. And when he does, it's in the direction of the bar; so that he could drown away his anger. The anger that voiced itself one more time aloud, before booze slurred the speech. And what anger said, was, "aw,man, I was totally ripped off.

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Bloodwulf is an interesting choice. Not something you see in fan-fic very often. This has an overabundance of commas, and a few spelling/wording errors, but it was a fun story. Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

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@cbishop: Thanks. Man I should take a workshop. Lol