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Unknown Location in the USA

After the big bang event took place a few years ago, director Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been keeping a close eye on Dakota city and their growing “meta-human” population. Though director Fury was told by his commanding officers to only observe and not interfere with the “bang babies” epidemic stating “if we let them be, those gang banging idiots will eventually all kill themselves.”, fury decides to send in a shield operative to investigate the recent activities involving the deadly and dangerous super gang known as the blood syndicate. Fury feels the need to do this was based on the syndicates involvement with former member turn international crime lord holocaust’s attempt to destroy the world. Also the fact that he has read the records and history of the current members of the syndicate including their leader Wise Son, makes fury very cautious of the recent switch to the side of angels. Basically, he doesn’t believe it and wants the situation to be closely observed before another super human gang banger decides he wants to take over the world with a gang of powerful knuckle heads following him. With that in mind, Fury sends Agent Barton (Hawkeye ) to check it out. But after 7 days and no word from Agent Barton, Fury decides to disobey orders again and sends the avengers to Dakota city to find their teammate. Meanwhile on paris island, wise son, the reformed blood syndicate’s leader, sits outside the factory smoking on a blunt when he notices a weird looking aircraft flying towards the factory.

Wise thinks to himself “Damn. This is some good sh*t.” as he looks above him and see’s the aircraft comes to a sudden stop in the air and slowly begins to hover down. Syndicate members Dogg, Fade, and Oro also observe as the quinjet lands in the dead zone.

Fade: what the hell is that?

Oro: man. Don’t you guys know anything; it’s the quinjet it belongs to tony stark.

Wise: what the f**k does tony stark want to talk to us about?

As the Quinjet lands and the doors open, captain America steps out followed by black window, thor, and Bruce banner.

Captain America: hello citizens, my name is captain America and I believe you have something that belongs to us.

Wise: I don’t give a f**k who the hell you are. You can’t be comin’ on blood syndicate turf making demands for sh*t. we take what we want.

Cap: I am losing my patience son, hand us or we will be force to take him.

Fade: eat a d*ck b*tch.

The Syndicate members begins to laugh after fades’s comment.

Thor: you watch the manner in which u speaks to us mortal.

Dogg: oh yeah. Hows this F**K YOU!!

Thor: I will…

but before Thor can finish his sentence he is cut off by black widow

who believes she can persuade the syndicate to let release hawkeye.

BW: Ok. We know you guys are the baddest toughest people on the planet. So can you just hand over our guy and no one gets hurt.

Bruce banner whispers to Cap & Thor..

Banner: damn. That wasn’t smooth at all. she really has loss her knack.

Oro: what makes you think we have anything that belongs to you guys?

Iron Man: Allow me to answer that question. We have a tracer placed in hawkeyes’s communication card and it lead us here. Soooo you either got our guy or you got his card and we ARE leaving here with both by any means necessary.

Wise: so smart want to quote Brother Malcolm huh? Well here is one you should probably take into consideration: I'm nonviolent with those who are nonviolent with me. But when you drop that violence on me, then you've made me go insane, and I'm not responsible for what I do." You should take that as a warning a get the f*ck out here.

Iron Man: Hmm…I don’t think I can take this kids crap much longer cap.

Cap: I agree Tony. we don’t have time for this. Avengers Assemble.

Caps throws his shield into wise son who is pushed back by the force of the thrown shield, but laughs as he tells the avengers: “hey I warned ya”.

Blood syndicate lets molly whop these b*tch @ss muthaf*ckers.

Fade flies through wise son and swings a punch throw cap.

Cap: what the hell? Was that supposed to hurt me??

3 seconds later he feels a punch in the head.

Wise: actually I think this will hurt you more.

Wise catches cap with a right hook knocking the captain into a telephone pole.

Wise: I don’t think people realize it’s not just invulnerable but I have super strength as well.

Banner: Oh you haven’t seen strength yet.

Wise: I don’t think the captain’s swollen jaw would agree with you on that.

Banner: I beg to differ.

Banner begins to grow into a big green giant monster.

Wise son looks in awe before being punch thru the factory as the green monster screams:


BRICKHOUSE: Hows about you pick on someone your own size.

As Hulk looks at this almost ten foot tall woman, he is knocked in the sky and into Thor who was having difficulty in his battle with Fade.

While in the sky, Iron Man and Oro are going blast for blast.

Iron: You’re pretty quick. I can’t seem to get a lock on you.

Oro: that’s a good thing if u ask me. You’re pretty quick yourself. But I don’t think Ill have much of problem taking you out.

Oro then uses his radiant flash to blind Tony before shooting him with a solar blast.

Captain America and Black Widow runs into the Factory to see if Hawkeye is inside. The further she gets the louder the tracer gets.

Widow: He has to be in close cap this this thing is going crazy.

Cap: look over there. Its Hawkeye's shades on the floor.

As the two begins to run towards the shades, they run into wise son and fade.

“not so fast” fade says as he flies with his arms out towards the legs of both avengers.

Cap: Jump!!

While cap was able to leap in time, fade flew thru widow legs.

Widow: Cap what happ…arrghh!! legs!!

Dogg: gotcha bitch!

Cap:WIDOW ?!?

Wise: you should worry about ur own damn @$$ muthaf**ker says wise as he charges at cap. Cap has no time to move out the way and instead uses his shield to block wise’s charge. But the momentum pushes them both out of the window.


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