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Dakota City, Midwestern USA

After the Syndicate finally appears to be getting the upper hand on Holocaust, he threatens to go super nova in an attempts to destroy everything and every one. During this attempt, he is pounded by the fists of Third Rail and Brick-House whom constantly knocks Holly down every time he attempts to fight back. Aqua-Maria then fired a hydro blast @ the weakened Holly which pushes him back towards a wall. As Holly is being pushed backwards, a portal opens up behind him and begins to suck him into it. Unbeknownst to the other Syndicate members, during his unexpected exit with Oro, Wise-Son got in contact with Cornelia and Eddie to help them deal with this “fire hazard” from afar. Wise Son along with his teammates seemed relieved as it appears that Holocaust was suck into the portal with no way to return. But seconds before the portal closes, Holocaust begins to fly out of the portal and fires a blast towards Dogg as Fade punches Holly in the face. Flash-Back screams “Flash-Back” before Holly is out of the portal and the blast strikes Dogg.

The time disruption between the siblings overlaps and connect resulting in another time freeze. The only two people moving at a regular pace are Flash Back and a now solidified Fade, as he’s no longer at this moment, a “blip” in time. The two Syndicate members’ fly towards a time froze Holocaust and begins to push him further back into the Portal. Knowing that the time freeze can be over anytime now; Flashback flies and grabs Dogg from where he stood as a fireball is still being fired in his direction. When the time freeze stops, Holocaust is sucked into the Portal on the wall as his pyro blast hits the ground and the portal closes. The team stands guard as they’re expecting Holly to fly out the wall shooting fire at everyone and anything that’s in front of him. But surprisingly….nothing happens. Several of the Syndicate is stunned as to what is going on here? Then they get their answer as Cornelia and Eddie pops up from hiding, though they remained close by. When asked where the two kids sent Holocaust, Cornelia states “You guys should ask Hannibal because it was his idea.” As Wise is about to speak, he is interrupted by Dogg who tells the others it was “actually” his idea to send Holly somewhere he wouldn’t be able to survive. “Ok Dogg, Where is that exactly?” asks Third Rail. Dogg responds “Well since you asked so nicely…the answer to your question Mr. Rail, is Space. Space is the place Holocaust’s not likely to all.”

Then Boogies asks: “This dude survived being trapped in the Earths’ core. What makes you think he can’t survive Space?!?” Dogg lets him know the answer to that as well by stating “Well Boogie, they say in Space, there is no oxygen, and without oxygen there’s no Fire and without either, there’s no Holocaust it?”. Boogie respond stating: “ Hmm… I think you basically said: "we won.”...right?". “Yeah we won. We just beat m*thaf***ing Holocaust.” says Wise Son which results in an exhausted team known celebrating their apparent defeat of Holocaust. Wise Son praises his teammates for working together against such a powerful foe, protecting the people of Dakota, and getting the win. Wise then questions Flashback about how Dogg moved from" here" to being in Flashback's arms. Fade and Flashback looks at one another than begin to chuckle. “What’s so damn funny?” ask Wise Son. Fade looks at Wise and ask “ Would you believe me if I told you that we stopped time, grabbed Dogg before he became on fire and were able to push Holocaust deeper into the portal?” Wise looks back at Fade, his sister, his son, and the rest of his teammates then said: “Well hell man…I’ve seen a little girl who can turn into a giant ancient Chinese warrior, women made of Bricks and Water, and a talking dog. So with that being said…anything is possible.”. The team begins to laugh and enjoy their defeat of an adversary as powerful and psychotic as Holocaust.

Later that evening on the news, Rob Chaplik reports how the Syndicate saved the city and quite possibly the world from a power driven mad man followed by footage of the Syndicate celebrating the fact they were able to defend the city by taking out Holocaust.

EPILOGUE: In Space, An unidentified flying object soaring through the milky way suddenly stops next to what appears to be a lifeless and floating object, but is actually a beaten and dying Holocaust. The space ship then beams a light on Holly, opens a door, and pulls him into the ship through the door as the light disappears and then fly off.