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PREVIOUSLY IN BLOOD SYNDICATE # 40. Holocaust escapes from being trapped in the Earths core more powerful than ever and has revenge on his mind. Will the combined might of both field teams be enough to stop him and protect the city of Dakota...


Dakota City, Midwestern USA

DMZ flies towards Holocaust to attack as Holocaust turns around and fires two blast at DMZ. Who dodges both blasts easily and manages to catch Holly with an uppercut sending him hurling into the nearby building. Holocaust braces the walls impact and begins to fire @ DMZ who once again avoids the blast but not a punch from Holly putting DMZ on a one way trip to the concrete. Boogie attempted to catch the falling hero but struggles with the momentum. Fade, seeing that Flashback is still a little shaken from being Holocaust hostage, attends to the needs of his sister. Fade as well as Boogie informs the other Syndicate members about the villains apparent upgrade. The team with Dogg, prepares to stop Holly as he flies towards the 10th Avenue Bridge. Dogg with his heighten senses smells the villain scent minutes before he’s in sight. Dogg tell Aqua Maria to splash him…"splash him good.". Holly see the huge wave coming towards him but is unable to avoid it. The water blast douses Holocaust; knocks him out of flight, and onto the bridge. Holly burns himself dry and smiles as he see members of the Syndicate approach him.

Holocaust: So it’s like that now? A man can’t peacefully fly over his hometown without getting ambushed?!? Trust me when I tell you this..That sh*t wouldn’t go down in Metropolis.

Dogg: U kidnapped one of our own and threaten to kill us. What the f**k you thought we were going to do?!

Holocaust: I don’t know anymore. I remember the Syndicate being the most feared and dangerous beings alive. I took this gang and made them into the top criminal organization in all of Dakota. the whole mid-west. Now you’re suppose to be...Heroes...fighting for justice?!? Get the F**k out of here with that.

Third:Grow the hell up Holly and cut the crap. We do sh*t our way and we don’t mind playing the hero role.

Holocaust: Haha. Wise sure have made you guys soft.

Kwai: This is the evolution of the Blood Syndicate.

Holly laugh after Kwai's comment, looks her in the face, makes eye contact and says: "No B*tch!! This right here is evolution." Holly begins to change into a man made of fire and yells: "This is the Evolution of Holocaust Muthaf**kers!" Hahaha." Aqua tries to douse Holly again but he burns to the point that he begins to make her evaporate.


Holly: Ha-ha. Too Hot for you?!?

Third: OK. That’s enough of that.

Third jumps at Holly who begins to shoot pyro blasts at Third, who absorbs the blast on impact and grows in size while getting burned in the process. Kwai attacks Holly by the feet knocking him over as a Giant sized Third begins to punch him repeatedly. Dogg begins to bark when he smells the other members scent. As Third continues to punch Holly, Holly begins to then grow into a giant flame as he absorbs the heat being generated by the kinetic energy. Holly grabs hold of Third and begins to return punches that have Third screaming in agony. Kwai kicks Holly off of Third and begins to attack Holly with a series of moves blocking all his blast with her staff back into him.

Holly is then punched off the bridge and into the river by Third. Aqua Maria attempts to freeze the river with Holly in it but he quickly recovers and burns Aqua making her boil. Holly takes control of Aqua body being that it’s hot water and projects it at Third and Kwai knocking them both off the bridge and into the river. They’re then saved by Flashback who warns Third and Kwai to “Duck” as the wave of boiling water goes over them. Holly surprised that Flashback survived that booby trap, doesn’t notice DMZ flying fast towards him as he gets tackled while still in the sky.

The two begin to go blow for blow in the air, Fade attacks Holly too but to no affect. Fade then attempts to solidify his hand into Hollys chest but can’t take the heat. Oro shows up and blast Holly onto the floor by Kwai. The solar blast had little affect on Holocaust who quickly recovers from it and begins to fight with Kwai and Dmz whom he knocks into Flash which renders her unconscious. Aqua is no help as she is still recovering from being boiled by Holly. With Flashback out of conscious, Fade begins to weaken as well. DMz grabs and throw Holly into the hands of Brick House who smashes Holly into the ground. Holly breaks from beneath her hands, flies towards her face, and punches the sh*t out of Brick House.

While Dmz and Kwai attempts to catch the falling Brick, Oro fires another solar blast at Holly but misses. Holly then shoots Third into an abandon building and then blasts the building down on Third. It is then…that he sees Wise Son standing below. Holly still remembers the battle with Wise in which; if not for his ability to turn to living flame and become whole again,he would have died. As Holly flies towards Wise, he’s blasted by Oro. Unfortunately Oro’s powers which are based on solar energy, which is basically from the sun, which is basically a big@ss ball of Fire, and when you think about it Holocaust is basically a man of Fire. Soooo there may be a conflict of interest here.

Oro: What the Hell?! My blasts aren’t doing sh*t to him.

Dogg: Hmm...He’s immune to the heat.

Oro: Oh really let’s see about that.

Oro attempts another blast which Holly controls and redirects back to him. Holly is then attacked by the non-bang babies’ tandem of Kwai & DMZ who fights Holly in the sky. Holly seems to be more powerful as the blows have little affect on him.

Kwai: You will not survive this battle monster. The Syndicate will prevail.

Holly looks at her, laughs, grabs her by the legs and throws her into DMz. The two fall onto the floor. As they attempt to fly back up to fight him again, Wise tells them to “Wait.”. Holly watches from the sky as Wise is joined by Third Rail, Brick (who helped Third get from under the building),Boogie, Kwai, Oro, and DMZ. Aqua is still recovering from Holocaust attack, Dogg is trying to wake up Flash, and Fade is going in and out of existence (time).

Wise: I was really hoping I would never have to see your punk@ss again Leo.

Holly: Trust. After today you will never see me or anything else again.

Wise: Come and say it to my face…p*ssy.

Holly: Oh I will, As soon as I finish draining more heat from the sun. Hmm… six against one?! I like them odds. Thou it's hardly fair…for you guys that is. Hahaha.

Holly flies towards the team firing a series of pyro shots. As the Syndicate scatters, Oro flies toward Wise-Son, grabs him, and flies away leaving his teammates on the battle field. Wise is understandably upset and ask Oro: "What the Hell are you doing man ?!?" Who looks down at Wise and confidently states "Don't worry about a thing Wise. I got a plan.".