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PREVIOUSLY IN BLOOD SYNDICATE # 39. With the Blood Syndicate roster finally in place, The Syndicate field teams took care of business on Paris Island and Dakota City against a gang of powerful bang babies up to no good. After receiving media attention for their victories; someone watches in the shadows with thoughts of revenge.


Dakota City, Midwestern USA

Rob Chaplik reports a story about the former gangster turn crime boss: Leonard Small Jr. aka HOLOCAUST. Rob talks about the once presumed dead villain, who was allegedly sent into the core of the Earth after a battle with the Teen Titans and Static, after a small group of research scientists did a recent study of the core and reported that there were no signs of Smalls anywhere. What they did find however; was an empty man sized hole no longer filled. Rob believes that it is safe to assume the super villain has escaped and wonders how long before he shows back in his hometown.

Meanwhile, the former super gang known as The Blood Syndicate, who are now viewed by many as heroes are interviewed by a local news reporter after stopping the bank heist of two bang babies known as Coil and Puff. The reporter ask Wise about the recent news regarding Holocausts' escape from Earths Core, Wise wanted his response to be“ What the **** are you talking about?! We ain’t scared of that punk mutha*****!! “ but instead decided to say: "That he’s not concerned about Holocaust and that Holly’s a thing of the past.” He continues to state the negativity that Holocaust brought to the name of Blood Syndicate is no longer a part of what they represent now that they’ve seen the light. They represent something a whole lot better which is positivity and justice.

ELSEWHERE, a man watches the interview on his Television and says aloud “So you want to see the light huh? I’ll show the light and some!!” as the his hands begin to burn.

Back at The Factory: Fade and Oro brings up the Holocaust situation to Wise and states its evitable that Holocaust will return to not only handle his criminal and businesses in Dakota but also get revenge on the Syndicate.

Wise: Let em come. I beat his @ss before and I’ll do it again.” Dogg co-signs Wise statement with his own "Yeah. Ruck Him!!". Shortly after saying his catch phrase; Dogg, who has significantly become even smarter after getting a second dose of Q juice, but still has his bestial behaviors, reminds the others that Holly can become one with Fire and that it's very possible and logically; that while Holly was trapped in the center of the Earth, he absorbed the heat to survive and eventually escaped more powerful than ever. Fade tells the others he’s having a bad feeling and believes Holocaust is on the way. Wise tells the other “F*** Him!!”. Oro tells Wise he’s alerting the other members just in case Holly pops up. Oro also tells the others, he’s heard the stories about how a resurrected Holly damn near single handedly defeated the Teen Titans without breaking a swea...Wise interrupts: ”We ain’t the mutha f**king Titans. **** the Titans!!”.

Oro gets Third Rail and BrickHouse as Fade gather Boogie, Flashback, and Kwai. Though he managed to get Kwai and Boogie, Fade was unable to get in contact with Flashback. Fade warns the others as he feels a stronger presence of evil approaching. Dogg suggest Wise move the team into the Deadzone and away from the factory if Holly is to be on his way and more powerful than before . Wise again states that the team has nothing to worry about. He already beat Holocaust who he happens to feel is a beyotch!! However Wise understands there’s no telling what kind of damage a power increased Holocaust can cause in an all out fight with the Syndicate and sets up a meeting to prepare for the worst. The team consisting of Wise, Third, Aqua, Brick Oro, Fade, Boogie, DMZ, and Kwai meet in the conference room. The plan is to wait for an update of Holocaust actions and unite at the Deadzone.

Wise: Where the Hell is FlashBack ?? We”re going to need her ass down here ASAP!?

Dogg: I lost her scent hours ago.

Fade: She’s alive and she’s not too far because I can still feel her.

Wise is concerned she’s gone back to Holocaust ( Her ex-boyfriend). Then a video alert pops up on the monitor screen in the conference room . Wise opens the alert on the touch screen and though he would never admit it he’s shocked to see the face and hear the voice of someone he truly believed he'd seen the last of . It’s Holocaust. Holocaust tells Wise that he plans on killing every single one of them. One by One.

Wise reminds him about the code of the streets and that he beat Holly in a fair fight. Any beef Holocaust had with the Syndicate ended with that.

Holly: *Laughing* That gang sh*t is a thing of the past homie. I make my own muthaf*cking rules.”

Fade: Where the hell is my sister?

Holly: *Laughing again* Uhh…don’t worry Carlos, I know that your survival is based on hers, so I won’t kill her…well not yet. I plan on f*cking her a few more times. Hahaha.

Fade hears Flashback scream "Help" in the background right before Holly hangs up. Fade now feeling irate tells the others we are not waiting on him to come to us and instead are going to him.

Oro: Fade…you need to chill.

Wise: Yeah. This is what he wants you to do. You need to concentrate and find your sister. Wise decides to split the team up and search for Flashback.

Wise also says he's going to call "the kids" and tells Boogie to use his abilities to synchronize with rodents to locate Flashback throughout the city. Wise believes this is a part of Hollys' plan to separate the team but goes with the plan. Fade teams up with Boogie and DMZ to search outside of Paris Island. Third, Kwai, and Dogg also looks for Flashback and Holly outside of the Island while Wise, Oro, and Brick remains by the Dead zone. Boogie is informed by his rats that Flash is being held in an abandon building outside of Paris Island. Fade’s powers also allow him to locate his sister. Boogies tells Fade that Flashback is tied to a chair wired with explosives set to go off if she’s released.

Boogie: My rats have bite through the ropes around her hands and feet but they left the one by her mouth because it’s wired to explode if removed.

Fade tells the others to stay behind because he’s going in to save his sister. Boogie informs him “I smell the explosives.”. Fade goes into the building and see Flashback sitting on a chair with her mouth covered. If the mouth guard is removed the explosives will go off. Fade believes his sister will enter a time stream after saying her namesake and will not feel the effects of the blast allowing her to escape unheard. Fade tells his sister to scream as he rips his hand thru the mouth guard knowing in three seconds it’ll be removed from her mouth and the bomb will go off. Flashback screams her name “FLASHBACK” while the mouth guard is half way off as the explosion begins almost immediately. Flashbacks three seconds going back in time overlaps with Fades going three seconds in time causing an unusual time disruption which does something the two never would expect…they stopped time (actually the time is moving so slow it feels like it’s stopped) . The siblings look around and notice that everything…including the TV, clocks, & even the flames from the explosives has frozen in time. Fade not knowing how long this will last hurries to untie his sister. As soon as the two escapes the building; it starts to explode. Fade realizes that the time freeze is a result of Flashbacks time going back and his going forward interacting with one another which causes a rupture in time. The time freeze only lasted about a minute.

Outside the building explodes and collapses, As Flashback and Fade is safely out of the building. Flashback tells Fade that Holly is more powerful than ever and that he can fly now.

Fade: FLY?!?

Fade stops as he feels a familiar presence and sees the fear in Boogies eyes as he looks up and see a Fiery being hovering above them laughing.

Not too far away, DMZ flies towards Holocaust with the intentions to wipe the smile off his face. Holocaust see the charging DMZ and smiles stating “ This should be fun.”.