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Right. This was my first ever fan-fic that I posted over at the Marvel boards quite some time ago.....just figured I might as well put it here. It's in four different parts, and at the time I was kind of craving for some action. So, here it is, in it's entirety.....


January 27th, 1997.

It was 3 A.M. in the morning. The man was speeding down First Avenue, gloved hands clenched tightly to the steering wheel. He got the call about fifteen minutes ago. He had been called this early plenty of times before, but never for something like this. Never. Speeding, he turned down Third. It was a cold night, well below zero. Wisps of cool air tried to get into the small car, pasting themselves to the window. Turning finally onto Fourth Avenue, he was barraged by the flashing red and blue lights, muted by the frost on his windshield, blinding him. He was used to all this, of course. Pulling over to the curb, he parked among the rest of the squad cars, hapharzardly parked all over the street, like a giant puzzle tossed aside. He stepped out, and found himself in front of a eight-story apartment building. Men in uniforms were everywhere around the street, taking notes and placing specific markers for obvious future reference. Detective Tarma Roving was instantly greeted by another Cop, this one equipped with a clipboard. "Impressive" thought the detective sarcastically. The man began talking.

"Detective? Sorry about calling you in this late", said the officer.

"Early, you mean?" responded the detective, exasperated already. "Yeah, early. Well, we've got a double homicide here", the man said as the detective started walking towards the bodies covered in sheets. All around them crimson plastered the area, a pool of arterial red covering the sheets and ground, frozen. "I don't think you want to do that. But.....here's some pictures...if you want" the officer said again as Tarma grabbed the photos roughly. He almost vomited at what he saw. It was a man and a woman. Dozens of cuts all over their bodies, every single major vein and blood-loss area severed. The man had his eyes closed, he wasn't expecting the blow. The woman saw it coming, however, and her face was contorted in fear, eyes wide open, mouth stuck in an eternal expression of fear. He handed the photos back. The officer started talking again. "It was like.......like the killer wanted to get as much blood out of them as possible. But......they were alive the whole time. He.....he was torturing them for hours. And when he was done, he threw them out the window from the sixth story.", he gestured to a broken window on the sixth floor. The detective was recovering. "Pack em up. Send them to autopsy, see if the can find anything we missed.", he ordered. "But sir-", the officer began again. "Just do it!", Tarman yelled at him. His beeper suddenly went off. He looked down, but already knew what to expect. He turned away from the stunned police officer, and walked to his car. He knew the usual spot of where to go. He sped off to the alley.


It had been fifteen minutes since he got the call on his beeper. He was going well over the speed limit. Luckily for him, the streets were dead. But he didn't like to think of dead things. He was heading towards the usual place, the Alley, he liked to call it. It was a place where too many bad things had happened, too inhumane for it to have a name. So that was what he called it. He sped and swerved over the curb to his right, now going a hundred miles per hour. The limit was sixty. He didn't care, he mind was probably going faster than his car. Finally reaching his destination point, he pulled the car over, halfways onto the curb. He got out and slammed the door, jogging to the narrow strip of land he called the Alley.

It was like any other dingy alley in the city. It was between a very broken down hotel, The Garden, and an ammunition store. Their neon lights were broken down, letters missing, flickering, occasionally sparking. He put it hands into his overcoats pockets and stepped into that god forsaken piece of pavement. It was a dead-end alley, and for that reason he always thought back to the old buddy-cop movies. It was places like this that the buddy always died. His shoes thudded on the pavement, the dilapidated pavement with cracks in it, frozen puddles and old newspapers, covered in garbage no doubt scavenged by some poor animal, or man. He didn't think a man could live in temperatures like this. Reaching the dead end of The Alley, he waited.

"I got your call", he called out to the empty alley. He waited. He knew what was going to happen.

"As you should have", a hissing voice said from behind. Tarma turned. It was the usual one. The ugly one. About 5'5, small slits for eyes, muscular arms and hands, big chest. Fangs.

A Vampire.

"I trust you've taken the customary measures?" the creature said.

"Yes, but....I-I don't think I can do this for you anymore", the detective stumbled out.

"What!?", the Vampire hissed at him, it's eyes narrowing even further, if that was possible.

"I.....I've done a lot of things for your kind. I've smuggled drugs, covered up robberies, stolen and delivered blood to you....but....never something like this" he told the creature in front of him. It just continued to stare at him. "I don't think I can continue taking the heat off of you. I.....I want out.", the detective said fearfully.

'And you think you have a choice? We have not asked you do to these things, we have told you. And, in exchange for your unquestioning service, we would leave you and your family alone. And yur willing to put them in danger?", it said to him vehemously.

"I can't do this anymore. You've crossed a line here. Why did you need more blood? You could've told me, and I could-"

"WE DO NOT NEED PERMISSION! You have crossed the line now, and your insolence has been too much. You have just signed your death warrant, fool! We will feast on your blood tonight well", it said as it advanced. Suddenly 3 more Vampires were beside their comrade, advancing on the detective.

"Stay-stay back!" he yelled at them, drawing his gun. It was knocked out of his hand, and one of the creatures lunged at him.

Everthing was now moving in slow motion. Tarma Roving saw his life flash in front of his eyes. The creature coming at him, fangs bared, ready to sink them into the detective's throat, yearning to quench that everlasting hunger. As it was flying at him, the detective saw a blur, and a flash of silver. A stake flew through the air, impaling the lunging Vampire in the chest, it flying to the side. A roar of rage came from it's comrades, and a man was in front of the detective. He was large, bald head, carrying straps of all kinds of equipment. Grenades, stakes, guns, and in his right hand, he was holding a sword.

The detective could only watch in a bizarre mix of horror, facisnation, and relief. The bald man bore his his sword in front of him, and a Vampire lunged. He was kicked in the mid-section, the creature doubling over in pain, and the bald man executed him with the sword. A single cutting stroke to the neck. The man wasted no time, and within seconds had rammed his blade through another. It roared with rage, and the bald man retracted the sword, spun in a 360, and did a sweeping slice, cutting the Vampire in a direct, horizontal half.

The one that had the stake in it was up, but not for long. Within milliseconds, two flying spikes flew towards it, one going through it's shoulder, the other through it's throat.

There was only the original Vampire left. He was pale, if that was possible for it's kind. It turned and fled, but could only run straight away from teh Alley. The bald man calmly-with one hand-took out a pistol from it's holster. He aimed at the Vampire and fired, the bullet slicing through the air, and hitting the Vampire in the knee. A bone crack was heard, and the Vampire fell to the ground, whimpering and holding it's broken leg. The bald man walked over.

"Tell them. Tell all your friends. This city doesn't belong to you anymore. These streets belong to Blade"

The Vampire crawled away and into a car. It drove away quickly and erratically. The bald man-Blade was what the detective decided his name was-walked back to Tarma Roving. He only spoke a few words.

"Come with me"


Tarma Roving found himself in a car with the bald man. In five minutes he was on the other side of town. The bald man-Blade was apparently his name-parked his car beside the old waterfront, the suspension bridge in view above the river, murky waters flowing. He started asking Tarma questions. Important questions.

"How long have you been working with them?", the tal, dark skinned bald man asked.

"F-five months", Tarma replied. Not only was he still shooken up from the attack, but this man terrified the detective. The way he easily dispatched those creatures. It was like he was made to kill them.

"I would assume that in those five months, you've learned where they take deliveries?", Blade asked in his deep-throated voice.

"In a m-mansion on Pullman Avenue. Uh, listen, thanks f-for helping me out back there, but I should really be getting home to my family.", the detective added.

"Family, huh? You and your family will be dead by sunrise if you don't show me where this mansion is. You've been marked. The news will have spread by now. They'll strike tonight, unless we stop them. And, if you lied to me, you'll be dead long before your family will be.", Blade responded to the detective. Tarma's face took a ghastly shade of white.

With no more questions to ask, Blade pulled out of the parking. Zooming out quickly, it became apparent to Tarma that his car was built for speed. With the roads dead, they cleared the length of the whole city in three minutes, and Blade turned his car onto Pullman Avenue. It was a street on the out-skirts, not many houses, plenty of trees.

True to the detectives word, a mansion came into view. A gate blocked the path up to the long, winding drive-way. It was three stories tall, plenty of windows. The lights were off, and Blade could make out guard patrols circling the mansion. He parked alongside the curb. "Stay here", he said to the detective. Then he got out.

He circled to the back of the car, and opened the trunk. Tarma got out of the car and walked to the rear. Blade was strapping weapons, all kinds of weapons to his holsters and body. Tarma looked inside his trunk and saw dozens of guns arranged on racks, along with a selection of knives, stakes, and grenades. And, above all the other weapons, was the sword. It had a circular handle, with the blade of it reaching out 5 feet. It most of all resembled a samurai sword. Blade picked it up on slid it down it's sheathe on his back. He closed the trunk.

"W-what are you doing?", Tarma asked as the bald man walked toward the gate. He placed his hands onto the middle, and started pulling. "A-are you insane!?", the detective yelled at him. Suddenly, a loud creaking sound started. The gate started yielding to Blade's grip. Tarman could not believe his eyes. With a final heave, the gate's came off their hinges with a grinding twist of metal, and Blade threw them away. He started walking calmly up to the door. Tarma followed silently. "Blade, no! Stop, this is madn-", he stopped as Blade walked toward a guard and shot him in the head. He flew back.

Slowly walking up to the double oak doors, Blade stopped. Then he kicked them, and the doors went flying into the mansion, straight into a vampire goon. They slammed him into a wall. Tarma could not move. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Stepping into the mansion, Blade turned in the doorway and fired a shotgun blast, and for a split second, in the flash from the muzzle, Tarma could see through a window a form flying backwards. Blade fired more and more, slihouttes of Vampires flying back, falling, and occasionally exploding filling the mansion's windows.

Tarma couldn't stand there any longer, he sprinted up through the doors, against all the sanity he had. Stopping in the doorway, he looked into the main foyer. It was large, with dual staircases coming up on the sides to meet a balcony. On the balcony, Blade was surrounded by at least seven Vampires. Spinning, Blade turned and stabbed a stake through one, it howling in pain. He did a straight kick into it's stomach, and it flew down the stairs, rolling until it came to a stop at the ground, face-down. One lunged at Blade, and another aimed a knife at his hip. He caught the first in it's flight at him, and tossed him down. He pivoted away from the stab, grabbed the Vampire's hand, and did a punch straight into the creature's throat. It gasped for air, and then Blade round-housed kicked him, sending him flying into a wall, it slumping down.

The one that Blade threw to the ground was getting up, and at the same time another sliced a electric baton towards Blade's face. He leaned back while standing and dodged, unsheathed his sword, and sent it colliding with the baton. He parried it furiously, and knocked it out of the Vampire's hand, sending it into the air. Spinning, Blade did a diagonal slice down, and the Vampire fell, a massive cut from it's left shoulder down the it's right hip. The Vampire on the ground finally recovered, but in seconds Blade had delived a stab to it's chest, the sword going straight through the creature. It howled in it's agony, then fell silent as Blade twisted the sword and retracted it.

Another Vampire aimed a kick at Blade's head. Blade caught it, heaved the Vampire up, and threw it at another. They collided and collapsed in a heap. They both got back up, and one sent a kick at Blade's feet. He jumped it, and slammed his foot into it's face, sending it flying back from the force of the collision. It didn't get up. The other was running towards the bald man, but Blade pivoted onto his knee, and used the force to send a stake flying straight into it's heart. It flew into the air, flailing, hit the ground, and lay still.

The final Vampire went into a frenzy, sending it's electric baton at Blade's face. It backed him into the wall, Blade facing the balcony railing. He blocked it's next overhead slice, and severed the arm holding the baton. The creature screamed it's fury, and Blade sent a straight kick into it's stomach, sending it straight through the balcony, pieces of railing fly. The Vampire hit the ground with a sickening crunch, sliding to a stop in front of Tarma.

Without hesistation, Blade kicked open the door at the top of the balcony and stepped through. Tarma sprinted up the stairs and followed.


Tarma ran up the balcony past the bodies of the Vampires. He made sure he didn't get too close. Running through the doorway, Tarma had to stop at what he saw. He couldn't believe it, didn't want to believe it. He dropped to his knees, eyes full of horror.

Past the doorway was a massive room. It wasn't visible from the outside, it was secluded by trees. It was big, almost a warehouse size. Catwalks were criss-crossing the entire length of the room. Inside were six massive vats, full of crimson blood. But this wasn't what had shocked Tarma. Strung up from the roof were at least fifty human bodies. Tubes were stuck into their torso's, pumping out blood by galleons. The tubes strung back down the walls to the giant vats, fulfilling the delivery. But worse still, occasionally the bodies twitched, proving that they were still alive.

While Tarma was transfixed on the sight, Blade moved ahead on the catwalk. He stopped on the catwalk the circled around the nearest vat, the biggest platform there was on the catwalk. He stooped down, and place a charge of plastic explosive on the side, setting the time for 7 minutes. Suddenly, six Vampires surrounded him on all sides. They were all holding shock batons.

Two of them swung at Blade. He leaned back like playing limbo and dodged them, caught one's hand, and punched it. The Vampire was forced to drop the baton, and Blade jabbed him lightning fast in his stomach, then uppercutted him in his chin. The Vampire's head flew up, and Blade caught his arm and did a judo throw into the Vampire on the other side of him. They collided and fell back.

Another tried to jab him in the back with the baton, but Blade saw it coming. He reached over his shoulder and unsheathed his sword, and spun. The sword collided with the baton, and sparks flew. Blade kicked him in his stomach, stunning him. Then he stabbed his sword behind him into a Vampire trying to strike, spun on a 360, and detached his head. He spun again and kicked the stunned Vampire's face, breaking teeth. He fell to the ground in a heap.

Blade wasn't fast enough to dodge the last Vampire's attack, and the shock baton hit him in his neck. Blade fell to his knees. The Vampire prepared to swing the finishing blow, when BLAM!

The Vampire fell, a hole in his chest. Tarma had his gun out, and the barrel was smoking. Blade got to his feet, and only nodded to the detective. Then he took out a stake and threw it at Tarma with all his might. The detective's face went white, and he cringed as the stake flew over his shoulder and hit a Vampire dead in the forehead. It fell backwards without a sound.

Behind Blade hisses came. Four more Vampires, plus a very large one who was six feet tall, bald, and obviously the leader. The four ran at him with knives and batons. One tried an overhead swing, and Blade caught his hands and rebounded them back up. Then, in extremely quick succession, launched a jab at his kidney, his chest, his neck, and then jumped up and kicked him in the chest. The Vampire went flying into one behind it, knocked out.

Two attacked at once, and one went for his legs and at his chest. Seeing it coming, Blade executed a perfect backflip, soaring over the attackers, and came landing down. He kicked the one in the face that was still low, and rammed his sword through another. Still impaled, he lifted the attacker higher, then jumped and pushed him off with his feet, sending the Vampire flying over the catwalk railing and flying down the thirty feet to the floor, landing on his head with a sickening crunch.

What Blade didn't see coming was the Vampire that was under his comrade. He got up, and launched himself and the Vampire Slayer, sending them both onto the metal grating of the catwalk. The Vampire was attempting to ram his knife into Blade's throat. Catching the hand holding the knife with one hand, Blade punched the Vampire in the face with his other hand. Then he grabbed his head, and twisted until he heard a snap. He flung the body aside.

The leader stepped forward and easily heaved Blade up into the air. He held him over his head, and slammed him down onto his knee, making a crunching sound. Then he flung his body into the vat of blood.

Tarma was in shock. The man he saw who easily dispatched at least 20 Vampires in quick succession was defeated by this giant of a beast. Noticing Tarma, the Vampire moved with unexpected speed, and the detective couldn't keep up with the creature. He fired blindly, and sparks shot out of where he hit. The gun was knocked from his hand, and he was backhanded, and sent flying, by the leader. He felt himself being heaved up by his shirt. The creature spoke.

"You. I was the one who started all this. I killed those people. If only you just did your job!", the Vampire hissed.

"Wh-why?", the detective managed to say, spitting out a small amount of blood.

"Because", the Vampire explained, "it was fun". Then he bared his teeth, and prepared to sink them into the detectives throat. But then there was a cry of pain, and he dropped Tarma to the ground. The Vampire looked down at his arm, and a stake was going full through it. He turned around and there Blade was standing, drenched in blood from the vat. The Vampire roared his challenge. Then he grabbed a shock baton and took off at full speed towards Blade. Blade did likewise, holding his sword out, it scraping the catwalk, causing sparks.

The two ran towards eachother and jumped, colliding in mid-air. Blade rolled away. The Vampire got up, and swung the baton with power towards Blade's head. The Daywalker parried, sending sparks. The Vampire tried a low strike, but it was blocked by Blade, who countter-attacked with a diagonal slice. The Vampire managed to block this, a stabbed the baton at Blade, who dodged to the side. Then both combatants sliced at eachother from overhead, and the weapons collided. They were pressing against eachother, Tarma could see the force. Then the Vampire--with his strength--gained the upper-hand, and sent Blade's sword flying away, landed through the grating in the catwalk 10 metres away.

The Vampire prepared for his last attack, and swung at Blade's head overhand. The Daywalker caught his hands. Both of the combatants were pressing in the opposite direction of eachother. But then, Blade kicked the Vampire in the stomach, stunning him for just long enough. He forced the shock baton at the Vampire's face, and stabbing it into and through his left eye. Sizzling could be heard, and the Vampire twitched as the electricity passed through his body, and then he fell to the gound backwards.

Blade ran to the detective and grabbed his arm. "Leave, now!", he yelled at him.

"B-but what about you?", the detective asked.

"Me? I'll be just fine", Blade responded. He then ran to the other end of the cat-walk. The timer from the first charge was still running, and there was only a minute left. Tarma gathered himself and ran out the door, down the stairs of the balcony, and out the front door to the car. He just got in, and started to drive down the street, when the entire mansion exploded. Turning his head, he saw through the window Blade running down the hall towards the window, fire at his feet, and The Daywalker dived.

The window shattered as the large man flew through it. He flew through the air, sword in hand, still covered in the blood from the vat. Fire was pouring out from the window, and the force propelled Blade, sending him flying through the air, landing on the road in front of Tarma as he drove. He barely managed to hit the brakes in time, and stopped only inches away from Blade's face. The Daywalker got up, and Tarma could see the steam from the intense heat coming off his body. He walked around the car and got in. Tarma looked at the mansion. Fire covered the entire expanse of it, and all the windows were blown out. The front entrance collapsed, dust and ash hurtiling up. Tarma thought about all the people strabbed to the tubes in there. They were at peace, at least now. That would have to do, he thought as he drove away. Sirens filled the night.

2 weeks later.

It was night eleven o'clock, to be precise. Tarma was back in the alley, at the end of it. He heard a whoosh of air behind him, and turned around the see Blade standing there.

"What is it today?", the Daywalker asked.

"On Robsin Street, they got a delivery plant for blood packets. Above the back door is a small window. The key is planted there", the detective responded to him. Tarma paused. Then he asked: "Bladem why do you do it?"

"Because. If this city was a garden, then they would be the snakes", Blade answered him simply.

Tarma nodded. "Then pull the weeds", he said as he lit a cigarette.

Then Blade did something he hadn't done in a long time.

He smiled.

Well, tehre it is....it kind of loses it's initial impact because I originally had it in four separate posts, so people were kind of guessing. The guys over at Marvel liked it, so I hoped you did too. Sorry bout all the fighting in it......I guess the story's the equivalent of a Michael Bay flim. Not much thinking. Thanks for reading!

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So....anyone like it? Dislike it? Have any constructive criticism?

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@sparda: I liked it! The only thing is where you mentioned him being the Daywalker, Tarma wouldn't have known that, seeing as that was his first time meeting blade