Blackwatch Operation: Codename Maverick Prologue

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Info Dump.

This is simply a Prototype Story that has been hanging on my head for a while now. These are my few Prototype Fanfics I´m gonna be doing. Because I feel that People are getting tired of seing something about Prototype on the front page of the Battle Forums and Fan-Fic. I´m getting tired of it as well. But I need ti get these out of my system. In my Fan-Fic Universe Prototype has never existed... I hope you guys enjoy...

The Story.....

A wise man once said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Another man once said that vengeance leads to darkness. Well, I honestly doubt either of those men had to deal with a monster that killed your family, turned you into a freak, and damn near started the zombie apocalypse. That monsters name, is Alex Mercer. And my name, the freak talking, is Darren Maverick, or it was, when I was human. I honestly dont know what to call myself anymore. This is my story.

Twelve months ago I was just a normal 17 year old trying to make it through his junior year of high school. Some would say I wasn't exactly normal, but I didnt have any problems, I just wasn't much of a people person, I prefered to keep to myself and would only talk when approached or two my two best, now dead, friends, Troy and Davis. I wouldnt have called myself a loner, but people looked at me that way. Because I was a pretty respectful person towards my teachers and superiors it caused me to get singled out by alot of the douchebags at my school, and I was bullied, I would fight back sometimes, but with me not being the strongest or most athletic I would usually get the shit kicked out of me.

After the outbreak at Penn Station, schools began to shut down, the military poured in and set up bases at certain areas around Manhattan. To be honest, it wasn't that bad. But things quickly got worse as days went by. At first the military quarantined the island, and New York as a whole was placed under a state of emergency. Riots broke out, monsters showed up and it all went to hell from there. What made matters worse was when this military group called BlackWatch showed up, they were supposed to help contain the virus and help cure this thing, but people quickly noticed that they were nothing more than a bunch of Nazis. My parents were having their honeymoon in Japan while all of this was happening and I was looking after my two younger sisters. The city was known under a new name, New York Zero, and we were trapped here.

But that Mercer creep, he's where the new me fits into all of this.

New York Zero.

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Canal Street sat empty, the once busy shopping district of Manhattan was now, but a barren ghost town lined with bodies, or what was left of them, and the destroyed husks of taxis, buses, and other various automobiles. The corpses were at various levels of were riddled with bullets, torn to pieces by infected, or just turned into a red smear on the pavement by what could only be a tank. The sky was overcast which helped taint the streets a dark gray.

Off in the distance a loud crash could be heard as a teen in a red and black hoodie, wearing black cargo pants and red sneakers raced through the streets trying to outrun three hairless gorilla sized infected beast monsters.Hunters.


The teen, displayed an astounding feat of parkour as he bounded and flipped over cars and other obstacles. He tried to shake and juke out the monsters who simply bulldozed and smashed through any obstacle that could potentially keep them from their target. Despite the creatures sizes they possessed extraordinary speed as they were quickly catching up to the hooded teen who he himself was sprinting around 80mph.

The teen turned his head to see his attackers about a leaps length away from him.

"Shit!" He growled as he leaped up to the side of an apartment and ran vertically up the side of the building. As he hopped to the rooftop he let his arm melt and morph into a black whip like appendage. He could feel the virus within him shifting and bubbling as he shapeshifted his limb into his ranged weapon. Blacklight. The virus that claimed millions of lives and led to the death of those closest to him he wielded to do with as he pleased. It was under his control. He honestly could never tell if he was supposed to be happy or disgusted over that fact. The adolescent took a fighting stance and waited for the creatures to jump up th building. 'Come on you fuckin mutts, come and get him.' He challenged in his head.

He waited a second........

Then two......

In one mighty jump the infected were over the rooftop and diving at the teen. The teens superhuman reflexes almost let him see the attackers in slow motion as he shot his whip with pin-point accuracy at the nearest monster, snapping its head from its shoulders, and throwing it off the roof. The hooded teen then had just enough time to slam his whip to the side and knock the monster to the right a distance away, making it tumble and roll to the opposite edge of the building.

The third monster reached its target and tackled its prey to the ground. The teen had the wind knocked out of him as he felt the infected beasts weight on top of him. The beast snapped its large jaws filled with large serrated teeth, covered in red liquid that any idiot would be able to tell what it was and where it was from. The teen had to rapidly move his head to avoid getting his head chomped off, not that that would kill him, but it wouldn't feel pleasant by any sense of the word.

The teen had to think fast and that resulted in him smashing his knee into the gut of the creature. Whether it could feel it or not wasn't the point. It took about three more hits to send the beast flying over him next to the other creature. The teen effortlessly hopped back to his own feet. An arrogant smirk etched its way across his face as he formed his hands into two foot long metal claws.

"Lets dance." He challenged. The truck sized infected monsters seemed to understand the challenge and charged at him, more aggressive than before. The teen let out a battle cry and sprinted at the beasts. The beast the teen hit with his whip earlier seemed to be limping, causing it to fall behind its lesser injured comrade. He charged straight at one of them and made it a point to act as if the beast in front was the main target, when he a yards distance away he leaped over the first ones head thrust his claws into the weaker ones eyes.

Blood shot out of the attackers eyes as it howled in pain. The teen used his free hand to decapitate the injured animal, if it could be called that. The beasts body slumped down lifeless, its head in the teens grasp, lifeless and eyeless. "And then there was one." The last surviving beast made a futile effort in charging again at the adolescent. "You're not too bright are you?" As the hulking creature came in range the teen grabbed it by the neck and slammed it into the ground over his head behind him. Not exactly a suplex, but close enough. The teen decided to finish the last creature by jumping onto the creature's chest and with his claws began slicing and hacking away at the creatures face and chest cavity. The sound of bone breaking and flesh tearing echoed over the rooftop. Blood, flesh, and gore covered the top of the apartment building as the creature howled out and went silent.

"Thats three less Hunters to worry about." The teen, stood off the creature panting, not because he was exhausted or out of energy, but because it was a reaction he was used to as a human. It was weird that way. The teen walked to the edge of the roof, took a deep breath, and examined his surroundings. With his superhuman hearing he could hear the sounds of gunfire, screams, the roaring of helicopters. He could also pick out the occasional car crash. 'Where the hell are you Mercer? I can feel it in my bones, your nearby somewhere.' He thought. His senses then picked up a signal as his head snapped right. "The Empire State Building!" He leaped off the building he was on and raced to New Yorks greatest landmark.

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On top New Yorks tallest skyscraper a hooded man suited in a black leather jacket with red tribal wings gazed out over his work. An eternal scoul was plastered on his countenance as he watched the smoke and fire erupt from buildings and into the streets. Witnessing the destruction caused by his last battle with The Queen of blades. The ironic thing was that this wasn't really his goal in the first place. He just wanted answers. But in all honesty he didn't care who the hell he had to kill and break to get them. Just some time ago he saved this city and its people from a nuclear payload that was about to wipe them off the map. But he only really did that because thought he owned the people of this city and the city itself. He fed off of them and stole their faces when he saw fit. Not to mention nothing was stronger than him. The military tried to take this city back from him and they failed.

A loud 'thud' caught the man's attention as he turned to see a tall hooded teen who had a look of raw anger approached him.

"This ends here Mercer! Right here, right now!" The teen shouted.

Mercer gave the kid a questionable look, before he came to a moment of realization. His deep sullen voice growled out, "Oh yea, you're that kid, Maverick right? I'm honestly surprised youre still alive. Now what do you want?" The virus actually knew exactly what the teen, Darren, wanted, but feigned ignorance.

Darren growled out, "You killed them! You fucking killed them and turned me into this, this freak!" As Darren spoke his fists clenched and his eyes squeezed shut as a tear made its way down his cheek.

Mercer crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. 'Pathetic' He thought. "Hm, you mean those two twerps? Look it wasn't anything personal, you could think of it as, collateral damage."

This last statement set Darren off like a bomb. The teen hopped two stories into the air, morphed his right arm into a three meter long blade that he let come down in a wide arc, hoping to bisect Mercer. Unfortunately Mercer only gave half an effort to dodge as he took a wide step back. The pavement cracked and shattered from the blow.

Mercer arrogantly scoffed, "Damn your slow."

Darren ignored the insult and responded with, "Collateral damage, thats all eating two little girls meant to you?"

"Was that not clear? Yea, I was injured and hungry and needed something to get myself back on my feet. They were just unlucky to be around. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself and the military." Alex mocked.

Once again Darren was sent into rage mode as he charged at Mercer with his his sword and began swinging at him with no sense of skill or style. Mercer weaved and dodged every time. The force of the teens swings left a trail of red mist.

After noticing he was getting nowhere the young viral hybrid changed his left hand into his set of claws. When he went to take a swing at Mercers face the virus grabbed him by the forearm, tore it off, and consumed it. The teen let out a scream of pain, and would have grabbed the stump if his right arm wasn't a huge sword. Darren sucked up the pain and sprinted at Mercer in an attempt at stabbing the sociopathic murderer.

Mercer almost felt sorry for the kid. After all the blackwatch he consumed, and fights hes gotten into he still didn't know how to fight. He grabbed the kids blade and repeated the process with his claws. The teen let out another cry of pain before he was cut off by Mercer grabbing him by the throat. This caused the teens hood to fall to reveal a boy with pale skin, much like Mercers, medium length black hair in an undercut (its actually very similar to Leons hair from Resident Evil 4), showing piercing gray eyes.

Mercer shook his head at the teen in Mock sorrow, the entire top part of his face was shadowed by his hood, only his mouth was visible. This made him extremely intimidating."Hmph, your out of biomass. Looks like you should have had a snack before you came here."

Darren wouldnt admit it, or even show it, but he was extremely intimidated. He growled a defiant, "Fuck you. If your gonna kill me go ahead, and get it over with."

"Gladly." Mercer morphed his free hand into a set of claws and brought them an inch away from Darrens eyes before Darren spoke out, "Why did you do this to me? Why didnt you just consume me like you did my sisters?"

Mercer shrugged his shoulders. "I have my reasons." He said simply. But then a look of remembrance came across his face unknown to Darren as to why. "You know what kid, you wanna kill me, get stronger. Let your hatred for me fuel every decision you make and action you take. When your strong enough, come find me."

"Wh-wait, why are you," Darren was cut off.

"See you around kid." Mercer turned his arms into musclemass, and sent a powerful right hook into the teens temple. The blow made the entire right side of Darrens head explode and sent him flying through the guardrail if the Empire State Building.

The teen began to plummet down into the chaotic streets of Manhattan and smashed into the streets of Time Square, sending out a shockwave that blasted soldiers, infected, and even tanks flying hundreds of yards and destroying them.

The wounded teen sat motionless in a crater thirty feet deep. He couldn't hear anything outside of the sounds of approaching military screaming something along the lines of, "Its Maverick!/ Command we have located Maverick/ Its a runner/ Maverick is in our sights." He could also hear approaching helicopters and tanks, with some explosions and screaming going on in the background. He only had one eye and he was lying in a position to where he could see nothing.

As his vision began to fade he could faintly hear other voices to fade into his hearing. He could hear two girls calling his name, "Darren/Big Brother, help!" He suddenly found himself running through the streets of hell known as New York Zero with two little girls who were all trying to outrun the oncoming zombies who were tearing people apart in the streets and chasing down the survivors who were other natives of the city. The streets were paved in blood and limbs as Darren used his fathers revolver and shot at oncoming infectees. He never shot a gun before, but he knew enough to know how it worked. That, and the infected would luckily run up close enough to where he couldn't miss.

"Felicia, Courtney, stay near me!" Darren called as his sisters seemed to keep too far ahead of him. The teen couldnt believe what the hell was going on around him. The amount of chaos he saw was what you could only see in movies, or a video game. He swear he saw a fighterjet fly out of conrtol and smash into a skyscraper, causing the building to collapse. If he didnt know this was just in New York he would have thought this was Armageddon. The blood red sky didnt help matters. The young adult turned to his left to see a platoon of soldiers in black uniforms gunning down infected. "Felicia, Court, this way!" He began to run to the soldiers and called out, "Please help, we're not infected!"

He saw one of the soldiers, who had to be the captain point two fingers at them and order, "Them too." The soldier aimed their guns at them.

Darren, realising he and his siblings fate, "No, No." He breathed in disbelief. He and his sisters huddled up into one hug as they prepared for the end.

"Darren, are we gonna die?" His youngest sister, Courtney asked him

Suddenly they saw a figure fly down and smash into the ground near the soldiers, sending a shockwave that sent Darren and his sisters flying back a distance. Darren landed the furthest away.

"Its Mercer! Open fire!" The commander ordered as his platoon began to fire in vain at the shape shifter who turned his hands into claws and impaled the first soldier he saw. He then threw that soldiers corpse at another and ran to another and sliced him in the gut, emptying his intestines into the street. He decapitated another, and then the last one, the who survived having a body thrown at him tried to crawl away, but Mercer grabbed him, allowing the man to hopelessly plead with Mercer for his life before mercer crushed his head, and consumed him, black tentacles coming out of the virus and ripped his body apart and broke it down into nutrients. Leaving nothing but a pool of blood behind.

Darren and his sisters witnessed the disturbing act. Darren had to resist the urge to vomit. He then noticed Mercer looking directly at his siblings as he dashed over in the second it took to blink. He had them by their throats. They screamed out for him, but Mercer quickly snapped their necks. Everything around Darren went silent, the only thing he could hear was a loud crunch fill his ears. He watched as his sisters bodys began to dissolve into the virus's being. Time seemed to slow down as Darren seethed, "You son of a bitch! YOU SON OF A BITCH!" With tears in his eyes he took his fathers revolver and began emptying its chamber into his sister's killer.

Alex dashed over to the enraged teen, swatted the gun out of his hand and snatched him up by his neck. "I'll kill you, I swear I'll fuckin you! You psychotic piece of shit!" Darren shouted defiantly.

Alex raised his eyebrow. His hand seemed to turn orange as he shoved it into the teens chest. Darren screamed, as that had to be the physically most painful experience of his life.

Darrens eyes then snapped open to feel himself naked in a container full of cold green liquid. Or at least he thought it was green, it could have just been the color of the container, he didnt know.

He could see outside the tube what looked like a scientist talking to some other scientists and some military men, luckily they couldnt see he was awake. He could hear them say something about Japan, and experimentation, and some other scientific bullcrap. What really caught his attention was what they said about Mercer.

The main scientist, a short Caucasian man with thinning gray hair and glasses, who was apparently speaking to the other scientist was saying, "Ever since Mercer left New York, he fell off of Blackwatche´s radar. Its been over sixty days since he left and if he were capable of being found you would have by now,"

The Blackwatch captain became extremely offended by this and barked at the little man, "You underestimating my teams capabilities!" The soldier got in the scientists face who took a few steps back, the soldier was pulled back by his men.

The scientist quickly fixed his error, "No Commander Byron , not at all. You just need to understand that if Mercer wanted to be found he would have been. But, if you allow us to keep Project Maverick, we can not only produce a legit bio-weapon, but a cure for the Blacklight virus if things turn south like it did in Hope, Idaho. Then, we can kill him."

This caused the naked teen inside the rejuvenation tubes eyes to snap open.

The Blackwatch soldiers slowly pulled their weapons, as everyone in the room turned to look at the pissed off Virus. "I think he heard you." One of the soldiers said.

In one swift kick the glass in the tube shattered and he leapt out and tackled the main scientist, giving a quick hard punch to his face, smashing his skull and consuming him. The virus quickly shut out the oncoming memories that came with consumption. He got pretty good at that. Every scientist and remotely smart person in the room began to panic and run, looking for an escape.

"Kill me," He formed his hands into his three foot long claws,"Not happening assholes".

The blackwatch commander pulled a shock baton, "Open fire!" The troops began emptying their clips on the teen, who shrugged of the weak bullets. His first move was about to be the commander, but noticed the shock baton. He knew what kind of damage that would do to him. He leaped and did a backflip over the soldier and began hacking and slashing his way through the other blackwatch guards. He covered the floor and walls with blood, and began to take off through the halls.

The teen was leaving a trail of the chambers liquid behind him as his naked body was dripping whatever fluid was in that rejuvenation tank. As he ran through the long white hallways of whatever military institution he was in, he began to follow the guidelines of the scientists' memory he acquired of a reliable exit. He was then brought to a stop as all the lights in the hallway turned red, thus turning the halls the same color. A loud 'whirring' alarm began to sound through the building as An animatronic voice came through the intercom,


"Oh great, what now?" He thought in angst. He wasn't truly scared, but he didnt think he had the mass to throw down with the army again, even if he did consume that scientist. Oh well, he better just make sure he can eat as many of them as he can before he gets out of here.

A troop of about twelve blackwatch officers rounded a corner and began to open fire at the teenager who just charged straight into the gunfire, the bullets passing right through him, and he healed almost instantly. The teen pounced on the first blackwatch officer he saw and clawed in two almost instantly. "You idiots need to invest in stronger guns." The teen said matter of factly. Not that it mattered. He swung his arms in a wide arc around him, cutting five more soldiers to pieces. The teen then turned his arm into a whipfist and shot it into another officer, the officer looked down to see the tentacle blade sticking into his stomach, and screamed as the kid swung the whip into an arc that horizontally hacked his remaining comrades in half, throwing him into the walls at each side of the hall. Knowing he needed more mass, the teen brought the poor man in to be consumed. The mans body was broken down and ripped apart for nutrients. The teen then clutched his head as he viewed the mans memories.

"Commander, whats the point of sending this little freak to Japan anyways? Why dont we just waste the fucker right here in New York?" The soldier whos name was apparently Gordon Lewis, questioned the man whom, Darren ran into earlier, Tyler Byron.

Unlike the way he yelled at the scientist earlier, this Byron man seemed to have a certain level of respect for his men,"For one thing, the Military is still trying to clean up the city from the first outbreak. We dont need the other runner around to risk the start a new outbreak. Not only that, but Mercer and the kid killed dozens of Genteks scientists and research team members. We also cant forget about how the two of them costed the military billions in war funds. Hell, the governments been having talk of shutting Gentek and Blackwatch down. If you ask me I think we need the Japanese branch of Genteks help."

"Yes sir."Lewis replied.

Darren was then pulled back into the real world. So he was in a BlackWatch base in Kyoto Japan. Ok. Maybe he should be freaking the hell out right now, but the thing is, Mercer left New York and the military had no tabs on where he was. What was left for him now? The human hims parents were here in Japan last time he checked, but that was over four months ago. There was no telling what he should do now. All he could do was move on.

He let his body ripple apart in a flurry of tentacles as he shifted into the form of a blackwatch soldier and exited the building, with little trouble getting past other officers on the way.

As soon as he exited the building and began to leave the bases grounds, he saw an awfully familiar looking machine hover near him over him and turn red, eliciting an awful sounding buzzing noise. "Uh-Oh" The teen let out before he felt a syringe get launched into his back. He felt a horrible burning sensation pulse through his body from whatever it was filled with getting injected into him. He pulled the syringe out of his back and saw that it was filled with a low concentration of Blood-Tox, a weaponized cancer meant to put infected down like a light. It caused him to drop his disguise as a BlackWatch soldier, leaving him in all his naked glory outside the bases grounds.

The teen turned to see from at least six miles out, two men in a lookout post, one with an altered sniping rifle. "Fucking Bastards!" The teen growled through pained, gritted teeth. The teen took off with all his strength into the nearby woods, into the night.

From inside the lookout tower the BlackWatch Captain Byron watched furiously as the runner escaped into the night. "God Fucking Dammit!" He roared. He took off his mask and threw it over the tower. This revealed a man who had to be in his mid thirties, with blond hair in a close shaved head. The man had green eyes, with three scars running across his cheeks and leaving patches of his stubble bald.

"Forgive me captain. I thought the first shot would have put him down." The sniper said apologetically to his superior.

The Captain knew it wasn't the rookies fault, "Dont worry about it, I blame the fucking nerd scientists for not producing a stronger dosage. The one Cross used on Zeus made it almost powerless permanently. The one we used on Maverick will wear off before the night ends."

"Damn." The sniper said.

"Lets get a search team out in those woods. Maybe we got lucky."

It had been almost two hours since Darren Maverick escaped the BlackWatch base. He had been dead sprinting his ass off non-stop since then. The energy he was using was starting to feed into his biomass. The weaponized cancer Blackwatch infected him with began to feel worse. He grit his teeth as he felt the burning begin to intensify. But he had to suck it up. He began walking down what he realised was empty country road, which he realised made him lucky because drivers passing by would probably begin to question why a naked teenager was wandering miles away from the nearest city.

Darren would have just made some new clothes out of his biomass, but he would have to get to know the details of whatever he was about to wear before he made it, that is if he wanted to pass it off as realistic. He kind of wished he was like Mercer and got to have the clothes he was wearing turned too. But oh, well. The teen then saw a sign that gave the mileage to a nearby city.

"Kamakura, Japan, four miles away." He was beginning to feel woozy and knew he had to get somewhere soon. "Better than nowhere"

End of Prologue

Writer´s note:Thus ends the prologue of my newest fic. Did he come out, was he believable? Please..Write a review..